Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego


Those who bought tickets to the Winter Banquet can enjoy free entry to the San Diego Air & Space Museum all day TODAY ONLY 2/18. Just show your SEFSD badge to the attendant when you arrive.

The event is indoors, but there will still be space heaters provided to keep everyone comfortable.

Our doors will open at 6pm, with dinner served around 6:30.
The winter banquet is completely sold out, but occasionally, someone will return their tickets, releasing it back to the membership, so check back frequently!
Hi Guys,

After 5 months of further development and improvements, a new version of the aeromura app is out!

Faster performance, and now also with real-world ATIS (automated terminal information service) for all your favourite flying locations and clubs.

Improved real-time weather screens, and many other improvements.

Thousands of model aircraft clubs, flying locations and slopes around the world with integrated real-time weather.

Hundreds of kits and manufacturers with specifications like CG settings.

Endorsed by flying associations around the world.

Your flying club is most likely also listed within the app.

Maybe try it out?

Android pilots download it for free on the Google Playstore here :

Apple iPhone download it for free on the Apple App Store here:

You can read all about the app here :
We'd like to express a special thanks to Quan of Sarsis Web Developers and his friends at Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego for donating a combined total of *80* new blankets to our Blanket Drive! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our seniors at St. Paul's PACE.
We'd like to express a special thanks to Quan of Sarsis Web Developers and his friends at Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego for donating a combined total of *80* new blankets to our Blanket Drive! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our seniors at St. Paul's PACE.
We'd like to express a special thanks to Quan of Sarsis Web Developers and his friends at Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego for donating a combined total of *80* new blankets to our Blanket Drive! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our seniors at St. Paul's PACE.
We'd like to express a special thanks to Quan of Sarsis Web Developers and his friends at Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego for donating a combined total of *80* new blankets to our Blanket Drive! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our seniors at St. Paul's PACE.
Some Pics from today
Hi Guys,

Now endorsed by model flying associations around the world, an updated version of our app aeromura has been released - now with technical data on hundreds of well known kits including CG settings, control throws and more!

Thousands of model aircraft clubs and flying locations and slopes around the world with integrated weather.

Endorsed by flying associations around the world.

Your flying club and this location is also listed within the app.

Maybe try it out?

Android pilots download it for free on the Google Playstore here :

Apple iPhone download it for free on the Apple App Store here:

You can read all about the app here :
Finally organized one side of the hanger!
The photos and link to our new video has disappeared like my previous post! 🤔
Looks like the photos I posted about a week ago or so have disappeared again. Next time I'll try to put 5 instead of 10 perhaps. 🤔

The Official Facebook home of the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

The objective of the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego is to promote and further the technology of electric powered R/C aeromodeling: encourage competition in Electric Soaring, Pylon Racing, FAI-F5B/D, Scale, Old Timer, and Pattern Electric categories by hosting major industry sponsored events and sanctioning “Fun-Fly” types of contests; provide forums for the exchange of technical information,

Operating as usual


2023 Club Event Calendar:
Jan Don't Spill the Beans
Feb Limbo
Mar Altitude Quest
Apr Poker Fly
May Dead Stick Landing Challenge*
Jun Bomb Drop
Jul Spot Landing Challenge
Aug Triple Threat (3 games)
Sep Civilian Scale Day
Oct Warbird Day

Nov & Dec No Event


Member Registration - SEFSD 12/06/2022

Member Registration - SEFSD

Please renew your
SEFSD Membership for 2023

Click below:

