F45 Training San Diego Downtown

F45 Training San Diego Downtown


Last Sunday, we teamed up with F45 Training San Diego Downtown and Feeding San Diego for a free 30 minute work out. These people all helped prove that our coffee is truly Crafted for a Warrior. Together we helped donate enough money for 100 meals! Keep an eye out, we look forward to partnering with these amazing organizations more often.
Sip & Be Fit! This Sunday we are hosting a free workout with our friends at F45 Training San Diego Downtown. All you need to do is be in the courtyard of our location at The Rey. 20% of drink sales will go to Feeding San Diego as well. Proof that we’re truly Coffee Crafted For A Warrior!
A little preview of my breakdance moves at the end!
Wow, what a hot workout this Sunday!
More here: https://strengthinthecity.com/sandiego/
Thanks for coming in STRENGTH IN THE CITY Edge Cycle VibeFlow Yoga F45 Training San Diego Downtown CBS 8 - San Diego News
I am selling my Ragnar team relay registration. Ragnar SoCal is currently SOLD OUT, but I have a team registration I am looking to sell at face value ($1,890). I don't want to make any money off this, our team just can't do it this year. I called Ragnar and they said they could transfer the name from my name to yours. Please contact me if interested. Ragnar is a relay run with up to 12 runners April 12-13 from Huntington Beach to San Diego. Visit here for more details:
I love the new training team of Miya and John! They're the bomb. Fantastic energy!!
Support one of the F45 family by voting for Athena Cenea to be an on-air DJ. Maybe she will learn a thing or two from the pros so that we just might see her on the tables at a Hollywood session... pew, pew, pew, DJ Athena on the 🎤
I keep hoping for an earlier morning workout class....
I really enjoyed you guys today! It was a blast. See you next week!!!
I went for my first time on Tuesday because I had a Groupon. When I signed up my Groupon didn't go through so I figured I would ask a trainer when I got there. The trainers did all they could to ignore people as they walked in. Someone had to show me and another person to sign in because he trainers were busy talking to each other. I will call the number listed to fix my account issue and hope that time I went in was just a fluke and not every trainer at F45 is as rude.

F45 San Diego Downtown, now RE-OPENED! Brand new flooring + equipment, plus LOWEST foundation prices! Contact us today for more information!

F45 Training is a revolutionary system that is changing lives around the globe. Our decades-tested circuit training model focuses on whole body workouts with an emphasis on weight-bearing exercise and functional movements, a concentration not found in other popular regimens. With 500+ digitally presented programs, you will never see the same program twice, freeing our professional coaches to focus

Operating as usual



Although we are so sad to be closing our doors permanently, we want this last week open to be filled with fun!!

Our last class of the week will be Friday June 30th PLUS OUR FINAL SESSION will be a speciality ASS N ABS with Coach Meg on July 1st (under F45 Event) online. And its 100% FREE!!

Be sure to book classes while you can, and we can’t wait to spend this last week with you all!!

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Some of the countries with the highest rates of happiness and lowest rates of obesity related illnesses have something in common: ACTIVE LIFESTYLE! Incorporating more movement into your everyday life is important during all stages of your fitness goals!

Active Recovery is specifically used to help restore the body through low intensity movements. Our top 7 low impact activities can be done as active recovery OR as an activity to keep your mind and body active!

If you do any of the following activities for active recovery, keep these things in mind:

💪The activity should only produce a light sweat/ no sweat
💪 You should be able to talk with ease through the activity
💪 Try to stay within 70% or less of your max heart rate (easy way to figure out your max HR: 220-your age= max HR)
❤️and of course, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FUN!

Tell us your favorite active lifestyle activity down below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️



These hacks can help take your sleep from DRAB to FAB! These tips are all scientifically proven to improve overall sleep quality and time asleep!

One of the biggest contributors to sleep disruption is PHONE USAGE! 72% of people sleep with their phones and 41% check their phone at least once either during sleep or immediately upon waking. Overusing our phone can lead to high exposure to blue light, which can disrupt natural melatonin production in the brain and interrupt REM sleep

Try to stop using your phone, computer or tv at least 30 minutes before bed and switch out that scroll time with journaling, reading, breath work or meditation to ease you into sleep!

