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Grief is a cruel kind of education. You learn how ungentle mourning can be, how full of anger. You learn how glib condolences can feel. You learn how much grief is about language, the failure of language and the grasping for language. —Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie from NOTES ON GRIEF.
I’ve been busy in assisting in the transition of a great soul. It is such an honor to hold space for this life event. Thank you to my usual students for your patience in my unusual schedule. To those who didn’t know, this is too. To skillfully live and pass on is the essence of a yoga practice. Photo taken and posted with permission.


Hello ! I just got notified that I need to move out of my studio before September 1 because the landlord is renovating the building. That’s it. End of an era just like that. 🤯 So, what new and interesting things are on the horizon—I’m not sure. Any ideas?

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 05/26/2022

Name that pose!
For me, life has been moving quickly and busily. I’ve just gotten the notebooks I’ll be sharing with my retreat participants (still room for you too). I can’t wait to take a breath of fresh countryside air and just chill out a bit. The world is just too much right now. How do you take a break? ??


A few more spots still available for next month’s retreat in Italy. $2,800 USD for shared $3,500 for single room. Come enjoy an Italian vacation! link in bio


Italy retreat is around the corner June 18-25 in Umbria. Double occupancy is $2,800 for full room, board, classes, and fun in an amazing country house! I have only one single room left at $3,500. Come celebrate life in Italy! link in bio


Translation: Those who live see a lot, those who travel see more. Come see more with me in Italy and let us pamper you with rest, movement, fun, community, and the non-tourist version of La dolce vita! This is truly the insiders view of 🇮🇹


Join me June 18 to 25, 2022, for the Italian Joy and Creativity and . This 7-day retreat in Umbria, Italy will not only rejuvenate your body, spirit, and mind, but you'll also learn techniques you can take with you to help avoid burnout in the future. Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to find joy and exhilaration in a mindful yoga and movement class. This will leave you ready for the afternoons where you can spend them poolside, touring around, or being creative. We will be painting, journaling, and becoming more artistic!

If stress and burnout are affecting your ability to care for others, spend a week caring for yourself. Let us take care of you with daily activities, meals and fun. It’s the best thing you can do for the health of those who depend on you. Link in bio

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 04/29/2022

I ❤️ flowers! In my opinion, G-d smiles at us through flowers. Every year the San Diego Museum of Art puts on where florists interpret the art pieces. It’s always such a treat to see —go this weekend if you can!


Another spot has just been snapped up to my Italian retreat! YAAY! I also just received this wonderful testimonial from my previous retreat. Sign up quickly before April 15! ⏰

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 04/08/2022

I’m 🥲! Look at the wonderful things said about my last to . There is ONLY one more week to sign up if you are going! Link in bio —best choice ever is to go!


An amazing from my last Italian . Thank you for the joy and fun you brought ❤️🇮🇹 Making life memorable one retreat at a time 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 link in bio. Sign up before April 15th!


The details are sometimes in the . I have a friend who wisely says, “When your feet hurt nothing is right” Doing the move pictured takes practice, patience, and moving really slowly. Benefits include better mobility and better overall walking. It’s important to pay attention to the feet especially If you are . Just a little consistent attention improves a lot of the subtler aspects of staying mobile.


THIS is a great day to set your sights (or refocus your sight) on YOYR goals. What do you want from this great life? I’m choosing to focus on more travel to distant places. There is a whole world out there with so much more to offer.


This Friday, I'll be one of the speakers on the panel. Come here and learn, ask questions and enjoy!

Join us on Friday at 10am for , 's annual community-wide event! This year, our four awesome panelists will discuss Navigating Change: Nurturing your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health. Register now at

Marsha Friend Berkson Malka N Yisroel Weiser Alex V Yogi Julie Dubick

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 02/04/2022

This wonderful student hasn’t been able to sit like this in years! Now look at her ❤️with slow steady and mindful yoga the body comes into functional alignment. This is why I love doing what I do, happen when we do things with great love and curiosity. (Photo taken & posted with permission)

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 11/01/2021

Glimpses of my for the deceased. Today the white flowers are for the smallest, those who were children and younger. I also include in my prayers those from who are just now being discovered. I welcome them into our memory and prayers. 🙏🏽


Here I am on territory trying to rest on and I’ve got to say it’s tough to do. There is so much history that isn’t taught. For example, who’s ancestral lands do you live on? Leave a comment below


I’ve been floored by the month of September because it has been personally difficult in so many ways. It is appropriate that we are approaching the season of the dead (día de los mu***os etc). As we transition into this new season remember what is essential and great. What does that mean to you?


If I really see myself,
I laugh out loud at the humor of it;
If I really see myself,
I fall silent in awe;
If I really see myself,
I burst into 1,000 pieces from inspiration;
And if I fail to really see myself, I am sealed in the cement and stone of my own prison. —Rumi
class tomorrow at 10am PST on . Prepay to RSVP. DM for details


Another done! Today’s outfit was bright🔆 so that everyone can see me. I go so early I need to be visible. More importantly, I’m wearing bright clothes because I like it and I refuse to adhere to the “slimming” or “flattering” (aka diminishing) beauty standard. I’m , , and . I’m a whole different standard! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I wear what I want because I affirm my place in the world and anyone else who feels like the world wants to dim your light! Shine bright epic humans!! 💪🏽💪🏽🌞

