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It was great training at your gym and meeting you last weekend. I'm sure you'll see me back over the next several months.

Getting started with a membership is the easy part. Third, you will be surrounded by people that have been in your shoes as a beginner at one time or another.

Prime Fitness provides you with all of the essential features that you will find in a big-box corporate fitness center without the drawbacks of overcrowding, unnecessary fees, and high-pressure sales. Sticking with it beyond the three week mark is not so easy. 88% of gym members across the country do not use their membership regularly. In other words, they are making a donation to their respectiv

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Snow storm, cross country, all belongings, etc etc..who knows if some of these "paths to success stories" are accurate but a picture makes it tough to dispute. I was lucky and didn't have anyone telling me I couldn't do it and also had the support of a few close individuals early on that helped lay the foundation for success. Without these 2 things it would have been a different journey.

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It was a lot of fun to create the new gym space and I hope everyone enjoys the upgrade!

Photos from Prime Fitness's post 12/01/2022

I got to spend thanksgiving w my folks for the first time in 12 years. They also came through huge in helping me get setup at the new gym. Thanks guys!

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6 years went really quick. I’ll never forget the people that helped turn this into a success, many of whom are still around and contributing to the growth of Prime Fitness. I look forward to seeing you all at the new space.

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When you’re surrounded by people that are kind and easy to work with it makes it easy to genuinely care about helping them and it’s this relationship that makes you more likely to take the extra step to ensure they make progress.

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This would typically be around the time that most fitness centers would hit their members with an annual maintenance fee. Some members don’t see this coming and are caught off guard. The worst part is when not a single upgrade is made at their fitness center.
I like transparency and have always had the policy of no additional fees of any kind. I have no plans of changing this but inherently still feel the need to make the gym better and one of the best ways that I think an owner can do that is by adding even better equipment.
I hope everyone enjoys the kneeling leg curl, t-bar row, and upper thigh extension
@ Prime Fitness Training

Timeline photos 01/02/2020

Looking back on last year, I can’t really complain. Cheers to #2020

Timeline photos 10/25/2019

Adrienne and Ana are a couple of our most consistent members and their hard work is clearly paying off. Keep up the good work you two!

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I’ve been wanting to drive up the coast of as well as check out the new 49ers stadium for a while now so when my birthday landed on their home opener it made the decision easy for me. Hope you guys enjoy the sights as much as I did! @ Big Sur, California

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There are a lot of important character traits that humans can possess; Kindness, Courage, Self-Discipline, to name a few but possibly the most essential trait that a person can have is
We all encounter setbacks, misfortune and illness but how one responds to that adversity is really what matters.

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Glad I got to spend the weekend with you. Happy birthday mom!

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My biggest goal is to make people feel comfortable when they walk through our doors. I completely understand that it can be very unnerving for someone to even step foot into a gym for a tour, let alone commit to joining and see it through to actually workout there. This is why we focus on the workout experience and not the “show.”

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I’ve got a few new colors in for Prime t shirts and have a handful left. They’re just $15 apiece and am happy to ship.

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Javier is one of our most consistent members and is currently one step ahead of the game with his beach-ready six pack. Keep up the good work !! @ Prime Fitness Training


I really liked this twist, well actually you don’t want to twist at all, but variation of an exercise that I’ve done countless times in the past, the overhead 1-arm Db extension. Simply take a knee (opposite foot forward of the working arm) and keep the elbow pointed to the ceiling throughout the movement. You get a lot more core activation due to anti rotation w this version and also feel more balanced provided you’re maintaining full body rigidity.

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It’s not always easy, but we do our best to take this approach over at Prime.

Timeline photos 06/01/2019

Bo is about 4 months into a mass building program and has his sights set on 200lbs! I am really impressed by his thus far and he deserves all the credit. Keep up the good work!

Timeline photos 05/18/2019

It’s nice to have clients that get along well and encourage one another to stay strong and push through tough workouts. They make my job easy.

Timeline photos 03/30/2019

Do you ever feel like the gym you workout at is a big spectacle of fragile egos? We do things a little different over here at Prime and want our members to be able to focus on their workout and not the show. No line/no wait for equipment, no meatheads. Just a bunch of kind, non-judgemental people doing their best to stay healthy.


Paul is one of the most humble, selfless, hard working individuals that I know and it’s a privilege that I get to spend an hour each week training him. The vertical leg press is a nice alternative to the 45 degree leg press but requires a bit more finesse. Paul makes it look easy here because he’s a total badass but please consult a personal trainer to learn the appropriate setup and training cues before attempting on your own.


Cardio Boxing is a great way to start a workout. The core gets activated in a rotational manner, the muscles get hot, the heart rate elevates, plus every once in a while it’s good for mental health to punch something:)


I actually like the landline lateral raise better than any other version for the shoulders. You not only smoke the lateral head of the shoulder but also get great core activation by virtue of the unilateral and anti-rotation nature of the exercise. Try them with just the bar before adding any weight.

Timeline photos 01/30/2019

It’s been a lot of fun seeing this place come together over the last couple of years. The only thing missing from this pic are the great members that allow Prime to flourish. Thanks for supporting a fitness concept that is often overlooked by others in the fitness industry.

