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#5 Look at all of the volunteering we did this year! We want to throw it out to Pro To Col Sport Systems and who helped organize events our students could serve the community through!

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Ankle Tissue talk 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Watching all the way from Ireland!!

Sports Performance Training Center providing next level integrative rehab and conditioning for compe Sports Performance Training Center providing next level integrative rehab and conditioning for competitive and elite athletes.

Operating as usual


Something big is coming 🙌🙌🙌

Photos from Pro To Col Sport Systems's post 09/27/2022

Functional movement to improve joint movement helps reduce pain, the other part is YOU learning how to maintain that movement to stay out of pain. We'll help you and teach you, personalized to your specific concerns!


Your foot handles a lot of pressure and if it is off a teeny bit, can cause some pain elsewhere in the body, like the knee, hip or even shoulder!



What have you started on recently to get ahead on your goals? Do you even have goals, start writing them down if you haven't.

Not knots 09/23/2022

Not knots

Did you miss the post about those KNOTS you feel in your back. Guess what?!?!

They are NOT, KNOTS!

This is a dysfunction in the rib where it attaches to the spine, and this creates some PAIN.
Julie goes over what this means and how posture creates this dysfunction

Not knots DO you have KNOTS on your back? Do you think massaging them is going to make them go away? Think again! Julie explains what the knots are and what you can do...


We’re still super buzzing from last week’s seminar covering the knee and ankle.

An incredible instructor and we can’t wait to see him next spring!


Mike is getting into Stocks

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Thank you so much to Aubrey Gowing for presenting an amazing class on the ankle and knee!
We’re all amazed and grateful for your knowledge, we’re looking forward to your next visit!


Aubrey Gowing is here!!

If you are a manual therapist in San Diego, you NEED to take this course tomorrow 💯

It’s on the corrective manual techniques for the foot and ankle and students who have taken this course have reported after using these techniques

They are booked out for 6 months 🤯🤯

There is still time to sign up 🙌

Tomorrow from 9-5pm at Pro To Col Sport Systems

It’s $175 and $100 for students. Check out the link in the comments to sign up



What is an investment you have made in your health this last week?

Or the other hard question to answer (yourself) is, what are you spending your money on, and should you be spending it on improving your health?

Feel free to share your wins!


Checking alignment and correcting muscle imbalances will have your joints moving properly.
If your joints are hurting, what is causing that pain? Which muscles need to be worked and restored to the natural resting length?


We'll narrow it down and create a plan to help you stay pain free!

I've Got the Power (of Touch) | Tissue Talk Episode 40 | Pro To Col Sport Systems 09/06/2022

I've Got the Power (of Touch) | Tissue Talk Episode 40 | Pro To Col Sport Systems


Our tissues say a lot more than you think, and the power of touch can have a much bigger impact on emotions.

Julie and Mike have a wonderful conversation about just this and how it helps our clients

I've Got the Power (of Touch) | Tissue Talk Episode 40 | Pro To Col Sport Systems On this episode of Tissue Talk, we're talking about power of touch!Before we begin, we acknowledge there are restrictions on who we should be distancing from...



Activating the core keeps the body supported and prevents injury and pain.

The core has layers of muscles, all with a different purpose, and under using the TVA impacts the way our body functions.

Sciatica! What is it and where is it coming from. 09/01/2022

Sciatica! What is it and where is it coming from.

What is Sciatica?

DO you have leg pain? It is possible that it is sciatica, but it could be something else.

Julie goes over the symptoms, causes and how to narrow it down in this video.

Have questions? Let us know in the comments or drop us a message!

Sciatica! What is it and where is it coming from. Ever wondered where your pain running dow the back of your leg is coming from? In this video we discover what sciatica really is, and three different possib...


Don't let the set backs distract you from the progress you've made! Keep going and celebrate the victories!

All About The Feet | Tissue Talk Episode 34 | Pro To Col Sport Systems 08/27/2022

All About The Feet | Tissue Talk Episode 34 | Pro To Col Sport Systems

GOOD MORNING! Check out this episode of with Julie and Mike going over the FEET, while you drink your coffee.

All About The Feet | Tissue Talk Episode 34 | Pro To Col Sport Systems Our feet are so important because they're the foundation for our movement!Learn more about your feet from Julie Pitois and Mike Julian from Pro To Col Sport ...

Shoulder: AC joint pain and dysfunction 08/26/2022

Shoulder: AC joint pain and dysfunction

Do you have shoulder pain? Julie goes over the AC joint and how easy it is to get mis-aligned and cause all sorts of issues and painful movement.

Let us know in the comments how your shoulder is feeling!

