Trek Bicycle San Diego Kearny Mesa

Trek Bicycle San Diego Kearny Mesa


Fun at Black Mountain with the Trek Bicycle San Diego Girls Team!

This group of experienced ride leaders lead rides every third Saturday in different areas throughout the County.

Rides are posted on SDMBA meetup page.

📸 Martin Paul Weston
Over 130 kids were stoked to develop their skills today at City of San Marcos - Government !!

They can’t wait for the bike park at Bradley Park to be open! Hurry, hurry! #bikeparksforall #morekidsonbikes Trek Bicycle San Diego Kearny Mesa Friends of San Marcos Parks & Recreation Sprockids San Diego
Happy Bruce Ingram Day!
We're so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an auspicious occasion and to honor a man who is lifting spirits in his community! Today is Bruce Ingram Day and thanks to Trek Bicycle San Diego Kearny Mesa we were able to spruce up a bicycle and donate it to Bruce.
The La Mesa Trek Bicycle Superstore is such a great bike shop. Even though EVERYONE has such a limited stock of bikes and parts, these Legends are always able to find what I need. Easy to order, easy to pick up, and really cool people. Thank you to Ashley and her staff for always delivering great service!

I bought a Kickr Bike on this visit and I was able to pick it up the same day! If anyone has purchased any trainers from Wahoo you know it's been hard to find them! Anyway, it comes in a huge box and the crew carried it out and loaded it into my truck and I was on my way. Cheers!

5 Stars!
Hey there, I have a question I could use some help with...?

On my 26in mt bike I run a xr4 team tire in 26x2.35 on the front and the rear on 26x2.25. I have a 29'r now and I would like to run the same type configuration. A little bit bigger tire in the front for the better cornering on the trail.

Both bikes are cross country style hard tails, Zaskars... So a little speed is always great..

So, on a 29'r, based on the 29in size, does the configuration change at all? On the 29r I want to run the same , a bit larger, tire in the front. I only need it big enough for the same control in corners etc... I am concerned with the weight a little so I don't want it too big in size.

That is my question, Can I just run the same 2.35 in front on the 29r, or is the size based on the geometry of the 29r ? Does it need to go to something more like a 2.40 and can the rear tire still stay the same 2.25? I hope that all made sense.

Then how long to get one ordered and picked up? Thanks for any help, it's appreciated
This is by far the best bike store i have ever been in. My bike was making some noise so I dropped my bike off on Wednesday 8/19/20 . I got an Email on Thursday 08/20/20 stating that my bike was fixed. Wow! they replaced the bottom bracket chain and bar tape. And because I bought the Trek Velo Plan therefore I paid nothing. I have come out ahead just because of this plan. This is a very good bike I give Trek bikes an easy 5 Stars. However if you use something parts wear out.
The best part of all is everyone their is so friendly and willing to help.
Why is TREK paint so cheap? My young son’s brake cable already wore down to frame after a year. The cable hardly moves. Don’t get me wrong, my whole family is outfitted with TREK and I believe in their product. Maybe a nice ceramic clear coat would do the trick.
I would like to give a huge shoutout to Trek Bicycle Superstore for processing my order recently for a Dimension Trekking Handlebar. This order was processed quickly and then refunded very quickly after I had to send it back due to it being the wrong size for my bicycle. I live in an area which does not have a full service bicycle store in Daytona Beach, FL and truly appreciate the excellent service and selection provided by Trek Bicycle Superstore. I will keep you in mind for future purchases! Thank you John Stutzman for this excellent service!
My wife and I love our Trek Verve+ 3 Electric Hybrid Bikes....... we ride everywhere !
Hello, can I please be assisted? I can't seem to get ahold of anyone.
Ref: Service Completed on SUP COM +7 69 BLK 19
Sale Person: Matt Shibel
Bike Purchased on 5/4

1st I want state I have purchased four (4) Trek bikes and one (1) Trek ebike and had great service, until now!

On Monday May 18th, 2020, I had to bring in the Service Department because the bike I had purchase had some issue that needed to be addressed.
1. Noise for back wheel, and not sure of the issue.
2. When peddling cranking noise was very loud, in fact on Sunday, May 17th, I couldn’t ride it for more the 7 miles because of the issue.
3. The Bosch stops working and must turn it off and then back on so it will continue to provide the assistance going up the major inclines about SD.
4. Front Brakes drag and the wheel seems to also drag, it makes a lot noise, likes it rubbing.

So today, May 22nd I picked up my bike, no thanks to service calling me or even providing what they did for four (4) days with my bike. When I got home, I took the bike for a quick 15-mile ride and was extremely disappointed.

So, # 2 you fixed! Number 1, 3 and 4, not sure what you did if anything! The brakes on the bike still seem to rub when applying them, especially the front one. The front making this horrible noise when coming to a stop coming off a hill and yes TREK there are few of them! I’ll be happy to share a video I took as I was riding. The Bosch again stop working when I started going up a hill!!! Yes, I got it to work, as I noted in #3 . I will be sharing the video later today though.