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Sure, yoga helps with mobility and spinning is a low-impact way to improve cardiovascular endurance, but to really gain any significant amount of muscle or strength and change the shape of your body you must lift weights. I selected the absolute best set of dumbbells that exist for Prime Fitness Training because over here we’re big fans of lifting free weights when proper form is used.

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I’m not a big New Year’s resolution guy. I make changes when they’re necessary irrespective of the time of year and encourage others to do the same. Stop by Prime and experience a professional, clean, and hassle-free workout.

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For 30 days I tried my hand at a vegan diet while being in a calorie negative state. I must admit that my exception to being 100% vegan was that I still consumed some Greek yogurt and egg whites for breakfast. Prior to the shift in food choices I was getting in about 185g of protein per day and that amount of course decreased (went down to about 120g/day) once starting the diet. My fear was losing muscle while taking this approach to dieting but I quickly reminded myself that carbs are actually more muscle sparing than protein. So by virtue of eating so much fruit my body stayed anabolic. As you can see in the pics, I actually look bigger and fuller and the stats show that I did in fact add a pound or two of lbm. Do I plan to stay the course with vegan food choices? No, I like meat too much but I would suggest this kind of approach for folks with major amounts of weight to lose or those that have been consuming excessive amounts of protein and saturated fat as a means to “clean” the body out. Hopefully this little bit of feedback is helpful. If anyone has any questions I’m more than happy to expand upon this. @ Prime Fitness Training

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Hard work is obviously a big part of the equation in getting results but training intelligently is right up there with it. Two decades of weight lifting and 14 years of personal training has taught me a thing or two about fitness. Save yourself the frustrations and potential injuries and let me help you take the guesswork out of it. My in-person, 60 min sessions combined with nutritional guidance, supplemental workout programming, and accountability texting/emailing will put you in the best position possible to attain your fitness goals.


I know I’m a day early with this post but didn’t want the message to get lost amongst all the other noise that happens on Xmas day. Thanks to everyone that enables me to do a hobby as a career.
January it’s time to get serious;)


I like to have my clients perform a 15 yard sled push in one direction of the turf and immediately return the sled to the starting position by doing a sled pull. It’s a great way to incorporate opposing muscle groups, jack up the heart rate, and get stronger!

Keith D.'s review of Inmotus Physical Therapy & Wellness 12/16/2018

Keith D.'s review of Inmotus Physical Therapy & Wellness

Keith D.'s review of Inmotus Physical Therapy & Wellness Sharon, of Inmotus PT, is most importantly a very personable and passionate practitioner of her craft. She is also very honest and will do her best to get to the...


I’m not a big fan of ab crunches and much rather prefer static or dynamic spine stability exercises like the disc mountain climber or ab wheel rollout to help flatten and bring out definition in the stomach. For more exercises like this, message me or stop into the club and see for yourself.


Take a watch as I highlight a handful of important training cues whilst performing the sled push.

Timeline photos 11/15/2018

We didn’t plan this but appreciate my brand being represented by top-shelf guys like this.

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Sai is a new client of mine and had never stepped foot in a gym prior. After his first month, we reassessed his body stats and found out that his body fat went down 4%. This is a major accomplishment and something that one should be very proud of. Let’s keep the momentum going @ Prime Fitness Training

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Thanks for getting involved in .Sure, you’re going to look different and possibly a little silly with a mustache but that’s exactly the point; putting aside any insecurity with how one may look for the greater good of raising awareness for men’s health issues and perhaps saving some lives because of doing so.


This piece of equipment is a rare find and for the last year I have been on the lookout for it. All the way from New York, Pr1me now has a flat chest press/seated dip combo. Enjoy!

Timeline photos 10/03/2018

Simple and straight forward is the theme that I established for Pr1me since day 1, and it also summarizes my expectations for the clients I train. Thanks to all you guys that give me the privilege to do what I love.

Timeline photos 08/24/2018

The landmine setup is very user friendly; almost as easy as getting started with a membership at Pr1me. We don’t have a ridiculous joining fee or any additional fee of any kind for that matter. Month-to-month, 24/7 access, ample free parking, and most importantly a customer base comprised of friendly and considerate people.

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Our Story

Prime Fitness provides you with all of the essential features that you will find in a big-box corporate fitness center without the drawbacks of overcrowding, unnecessary fees, and high-pressure sales. Getting started with a membership is the easy part. Sticking with it beyond the three week mark is not so easy. 88% of gym members across the country do not use their membership regularly. In other words, they are making a donation to their respective fitness center every single month and getting nothing in return. That will not happen at Prime Fitness because first and foremost you will have a facility that is accessible all day, every day. Second, you will have a gym that is on a much smaller scale and will not overload your senses the second you walk through the door. Third, you will be surrounded by people that have been in your shoes as a beginner at one time or another. Last, nothing is more encouraging than when you actually see results for your efforts in the gym. As a gym owner that just so happens to have 13 years of personal training experience, myself, as well as the other trainers are there to ensure that none of your questions go unanswered and that any confusion is clarified. Are free weights or machines better? How do I use the machines? How much cardio should I do? How can I lose 25 lbs.? What's a good supplement to help build muscle? How can I improve my posture? What should I eat for fat loss? Are squats and deadlifts bad for you? How can I alleviate my lower back and knee pain? How do I get my butt to grow? How do I get my arms to grow? How can I get a 6-pack? All of the above, along with so many more questions that you will have I will most likely have an answer for.

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