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San Diego Personal Training, Health, & Wellness Company Body By Dave is a San Diego based personal training and wellness company. Our team of Certified Personal Trainers have worked with 1000's of clients of all ages, backgrounds, & fitness levels.

We are very driven to get you to your goals in safest & most effective manner possible. We have the option of training out of Worlds Gym in Pacific Beach, the comfort of your own home, and/or we can take advantage of San Diego's beautiful beaches and parks. We are offering the cheapest prices I've ever offered to help you get into the best shape of your life, so sign up TODAY for a FREE FITNESS CONSULTATION!

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I notice a lot of people are having a hard time staying consistent with their daily exercise lately! I started using @vizerapp over a year ago when one of my clients recommend it to me. I love knowing by completing my 10k steps or minimum of 30 minutes of activity daily I can help those in need and donate a meal to my local @sandiegofoodbank

I’ve been on a good streak and get like sharing it since I never share on Instagram anymore. Please check checkout this amazing app and starting using it today if you need some extra motivation getting and staying active! You can help others by helping your self get and stay in shape. 👍

I notice a lot of people are having a hard time staying consistent with their daily exercise lately! I started using @vizerapp over a year ago when one of my clients recommend it to me. I love knowing by completing my 10k steps or minimum of 30 minutes of activity daily I can help those in need and donate a meal to my local @sandiegofoodbank

I’ve been on a good streak and get like sharing it since I never share on Instagram anymore. Please check checkout this amazing app and starting using it today if you need some extra motivation getting and staying active! You can help others by helping your self get and stay in shape. 👍


Makes You Laugh 04/16/2020

Exercise and Coronavirus: ‘Slipstream’ of Droplets Possible Around Runners, Study Suggests A new 12-page study out of the Netherlands found six feet may not be enough of a bubble when exercising. as a “slipstream” of droplets can form behind them for much further. 05/30/2019

Energy drinks ‘increase stroke risk by 500%’ as 'irregular heartbeats soar' Shocking figures from the British Soft Drinks Association reveal the volume of energy drinks consumed in the UK increased to 679 million litres last year



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Positive Energy 04/21/2019

Your Energy Drink Is Killing You From the Inside Well, this is terrifying.


Timeline Photos 04/09/2019

Vitamin supplements don't undo harm from a bad diet, study finds Dietary supplements not only didn't extend life, but can be harmful at high doses, new study finds. 03/30/2019

After a big move, running helped me learn to love where I live

“Sometimes an outdoor run may be the only moment in your day when you connect with the earth, feel the breeze, feel the outdoor temps and feel great about yourself,” she says.

Because of my runs, I stopped talking and thinking about what I was missing and really started to embrace where I am right now.

What you need to know before running outdoors

“Finding yourself outside in nature is one of the best things you can do to regulate your brain and body, and also find yourself feeling more connected to your surroundings,” says Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, a registered psychologist and author of "Discipline Without Damage." “Movement is hugely important to our physical and mental health, allowing for giant squirts of serotonin to flood our brains and have us feeling happier and more settled.”

Dr. Lapointe also told me that getting out in nature would not just help with my own mental health and overall well-being, it would be beneficial to my kids, too. “The research on neighborhoods and healthy child development suggests that feeling connected to and at home in one’s neighborhood leads to better outcomes," she says. "It’s no wonder that an activity such as running in one’s neighborhood can be a brilliant thing when adapting to huge changes.” Lacing up her sneakers and hitting the pavement helped Ronnie Koenig make the transition from big city life to the 'burbs.


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Intelligence is sexy 03/24/2019

These 5 Habits Literally Add Years to Your Life, According to a New Harvard Study

5. Maintain a healthy diet.

It's a bit difficult to define a healthy diet by Harvard's standards in this summary, but they describe it as having "a high diet quality score (upper 40 percent)." Of course, you probably already know what a healthy diet looks like. Start with foods that are high in antioxidants.

It's worth noting that the study used age 50 as a benchmark, meaning that they looked at how long people could expect to live beyond that age, depending on whether they did or did not adhere to healthy habits.

