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Southern Pacific LWC


Repost Hype up for her first weightlifting meet at at 1 PM today!

Check for the twitch livestream link in the linktree in bio.


Repost May 21st & 22nd!

Come compete in our 2nd annual spring competition! This will be a two day event organized by entry total. We’ll have prizes for weight class winners, top three best overall lifter per gender, and more surprises and goodies from our event sponsors to be announced in the coming weeks! This event will count as a last chance qualifier for USAW Nationals Week this summer. This meet filled quickly last year so with less than 10 weeks left get those entries in!
Repost Looks like we will be trading in that bear singlet for a Team USA one in August!

With only 4 ladies left to compete for the Ibero-American Championship qualification, my ranking is high enough to stay on the list no matter how they all perform.

It will definitely sink in more once that all-caps FINAL is next to the list, but frick;


Repost Last but not least on our AO1 recap roster is our very own in his very first AO Series representing for the Masters crew! His goal was to increase his total for a higher entry leading into . Ryan had a non weightlifting injury last year so yes we're powering through it all but rest assured, he's going to be ready for Puerto Rico....Ohhhhhh!!!

Big thanks to coach , .toph and in the back and to for the video footage!

Thanks to the .elite.athletics family for the support!
Repost Cole turned in a solid performance at the finishing with an 85kg Sn**ch, 108kg Clean & Jerk and 193kg Total which were all new competition PRs. Cole is a young and developing lifter with a ton of potential and a bright future ahead. Great work Cole!

Lot of athletes competed this past weekend under the Daidalos banner, but none were as exciting as .23!

It was Lorelei’s first meet competing in weightlifting. She has been training specifically in the sn**ch and clean and jerk since only September 2021 and she already looks like veteran.

Needless to say, she had a perfect meet going 6 for 6 and hitting the total she needed to set up the rest of the training year. With this meet, she qualified for the 2022 Youth Nationals in June atLas Vegas and the American Open Series as a Senior lifter in September at Calgary.

Sn.: 43/46/49
Cl. + Jr.: 53/57/60
Total: 109 kg

We are very excited to start her weightlifting career off well and can’t wait for more PRs to come in the future!


Repost Meet recap!

Solid meet for Tyler going 5/6

Sn**ch: 78/81/84 (PR)
Clean & Jerk: 99/102 (PR)/105x
Total: 186 (PR)

Tyler had us a little worried from our mock meet from the previous week but he made the necessary adjustments on the Sn**ch and hit all 3 attempts for a new PR! Clean & Jerk were executed as expected. The last Clean & Jerk at 105 (not shown) was only his second attempt at that weight. It was a solid attempt but no dice on the stand up. We’ll get that one for sure at the next meet.

Solid work Tyler and you have a couple PRs to show for it!



had a perfect meet yesterday! He went 6 for 6, attained a Sn**ch PR, Clean and Jerk PR and a Total PR.

Sn.: 76/80/85
Cl. + Jr.: 96/101/105
Total: 190 kg

After a brutal injury last year that really set him back, to see him bounce back this year is nothing short of inspiring! He lifted with great ease and composure. Can’t wait to see how much further he can grow from this performance. None of this could be possible without the great and his torturous drills!



Repost LET’S GO TEAM!!!!!! 💪💪💪

Great job to our two athletes that competed today!

Sn**ch - 20 ✅ 25 ✅ 30 ✅
Clean and Jerk - 30 ✅ 35 ✅ 40 ✅

🔹Chris -
Sn**ch - 90 ❌ 90 ✅ 95 ❌
Clean and Jerk - 110 ✅ 116 ✅ 121 ✅
Repost Just some of the Barbarian crew that rolled in to SENSE Weightlifting Village] Lunar New Year Meet: Year of the Tiger! 🐯 *roar*

We had a blast this past Saturday…we won the Best Female and Male lifters, 2nd overall Male lifter, first time competitor, many PRs, hanging out with friends and good food to cap it all off!

Thanks to SENSE Weightlifting Village] for a fun meet!

What a great way to start off another year of lifting/fun!

