Mauricio Rizzada jiu jitsu

Mauricio Rizzada jiu jitsu

Tradition in.23 years of practice in the gentlemen art of jiu-jitsu from são Paulo Brazil Top Athletes. Mauricio Ferrandis (Rizzada) Jiu Jitsu Gym

Operating as usual


We are results of our choices 🌪🥋🥷🏾


8:30pm getting grind done 🌪🥷🏾💀
Another great night training


My tweeters knows everything 😉🥋🥷🏾
Great week in training oss


The ghetto is in party mode
Happy Friday y’all ✌🏾😀


Work talks loud 🌪🥷🏾🥋💀
Sense 2006 Making old guys fight


The daily commitment you put in make the whole difference on the fame 🥋🥷🏾💀
Another great night training


Make people great again 🌪🥷🏾💀
Another great night training

Photos from Mauricio Rizzada jiu jitsu's post 03/30/2022

I Left all the excuses behind to tell myself daily that the dream is free and the hustle is the rent nobody cares if hurts just grind hard 🥷🏾🥋


Congratulations @jlpalacios74
the mission is done next ➡️ 🥋🥷🏾🥇


Seguimos na sexta 🌪🥋🥷🏾💀


1% better then yesterday it’s a great progress trust in the journey 🔥🥋🥷🏾🙌🏾


“It’s not accept for us to grown older without use whole mind set capacity and full force energy to affect people life’s”


We shall training hard daily and not slack on partners chove lá chove aqui 🥋🥷🏾


Meu Pit-Bull de briga Campeão
Peso & Absoluto La Open @ibjjf 🥋🥷🏾
No final seus Heróis viram seus competidores @d.ri.gon


We fight anyone any size 🥋🥷🏾🥇
@ibjjf Open class division for the Champ @d.ri.gon & @rizzadabjj


Number #1° @ibjjf Master 1 light weight division from @rizzadabjj🥷🏾 🥇

Photos from Mauricio Rizzada jiu jitsu's post 03/20/2022

Number 1° @ibjjf Master 1 light weight division And Master 4 medium heavy belongs to @d.ri.gon & @ernesto.fuentes_ @rizzadabjj🥷🏾 🥇🥇🥇🥇


Build the best on people daily is the mission 🔥🥋🥷🏾🙌🏾


We shall never slack on training or in your partner wake up every morning happy and grateful for the life you have, be the light on someone’s life don’t cost you nothing, have better attitude in your day is your mission take the darkness out your mind there’s a reason they call your professor 🕉🥷🏾🥋🙌🏾


For each stage off jiu jitsu journey will demand a new version off you 🥋🥷🏾
Congratulations @sulayyyy38494 you did great on your first tournament 🥇


Leaders off tomorrow Grind done 🥷🏾🌪🥋


We know the working we putting in everyday, there’s no another way or short cuts the clock is on and we have no time to lose, we committed ourselves for the daily craft ⏳🥋🥷🏾


Tem que ter muita disposição🥋


Bushidō a moral code concerning samurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle. significantly through history Contemporary forms in 19th century in Japan where samurais born🥷🏾🥋


Friday’s at the office 🌪🥋🥷🏾
Perseverance is the only way


E o caldo só engrossa🥋🥷🏾🌪

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First tournament the year 🥇🥈🥋Hard work pays off @rizzadabjj #south #sandiego #jiujitsu#brazilianjiujitsu #grind #jiujits...
“What we have done for ourself alone dies with us “ 🇺🇸#for #the #love #all #veterans #support #the #troops #america #hap...
If There’s no Team Work,There’s no Success🤼‍♀️🥋🏋🏻‍♀️🚧❤️🔥🏆🕉#girls #team #work #Rizzadabjj#Repost @gremlinswife with @get_...




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