Jazzercise Mira Mesa

Jazzercise Mira Mesa


Planks-giving with Beckie Henselmeier😅
See you soon Sunday crew! 💪👯‍♀️🥳
Hapoy Tuesday:) Did you all know how much I appreciated of your time?
The Britney pic I was talking about….
Holiday express set is ready! See you soon at 7:15! 🙂
Happy Birthday Jackie! You are wonderful! Love you!😘
Hey Cathy and Jackie, great music, great energy, great Saturday morning.
As always, another great class, with great music, great energy. Thanks so much, Cathy and Jackie.👏❤️
Dancing with Kathi this morning made it really feel like Saturday again. Miss all of you.
Thank you Cathy, that was FANTASTIC, besides seeing how dirty my floors are...YIKES! 🙃
I'm teaching the special class for May called 'Love you TO THE CORE' tomorrow at 9:15. It's a Core Mixx class that will kick you in the gut. Literally! Who will join me??

Jazzmiramesa.com Follow us on Twitter: jazzmiramesa Instagram: jazzercisemiramesa Our classes—Strike, Fusion, Core, Strength, and Dance Mixx—will leave you exhilarated, toned and coming back for more.

Start workin' it…with Jazzercise.

Operating as usual


It’s National Coffee day... and your morning cup of Joe is actually doing more for you than you may realize.
One study found that while you’re sippin’ away, polyphenols in coffee can help your genes prevent the growth of certain cancers, and these benefits can increase with daily use. Comment a ☕ below if you’re going to try this recipe!


It's October, let's get together to FIGHT for a CURE 🎗💓 and maybe get a little spooky! 🍁🎃☠️👻

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✨Instructor Spotlight✨ Meet the Athletic Trainer: Erica
Erica is from Salem, OR but has traveled the country as a certified Athletic Trainer, currently working at SDSU! She trains and works with the Track and Field and Cross Country Teams at San Diego State and helps evaluate, treat, and prevent injuries for these athletes. In addition, she provides emergency medical care and other healthcare duties. Besides her job, she enjoys hiking and recently began snorkeling.

Erica is a legacy as her mom is an Owner and Instructor in Organ. She grew up watching her mom teach and her dad provide the daycare services while her mom taught - it was a true family affair. So, at first, Jazzercise was her "mom's thing." But after she finished her collegiate swim career, she was looking for an active and supportive community to be a part of. And Jazzercise became that place for her ever since!
She loves a routine with a good tango and cannot get enough of the routine Baldadig. She would love to meet Emma Watson and indulges on impossible nuggets and french fries on occasion!
Please welcome Erica to the stage on rotation on Sundays at 8:15 a.m. and occasional Saturdays! ❤️❤️❤️

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✨Instructor Spotlight✨ Meet the Strength Enthusiast: Jaynee
Jaynee hails from Spokane, WA! And after her first class, she remembers thinking "Oh. MY. Gosh! THIS IS A BLAST!"
Jaynee is a wife and mom of 4 kiddos, so when she's not busy with them, she loves boating, snow skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, and pretty much anything outdoors!
You'll catch Jaynee incorporating her favorite move, stylized relevé or sexy walk or any song that incorporates a Latin beat! 💓💓💓 She loves Karen Carpenter and believes she has the best singing voice of all time!
She dreams of visiting Canada, New Zealand, or Banff. And after class, she swears by stretching, eating protein and hydration. And if all else fails: nap!
Please welcome Jaynee to the stage on Thursdays at 9:15 a.m.! ❤️❤️❤️


Are you new to our Village? Here are 4 tips for jump starting your workout:
1. Make a plan
Write your workout schedule down. This helps you to mentally commit to making the time to workout &creates accountability.
2. Set acheivable goals
Start small. Add walks to your daily routine or commit to attending 1-2 classes a week to get yourself going. This will help you stay committed & not feel overwhelmed by changes to your routine.
3. Find a workout buddy
Everything is more fun with a friend! Find someone that will keep you motivated & enjoys the same activities as you. The joy of attending fitness classes like Jazzercise is it comes with built in workout buddies!
4. Do what you love!
If you don't like doing it, you will struggle to stick with it! Find a form of exercise that makes you happy & makes you feel like you GET to workout instead of that you have to workout!


Two weeks til' Jazzercise for Life - Rockin' the Midway! Get your raffle tickets and wear your pink to show your support! Here's a peek at what we have in store!
Myfitpro Streaming link:


💓 Club Jazzercise 💓😎 Accepting new members!
Wanna flaunt your stuff and share in the celebration?!? Take 150 classes in 2022 and you earn this coveted tank or tee and bask in the ultimate post-class glow ✨✨✨ We can't wait to celebrate YOU!