LET’S GO 2022!!! *roar*

Repost One more in the books!

Sn**ch 80 ✔️ 85 ✔️ 90 ❌
Clean & Jerk 100✔️ 105✔️ 112❌

for being my coach 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
.soffit for helping me get my body recovered and ready for this meet!
And of course the friends that came through to support me today!
Repost Registration is up for this year's 2022 version of the meet.

Three days

August 12th - Reserved for Non USAW
August 13th - Reserved for beginners
August 14th - Open

All levels
All ages
Categories for USAW members and non Members.

Early bird price is $60 through March 31st to the first 30 athletes registered. Then it'll be full priced at $85. Read details in registration for

Registration Link in bio

Thanks to
For last year's footage.

If you have any questions, please contact .toph

.elite.athletics family and affiliates please talk to your club director for registration details.

Official account of the California South WSO. Representing USAW in our local community & sharing fro

Operating as usual

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 09/21/2022

Repost ...about last night...

I competed, kinda last minute, in the SoCal Weightlifting Championships. Given that for 3 of the last 4 weeks I ate Italian carbs and lifted zero weights, and then last week had jetlag etc., it was not awful. But also not my greatest performance.
I was able to get a new higher sn**ch opener - 45kg, and a solid 55kg and 60kg c&j. Fell on my ass once. Didn't bomb.

I got a gold medal for being the best and only lifter in my age/weight category 😏... and, had a good practice at being in competition.
Onward! 🙃
Oh - did you hear?? I'm going to the World Masters Weightlifting Championships in December!

As always, thanks to my fantastic coaches at -- , .goldberg4 , and . Thanks for organizing this competition.

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 09/17/2022

Repost ⛓Proud⛓
Saying that im proud of you would be an understatement.

As a coach, this was the toughest meet to prep and coach. Simply because I couldn’t be present.

Tho we may have struggled, you’re courage in undertaking 9 classes, a part time job, hosting a podcast, and volunteering for the crisis hotline all while qualifying for the NAO makes you nothing short of an absolute superhero.

Thank you Mia, a thousand times over, for allowing me the privilege to coach, mentor, and speak into your life.

You are absolutely inspiring.
Great fu***ng job kid.

Ps: you were the MVP today. Thank you for stepping in and handling the fight with us. ✊🏽❤️

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 09/15/2022

Repost Taking home a gold! 🥇
Coming off an injury and without my head coach, I’d say today was a huge mental win as well.

65✔️71✔️77✖️ - 91✔️95✔️98✔️

Thanks for stepping in to coach last minute❤️

Thanks & for being the best hype team❤️

AWESOME meet thanks for having us❤️

Thanks to all the love I got from home today! Y’all keep me motivated❤️


Repost Never been just about the
bars or weights.


Awesome!! Congratulations!! Repost 5/6 on her lifts with a PR on sn**ches!🏆🎉🏅 so proud of you Little Bun! It’s always an uphill battle but you always get it done. Proud mama🤍 videos to come!


Today is the last day to register! Head over to the link in our bio!

If you have any questions, drop them below! ⬇️

Already registered and need to make changes? Hit up .toph!

We can’t wait to see you all there!


Repost VICE Weightlifting] Smile, it’s Weightlifting Wednesday😁.

Come check us out over at the UNITED SPORTS ACADEMY]]

DM 📨 for more information on how to get started in Olympic Weightlifting.

Athlete 🏋️‍♀️:
Photo 📸:
“Good Lifts. Good Vibes. Good Sh!t”
VICE Weightlifting]


Who’s throwing down?? Let us know below!! ⬇️⬇️

Last day to register is tomorrow! Link in bio!

Already registered and need to make some changes? Reach out to .toph!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 08/29/2022

Repost A little photo dump to commemorate our First Annual & incredibly successful “Barbells on the Beach” meet!

All of our .wlc , , & athletes all killed it! They showed up, embraced the sun & heat, and showed off their strength🔥 ._______

I feel totally overwhelmed with our team’s dedication, love, and togetherness! The day was hectic but ran so smooth, thanks to the whole .wlc WL team 😩♥️

The biggest thanks & appreciation to for having this insane idea & giving it life!