If you were a member in 2022, you will have the option to purchase tickets for the Holiday Banquet after you renew.
The 2023 Holiday Banquet
To be held at the Air & Space Museum in
Balboa Park on Friday, January 13th, 6:00pm.
Banquet tickets are $55.00 per person. With the purchase of your banquet ticket, you can enter the Air and Space Museum anytime during the day and stay inside the building once it closes. Our Banquet starts at 6:00 pm. We'll check in about 5:45 and get our pictures taken by Frank Sutton. Dinner is around 6:30 – 7:00 pm. After dinner it’s time for the raffle! Here is a list of prizes……
Skynectic SXtarling 1230mm PNP
Freewing Vulcan 4S
Flightline P-51D Mustang 850mm
Flightline Spitfire Mk.IX 1200mm
Freewing Rebel V2 70mm
FMS 800mm T-28 Trojan V2
FMS 64mm EDF F-16 PNP
FMS 64mm EDF F-18 PNP
There will be an assortment of batteries, chargers, watt meters, servo testers and other assorted electric flight accessories
And our Grand Prize:
AVIOS (PNF) King Twin 1700 Sports/Scale Executive Turboprop Airplane!!!
We will have some real nice items for our wives as well.
Both Frank and Jovi will show their videos they made just for the event.
The banquet tickets will sell out very fast so don't delay.

For a direct link to purchase banquet tickets (2022 members only), click the link:

Check out Frank's Banquet Promotional Video!

Member Registration - SEFSD



Take a look at Frank Suttons great video from Axis Vs. Allies last month! BRAVO ZULU!

SEFSD's VETERANS DAY SALUTE 2022 Thank you, World War II Aviators, for all that you have done protecting our freedom! To you, and all veterans everywhere, WE SALUTE YOU!When you see a veter...

Can you spare a few moments to take my survey? 11/01/2022

Can you spare a few moments to take my survey?

TAKE OUR SURVEY!! That's right, we have a list where you can VOTE for your 10 favorite events for the 2023 contest year! Click here:

Can you spare a few moments to take my survey? Please take the survey titled "SEFSD Event Survey". Your feedback is important!


Todays "Civillian Scale" day participants. It was a great day of flying with no real mishaps. Dont forget, next month.... AXIS Vs. ALLIES!!! Thanks to Randy for the photo.


Don't forget! This Saturday, SPOT LANDING CHALLENGE, followed by club meeting and BBQ lunch. As usual, $150 in Prizes!


Come down for a "Jet-Together"! The Hitec Crew will be there with EDF jets, and there will be something quite awesome, something you don't want to miss!


REMINDER! This Saturday... July 23rd (the 4th Sat of the month) ALTITUDE QUEST!


A tease as to what SEPTEMBER's monthly club event is!

Happy July 4TH 2022! 07/03/2022

Happy July 4TH 2022!

Happy July 4TH 2022! Thanks to Larry Kosta of Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego for providing this patriotic tribute to our nation.


NOTICE! This event flyer is being circulated around San Diego. Last year, this party caused a bunch of problems and trouble, and this year they are moving it to the beach right near the field. Please be especially cautious with our boundaries and avoid flying over the beach June 25th.


FOUND AT THE FIELD: Drone landing pad. If you left your pad at the field, send a PM to Jim Bonnardel and identify it.

Its in good hands, but needs to get back to its owner.


Frank Sutton shares a fun video of our 3 Ring Circus. We are so lucky to have people like Frank in our club who provide us with so much of their talent and time.


Happy International Drone Day!


ANNOUNCEMENT! The 3 Ring Circus is being moved to April. This month will be "Foamy Frenzy" where anything made of foam that fly's will get a raffle ticket for gift certificate.

There will be a blast from the editor to all emails.


APRIL Club Event Announced!
3 Ring Circus!

We are doing something new for April
A 3 Ring (event) Circus!

Ring #1: Limbo Loops

Ring #2: 30 second power to dead stick landing

Ring #3: Figure 8 Taxi race

For March’s 3 Ring Circus, we will use the typical, 3-cell airplanes under 50” wingspan. Trojan, Cub, Timber, Visionaire, Apprentice, Extra 300 etc. No motor-gliders, no drones, fixed wing only. 3 Cell, 2200 mah battery aircraft is desired.

Limbo Loops = Looping around a limbo ribbon 10ft AGL

30 Second to Dead Stick = Power on for 30 seconds. At power off, timer is started. Longest glide to scored landing using Electroglide target. Off runway landings do not score.

Figure 8 Taxi Race = 3 laps around 2 cones without leaving the ground.

Awards 1st~3rd for each event, and the gift certs go to combined event score winners.