Shoulder: AC joint pain and dysfunction Julie is going over the AC joint and how the shoulder should be moving with no pain


It is all in the details!! Mike is one of our AMAZING orthopedic therapist and here is showing our client how to correctly stabilize his core.

Once you receive orthopedic therapy, we teach you how to properly use the intended muscles to prevent pain and injury.



Dad joke brought to you by…..
Mike, an actual dad.


When clients break bands, they sign it and we get to celebrate their victory! Way to go!!


Do you have shoulder pain? What about soreness?
While it could be coming from the tendon, we can help you find out why this is happening.
As you know from reading our post, there is a kink in the chain, the .

Have questions, need help? Give us a call or drop us a message: 619-255-5577
[email protected]


What is stoping you from moving forward?


Therapist working hard helping clients feel their best!

What’s bothering you today, you know you NEED some bodyWORK!

Call/text to set up your appointment


Our Orthopedic therapists are like detectives!! 🕵️‍♀️ Your body gives us the clues as to where the pain is coming from, your pain is the biggest clue to problem, but not the actual cause.

Your movement patterns are broken down to narrow it down and create a plan to get you moving in way that was intended: pain free!

Give us a call to schedule your FREE assessment: 619-255-5577


How are you doing today? Are you closer to where you want to be?
Make sure you're taking even one step each day, because progress is progress!


Audrey Gowing is coming to Sunny San Diego for a one day presentation about the knee and ankle.

Click the video for a sample

TO reserve your space there are 2 options:

Student Discount:


In honor of having a course coming up with Aubrey Gowing, we're going to be focusing on the foot for !

The ankle joint is formed by three bones:
🦶talus of the foot:
The tibia and fibula are bound together by strong tibiofibular ligaments. Together, they form a bracket shaped socket, covered in hyaline cartilage. This socket is known as a mortise.

🦶The body of the talus fits snugly into the mortise formed by the bones of the leg. The articulating part of the talus is wedge shaped – it is broad anteriorly, and narrow posteriorly:

🌟Dorsiflexion – the anterior part of the talus is held in the mortise, and the joint is more stable.
🌟Plantarflexion – the posterior part of the talus is held in the mortise, and the joint is less stable.
There are two main sets of ligaments, which originate from each malleolus.
Medial Ligament: The medial ligament (or deltoid ligament) is attached to the medial malleolus (a bony prominence projecting from the medial aspect of the distal tibia).
It consists of four ligaments, which fan out from the malleolus, attaching to the talus, calcaneus and navicular bones. The primary action of the medial ligament is to resist over-eversion of the foot.

Letting Our Vision Enrich Reality

The Dictionary defines Protocol as: the accepted or established code of behavior in any group, organization, or situation.

At Pro To Col Sport Systems, we strive to create an environment where people of all ages and abilities are educated to reconnect with their bodies. Education begins with the mind, the spirit, then the body, starting with the mental awareness and breaking down of dysfunctional movement patterns.

Most people are disconnected with their bodies, yet, still are able to perform at a high skill level. We believe that the first step to growth is to discover that disconnect and to be able to distinguish the distinction between awareness and activation. Through our comprehensive performance enhancement training system and methodology, we break down the body’s firing patterns back to the basic fundamental movements to progress their learning in the most efficient manner, with the most effective methods to achieve the highest levels of fitness, health, and performance.

At Pro To Col Sport Systems, we believe in an integrative system where the client is the VIP. By bringing the most passionate, motivated, and talented specialists who possess and maintain the highest standards of education and expertise in the fields of Assessment, Functional Movement, Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Performance Enhancement, Strength and Conditioning and Mindfulness. We work collaboratively to use our reconditioning and therapy methods to reduce pain, current injuries, and decrease the potential for future injuries through rehabilitating and restoring the proper biomechanical movements and functions of the body.

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Something big is coming 🙌🙌🙌
Mike is getting into Stocks #dadjokewednesday #dadjokes #dadjoke #dinnertablejokes #familyjoke #familyfriendly #laugh #l...
Aubrey Gowing is here!!   If you are a manual therapist in San Diego,  you NEED to take this course tomorrow 💯It’s on th...
Aubrey Gowing teaching corrective manual therapy techniques for ankle and knee Sept 15 th!!
Do you have knots? Well, what if we told you they weren't knots, but dysfunction in the joints where your ribs attach to...
Dad joke Wednesday
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#DadJokeWednesday! Remontay gets his first taste on Dad joke Wednesday, the reaction is priceless! #dadjokes #dadjoke #d...
💥💥💥This Saturday 💥💥💥We’re so excited about our new coach Remontay Mc Clain  ( Team USA 🇺🇸 sprint team) we’re going to gi...





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