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Santiago Multisport


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We have Jaime Square racing Puerto Rico 70.3 this weekend! Let's give him a high five and send him big time juju!!!
All the best... Anyone else racing this weekend?
Elaine Gordon sporting our new team jersey! You ladies are ALL going to be looking sharp at Mighty Mujer!
Signed up two new members to the 2013 Santiago Multisport Triathlon Team - Janine Hammock and Lee Greene. Lee is also going to the Olympic Tri National Championships with 6 others on the team.
Here are a few other key dates to note.
This Sunday will be the last day to try on uniform kits. Contact me for details.
April 18-20 - Mighty Mujer Weekend. We will have another awesome evening planned out for dinner on the 18th ~ 6pm ish.
April 20 - Santiago Multisport will be present to help with any and all pre race questions and fix-its. Stay tuned for exact location.
April 21 - Race Plan for Milkman Triathlon rolls out.
May 16-18 SMT Southwest Triathlon Camps at Elephant Butte and Balmorhea State Park
June 1- Milkman Triathlon
Triathlon Team Sign Up is easy and painless at For less than $2/day - you get the BEST value in Triathlon coaching EVER offered! Get in before the Summer prices kick in!
We are now live with our new and improved website. Coaches, links and sponsors are added. Thank you for all your great comments and support.
FYI, uniforms will be shipping tomorrow and will be ready for pick up before the Mighty Mujer Triathlon in El Paso. Albuquerque, California and others will get theirs soon after. If you still need to be fitted for your size, contact me ASAP. The kits will be sent back this weekend! And don't forget that for less than $2 per day, you can have THE BEST SEASON OF YOUR LIFE! Check out for more information...
Santiago Multisport is elated to announce a new line up of coaches for the 2013 season. We feel the best coaches rise up and stand out from experience, sportsmanship and excellent results. Bobby Gonzales, Gretchen G. McElroy and Elaine Gordon are well known not only for their multiple race wins at the local and national level, but for their generosity and giving back to the triathlon community. With the addition of these excellent coaches, your potential for success has just gotten way easier! We are very proud to have Bobby, Gretchen and Elaine join Santiago Multisport to help you have THE BEST SEASON OF YOUR LIFE! Stay tuned for new clinics and camps coming this Spring.
As the head coach of Santiago Multisport, I am proud to announce our 2013 Triathlon Team is rolling out on Friday February 22! Elaine Gordon and I have been working on this concept for several months. We now have over 25 members and our sponsor list is longer than expected. With the recent addition of two new coaches, we will continue to accept more team mates and keep growing. Stay tuned for more information!
Our first official race will be the all Female Mighty Mujer Super Sprint Triathlon in El Paso, Texas on April 20th. Since we are a registered USAT Club, you have the option to race under Santiago Multisport.
For more information on joining the team and/or sponsorship opportunities please visit
All new members will get a race kit and coaching plan + much more!
Hi I'm just getting started in triathlon. I did three sprints this year and I am going to move up to Olympic distance next ultimate goal is iron man 2015. I'm taking my time to get there. Anyways I know your a coach but you are about 15 hours away from me. How would you coach me or do you recommend anyone in west tx

Santiago Multisport Coaching

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 04/27/2016

The next frontier is upon us! Changing lives... one Mind/Body at a time. True Life Wellbeing and Santiago Multisport are here for you!

and are an essential part of every healing process. From the endorphins, serotonin and dopamine that are released as you are active to the increased blood flow and strengthening of bones and muscles as they are used, every piece of the activity puzzle is vital for good health (physical and mental). Bone, muscle, and joint health are just as important to mental and emotional wellbeing as being positive and hopeful. When we feel good physically we feel better mentally. When we feel good mentally we feel better physically. The mind/body connection is a little bit of a misnomer - they aren't just connected, they are one and the same!


Who is ready to race this weekend?


Sending some positive vibes and wishes to Jaime Square and Isabel Speer as they tackle Puerto Rico 70.3 and Tucson Bicycle Classic respectively this weekend! Andale!!!


This will be one of the biggest, most action packed weekends on the calendar for Santiago Multisport! We have athletes at San Diego International, Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock, and City of Lakes in Santa Rosa, NM. Any other players out there I missed?


Okay peeps. We have all accounted for. Santiago Multisport had an epic day in Southeast Texas today. Thom Stein, Fernando Tamez and Jaime Square stuck to a well crafted plan and executed like champs at Texas 70.3! They have set themselves up for an amazing 2014 season. I am so proud of them and want to send them some high fives, fist pumps, butt slaps, head butts... okay you get it. This coach is proud. Congratulations to all the other Southwest athletes as well.


Congratulations to everyone that attended our 2014 Mighty Mujer Kickoff Clinics this weekend. We crushed the swim, bike and run! We look forward to connecting with all of you and supporting your whole season. Look for video and recap demos in your inbox shortly. Pura Vida!


Time to spread the love. Our generous 2014 team sponsors and Santiago Multisport are ready to get you to the top. For the next few days, I will be compiling orders for the following companies.