So, this is the worth experience I have had with Trek. I was told I would have keys to my bike in about 3 weeks and nothing, in fact haven’t been told when I will get them and also you want me to pay for them, not they should have come with the bike! I still haven’t got power cord and not sure why this is taking so long? The gentleman in service told me he could get me owner’s manual and that didn’t happen!

After riding the bike today, I done with it. Poor services and don’t see Trek following through. I received an email today, stating, “Congratulation on your awesome new bike”! This bike and service has been far below awesome, in fact not even close. My experience here is would be rated as D! I will be dropping off the bike early next for a full refund. I will be purchasing another bike, new one this time at a different Trek Store.

If you don't read this, a copy will be sent to you and Trek home office.
Just wanted to let you know your 15OFF code is not working today. It was working yesterday but I couldn't get my order done before I had to run and when I tried to complete it today, no go. Maybe the switch to Feb 1 threw it off. Either way, had to take my business elsewhere...thought you might want to know.

Trek Bicycle San Diego Kearny Mesa is your destination for the latest products from Trek and Bontrager, service and tune-ups for bikes of any brand, and everything you need for your next two-wheeled adventure.

USA's #1 Trek Dealer with five locations in San Diego CA, and one in Albuquerque, NM.

Albuquerque - Menaul Blvd. NE - (505) 312-7243
South Bay - Bonita Rd. - (619) 216-9123
San Diego - Kearny Mesa Road - (858) 974-8735
Solana Beach - Hwy. 101 - (858) 432-2703
San Marcos - Rancho Santa Fe Rd & Capalina - (760) 599-9735
La Mesa - Fletcher Parkway - (619) 668-8787
All Locations -

Operating as usual

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Huge special shout-out to Nica coach @patmurray38 fretting the final pieces together on her top fuel 9.9 axs. When her lush suspension was getting to the point of irreparable, we were able to find the perfect bike for her continue crushing her personal goals and helping to teach the next generation of riders. So stoked for you Pat and you are 100% part of the family :)

If you are a nica coach or rider, come visit us and we will be sure to take care of you!!!


Congrats Zach on the new Rail 5! With vail lake in your backyard, you are going to rip it up and ride more than ever before!


Cause every girl crazy bout about a sharp dressed man! @misterbankerdude is dressed sharp to pick up his new Slash 9.8 XT.


Happy new bike day Taylor! You’re going to have tons of fun of with your family now!


Congrats Beverly on your new checkpoint sl 7 etap. It’s going to be quite the blast on your ride from Florida to Maine and then Maine to Washington! Keep the rubber side down


Congrats on the Allant 7s Rance. Rigged up and ready to go with a Kobe computer upgrade, tubeless conversion, and all the gear to commute around. This bike is going to get you everywhere here and when you get back to Boston. Thank you for serving our country and you’re going to kick some butt as a firefighter on the east coast!


These two are ready to slay park laps!


@mf9one with his ride and his ride or die trail dog 🐶 Who else has a four-legged trail buddy?


David was made for this 2022 Fuel Ex 9.9 AXS. He traded in his hardtail for a full suspension trail bike, we hope to see you out there soon! Visit your local Trek Bike Store to inquire about trading in your old bike for something shiny and new 👍✨🏆


Congrats Gary! This 2022 Trek Domane SL7 found a new home today.
For a smile this contagious, please refer to your local Trek Bicycle Store 😎


What’s your favorite trail?
Comment below


Cocoa is enjoying the dog days of winter ☀️ in Solana today, while is mom @penamap picks up her new 🚲


Friday has us thinking of taking our bikes to wide open places! Where are you riding this weekend? pc @mannyrides


Congrats on the new emonda SLR 7 Henry! What a perfect first bike for your current and future goals! Set up for success and ready to ride 🤙🏻


Congrats Julio on your new Rail 9.9 axs!!!! Have fun ripping all the trails with your family and friends. See you soon!


Yes! We work on that! People 📞 a few times a day asking if we work on: other brands, e-bikes, scooters, or strollers. Yes, we do! This is a scooter grandma bought online for her grandsons. The kids tried their best, but needed a little help with the assembly. Christian has got you 🔧


Happy New New bike day! The Stoked are stoked on their his and hers Townie Go! 7Ds. We are stoked on the great new design and colors!


New new Townie Go! 7D day! The Stokes are stoked on their his and hers Townie Go! 7Ds. We 🧡 the new look and colors!


Double trouble! Lisa got identical bikes— one for the desert home and one for the beach home. Go live the dream, Lisa!


