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I just completed my first rowing sesh with this program, and I have to say, I am HOOKED! Mostly, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the positive reinforcement about how I can MASTER MY DAY! I got super fat during COVID and I found something I can do without special outfits, commuting, gym fees, and public scrutiny! I'm so excited to work my way back to health with Dark Horse Rowing!
Love rowing, got back into it using your video's. Need to get fit and loose weight. Was doing it every day cause I like to just zone out, but then one of your videos said to only do it 2-3 x's a week. Haven't been on my machine in a week. Oh poo.
Are you close to that sub 20 minute 5k? Join Dark Horse Rowing for a guided row to get there!
Check out our Kemps giving it their all in the early hours of the morning! Peter 5h 14min; Sue 6h 17min!
Thanks Shane Farmer at Dark Horse Rowing for the shout out - love your work 💪 🙌 #rowingindoor2022 #worldrowingindoor
Our friend, Shane Dark Horse Rowing gives you 7 exercises using minimal equipment to increase explosiveness and functional strength! Also, peep that ORANGE Cerakote Bar 👀

3 Rounds:
⚡️7 Two Handed Sit-ups
⚡️7 Rotational Punch/Side
⚡️7 Hack Squats
⚡️7 Single Arm Jerk/side
⚡️7 Landmine Squats
⚡️7 Rotational Rows/side
⚡️7 Single Arm Sit-ups/side

If you’re in to rowing and fitness, give Shane a follow, he’s a legend!

#prxperformance #barbellworkout #landmineworkout
8 Ways Life Has Changed Since I Started Rowing - Enjoy this Article from Dark Horse Rowing🙏
Dark Horses. THIS!
DECEPTION indeed! Challenged my math skills setting interval timer🤣 added a long cool down - great workout team!
Morning, DHF, what day is this🥺 Moving or rowing on!🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣
We all remember the dreaded two-a-day practices from high school football years. A chance to toughen up quick and build muscle and endurance for the season.
What are the science and thoughts behind all that for rowing? Would two workouts be better than one? Would it be good to add a two-a-day into the mix a few times a month for peak performance?
Loving Rowvember so far! 3/30 done that's 10% :)
Minor constructive feedback: for day 3 it took me a few minutes to figure out what the task is (it was early in the morning I admit). Like how many intervals I need to set up, what I need to do.
Please be a bit more explanatory!

Hi - I signed up for Rowvember but haven’t received any emails. Is it running?
#Rowvember Dark Horse Rowing
Check out Dark Horse Rowing for guided video workouts!
Checkout Dark Horse Rowing for guided video workouts!
Working on your technique? Having a friend to row with can be super helpful. Shane Farmer at Dark Horse Rowing is someone you can count on.

Check out The Dark Horse Rowing YouTube channel for some great Row-A-Long workouts.

#Concept2 #Rowing #RowErg

Improving rowing for coaches, gyms, and athletes. You work hard at rowing, make rowing work for you. At Dark Horse Rowing, we believe everyone can excel at their chosen pursuit of fitness and they deserve support, a community, and the tools to help them get there.

We do this by un-complicating rowing, building an online community of support, and make our workouts usable with other programs, simple to understand, and mobile accessible. Dark Horse Rowing is both a program and a coaching tool to improve performance for rowing. The workouts are app based, updated automatically, and allow for workout tracking. All drills are shown in video and through written points of performance. Dark Horse Rowing was made for non-rowers who use rowing in their training and want to de-mystify the movement or simply get faster.

Operating as usual

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Are you new to ? Well, you might want to start off with the 500m . During a hard 500m row, you are going to hit a point where you will drop your pace. This maximal effort rowing time period varies from person to person based on their physical strength and training history, among other things. Generally, the maximal effort time period lasts 30-50 seconds.

Learn more by signing up for The Crew and join our 500m rowing program. Check it out here: https://buff.ly/3koGBbs

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We're throwing it WAY back to February 2019 with this week's . Shane's going to lead you through an inverted pyramid structure , and you'll even get a peek into what's on 2019 Shane's playlist. Check it out here: https://buff.ly/3GQyDBe

Timeline photos 12/14/2021

One of the very best things about this job is hearing from YOU, the Dark Horses out in the world who are putting in the work and building the lives they want to live. We want to honor that work here, because YOU are what we're all about. Send your testimonial to us via, DM, email, or in the comments below. Send your testimonial to us via, DM, email, or in the comments below.