Rudy Helmets and Sunglasses
Barracuda Goggles and Equipment
Timex GPS and Heart Rate Monitors
XTERRA Wetsuits and Race Apparel

I have exclusive discount codes that are much better than Pro Deal. If you are interested, contact me ASAP.

Photos from Santiago Multisport's post 11/10/2013

3rd Annual San Diego Duathlon. It's a stacked national team and record holder field. Our own Meredith Pathia in her first duathlon finishes 1st Overall Female Master and 6th Overall!

Santiago Multisport | Coaching for Triathlon, Duathlon and Runnning 11/07/2013

Santiago Multisport | Coaching for Triathlon, Duathlon and Runnning

The November Santiago Multisport eNewsletter is ready to go. Make sure to sign up for your issue on our website No spam for you! Get ready for some great announcements that will make your 2014 season the best ever!

Santiago Multisport | Coaching for Triathlon, Duathlon and Runnning "I would like to thank you for all your help in achieving my athletic goals. You have always supported me with everything that I need to succeed. I'm truly thankful!"


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We are so excited for everyone representing this weekend. Flying Horse 5K and 1/2 marathon (El Paso), Duathlon Nationals (Tucson) and Pedal the Cause (San Diego) are under way. Plus, supporting the 505's Alex Willis (ABQ, NM) at the F1 San Diego later today. Tomorrow is packed as well. Stay tuned.


We have yet another HUGE weekend upon us. The National Duathlon Championships will be held in Arizona this weekend and Santiago Multisport will have some awesome reps racing.

Our newest member Angel Zapata, plus Bobby Gonzales, Isabel Speer and Michael Castaneda are set up to have a killer race!

The Flying Horse 5K and 1/2 Marathon in El Paso... Merle Smith, Diane Perez and Nora Karam.

Austin 70.3... Eli Salazar

Day of the Tread 100... ABQ... Thom Stein

Pedal the Cause...San Diego... Jana and Sydney Fortune

Let me know if I missed you or you are planning something epic this weekend! We'll give you a big high five!!!


Santiago Multisport is happy announce our new affiliation with elevatePHW in Albuquerque, New Mexico and our newly revised sponsorship with XTERRA wetsuits in San Diego. We are fortunate to have elevatePHW join up with us and provide a awesome offseason option to our clients looking to gain strength and power in 2014. XTERRA will continue to provide us with discounts unavailable to the public and free wetsuits and accessories for our clinics, camps and workshops. Let's support them and stay tuned for more good news!


The season ain't over yet! Big races coming up for Santiago Multisport. Here's the skinny and who's in.
Esprit de She-San Deigo, Meredith Pathria , Jana Fortune, Medy Wundrow, Jackie Fisk, Carol Akright, Alia Ludwig, Katie Slayton, Kerry O'Sullivan, Kelli Major, April Major + our Juniors...Catie, Clare, Emma, Joelle, Sydney and Natalie.

The Grape Run-El Paso.... Christi Ruebush and Mary Ann Marin

Tour de Tolerance-El Paso... Jose Peraldi, Christi Ruebush

Anyone that I missed?

Stay tuned for some BIG race events next week!


So this one almost slipped under the radar. A big high five goes out to Deanna Seitz-Steele on her Female Overall and Age Group win last weekend at the Monster Tri on Holloman AFB. Our team continues to dominate the podium stands in the Southwest. Congratulations to Deanna on a fine performance!


Santiago Multisport was represented VERY well at the Iron Soldier triathlon at Ft. Bliss, TX. Mary Ann Marin, Christi Ruebush, Carol Akright ,and Deanna Seitz-Steele all made it on the podium... And, Isabel Speer takes the Overall Female title with a 4 minute plus lead! Lee Greene had an outstanding 5th A/G finish among tough competition. Bobby Gonzales takes an Overall Male runner up among the Southwests fastest. The best performance EVER for our team! So AWESOME!!!

Timeline photos 09/15/2013

Congratulations to all EITS Triathlon finishers! Team Santiago Multisport colors were on the podium multiple times. So proud of everyone! And the ladies rock the night at the Oktoberfest Run on Ft. Bliss. Christi R., Mary Ann M., and Isabel S. (1st Overall Female!) We're rackin'em up!

Timeline photos 09/09/2013

Way to go Sydney! It was awesome to see you have such a strong swim today!


So proud of our youngest team member Sydney Fortune for having a strong performance at the 83rd La Jolla Rough Water Swim. She finished a strong 250m race among some of the Southwest's best 12 year old girls.


A big high five to our favorite ultra runner Dreadpirate Rackham-Black for conquering Imogene Pass yesterday. You are frickin amazin Jane!


Our very own Bobby Gonzales continues his amazing win streak. 1st Overall at the Patriot Triathlon in Rio Rancho, N.M. Oh, did I mention he is 50+?! How 'bout them apples??!! Very proud of you Gonzo


A HUGE win for our very own Bobby Gonzales


I just noticed a name was erased off my last post. Santiago Multisport sends HUGE congratulations to Isabel Speer for a most impressive Overall Female top 3 finish and besting last years time by 3+ minutes! We had several similar PR's…





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