It's called balance....One class at a time! We got you!


Support our small business ❤️
We know that times are tough right now, but supporting Jazzercise Mira Mesa doesn't always mean you have to spend $$$. When you support our Village by engaging with our socials, you're expanding our reach beyond our customers and it means sooooo much! And we appreciate it more than you know! Here are a few ways to start.


We all know dancing it out with your besties is FUN, but did you know that group fitness is also effective? 🔥
Feeding off the energy of your instructor and others in class can increase your own calorie expenditure and help you make the most out of each workout. Sooo, see you on the dance floor ✨


Mira Mesa Jazzercise
“Under the Stars” Basket
⁃          4 set acrylic dinner service, (dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cloth napkins)
⁃          Night Night San Diego bedtime rhymes
⁃          Stella and Dot heart earrings
⁃          2 pack hand warmers
⁃          Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
⁃          Lindt Linder dulce de Lethe chocolates
⁃          Godiva milk chocolate cashews
⁃          $20 dominos pizza gift card
⁃          S’mores box kit
⁃          2 bubble pack
⁃          2 wine tumblers
Total value: $200 Get your tickets at the studio next time your there! $5 for one ticket, $20 for 5!!


Using only emojis, tell us in the comments how Jazzercise makes you feel!


Self-care Sunday: Let's be real, time is one of our most precious commodities. But in 1 hour, just 4% of your day....you can impact the rest of your day!
From the initial cardio burst to stretching to boosting your endorphins; your 4% can majorly improve your mental health as well as physical and get you on the right track!

Are you ready to go? We have a spot just for YOU! Join us on the dance-floor. Link to join in our bio! 💓


In preparation for the Jazzercise Dance for Life - Rockin' the Midway Event, we're gonna show our true colors! Wear PINK or past Midway shirts to get the hype going! Also, don't forget to check our our quilt and our basket to help raise funds for this amazing event!

Myfitpro Streaming link:


You come to class. You LOVE 💕 coming to class. So, why not step it up and share your passion by TEACHING?!? We're looking for the next bunch of special people to join our teaching team!

Perks ✨ include:
👉 free Jazzercise classes
👉 apparel discounts
👉 getting PAID to do what you already love.

Plus ✨❤️ You become part of an incredible team and inspire others in our Jazzercise community daily! How could it get better?

Message us to find out how to get started with a virtual Chat and hear about all the details! We can't wait to see what YOU bring to the stage!


Tell-us Thursday: Which is your preferred style? Neutrals or patterns?


Everyday life gives us lots of crazy challenges and the resulting stress can be held in your muscles. 😔 So one of the key elements in each class is our final stretch. Stretching provides numerous benefits to help your body keep itself healthier.

The end of class stretch can help 👉
1️⃣ increase blood flow
2️⃣ increase flexibility and range of motion
3️⃣ improve performance
4️⃣ reduce pain and risk of injury
5️⃣ promote relaxation
6️⃣ reduce Lactic acid - that makes you sore


Have you signed up to join this inspirational and impactful event? Tomorrow’s the deadline to guarantee your spot and get that cute tank! Join the as we dance, celebrate, and honor those who fight the fight against breast cancer! Registration forms are available in the office!


We always got ya covered with a mix of cardio and strength 💪
What is your favorite class format? Let us know below!


Deadline to register is this week and if you need a reminder - here are some pictures to show you what an incredible event this actually is!! Dance for Life - Rockin' the Midway!
Sat. Oct. 8, 2022
- 8:00am - 10:am!!! In beautiful
San Diego!
› Pre-registration (by 9/15/22 $50 cash/check: guarantees admission and event tank. Receive our Special Edition Hoodie by collecting in excess of $300 (exl.reg $). Your instructor will have plenty of registration forms.
Everyone is welcome! (13yrs and older).


Honor ❤️ Remember ❤️ And Never Forget



Eeeek!! 🎗💞💕💓 Have you turned in your signups for the Jazzercise Dance for Life -
Rockin' the Midway event?!? Your deadline to turn in your registration is THIS WEEK! Don't forget! See you on the dance-floor!

Myfitpro Streaming link:


Jazzercise Mira Mesa

Psst.....this is your sign! Sign up for our Fall Sale before it's GONE 😫😫 We have a spot JUST for YOU but you have to sign up before it's too late! Message us for details or check us out online (link in the bio) to join our village at this incredible rate!