Don't forget, POKER FLY this Saturday!

Bring down your airplanes and drones, and draw a card for each flight to build your poker hand.
Top 5 hands win!

Photos from Hitec RCD USA's post 02/11/2022

Just had to share... Hitec is a local, San Diego company and makes the best servos in the world.


As a service to all San Diego drone pilots, I'm sharing this SD document, how to fly in San Diego;


Club Event Announcement for 2022 Jim Bonnardel will become the club's monthly contest director for 2022.

Plan on attending our full schedule of those fun games we love to play. Old favorites, new games and some new twists but always, fun and easy to participate, and $150 in prize awards each month.

First contest for 2022 will be the Spot Landing Challenge!

For this year, all of the games we play will be centered around the typical 3 cell, 2200 mah type plane of any style. Nothing giant, nothing super expensive, just the common, up tp 50" wingspan stuff that we all seem to have. This is just to keep it simple and easy for everyone.


A quick teaser of the drone footage from yesterday's Electroglide.


Thanks to the BOD at SEFSD for extending the field for a safety outreach. It made a great impression with the FAA as well as other professionals in the area. Keeping the public educated only helps the hobby, and the industry as a whole!

Photos from Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego's post 04/07/2021

Hello SEFSD and followers, Jovi here. As the new President of the club, I am going to do my best in keeping you all up to date with the club future events as soon as we are able to hold them of course. So for starters, here are a few club members enjoying their time out at the field. So keep you eye out on how we get thru Covid - 19 by flying our airplanes.


Thanks for the Duct not needed. When are you gonna come clean the gunk off it..


Club Member Jim Bonnardel's Division of Hitec has launched their website, check it out!

Hitec Commercial Drone Services is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! Providing our clients with in-depth information regarding our services and support is of the utmost importance to us. We invite you to browse through and learn more about our mission to elevate drone aerial services. Looking forward to supporting your needs!


FIELD UPDATE from Chairman of the Board, Brad Bender:

Field Use Update for June 9, 2012

Hey guys!

We are officially open, but with some new rules and guidelines that we have to follow pretty closely.

To start this note, I want to thank the people who showed up Monday morning and helped clean up the field and get it ready for use. The weeds were really out of control and it took 20 people 4 hours to get them cleared out. Some of the guys I saw working suffer from bad backs, so I really appreciate them coming out and helping - knowing that it was gonna cost him later! The runway itself is now in pretty good shape, as is the pit area. I wish more people had pitched in from the drone group to clean up the Rotor Plex area, but thanks to Jimmy and Bruce - the table and seating area is nice and clear. The homeless had caused considerable damage to the porta potty that had to be repaired.

One notable thing that I previously mentioned is the Porta potty is currently closed and locked, and will stay closed and locked until the city and county ease the stringent cleaning requirements for restrooms on city property. Park Services has a paid employee to clean the restrooms at the boat ramp from sunup to sundown, that just isn’t realistic for us. So for the time being if you have to go, it will mean a trip to the boat ramp. I hope this will change in the next month or so.

Almost everyone has had trouble with opening the lock at the gate over the last year or two, and Park Services has finally agreed to let us put our own combination lock in conjunction with theirs at the gate. I have attached a picture showing how we need to lock the gate when we leave the site. Please note that the club lock is through the chain and the loop on the post permanent post. The new city lock (our original keys no longer work ) is on a chain passing through the slotted hole in the gate itself. For now, this is the best way to ensure the city doesn’t accidentally lock us out. Please take a look and let’s try to do it this way. Steve Belknap sent an email blast Monday evening to the members that are current for 2020 with the 4 digit combination to the lock at the gate – Did you forget to renew??

For now I am asking members to open, drive-through, and close the gate behind them. Park services are letting us into our club area, but we are required to limit access to members only. If we have spectators on the flightline, that means pilots have to leave! No more than 20 people in the pit area or flightline at one time. Other items that we have to follow for the next couple weeks or maybe months: practice social distancing, anytime you’re within 6 feet of another person you must wear your mask. There are 18 tables, it makes sense - no more than 18 vehicles on the flightline at any one time. No more than two people are allowed to share a flight gate at one time. Members are expected to bring their own disinfectants, hand sanitizer, and masks. These items will not be provided by the club.

