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We have put together what we believe is the most balanced and capable slate of candidates for the USJA Board of Directors ever. This slate includes: Rob Reilly, Pete Mantel, Ron Cooley (myself), Marshall Coffman, Jessie Goldstein, and Bonnie Korte.

Jim Bregman, Sensei’s endorsement of the slate, a brief biography of each of us, and instructions for how to cast your nomination votes is in the attachment below.

We, as a group of longtime USJA supporters with over 2 centuries of mat-time between us, are committed to rebuilding the USJA better than it ever was before, with better service for all members, better insurance, and better accountability so no one can ever again abuse their positions of trust within this organization.

If you haven't done so already, I ask that each of you with the power to nominate and vote in this election (senior members of the USJA in good standing), to call in your nomination for every member of this slate. If you cannot vote in this election, I ask that you to do what you can to get others who can vote, to nominate and vote for each member of this slate. If we all come together for this, we can save the USJA and make it better than it ever was as we grow Judo across the United States.

Thank you!
Ron Cooley
Come see us this Saturday, August 4, around 11:30 at the South Clairemont Rec Center Family Day! We'll be putting on a demonstration of kid-friendly judo techniques, including mat safety, falls, and throws. Street parking can get scarce, so come early and see what else is up at South Clairemont Rec (just be sure to stay for the judo 😁).

Martial Arts - Judo, Club
Traditional Kodokan and sport Judo
Kids (5+) and Adults
All Levels - Begi Martial Arts - Judo, Club
Traditional Kodokan and sport Judo
Kids (5+) and Adults
All Levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Operating as usual

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Judo Ne waza

28 de Octubre es la fecha de nacimiento del Shihan Jigoro Kano. 🇯🇵

Hoy se celebra por esta razón el Día Mundial del Judo. Felicidades a todos los judokas del mundo. 🥋🌍


Riverside Youth Judo Club

“Fight for the Cure” Breast & Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser

I wanted to get this out earlier - but we had some technical issues 😞
Each year, the Riverside Youth Judo Club hosts an All Women’s Charity Judo Tournament to raise money for those affected by breast and ovarian cancer. The event has been very positive and successful. Unfortunately, this year’s tournament was cancelled because of the pandemic.

In years past, we would ask people to “dedicate” our medals to someone who has survived or lost their battle with breast or ovarian cancer. 100% of the funds raised were donated to The Pink Ribbon Place.

This year, we cannot dedicate medals. But we are offering these pink dedication certificates to anyone who would like to help.

We’re asking for $10 for the dedication. We will mail a certificate to you that includes your loved one’s name. Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to help.

Our donation site for the dedication is at:



Gimnasio Pedro Fernandez

JUDO en dibujos animados 😉😉😉


Combat Grappling

Kano had some unbelievable students. He was a teacher before developing Judo.


Numbers in Japanese

Ripassiamo... i numeri in giapponese. #number #numbersjapanese #japanese #judo #karate #jujitsu #aikido #dojoforkids #sergiotrama #marcorubatto


Fresno Judo Club

Obi Tying 101 🥋
Watch this tutorial to help you with today’s #fjcdailychallenge!

[01/15/20]   As part of promotion to brown belt, we require students to write a 1 page paper about Judo. We have received many very good papers. Recently one of our Students wrote the following paper. We have seen tremendous growth from this Judoka since they started coming to our club.

My Judo
Judo is a very important part of my life, it's been there during the good times, and helped me get through the bad times. Sometimes I'll be tired, worn out, and just done with the day or the week, but no matter how terrible I feel I know that after I get to the dojo, I'll feel better than ever. Judo always leaves me with a smile on my face and a great sense of satisfaction once I leave, and all the people here are like a second family to me. I've been at Unidos Judo for almost seven
years now-- and I believe that staying in Judo is one of the best, and most important choices in my life. I've seen quite a few people come and leave judo, even my best friend who got me into it. I'm glad to be apart of this dojo, and I'm honestly so happy to see the growth of other members overtime alongside side my own. I remember being kicked out of multiple martial arts when I was younger, because none of them wanted to deal with my undisciplined, distracting actions
and personality-- but Unidos Judo didn't. Sensei Mark, Sensei Jennifer, and everyone else didn't. It means so much to me for what everyone here has done for me, this dojo accepted me for who I am, and helped me improve myself and grow in ways I don't think I ever could ha􀀷e if I hadn't come here. "You aren't allowed to say 'I can't"' was something that has stuck with me strongly. To persevere, to never stop trying and struggling. My attitude when I first started was always
giving up, "I can't do this, l can't do that,". And, if it weren't for Judo, for my Sensei's believing in me and helping me, and for everyone else laughing and having a great time whole we
practiced together, I wouldn't have changed nor improved that attitude.
Now lam in a position to help others in the dojo, help them improve and help them have a better day. I don't want to baby them-- although some of them might wish for it-- because I want to see them grow, and become stronger. Strong enough to face their darknesses, their bullies,
their issues, just as everyone here has done for me. I want to help become the strength for my
juniors the way my seniors and Sensei's have for me. I don't compete really, because I'm not here to be a 'winner', although competitions are fun, I don't really care that much about competing
against others that much. There are enough people to show off how great of a sport it is, but I
personally like volunteering, cheering on my friends and getting excited when they come to the mat I'm working. Watching the runners bolt with brackets, chilling out with Sensei's and other
volunteers while we eat and chat together in the break room. I don't need to compete, because I know I get better everyday I come to Judo. I know I'm not the best, but I also know I'm
constantly improving. And that's enough for me. To be able to help others get better, to know
that I'm getting better, to learn new tricks and throws and hold downs and chokes, and now the new chapter of bars now.
Judo has changed my life for the better. It's influenced how l act, how I feel, my
self-esteem, my hopes, my way of thinking, and much more. l can never thank you all enough for what you have done for me, and I love you all and this dojo more than l ever thought l would.