What is a tip you have that has improved your sleep? Let us know down below ⬇️



Both Saturday sessions this weekend are FREE to all! Please be sure to sign up through the app or the link in our bio!

Remember our Saturday sessions are hybrid style workouts, with a mix of strength and cardio, and will be 60 MINUTES instead of 45 minutes!

Stick around after class for some free goodies from as well! See you this weekend y’all! ✨

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Yesterday we had so much fun with our Sunday Funday class, getting stronger and some free swag!

THIS SATURDAY is another FREE class at both 8:30 and 9:45am! Be sure to get in here and RSVP through your F45 app or the link in our bio! We will have special guest with some goodies too!



Be sure to go to the link in our bio to book into our FREE Mother’s Day class this Sunday, 5/14 at 9am. This strength session is 45 minutes of fitness fun!

Plus after class, we have some goodies for all attendees! Be sure to book through your F45 app or the link in our bio. CLASS SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED so book in today!


CHALLENGERS: Get ready for your InBody scan

For our challengers, scans are vital to seeing what results you achieve from the challenge as well as during the rest of the year to track progress!

Be sure to read the list above as well as:
⭐️Download the InBody Scan app to keep track of your results
⭐️Come 10 minutes before class to do your scan and have a coach help you if it’s your first time
⭐️Make sure shoes and socks are off, and scanner is wiped with baby wipe before starting test
⭐️AVOID ALCOHOL the day before your scan!

Not signed up for the challenge yet? Go to the link in our bio and sign up today! It’s 100% FREE for all active members at F45 Training San Diego Downtown!

We can’t wait to see your results!



Our 6 week challenge is a great way to help solidify your goals in and outside the gym, build new healthy habits, improve performance AND feel more confident!

Our members have an average of 2% body fat and 2 lb muscle gain during the course of the 6 week challenge! Along with this includes reporting of healthy eating and lifestyle habits, improved exercise performance, lower resting heart rate, and even things like quitting smoking! 👏👏👏

PLUS we just extended our early bird pricing until Thursday! Members go to the link in bio to commit OR DM us or text us at 6192414105 for a HUGE discount on non-member challenge pricing!



TITANS is our brand new strength workout starting today! Titans is a twist on our OG strength workout, Romans!

Remember today’s focus is LOWER BODY and our May Calendar in studio and in our “events” highlights on our Ig Page will tel you which Thursdays will be upper or lower body focused this Thursday!

Be sure to book into class today and we can’t wait to see how much you love the session over the month of May! ⚔️



New classes are here this week, INCLUDING OUR BRAND NEW WORKOUT, 💪TITAN💪

Titan is similar to one of our OG F45 classes,Romans, but with a slight twist! You’ll have to come in and try it for yourself!

Remember this week is back to full body strength on Tuesdays and Sundays, with Thursdays having an upper body focus or a lower body focus that switches week to week! (And this week is LOWER BODY!🍑)

We look forward to having you in this week!

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This Sunday, we will have FREE Sunday strength classes at 9am and 10am with Coach Eli! will also be in-studio with samples of their meal preps and sweet discounts for our members!

Ready to keep the party going?? Join our sister studio for our member outing at for some brews and socializing from 2-4pm! Look for the fellow fit folks in the Beer Garden!

Be sure to RSVP for Sunday classes, RSVPS are mandatory before coming into the studio! See you this weekend! 👋👋👋



Our member America has OFFICIALLY joined the 400 class club! America is described by our coaches as having amazing energy, high perseverance, and is caring & kind to everyone in her class!

We are so proud of the work you have put in over the last few years to get where you are now! We can’t wait to see you at the 500 club next! 💪


Do you like free workouts + discounted activewear?

Join Coaches and NEXT Saturday, April 22nd for a functional workout at Fabletics in Fashion Valley, followed by a private shopping event where the ENTIRE STORE IS 40% OFF. YEAH, 40% OFF just for attendees!

+ carries activewear for men and women, as well scrubs and swimwear! Be sure to check it out, link in bio available to RSVP FOR FREE!



Be sure to check out the studio again this Sunday, with NEW CLASS TIME at 9am AND 10am!