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 07/01/2021

A can turn around in a moment. Today in in my studio we had a few happen (read the notes). Life can sometimes tumble you down and guess what? We get back up a little stronger and wiser. I’m here to help and be your cheerleader.
This first student in photo (w permission of course) isn’t “J” I wrote about

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 06/16/2021

So California is officially open without masks, social distancing, or other precautions. 😳😬 I’ll be riding like the people in the picture thank you very much. I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve been pretty quiet since my birthday because I’m deep into my native medicinal garden and laughing at the animals that take their share of the fruits and herbs. I managed to save 1 peach out of 3 beautiful sweet and fragrant ones on the tree. Also last photo is of a crack on the windshield (windscreen) of the car. What started out yesterday as a perfect star has developed into a beautiful butterfly shape. May your unfortunate accidents also morph into beautiful art. 🙏🏽


So many times I hear people say “I can’t do XYZ because my body has a bad reaction to that.” I always ask if they’ve considered that maybe it is the body trying to protect you from something? The body has inherent wisdom and it can be a hard thing to remember when so much of the dialogue (even medical) is about fighting and pushing. A better question might be, “how can I support my body in keeping me healthy and cared for?” Do I have good boundaries? Are you caring for yourself or is everything reactionary? whispers until it screams and gets our attention.


You may need to read it a few times and think about it.

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 03/10/2021

I have a confession, I really miss seeing my students in the . I feel blessed and deep gratitude for those students who have seamlessly switched to zoom calls but it’s just not the same. I miss the in personal heartfelt connection. What do you miss most from nonCovid times?


I’m mad. This is deeply offensive to me. This person and/or company have a cat in a which is a traditional type of basalt mortar used in and throughout north and Central America. This kitchen staple is usually passed down in families over generations. This tradition predates colonization. We use it in sacred ways and it must be cured and kept clean. This is a sacred object FOR MAKING FOOD being used in a profane way. I encourage everyone to let them know they are and this to sell ?!


♥️Special love to you all today! The greatest love starts with self love. Like a wise friend of mine once wrote, “you don’t have to be dead to celebrate the day of the dead so too you can celebrate day without a valentine.” 😂 so go on and treat yourself! Awesome by talented

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 02/09/2021

Here are the details of the latest class I’m leading. 8am PST, 11am EST, and 4pm in the UK. Pay via and put your email address in subject. and share with someone that could benefit from this class!


That’s a wrap! I just finished with a 5 week and it was really good. Being able to tune in every week asking questions and learning tools for a deeper connection with yourself and your spiritual self —invaluable! I have another course starting up on Sunday, February 21st. More details to come!

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 02/06/2021

Today is my day off and I’m trying to get back into my creative side (not that it actually ever leaves). I spy with my little eye a fellow who’s just day dreaming —perfect to catch a quick sketch! What do you do to feed your creative side? ? ? ?


Wise words from a prominent scientist and educator that inspire action to me. I’m trying new things and learning how much I have yet to learn about this amazing body I’ve been gifted with. Life is for being curious and engaging in it —don’t let anyone dampen your curiosity or play.


A lot of people don’t know or realize that I am an . I get really nervous and anxious when in front of groups. Then after gatherings I need a lot of alone time to regain my energy. It is pretty funny that my life‘s work is in teaching. My saving grace has been a steady practice, which is really helps me come out of my shell. Tomorrow, I begin teaching a meditation course and I hope to share the things I’ve learned over the years that have helped me with , , , and life. There are only a few more spaces left. Course closes at midnight tonight! You can DM for more details.


So much happens in life. Sometimes you just need to let go. Give yourself some peace because you deserve happiness and freedom. I’ve been through the trenches with this one and has helped me focus on this and more. I’ll be sharing what has worked in my and .

Photos from Alex V YOGI's post 01/01/2021

May this year be abundantly better in every way for us all! One way to do that is by *ttogether and training your mind in the right direction. I can help with . Sign up is simple just cashApp $100 and attend the zoom classes from anywhere. Space is limited so secure your spot today!


Oh yes is coming! Learn something that will make the quality of your life better, . Watch out for more details coming out this week.


Yes, I’m plotting a new course for the I will be offering for What makes mine different? Come find out! I’ll be posting the details in the next week. Since this will be on I’m inviting my people to come and help make this world a little closer ♥️


Tonight I am being serenaded by a “gaze” of raccoons outside my bedroom window. It’s a really sweet little chatter going on. The other night they were scratching at my window. Obviously they need to tell me something. But what could it be? ?? Any ideas?


Tonight we ate so well! The cuisine of is AMAZING the spices were so good and we helped support a project that supports local refugees. Thank you chefs at ♥️♥️


I’m down for but please don’t to inversions in dangerous places. There are so many alternatives that involve less risk. are busy enough without treating a preventable at this time. and don’t compete for

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A few more spots still available for next month’s retreat in Italy. #treatyourself #graduation #fathersday $2,800 USD fo...
Italy retreat is around the corner June 18-25 in Umbria. Double occupancy is $2,800 for full room, board, classes, and f...
Join me June 18 to 25, 2022, for the Italian Joy and Creativity #Retreat and #workshop. This 7-day retreat in Umbria, It...
Another spot has just been snapped up to my Italian retreat! YAAY! I also just received this wonderful testimonial from ...
An amazing #testimonial from my last Italian #retreat. Thank you @heartrivercoaching for the joy and fun you brought ❤️🇮...





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