It's not clear that this means that you can adopt the habits later in life and still get a similar health outcome. But it does suggest that no matter when you start focusing on your health, you'll likely have a measurable impact on the total length of your life. (See you at the gym!) Harvard researchers studied the lives of 123,219 men and women over 3 decades, to learn exactly how much extra time good habits can add to your life. 03/23/2019

Why Healthier Burger Chains Might Eventually Kill McDonald's Could Shake Shack, Five Guys, Smashburger and the rest of these new-school joints clown Ronald and dethrone the King? 03/18/2019

Lifting Weights As You Age Cuts Your Risk Of Early Death By 46% Discover the science of how strength training keeps you young


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Fitbit's new trackers are cheap and work well, but they're super basic CNBC reviews the new Fitbit Inspire HR and Versa Lite, two affordable health trackers that work well but are very basic.


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ManShed 03/09/2019

Even moderate drinking is linked to hypertension, new study shows Research adds to the growing body of evidence that even moderate drinking can be harmful.


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Self-maintenance is the best investment you can make! 02/28/2019

Buttock implants linked to deadly form of cancer for the first time Patient developed anaplastic large cell lymphoma a year after the procedure.


Weird People 02/04/2019

How Your Body Heals When You Sleep Why good sleep matters, plus tips for getting better Zzzs 01/31/2019

Your Fruit Juice Contains Arsenic, Lead: Analysis 01/27/2019

Why we're so obsessed with rigid diets like keto


Eating comes down to making a lot of decisions, many of them in rapid succession. “We make over 200 food choices a day,” says Gary Foster, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Everyone is familiar with this dining out scenario: “Can I start you out with an appetizer?” “Would you like to see the specials,” “Do you want to look at the wine list?” “Can I get you another round?” “Do you want to see the dessert menu?” and so on. There’s a lot of effort involved in making decisions, and so many choices can make us feel overwhelmed. It’s not just food choices that tax our brain. Consider how much easier it is to get dressed when you’re away from home with just three outfits compared to how you rack your brain every morning staring at a closet full of clothes.

The appeal of these programs is that they give you a prescription to find your way out of eating habits that feel uncontrollable.

“Our minds crave things that are easy and require little thought because they are constantly juggling so many different tasks. Deciding what to eat is just one more thing to do,” says Susan Albers, PsyD, author of "Eating Mindfully" and clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Martin Binks, PhD, associate professor and Director of the Nutrition Metabolic Health Initiative (HMI) at Texas Tech department of Nutritional Sciences puts it this way: “It’s easier to make a yes or no choice,” explaining that it’s simpler and less stressful to make binary decisions rather than to get into nuanced ones. Food rules can simplify things. When the waiter drops by with the bread basket, a keto dieter can quickly and easily get to “no thanks” compared to all of the variables a flexible eating style might require: “What other starchy foods am I eating? How hungry am I? Is the bread whole grain?” The more variables there are, the more complicated it is for your brain to make a decision and this, he says, explains part of our obsession with food rules.


Life is chaotic and often unpredictable. Enter rigid food rules. Research suggests that predictability helps us reduce stress and keeps us calm by allowing us to feel more in control of our environment. Put it this way: When you feel like your eating habits are a little too loose, a structured plan can help give you an “I’ve got this!” feeling by providing a clear, step-by-step path to drop the excess weight or get your daily pint of Ben and Jerry's habit under control. If you think about it, when you’re lost in the woods and you’re worried about getting out before dark, would you rather let Google maps guide you from point A to point B with detailed directions or would you be cool with finding a directional marker (maybe a familiar rock?) and figuring it out? The appeal of these programs is that they give you a prescription to find your way out of eating habits that feel uncontrollable, explains Foster.


Most plans eliminate or limit foods you crave, like chips, cookies, ice cream, mac and cheese, and more (unless you’re making multiple ingredient substitutions). Cravings are complex, but they’re more environmental than biological, and as you know, many of us struggle with them. There are several factors that can set you off: a memory, a picture (say, Instagram or an ad on your computer), a smell (think of the Cinnabon effect), or just seeing something in your pantry. Cravings are largely learned; they aren’t driven by bodily needs, Binks explains. If you remove the prompt, you can diminish cravings, he says. This may explain why people feel they can successfully manage cravings when following a set of rigid food rules — because, “poof,” you’re not making mac and cheese for the family or keeping brownies in the house so the cue that sets you off is gone. Swear by keto, Whole30 or intermittent fasting? We hate the word "diet", but love to enforce rules around what should we should eat. Here's why we're obsessed.


Positive Energy 01/17/2019

Never Have Joint Pains or Another Injury Ever Again!


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My daughter has me do probably 50 laps up to the slide and back down every time we go to the playground. Great workout every time 😃😂😥

This workout slide and stairs is a fun, intensive workout 🏃🏃🏻‍♀️


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