Sunday is the perfect day to get your strong on! See you this weekend! 💙⭐️



YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED! Starting this week, our schedule now includes:
⭐️4pm added for Fridays
⭐️10am added for Sundays

We are going to be adding another class time soon but we need your input! For Monday- Friday, what class time do you want to see? 5am? 8am or 9am? Maybe another mid day class? Let us know below! 👇👇👇👇



We are set to start at 1pm for our “OPEN” at the San Diego 5k race on Saturday April 15th!

Go to the link in our bio to join our team and get your discounted ticket using code “F45-SANDIEGO”!



New month, new phase baby! Be sure to take a look at our new phase starting next week, and check out our “events” highlight on our main page to see our NEW APRIL CALENDAR!

Remember classes can be booked up to 7 days in advanced so start booking next week through our link in bio! 🗓️



This legend has been a member for nearly 5 years with us, and hit his 850th class! Steve is a regular 7am-er with the sweetest kicks and some serious strength!

Be sure to cheer him on below with some 👏👏👏 and we can’t wait to see you in the 900 class club!



For our members and our community who are observing Ramadan and taking part in fasting, we know that staying on your fitness goals can be difficult. Here are some tips + tricks to make all of your “duas” come true this Ramadan!

😅 Find the best time for you to workout, based on energy levels in the AM vs the PM

🍽️ Don’t skip your meal before sunrise! Be sure to consume some type of meal, even if it’s something small like a protein shake or a piece of fruit

❌🍕 Avoid heavily processed foods especially when breaking your fast (it can be tempting and our bodies will crave salt, sugar, and high fat foods after fasting!)

🍉🥒 When breaking your fast, dates are good to go, but try to follow up with fruits and vegetables high in water and fiber like cucumber, lettuce, watermelon, oranges, celery, peaches and bell peppers

🧘 Lower impact workouts during the first week may help ease you into continuing your workout program. We recommend taking more hybrid + strength based F45 classes and selecting lighter weights and modifying jumping movements

We hope this helps with staying on track during Ramadan, and we wish you a peace, health, and happiness! ❤️



Congrats to our incredible Italian bombshell, .guidugli , for joining the 500 class club this week! Lucia is a powerhouse in the studio, and regular in our 7am class! ⭐️

Be sure to comment lots of love down below for our girl Lucia, and this HUGE milestone! We can’t wait to see you join the 600 class club! 💪



Over the last 6 weeks, CRUSHED his F45 sessions, worked with coaches for pushing weight, and focused on diet during this challenge period! 💪

Before the challenge even started, Hugo had done our pre-challenge session and put winning the challenge on his vision board and IT CAME TRUE!

Great work Hugo! You are so inspiring and we can’t wait to see the progress you continue to see towards your goals!



We loved celebrating our challengers and being able to mingle with our members!

Should we do another community outing soon? Comment below where we should go! ⬇️⬇️⬇️



has shown over the 6 weeks changing eating habits and crushing new fitness habits, and becoming a pull up 👑KING👑

Congrats to Mike for CRUSHING these 6 weeks and we can’t wait to see what you complete in the next 6 weeks and beyond!



Be sure to wear your green in class today and we hope that you have a safe + happy holiday this weekend!

Be sure to check out our stories to see what’s going on in the studio today! 💚

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Coach Galimar is one of our evening coaches who always brings the heat with extra challenges and progressions! 🔥

Gali was born and raised in Haiti, and spent over 8 years in the USMC, traveling around the world! He came into F45 DTSD on our military skill-bridge program and now is a certified personal trainer!

Outside of F45, Gali loves hitting the weights section at the gym, spending time with his girlfriend and family, and finding the best Long Island iced teas that San Diego has to offer! 🍻

Next time you see Coach Galimar, be sure to give him a high five and say hey! 👋👋👋



Join us in celebrating our challengers this Saturday at Bottle Rocket Bar + Grill in East Village!

This is open to all members and non-members, challengers and non- challengers alike (21+). Get a chance to hang with your gym bestie and celebrate our hard working challengers and find out who our winners are!

Be sure to RSVP under “F45 event” online or through our link in the bio. We can’t wait to see you then!

*please note this is not a paid-for event and you must pay for your drinks + food separately!*

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In honor of Pi Day, we wanted to give our community some healthier versions of your favorite pies, including:


All of these recipes and MORE are available on the F45 challenge app and website! Just look up “pie” in the recipe library for more inspo!