Jazzercise Mira Mesa Jazzmiramesa.com Follow us on Twitter: jazzmiramesa Instagram: jazzercisemiramesa


‼️‼️ Only a couple more days to grab this deal!!!
👉 $0 to start
👉 Unlimited in studio and streaming classes
👉 Diverse formats and equipment
👉 Cardio, Strength training, Flexibility and Stretching!
👉 No payments until 10/1!

Can't wait for you to join our Village! DM us or sign up online! (Click the link in the bio!)


Every age. Every stage. ❤️
No matter where you’re at in life, Jazzercise is here for YOU ❤ It’s kinda like it’s why we’ve been here for over 50 years in the fitness industry✨


Warming up, cooling down and drinking plenty of water are great ways to make sure your body is recovering properly after you work out. Did you know each of our FitPro-led classes include warm ups and cool downs to make sure your body gets everything it needs to be successful?! Plus, if you join us before September 12th, you can treat your body (and your wallet!) to unlimited classes with NO PAYMENTS until October 🙌 Message us or visit Jazzercise.com/Startfor0 for details.


Who doesn't LOVE ❤️ another day off to dance with your Village?!? ✌️ We are open tomorrow and have some great options to get your sweat on on your day off!


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Self-Care Sunday: One of the coolest things about Jazzercise the amazing community! A community that stands in the face of CANCER and dances! So, gang, we invite you to join our on Oct. 8th and surround yourselves with inspiration, love, sweat, and a community that HOLDS it DOWN!

Sign up by 9/15 for a guaranteed commemorative tank! Registration forms are available in the office!


Even though it's hotttt, we're keeping it cool 😎: come to Jazzercise!

Myfitpro Streaming link:

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Even in this crazy heat, we walk into this place to shift our mood, move our bodies, and get that vital boost to get us on the BEAT and get after what life has to offer us! Join our village by 9/12 and pay $0 until 10/1! Don’t miss it!


Dance 4 Life is coming up and we're pumped to get in on the action to help ! So, as a Village, we're asking if you'd help contribute to our basket fundraiser. Here are a few suggestions of items to go with our theme! Drop them off next time you're in the studio!


Hey momma 👋 Did someone say babysitting? Yes, we did! We know summer was crazy, but it's time! Time for YOU: sweating, smiling, and getting the most out of your work out is even better when your little ones are safe and sound in our babysitting room!
And now's the best time because our Fall Sale is still going through 9/12! Start today for $0 and pay nothing until 10/1! Um, yes, please! 🙋‍♀️


Hey there 👋 September! Let's do this weekend thing together!


If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a fitness routine (or hey, never really had one to begin with!) we've got you! Studies show that when you schedule your workouts ahead of time, you become more committed to sticking to them. So add some classes to your calendar and join us! 🙌

START FOR $0 today and get some heart-pumping classes on your schedule. That’s UNLIMITED classes with NO payments until October ✨ (Up to $73! in savings)

Message us or visit Jazzercise.com/Startfor0 for details.

Our Story

Jazzercise is the original dance party workout. Blending dance with pilates, yoga, kickboxing, strength training, and more, one 55-minute session can burn up to 800 calories (YMMV). Our classes—Strike, Fusion, Core, Strength, and Dance Mixx—will leave you exhilarated, toned and coming back for more. You’ll get strong, lean muscles, a healthier heart, and a mood boost that can’t be beat!

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Why are we excited?!? Glad you asked!!!We have an amazing offer for that we cannot wait to share!    ✌️Weeks of unlimite...
Are you new to our Village? Here are 4 tips for jump starting your workout:1. Make a planWrite your workout schedule dow...
Support our small business ❤️We know that times are tough right now, but supporting Jazzercise Mira Mesa doesn't always ...
Everyday life gives us lots of crazy challenges and the resulting stress can be held in your muscles. 😔 So one of the ke...
Deadline to register is this week and if you need a reminder - here are some pictures to show you what an incredible eve...
One class at a time! 💕A fitness program that is for EVERYONE 💕A community that cheers you on and celebrates with you! 💕A...
✨Self Care Sunday: ✨ Did you make it this weekend to our Open House? Even if you missed it, there's still time to set yo...
THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! 🚨🚨🚨      Invite your whole squad and join us on Saturday, Aug. 27th for a free classes! Mira Mesa ...
Getting an exercise routine is not just about signing up....ya have to follow through! And that's the magic! Here are so...
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Are you new? Thinking about giving Jazzercise a try?Welcome to our Villiage & for optiomal success, try these tips for y...
Introducing the Jazzercise All Access Pass! 🤩😎You can dance with us: 😎 In person (our personal fave )😎 Online😎 Livestrea...




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