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Top Flight Racing


Lawton Sr. and Jr. are coming off a big win from up at Sacramento and are looking to do the same at "Madness At Barona" on September 11th. Top Flight Racing is coming out to take over the 4.70 class and don't forget to stop by their pit and check out this beauty!!!!
Photo credit: Pete Liebig
Hey I thought you guys would really like this video.
The first Nitro Altered in the 300 mph

Barona 7/8/2017

Top Flight Racing runs blown alcohol cars of several types including 3 Corvettes,a Topolino & Willys

Operating as usual


Engine hurt and still goes 4.38 with a .994 60'

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 09/16/2022

Went to Hawaii for a week to do some work on the house,hang out with the chickens and made an outside bath set to enjoy the experience.


Racing in Hawaii. To much Kerosene in the Jet motor, but still had a great time at the labor day race. The driver is a sprint car racer and was very comfortable going sideways.


Pops and Sons MC. Figuires. Pops rides the Hot Rod.


Hawaiians showing the Haoles how it's done. Fuel Altereds.


That just looks to cool and fun. Is it Sunny?


Hot stuff.


I have some great drag racing stories to share from way back in the late 60's when I was just a cocky little racer, starting with this guy. He took me under his wing when he came to Hawaii Raceway Park to run this car. Years later, I went to Sema in 99 and he remembered me some 30 years later. Other racers include Chuck Poole,Tommy Ivo,Don Prudhomme (The Snake),The Little Red Wagon with Jay Howell,Roland Leong (from Hawaii) and a few others. I used to work at the track when I was young because a guy named Mel Pestana ran the track and my older brother worked for him both at his shop and at the track. Memories That I will never forget and this was when Drag Racing was great.


This is how you fly off the trailer at 3500', high humidity in 90 degree weather and spinning the tire in the first 100'. Racepak doesn't lie.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 07/15/2022

We have a disease. After last nights drama. We are almost ready to leave to Sac. Drop the pan and pull the rod and piston. Check the bearings,check the rod,polish the wrist pin,message the piston,replace the passengers side head and change the fuel management. Indexing the spark plugs right now and then we will fire it up. If all is good, it will be a long night of driving. Pray for us gear heads. We are dedicated to race. The 2nd and third pic is the damage from last night.


Lawt crashed last night at Irwindale. He is OK and so is the car. This kid is a driver like no other. He managed to spin the car 180 and went into the net backwards and saved it all. The way we have the braking system set up, allowed him to pull this off. The wheelie bars got caught in the net and saved the car from being damaged and from him being injured. Wow! Some one is looking out for us, because right before the end, It broke a valve and scrubbed off some MPH. Because we have a short stroke motor, I think the engine is OK. We are tearing it apart right now and may still make Bodie's race. We will see.


Dyno day at Top Flight Racing.


Who's going? Put up or shut up.


Can someone help us digitize this so we can make shirts?


Driving through Irwindale by the track? Check it out


So right after I am able to start working out again, I'm driving home last night and got on the on ramp to 805 south. Stop at the red light and I look in the mirror and see this black Honda flying up behind me,driver on the cell phone and I'm thinking he is going to slow down. Hell no, he rear ends me going about 50 to 60 in Lawt's car. The dogs go flying,I get a nasty whip and then the fool tries to flee. I chase him down,get him to pull over (wanted to beat his ass) and he starts begging me not to call the cops because he is driving his Dad's car and has no license. WTH! He tells me he was on his phone and to please call my Dad. So he calls his Dad and his Dad tells me to say he was driving. What's wrong with people? Now I'm in pain and I am a one man show at work. Lawt just had surgery. Now what?


After 6 years of suffering with hand surgeries, multiple types of therapy and pain, I can finally start lifting weights again. I surprised myself by being able to warm up with 200 pounds at the age of 67. I can still feel discomfort, so it will be easy and steady as it goes. Don't need to bench heavy weight anymore, but just want to fell solid again. Thank you Jesus.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 05/23/2022

Added a 4" mini clear view oil filter to the transmission cooler lines. Better to monitor the oil to make sure it stays all good. Also makes maintenance much easier. Bam!


When you start shredding the teeth off the blower belt @ 38% od and you want more than that, you step up your game and get real with going from 8mm to 14mm. Now lets go to 46% od and max out the blower. They say go big or go home. Well, we are going big and you are going home.


Lawt reengineered the blower belt guard and it looks killer.


The sweet sound of music to the soul.


Ahh! Home sweet home at the race track.