Finally, there are a lot of people that have been waiting for the club to open. There may be people waiting for a turn out in the parking area over the weekend, PLEASE SHARE TIME AT THE FLIGHTLINE! If people are awaiting their turn in the parking lot, limit your time to 2 hours and let others have a chance.

Welcome back and I hope to see you!



WE ARE OPEN! Flight Ops. may resume!!

Social Distancing Rules in effect. 1 person per table. Limited 1 pilot per gate.

THESE ARE TEMPORARY, but mandatory per the city parks.

Photos from Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego's post 06/08/2020

ROTORPLEX Before and After. DANG those pickeweed plants are HEAVY! I didnt get any photos of the work crews working the runway as I was solo at the RotorPlex for the first 2 hours. Sun came out, made the work a bit harder... but we got it mostly cleared out. Airblowers and W**d Killer next...



WE ARE OPEN! (well, starting next week anyway)

CALL TO ARMS! (ok, just lawn care equipment)

Monday, June 8th we are being granted access back to our facility for maintenance. We need you! Our field got hammered by no use. W**ds, broken tables, and just general attention is needed to bring it back up to speed.

We are allowed ELECTRIC equipment (i.e. weedeaters and blowers) but need many more shovels, hoe's, rakes and and general mainentence gear. I am not sure if the wheelbarrow survived, but it would be great to see a couple down at the field on Monday.

We know you want out of the house! Grab your lawn gear, gloves, and of course a mask. Come on down, and get to know your clubmates (again!).

We will get access between 08:00 and 09:00 and get underway as soon as the gate swings open.

Please, if you can , come down and help bring SEFSD back to operation.


I wanted to give a shout out and super thank to Tom Svircev at CVRCC for opening up their field to SEFSD members. Brad and Jim spent most of Saturday at the field in Chula Vista and were warmly welcomed. If you havent flown off of a paved survace, come on down (weekends only) and say thank you for opening up to us.
Since we are doing the social-distance thing, Tom and Jim discussed a possible ANTI COVID Distancing event bringing the two clubs together once we get back to normal.


Official Update 5.1.2020 Mission Bay Parks, Rose Stearn, CLOSED (SEFSD) updates at:




I Need Phantom 4 and Mavic 2 Pro Pilots with Pix 4D capture, or other mapping software experience and equipment.

If you are willing to volunteer your time in a missing person search tomorrow 06:00a Tailboarding in Otay Mesa MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY. I will give you the details.

4wd or vehicles capable of dirt roads essential.

SEFSD MEMORIES 2019 04/24/2020


Ok you have an hour and a half to kill right? Super thanks to Frank and Alex for the year review production!

SEFSD MEMORIES 2019 The full-length feature, Silent Electric Flyers San Diego (SEFSD) 2019 Memories, has landed! This rocking musical contains photos and video clips in chronolo...


To all of our members, their families and our friends, a VERY HAPPY 2020 to you! (and dont forget to renew!)


DON'T FORGET! JAN1, 2020, our annual FREEZE FLY!!
Come down, fly, we send photos across the world of us flying in Sunny SD~! 10/09/2019

Stand With Us to Save Model Aviation

NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT: As one of the 200,000 members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), the largest and oldest association of model aircraft enthusiasts in the U.S., I am writing you today to ask for your help in...

Videos (show all)

Randy's Visit
Jim B,  looking at Brad B,  Brad looking @ Jim!
Sorry for the low quality,  but until I get the video from NBC 7/39 you get the "camera in front of the TV trick"....
Jim's Obstacle Course winning run from Rotor Day last Saturday.
Check out this video by Andrew Norbec at our field!
Occupy the Sky!
UAV Day Stop Motion
Just another day in paradise....  A Typical Thursday at SEFSD.  Good folks, good flying (and just one ugly guy in the be...
Hey,  wanna see something neat?  Dont blink!
Hey,  wanna see something neat?  Dont blink!
Weed Wacking



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