JUDO Spirit

NAGE-URA-NO-KATA Counter-attacks against throwing (Kyuzo Mifune 🇯🇵 1883-1965) - 🥋 JUDO Spirit 🥋

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Good luck to all Judokas competing at the Winter Nationals 2019!


Jita Kyoei! Unidos Judo Club family volunteering at the South Clairemont Rec center. We accomplished a lot today. Thank you to all that helped.


Unidos Judo Club's cover photo


World Judo Day


講道館 Kodokan Judo Institute



Odawa Judo

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signupgenius.com 09/14/2019

2019 Migoto Judo Luau

signupgenius.com Put on your Hawaiian shirt or grass skirt and join us for our annual Migoto Luau. It's a potluck so please sign up to bring something tropical to share! The swimming pool will be open so bring your swimsuit, a towel and your floaties if you want to take a dip.


Riverside Youth Judo Club

One month left for the 4th Annual “Fight for the Cure” All Women’s Charity Judo Tournament - Sunday 10-13-19!!! 100% of all funds raised will be donated to Breast & Ovarian Cancer Charity!!!!

Get your apps in by October 5th to receive a free Tournament T-shirt!!!! We hope to see everyone there!!!



Imperial Beach Judo


Riverside Youth Judo Club

We have so many friends and partners in this cause!!!! RYJC is extremely fortunate!!!!

Thank you once again Richie Endow Sensei and San Gabriel Judo for setting up these amazing clinicians & dignitaries!!!

A Huge Thank You to Marti Malloy, Janine Nakao, and Sakaya Torra for doing this to help us Fight for the Cure!!!! We are deeply appreciative and humbled!!!!

The clinic is on Saturday 10-12-19 at the San Gabriel Judo Dojo

The Fight for the Cure Charity tournament is on Sunday 10-13-19 at Ramona High School in Riverside, CA


Nanka Judo Yudanshakai

Ukemi demo at Nikkei Games yesterday (photos by Stephanie Varela). Here is a link to all her photos from yesterday's blow out tournament, thanks to Richie Endow! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjJ5VXiO-kpFh8cNU9IsUjzWJTXStg?e=rYjeNV


California State Games

Want to see some of the 2019 Cal State Games Opening Ceremonies highlights? Check out some of the best moments from K**I News.


Imperial Beach Judo

2019 California State Games Opening Ceremony!!!

[06/27/19]   K**I will show a segment on the California State Games on Thursday June 27 in the morning ~8:20. Judoka from Migoto and Unidos will be demonstrating Judo.


1964 Olympic Judo

1964 Olympic Judo Championships - 80 Kg Middleweight Division Finals: Isao Okano JPN v Wolfgang Hofmann GER


United States Judo Association



USA Judo night of champions


IJF - International Judo Federation

Judo founder Jigoro Kano died on this day in 1938. His spirit, his ideals, his vision, lives on in every dojo all over the world.

What is your favourite Jigoro Kano quote?


Gimnasio Pedro Fernandez

Espectacular MIFUNE realizando técnicas de contraataque 💪💪💪


Makoto Judo Association


Stix & Seams


Imperial Beach Judo

[03/31/19]   No class Monday April 1st. The Rec center is closed due to Cesar Chavez day March 31. But since that is Sunday they are closed Monday.


Congratulations to Sofia on her 3rd degree Jr. Orange promotion. Wonderful job!


At the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for the youth scholastics


Odawa Judo

Why judo, for kids?

- Judo is the safest contact sport for children under 13 years of age. (Source: American college of sports medicine).

- Judo is the best training sport for children from 5 to 12 years of age. (Source: World Health organization).

- Judo is the second most complete sport that exists. (Source: International Olympic Committee, 2000).

- Judo is the best initial sport to train children and young people from 4 to 21 years of age. (Source: UNESCO 2017).

- Judo is, after rowing, physical exercise with the highest calorie consumption: 363 calories for 1/2 hour. (Source: World Health organization).

In addition to the psychological benefits we have seen in the dojos an: increase in self-confidence, resorption of behavior disorder at home and school, development of motor and cognitive skills, lessening of too much energy.

Not to mention the concepts of self-defence which they acquire and which they can use when needed throughout their lives.

Don't hesitate to share, maybe it will help a child of your entourage!

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Throwing practice!  Great job everyone!




3605 Clairemont Drive
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30pm - 6:45pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm
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