“I hold you responsible. Today I went for our 30-minute rowing lead. I tried to keep a steady pace and felt strong through 20 minutes. I struggled a little for the next five, but pushed hard for the last five. In one month of following your 5k program I improved 220m to 8293m/ Yes! I am now in the lead by 91 meters. Thank you!”
Richard H

Timeline photos 12/13/2021

Happy Monday, Dark Horses! December can be a really intense season for a lot of people. There’s so much we want to do, and so much more that we’re told we need to be doing. Tradition and nostalgia can turn from a blissful holiday experience to being like a train running us over.

That’s why we wanted to share this quote from the great Dr. Angelou, to encourage you to guard your experiences during this season of bombardment. Make time to do the things that build the life you want, and the memories you want to carry into the future.

Timeline photos 12/10/2021

Did you know that Dark Horse Rowing offers in-depth training programs for rowers of all levels? By joining The Crew you get access to them all. What better gift can you give yourself than access to a premier program that also offers an incredible community and real feedback on your technique from our coaches?

Whether you have been rowing for one day or more than a million meters, we have libraries of fresh content to keep you motivated both on and off the rower. Don't put your goals off until the new year. Join The Crew today! https://buff.ly/3koGBbs

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Happy , Dark Horses! Today we're throwing back to this unique stroke-counter workout, but don't worry, Shane's going to do the counting for you. All you've got to do is bring the rowing. Easy, right? 😉
Check it out here: https://buff.ly/31KcRjp

Timeline photos 12/08/2021

Hey - are you new here? Are you trying to figure out how the heck to use that you or somebody you loved picked up for an early Christmas present? We thought we'd compile a few tips from The Crew for this to share with you "What I wish I knew before I started rowing." Taken directly from the community of in The Crew:

1. Wear comfortable clothing ideally made from material that wicks away sweat and has no tags or seams that may cause chaffing, especially on longer distances.
2. Wear flat shoes with little to no padding on the soles. This will allow you to have the right angle between your knees and feet at the catch and maximize your power.
3. Use your legs, not your back. The legs contain your body’s biggest muscles. Use Them!
4. Prepare for an incredible night's sleep. This is a full-body workout and you are going to get the rest you deserve afterward.

And if you're one of our seasoned Dark Horses, please sound off in the comments - tell us what you wished you knew when you first started ! Pass along that hard won wisdom.

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5 steps to a disciplined and healthy lifestyle:
1) Identify areas where you can improve
2) Regulate what motivates you
3) Let go of everything that takes you off your goals
4) Create daily tasks and routines
5) Turn these steps into your habits

Start off by creating schedules of your crew workouts and look at your schedule long enough for you to believe you can maintain the schedule. Give all the motivation you need to give yourself and get on that crew machine and row yourself through all the tough times.

Timeline photos 12/06/2021

The real secret to creating a consistent, healthy lifestyle of active movement is to not do it for the results. It's doing it because you find the joy in the doing. Not every moment on that machine or choosing that meal over another might feel like the best moment of your life, but finding the little things to love, while you are in the thick of it, can take you so much farther than just pinning all your hopes to that "someday" goal. Share a little moment of joy your found in your journey today!

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Want to get the most out of what you are learning? Then remember these 5 keys to your long-term success on the .

1) Commit to at least 2 sessions a week.
2) Value quality over quantity
3) Do not fear failure
4) Note down your "ah-ha" moments
5) Support others in their journeys

I'm betting that all throughout you had a lot of those "ah-ha" moments during your workouts. Share with us in the comments below what your biggest "ah-ha" has been for the month.

Timeline photos 12/02/2021

Time to get into another ! In this video from September 2019, Shane is going to take us through posture-focused drills to increase comfort and performance on the rowing machine. Let's go! Find the video here: https://buff.ly/3HUyiyV

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Can you believe that is already over? Maybe those minutes on the machine have crawled by sometimes, but the month has felt like lightning. You've grown and pushed yourself, maybe done things you thought you couldn't do or set personal bests this month. Maybe you're wondering, "How am I going to keep this attitude of challenging my limits after Rowvember is over?"