Way too excited for next year🌊🧜🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🛟


Repost This team! This Family!

Would like to shout out to my coaches and thank you both for always motivating me and keeping me on track.

and thank you so much for loading my weights and keeping me locked in.

thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for allowing me to spend so much time at the gym. Thank you for your unconditional love. I love you. 😘

And to my VICE fam! No words can express the passion you all have! The support and cheers. Everyone knows when VICE is in the house.

Next stop AO finals ✈️✈️ Atlanta here we come!


Have you signed up for the California South Championships yet?⁠
If you haven't; it's easy! Check the link in our bio and get started!⁠
The deadline to register is 8/31 at 11:59 MDT!


Repost Sometimes we compete in CrossFit, sometimes we compete in Oly, but no matter what, we ALWAYS roll deep.
Congratulations to on her massive competition total PR yesterday at the competition!
She went 4/6 on her lifts and we were so proud of her composure, beautiful technique, and absolute strength and power.
Lots of competitions coming up for our athletes, stay tuned!


Repost Second meet in the books. PR’d comp totals at 118 kilos. 45 kilo sn**ch and 73 kilo clean and jerk. Got 1st at 67 kilo weight class. I still have a lot to learn and will continue this journey. Thank you to my coaches and peers for the constant support.


Repost Rep Max Performance] FALL FACE OFF 2022 ☠️

We are excited to announce we will be hosting our annual Fall Face-Off Competition on Saturday, October 29th!

This will be a one-day event and each session will be organized by entry total, alternating men and women sessions.

The medals will be awarded for each weight class (youth & open), including grand prizes for the top 3 male and female ROBI scores.

Follow us on Instagram: Rep Max Performance]
We will be emailing you & announcing the preliminary and final schedule on our Instagram page.

The preliminary schedule will be sent out no later than October 15th.

The final schedule will be sent out no later than October 22nd.

If you have not yet qualified for NAO Finals, this will be your last chance to do so!

Below is the link to see the qualifying totals:

The registration fee starts at $85!
This includes a free t-shirt and a gift bag filled with some goodies!




Please share this with your friends, athletes, community, etc!

Sign up sheet is linked in the bio!

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 08/06/2022

Repost First competition down, thanks for getting me there and thanks for having me!

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 07/30/2022

Repost did what we came to do 🫡🚀


Repost CrossFit Trifecta] // Progress Barbell Club] ‼️SAVE THE DATE‼️
On August 13th, 10:30am - 2:30pm, Coaches David Garcia and Uri Guzmán are hosting an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar open to our community. All levels of Olympic Weightlifting welcome!

More details to come. Click link in bio to get your tickets 🎟!

CrossFit Trifecta]
Progress Barbell Club]


Repost Only 5 weeks away!!

Register here:

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!


Repost Join us for our next USAW Level 1 November 5-6, 2022

Pre-registration is required, on-site registration is not allowed. Deadline to register is 3 business days prior to the first day of the course. Link in bio to register.

Benefits of being USAW Level 1 Certified:

✔️Industry recognition from the sole governing body on weightlifting in the USA

✔️Increased desirability as a potential hire when seeking employment in coaching & training

✔️Access to USAW coaching materials to support your growth

✔️Exclusive discounts for products, events, & services with USAW & USAW partners & sponsors

✔️Ability to purchase affordable & comprehensive liability insurance

✔️Membership with USAW, enabling you to enjoy all the benefits of competition and camaraderie in the sport

✔️13 contact hours & eligible for CEUs & CECs


Repost 150kg/330lb clean & jerk + PR coach’s hug from

Posted • 🥉Sinclair

Big thanks to Coach Emmy for not only being there all weekend but for helping me fix my jerks this last year. Still needs a lot of work but definitely in the right direction.

Always love catching up with everyone at the meet. Weightlifter’s really are the best.

Thanks to for hosting a great meet with great people!!!!