Thank you to everyone who donated to @freebikes4kidz San Diego last weekend. The tally is in, and you donated over 600 bikes to be refurbished and given to local youth! Cheers to you 🍻


World Bicycle Relief x Trek

This year, instead of selecting a Trek for our Bike of the Year we chose World Bicycle Relief’s hard-working Buffalo Bicycle. Since 2005, Buffalo Bicycles have helped build stronger communities in developing countries by enabling kids to get to school, health care workers to see patients, and farmers and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

We're raising $1M for World Bicycle Relief, and through December 31, we'll match the amount of your donation to double your impact. Join us by donating online or instore—a donation of $165 helps provide someone with a Buffalo Bicycle, but a gift of any amount helps change lives too.

Learn more:

Timeline photos 10/30/2021

Conquer whatever’s on your horizon with the better-than-ever Rail.

This long-travel trail e-MTB never shies away from getting rowdy and always powers you back up the mountain. Visit us today to preorder yours.

Check it out >>

Timeline photos 10/11/2021

Take a five-minute survey from PeopleForBikes so they can learn more about your city’s cycling infrastructure and work on ways to improve it. After your survey is complete, you’ll be entered to win awesome prizes like a WaveCel helmet.

Take the survey >>

Timeline photos 10/07/2021

The all-new Top Fuel is a lightweight and blazing fast downcountry trail bike that’s quick, capable, and seriously fun in the rough. Visit us today to preorder yours.

See the bikes >>

Timeline photos 10/05/2021

The all-new Checkpoint is here and ready for every adventure. Explore more ➡️

Timeline photos 09/19/2021

Show your bike some love!

After all the miles you put in this summer, your bike deserves some R&R. Regular service is key to keeping your bike in tip top shape and avoiding costly issues in the future.

Stop in today to enjoy fast and friendly service on bikes of any brand, and we’ll have your ride rolling like new in no time.

Timeline photos 09/16/2021

No matter what your bike is made from, all manufacturing releases greenhouse gases and aerosols.

Bottom line: bikes are good by nature, but like anything that’s manufactured, they come at a cost to the environment. The great news is, you can take simple action—using your bike exactly as intended—to fully offset the carbon cost of your ride by activating the Rule of 430.

This formula demonstrates how replacing about 430 driving miles with 430 riding miles can offset the carbon cost of your new bike. Anything above 430 miles, and your bike is now carbon-negative. Learn more ➡️

Timeline photos 09/09/2021

Getting more people on bikes means ensuring the world has places set aside for people to ride. Established in 2021, the Trek Foundation provides support to develop bicycle trails and infrastructure for public use and protect land from development. Learn more about this initiative ➡️

Timeline photos 09/05/2021

Did you know? We service bikes of any brand!

Whether you’re cruisin’ around town on a vintage fixie, riding a non-Trek (gasp), or your kids’ bike needs some love, we’re happy to provide fast and friendly service on bikes of all makes and models.

Stop in today and we’ll have whatever you ride rolling like new in no time.

Timeline photos 09/02/2021

In 2020, our most popular bike model—Marlin—began shipping in new packaging that cut non-recyclable pieces in half. We have expanded that process widely across our bike and accessory packaging removing 433,600 lbs of plastic in a single year. Learn more ➡️

Timeline photos 08/26/2021

Since 2009, Trek-owned bike share system BCycle has reduced congestion and transportation-based carbon emissions while providing a healthier and more sustainable transportation alternative in 35 cities. We are committed to accelerating that growth into the future. Find a BCycle station near you ➡️

Timeline photos 08/22/2021

Show your bike some love!

After all the miles you put in this summer, your bike deserves some R&R. Regular service is key to keeping your bike in tip top shape and avoiding costly issues in the future.

Stop in today to enjoy fast and friendly service on bikes of any brand, and we’ll have your ride rolling like new in no time.

Timeline photos 08/19/2021

It makes sense that a bicycle company would care about the environment. We make a product that provides a solution to many of the world’s most complex problems— congestion, public health, climate change. But even products that benefit people and the planet leave behind a footprint. And it’s a footprint we need to address.

In 2020, we conducted our first emissions audit to better understand our impact and build a plan to become a more conscious and sustainable global citizen. This report shows our findings, explains the actions we’ve taken to lighten our footprint, details our goals, and sets out our vision for change. Explore the report ➡️

Timeline photos 08/17/2021

Applications are now open for the Trek NICA 2022 Pathfinders Scholarship! This scholarship will provide up to 100 young people of color with the gear and funds they need to ride and race in the 2022 Spring NICA season.

Lean more here:

Read about how the Prime Ability team got their start here:

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World Bicycle Relief x Trek
Go Farther, Faster and without all the suffering
Rocket bike
Where did you ride today?




Bicycles from Trek, Electra & Cannondale. Apparel from Pearl Izumi, Fox, Giro, Sidi, Shimano, Bontrager, and more. Parts and accessories from Shimano, Speedplay, Look, Zipp, Bontrager, Mavic, Saris and many more.



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