If your motto is, "Tomorrow, I will row harder than I did yesterday", our distance challenge workouts might just be what you need to keep that drive alive! We offer 5k 101, 500M 101, and the toughest of 'em all: Marathon-distance workouts. These extensive programs will push your boundaries and make you work like crazy. It'll be tough, but hey, Dark Horses know that the best view comes after the hardest climb! You can find it all inside the Crew.

Timeline photos 11/30/2021

Congratulations on successfully completing 5 weeks of . You are a Champion. We're all so proud of the effort and determination we've seen from everyone who signed up and rowed with us all month long. was a huge success. And we hope it sets you up for a healthy and happy holiday season. We hope you've found a new community here with us or deepened the relationships you already had. Let's celebrate one last time together and put your favorite celebration emoji in the comments below today. High Fives all around, Friends.

Timeline photos 11/29/2021

The last week of is here, and we have three strong words to motivate you, "Persevere. Perspire. Accomplish."

Timeline photos 11/29/2021

Hey Dark Horses - it’s and that means it is the VERY last day of our lowest ever price for an annual membership to The Crew. If you sign up today, you’ll save over 20% off our regular annual membership, and almost 35% off what you’d pay in a monthly membership. Membership to The Crew is the crown jewel of the Dark Horse experience - there’s really nothing else out there like it. No matter who you are or how you , there’s a place for you in our . Click here (https://buff.ly/3laIklz) to sign up now and lock down the best deal of the year from Dark Horse Rowing.

Timeline photos 11/28/2021

We don’t want you to miss out on our best of the year for membership to The Crew! For / weekend, you can get access to , courses, and one-on-one with our team of experts, for just $149 a year! Compare that to our monthly access price of $19 - you’ll save $79 over the course of the year. You’ve been practicing consistency by participating in - why not keep that energy going and give yourself the gift of to the best online community of rowers anywhere? Sign up here (https://buff.ly/3xCOEaR) before the deal is gone!

Timeline photos 11/27/2021

Hey, did you hear? Right now, it is the most affordable it has ever been to become a member of our flagship community, challenge, and coaching powerhouse, The Crew. We dropped the price to only $149 per year for our Black Friday sale, and as today is Small Business Saturday, we wanted to make sure you considered us as you shop small. While we work hard to give you a polished, professional experience here at Dark Horse, we really are a small business. Support small business and support yourself this year by buying yourself (or a loved one) an annual membership to The Crew - we think you’re gonna love it. Click here to sign up: https://buff.ly/3xCOEaR

Timeline photos 11/26/2021

After spending almost all of with us, I’m sure that by now you’ve heard us mention The Crew. After all, it’s one of our favorite parts of the Dark Horse and something we’re really proud of. It’s a place where you get continuous access to a range of professionally designed programs, a like-minded community of to share struggles and successes with, and 1:1 feedback from rowing coaches.

We are dropping the price of an ANNUAL subscription to The Crew to its lowest price EVER for our sale! A monthly subscription to the Crew is regularly $19/month, but if you purchase an annual subscription to the Crew at $149 during our Black Friday sale, your per-month cost will be less than $12.50 per month! That’s just a no-brainer. Go check it out at https://buff.ly/3xCOEaR and sign up for an annual Crew membership today!

Our Story

At Dark Horse Rowing, we believe in your pursuit of becoming a better human in all aspects of life, not just rowing.

We live for helping you find your own path to success through better coaching, an improved mindset, and the willingness to explore the opportunities in front of you.

We started with rowing, but we’ve evolved to develop better, more successful, and empowered coaches.

If you’re looking to make yourself a better person, you’re in the right place.

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Rowvember 2021 (fb)
We want to see YOU at Crew With The Crew! This Saturday in NYC! Find the link in our bio
How far can you go in 20 minutes?⏰ https://youtu.be/X19p2BWWkAA
20 minute rowing + bodyweight interval workout!
Dark Horse Rowing
20 minute rowing workout - How far can you go? Beat the Coach!
Here is why overstimulation is holding you back
Rowing workout cool down for recovery
Biggest mistakes CrossFitters make at rowing
Short rowing workout - 10 crazy minutes to a healthy new life and stronger legs



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