Life can be so stressful sometimes and having weightlifting/competition as something to be present for really is a gift. 🌽🌽🌽 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽-ey

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 07/23/2022

Repost ***LINK IN THEIR BIO***

Spots are limited, so sign up now to take advantage of the early bird special pricing!

Please contact Coach Uri ( ) or Coach David Garcia ( ) if you have any questions or need assistance signing up.

This weightlifting seminar is open to ALL athletes! Attendees will have hands-on opportunities to improve knowledge of the sn**ch, clean & jerk, and learn tools to help strengthen lifts in crossfit WODS or on the WL platform.

Plus! 👀 Look 👀 at that sponsor list! Don’t miss out on these awesome goodies just for signing up!


Hall of Fame Coach Jim Schmitz is teaching a USAW Level 1 course at Iron Factory Weightlifting. We are located in the beautiful Paso Robles Sports Club. Contact Andre Acebo @ (805) 712-7769


Repost VICE Weightlifting]]] You Go, WE Go. Huge weekend for some of the men of VICE WL. Lots to recap, but we’ll let this soak in.

Congrats to all of our athletes who competed this weekend! YOU ALL KILLED IT!

Shout out to for mapping out our guy’s nutrition.

Come check us out over at the UNITED SPORTS ACADEMY]]

DM 📨 for more information on how to get started in Olympic Weightlifting.

Athlete 🏋️‍♀️: VICE Weightlifting]]]
Photo 📸: VICE Weightlifting]]]
“Good Lifts. Good Vibes. Good Sh!t”
VICE Weightlifting]]]


Repost Competing as a U13 athlete, 11 year old Heather, takes Bronze in the Sn**ch and ties her PR in the CJ. Way to go Heather Beast Mode!!

Photos from Southern Pacific LWC's post 07/08/2022

Repost I could not be more proud of our 12 athletes who competed this past week at nationals. Each one of them came in focused and executed to the best of their ability. Overall, we made 31 of 36 Sn**ch attempts (86% success rate) and 34 of 36 Clean & Jerk attempts (94% success rate). 6 of our 12 athletes went 6 for 6 and 7 of the 12 finished with new PRs for Sn**ch, Clean & Jerk and Total. We also finished with 1 medalist, 2 athletes in the top 5 and 1 athlete in the top 10. As a program, this was our best performance to date and is a testament to the tremendous work ethic and coachability of each one of our athletes. Big thanks to for taking over our California program and doing an amazing job. This is just the beginning of great things ahead for Conqueror Weightlifting.

Videos (show all)

Repost @barbarianbarbell Join us for our next USAW Level 1 November 5-6, 2022Pre-registration is required, on-site regis...
Repost @barbarianbarbell 150kg/330lb clean & jerk + PR coach’s hug from @valhour Posted @withregram • @valhour 🥉Sinclair...
Repost @ironfactoryweightlifting Competing as a U13 athlete, 11 year old Heather, takes Bronze in the Sn**ch and ties he...
Repost @daidalosweightlifting ✨ MEET RECAP ✨Solid outing for Trent as he goes 5/6 and posting a total at his third Senio...
Repost @conquerorweightlifting “The Animal” @ethandengg showed the heart of a champion in his performance at the Nationa...
Repost @conquerorweightlifting “The Lumberjack” @lubinator_ continued his run of stellar competition performances going ...
Repost @sense_weightlifting_village @miaanguyenn  had a great performance in her first live national event at 2022 Jr Na...
Repost @conquerorweightlifting “The Invincible” @emma_hartwick had a dynamite performance in the National Junior Champio...
Repost @conquerorweightlifting Christian “The Rock” Rodriguez showed tremendous grit and determination in his performanc...
Repost @conquerorweightlifting Cole aka “Mr Consistent” lived up to his nickname going 6 for 6 with PRs across the board...
Repost @conquerorweightlifting In her first ever in-person meet, Aisha looked fantastic going 6 for 6 and demonstrating ...
Repost @daidalosweightlifting ✨MEET RECAP✨I can’t be more proud of Lorelei! She did outstanding in her first (and final)...




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