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Unleashed with Elishia
Unleashed with Elishia
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Food and Supplements 07/12/2023

It’s Prime day. If you’re in need of supplements or gym gear peep my page.

Food and Supplements Food and supplements which will aid in helping your body recover and build.


Let’s get it done. Start this week strong.

Store 02/20/2023

Check out my webpage for fitness plans. Making some more very soon. I’ll add them in the comments with the link to each.

Store You've come to the right place to shop for all your active lifestyle goods. Shop here for anything related to travel, fitness, cars and more.


How to develop a plan to go to the gym

Developing a plan to go to the gym is a great way to set yourself up for success. Here are some steps you can follow to create a plan that works for you:

Determine your goals: Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall fitness level? Knowing your goals will help you choose the right workouts and stay motivated.

Choose a gym: Consider factors such as location, cost, and the types of equipment and classes offered. You may also want to think about whether you prefer a more crowded or less crowded gym environment.
Set a schedule: Decide how often you want to go to the gym and at what times. Try to choose a time that works best for your schedule and will be most convenient for you to stick to.

Choose your workouts: Consider what types of exercises you enjoy and what will help you achieve your goals. You may want to try a variety of workouts to keep things interesting.

Make a plan: Write down your workouts for the week and create a schedule that fits your schedule. You may also want to consider hiring a personal trainer or joining a fitness class to help keep you accountable.

Stay motivated: Find ways to stay motivated, such as setting rewards for yourself or working out with a friend. It can also be helpful to track your progress and celebrate your successes.

If you would like help with any of these aspects please let me know. I’m happy to help.

Phil Lizzi


How often have you seen others who don’t know how to lift properly? It looks like they have a real chance of hurting themselves? Maybe you are one of those ppl. Would you like to learn how?


Getting ready for . I prefer not wearing shirts with sleeves. Maybe on leg day but usually tanks or

Photos from Greek god Fit's post 01/25/2022

Being a morning person means
I love hitting the gym first thing!! It also
means I didn't get a meal before I went. I like
working out on a mostly empty stomach but
then again I know I need some .
This is my solution. I bring a scoop of
and a scoop of . I drink it through
the workout. I think these 16 ounce
bottles make the best shakers.
They are easy to clean and get any residue
out. I use the versions. Easier
to get a sponge inside and everything.
Check out the highlights for where to buy
these products. I get almost all of my
supplements in now. Using the
links will help me out.

Photos from Greek god Fit's post 01/24/2022

doesn’t keep collars around. I’m sure it’s due to them disappearing. I looked at a few different options and watched some reviews from He highly recommended these collars. These grip and hold pretty nicely. I couldn’t get them on the bar at first and didn’t realize you need to swing the lever to the rear 🤣🤣 Now they live in my gym bag and I use them at as well. They keep the weights where they are supposed to be. Top quality 🇺🇸 products.


How many times have you told yourself this is your year?

How many times have you convinced yourself that this time it will be different?

I too have been there. I too have told myself that this is the week/month/year I was going to make the change, this time I was going to be better. Each time I didn't follow through.

Then I changed my whole mindset. I didn't just say I was going to change I actually did.

Are you going to change too? To show the commitment that is necessary to achieve that change you crave?

I can help. I know how it feels and I know how to change it. Contact me today.

Photos from Greek god Fit's post 11/20/2021

about 30 pounds of body weight difference between yesterday’s post and this . Lots has been learned about body weight and growth. Some of it is just more time spent in the gym and some of it is diet and supplement changes. is such a great especially for vegetarians.


To all who are interested in Greek God Fit Merchandise I just recently started a store. I'll be adding new things pretty often. Lots of work to complete. Here is the link

Photos from Greek god Fit's post 04/13/2021

This was my back workout on Sunday. Good to keep it fresh and mix up the training.

What are you training today?

For training plans contact

[email protected]

Full Range of Motion 03/09/2021

My thoughts on full range of motion

Full Range of Motion Full range of motion is good to practice in almost all situations. There are a few reasons to do less than a full range of motion and I talk about it a litt...


Flashback Friday to amazing times with some fantastic the best friends a person could ask for in Taormina Sicilia.


Photos from Greek god Fit's post 09/17/2020

Arms and shoulders are fun to work together. You can superset it all. I like to do presses superset with shrugs, tricep extensions with bicep curls etc. lots of great combinations.

Contact me for programs [email protected]

Timeline photos 09/04/2020

Don’t be that guy/gal. I’ve been seeing a guy spend 10 minutes between sets texting. That isn’t accomplishing anything. Most humans aren’t good at multi tasking. When you have gym time, focus on gym time. If you do it right you don’t need to spend more than an hour there every day to see fantastic results.

Contact me for training
[email protected]


Throwback to the first ever time I started to see massive results. What a feeling. This takes consistency, proper nutrition and exercise. I’d always been one to go to the gym but didn’t know the eating behind the look. What an eye opener it was and it was so much fun. Want help getting there too?

Coaching available [email protected]

Timeline photos 09/01/2020

Just doing ninja things at the gym. Are your gyms open yet in your area? I know lots aren’t but many have reopened. Let’s do this!!

Photos from Greek god Fit's post 08/31/2020

Getting some good exercise outside today. Some scrambling up hillsides and back down. I prefer getting my cardio done outdoors. What about you?


Enjoying and having a passion for the gym doesn’t make me a body builder...

Photos from Greek god Fit's post 08/05/2020

Photos are a way to save a memory, to mark a point in time, to show where you’ve gone and focus on where you’re going. Life is about seizing the moment and enjoying the ride. Make yours great.

From the last with

@ San Diego Horse Trail Riding

Photos from Greek god Fit's post 07/24/2020

With gyms closed get creative. Lots of things you can do with sandbags, kettlebells, bands, weight vests and steel bells. I’ll start doing some vids again. @ San Diego, California

Timeline photos 04/13/2020

It’s motivation Monday. I know it’s been rough lately but you can be your own motivation and keep going, keep training, keep on diet. It’s all up to you to adapt and make it happen.


What goals are you working towards? The lockdown doesn’t have to mean you stop.

Timeline photos 04/07/2020

My page. I’ll be sharing more on there as well as here. Just making the necessary changes as I go. Thank you

New Channel 03/12/2020

Along with the updated page I've also changed YouTube channels. Check out this video.

New Channel I've decided to change directions on my channel. It will be more of a lifestyle channel along with my webpage. Fitness will be part of it along with other ad...


Been working on the website. More to come. I had to figure out what direction I wanted to go. I’ll be doing some posts when I have the bare bones more compete.


There is such a thing as a stupid question!!

A few examples.

Will leg extensions increase my height?

Will a jockstrap make my butt look bigger?

What are the advantages of squats in heels?

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Strive To Arrive

About 5 years ago I had reached a point in my life that I thought was middle age and on the way downhill. I learned over a period of several months that didn’t have to be the case. From that point, it felt so good I couldn’t keep it to myself and wanted to help others achieve the same feeling. Greek God Fit was born. Let me help you today!!

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Getting ready for #gymtime. I prefer not wearing shirts with sleeves. Maybe on leg day but usually tanks or #sleeveless ...
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