Great News: Top Flight Racing is teaming up with 2 other entities to put on a 1/8th mile Big tire and small tire door car shoot out at a track to be announced when all the details are set in place. 4.20 Index for Big Tire and 5.00 for Small Tire and Big Tire cars that can't run 4.20 100% will be paid out to the winner and runner up in both classes. 10 car minimum in both classes. The more entries, the higher the purse. If you think you got what it takes, lets race. Anyone interested please PM this page. Interested sponsors can also PM this page.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 04/17/2022

Just an up close look at Pops fabrication work done on his ancient Bridgeport mill. Can you see what he had to do? Since this motor has the Bryant Crank with a Hemi snout, he had to include some talent to make it all work right. His vision for fabricating parts, is awesome.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 04/17/2022

Motor is back in the car,crank support all fitted,fuel pump mounted and pinned. Just waiting on the new rear brake kit,camshaft and then the final assembly. Coming to whoop some ass again at a track near you. Let's race. Start packing your picnic baskets. It will be a long summer.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 04/15/2022

Rear end back in, transmission back in and the motor goes in tomorrow. Selling the Strange Pro rear brake kit for big ford 9" used. $300.00. Still in really good shape. Just buying a new kit with black calipers.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 04/14/2022

Nobody does any work to our race cars except for some of the machining work we need. Motors,transmissions,rearends,all the electrical,fabrication of mounts brackets, belly pans,aluminum work etc.,custom paint work,fiberglass repairs,mounting and balancing tires,wheelie bars,tig and aluminum welding,custom headers,spec our own cam grinds with Howard's Cams and more. Jr does the driving and Pops is the crew. Our relationship is like no other. We know each others thought process and come together to solve problems. This is what makes us Top Flight Racing. Big thanks to West Coast Converters and Bill Davis,Pete Cogswell and Andy (Grizzly) Ralls. We appreciate everyone who helps and supports our program. Big thanks to our newest crew member Leah Dunn. Everybody can use a little Lady Luck.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 04/03/2022

Coming out of the bull pen soon. The new little giant killer. 40 pounds of blower boost? If the blower can produce it,we will use it.


Got an interesting call from an old friend that I haven't seen in 25+ years. What a great conversation and we may be doing a project Corvette together. His name is Pat Musi. Anybody heard of him?

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 03/30/2022

The bigger the lungs, the faster you can run. Time to get serious.


About to change the camshaft world and move it into the future for better strength and durability. My brain is always working to improve on everything we do in the shop. Talk to a few Vendors today including RCD,Bullet and ARP. Looks like it makes sense with want I am cooking in my mind. Lets Race!

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 03/19/2022

When you go to Bakersfield to race in A/Gas,turn the blower way down to go 7.60,you rip the cam bolts and pin and bend 7 valves and still go 7.29 minus 320',drive back to San Diego to get spare parts,make it back at 4:AM the next morning,tear the motor apart,replace all the bent valves,replace the camshaft,put the motor back together and it runs to make the last qualifier,but in the back of your mind you know you are playing with fire,make the past and break the motor again but still qualify with a 7.68 and now you know you are done. The first damage was so bad that it broke a wristpin in half on the next pass,destroyed 1 piston to shrapnel,damaged the head but you have skills and can save the head and the block,only need 2 new rods and 2 pistons. You still feel lucky. Eh! It's just racing and burning money.


Because Drag Racing should be fun and everyone should be able to set their own stage.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 03/01/2022

Rear end swap to 4:10's,heads all checked and the transmission is all good. Time to go 1/4 mile racing at Bakersfield Drag Strip and run A/gas on 7.60 index. surely won't need as much boost. It will be like driving to the grocery store fast.

Big thanks to Zack Roucher for letting us borrow his 9" 40 spline aluminum center section so we can reach the finish line. However, next time clean it first. 😂😂😂

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 02/28/2022

Here you go. This happened Friday night. This why we knew something wasn't right according to the EGT's. Number 6 and 8 cylinder was sharing compression and fuel. Still we broke the record, won the race and will break the record again soon. Bring it.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 02/28/2022

When you race on Friday and Saturday, break the track record, win your grudge match, but you know in your gut the car should of gone faster. You take the motor apart to see why and have to be at your next race by Wednesday. The EGT's were ok, but a couple was not where we like to see them. Hmmm! Yes, found the problem and will have it all back and running to leave on Tuesday night for Bakersfield March Meet. Can you see why I polish the pistons?


Another great weekend for the "Blue By You" Top Flight Racing Corvette at Irwindale. Not only did we go fast, but we broke the track record at this event and won the grudge race against our great friends the Lutt brothers Mustang. He also went the fastest that he has ever gone.

Big thanks and Aloha to Steve Sherman for putting on such a great event. It's not easy to put on a race and it takes a true commitment and "Passion" for the racers.

Thank you to all our sponsors and great racing family. We don't just race because we have an addiction to it, but we race because of all who support us and the thrill of it all.

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 02/18/2022

They say that bigger is better, but sometimes it hurts. That's true and the hurting is coming to Irwindale on February 26th. Time to fly.


Wow! Check this out. One of my best friends along with his wife made me a homemade cake for my birthday today. It is off the hook!

Photos from Top Flight Racing's post 02/13/2022

How much to replace the radiator in my motorhome? $3,400.00 including the radiator. What! Are you crazy? Nope, the entire area in front of the motorhome has to come off to get to it and it takes about 10-12 hours. Right! Not for us, we have a torch and massive skills. 4 hours in and out and it was easy. This tool can melt most metals,remove broken bolts,cut like a knife and burn the skin off your ass from 12" away. The magic tool in our shop.

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That just looks to cool and fun. Is it Sunny?
This is how you fly off the trailer at 3500', high humidity in 90 degree weather and spinning the tire in the first 100'...
Dyno day at Top Flight Racing.





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