Which type of pie is your fav? Sweet pies, savory pies, pizza pies? Sound off below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


🍾 MILESTONE MONDAY: celebrating .goodaz 200th Class! 🥂

We are starting to get back into milestones and kicking it off is our legendary, 6am regular Kim K!

Kim has crushed over 200 classes at our location, all while having the cutest workout outfits and gaining some seriously strength!

We are so proud of you Kim and we can’t wait to see what you can accomplish by your 300th class! ✨✨✨



🍀FRIDAY: Feelin’ Lucky? Be sure to wear green for your workout this St. Patty’s Day and win a prize!
Not wearing green? Be ready to take on our coach’s “pinch”, which is a physical challenge after your session!

🏆SATURDAY: end of challenge party! We are celebrating our challengers at BOTTLE ROCKET BAR + GRILL in East Village this Saturday at 6:30pm! This event is open to all (21+), including challengers, non-challengers, members and non-members alike! Be sure to RSVP though link in bio! (Please note: tabs must be paid on your own!)

🎶SUNDAY: FREE STRENGTH CLASS! Coach will have a custom playlist featuring 2000s pop punk playlist featuring Green Day, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, AND MORE!

After Sunday class, we will have bubbly and brunch items to help with some weekend recovery and carry you into the rest of your SUNDAY FUNDAY!!

All RSVP links are in our bio or on your F45 Training App! We can’t wait to have a blast with you this week!



Time to get one step closer to your goals! Why try out F45 Training?

⭐️ Supportive + Educated Coaches
⭐️ Welcoming Community
⭐️ New Workouts EVERY DAY!
⭐️ Only 45 minutes for an incredible workout
⭐️ Walkable distance from so many different downtown business + apartment buildings
⭐️ Fun events, challenges, and giveaways every month!

Go to the link in our bio, or send us a DM below to get your 3 day trial for ONLY $3 today!



F45 Hike Club is BACK! This Sunday we will be traversing up COWLES MOUNTAIN!

This is a more intermediate hike, so please be sure to fuel before, bring lots of water and wear proper terrain boots/ hikers/ runners!

This hike will take about 2 hours to complete from bottom to top so please bring items accordingly like snacks and hydration.

FREE TO ALL! RSVP through the link in our bio for updates and we can’t wait to trek with you! 🌄



Our next 4 weeks of training includes some classic workouts, including FOXTROT, RED DIAMOND, LOYALS, and MKATZ!

⛷️MONT BLANC: this workout is winter-sports inspired, focusing on strength, agility and explosive movements

⭐️ALL STAR: this full body strength session has a longer work time than some of our other strength sessions to put your muscles to the test!

🦊FOXTROT: the perfect workout for those who like to do all their sets at one station and move on! This is 4 sets at each station and 12 stations in total, with 2 longer sets and 2 shorter sets to test your endurance!

♦️RED DIAMOND: Thursdays switch to a lower or upper body focus every week, and we zone in on compound movements throughout the session

🤝 LOYALS: this workout is A LOT different from our other hybrid sessions! One piece of equipment in each pod with NO rest between! Work together with your station partners to smash 3 station movements in each pod!

🎥 NORTH HOLLYWOOD: 60 minutes of HYBRID FUN! 18 stations to get through and a great way to start the weekend!

🐾MKATZ: This strength session has a 2 minute core surprise at the end of the session!

Be sure to sign up through the link in our bio! 📲📲📲

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in San Diego?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our Story

Born in Australia, F45 Training is a team-based, functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on the 'three key factors' of motivation, innovation, and results. Merging 3 separate leading-edge fitness training styles into one consummate and compelling group training experience for its members. F45 Training combines elements of High-Intensity Internal Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training.

The fusion of these three training concepts has lead to the development of 31 different, 45 minute workout experiences, with more in development by our F45 Athletics Department, meaning you'll never do the same workout twice. This combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training has been proven to be the most effective workout method for burning fat and building lean muscle.The variation of our workout programming keeps our members challenged, eager to grow and ready to have fun.

Ready to join the movement? For more information visit us online www.f45training.com

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Monday 5am - 8pm
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