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This was my post three years ago. A friend recommend Chris and Dave at S10. In 3 years working with Chris, I went from having little strength and stamina to stand and walk properly to hauling a 70# weight 300 yards across Dog Beach a few days ago and retraining my brain to increase my endurance for all activities. Thank you Chris and S10!
"F**k cancer and chemotherapy.
I have muscle atrophy throughout my body. Please share your recommendations for personal trainers in the San Diego region. I need to rebuild myself safely with someone who has a strong foundation in kinesiology/physical therapy. Thanks."
Robert Petrucelli has created a website . Check him out on his page.
A Sriracha inspired breakfast by Donna Duarte, to remind me to keep things spicy during quarantine. Feel free to comment your entries for meal of the day
The mayor just closed all gyms at midnight tonight.........Rhett
S10 Fitness
S10 Fitness Weekend Brain Test.. 🧠 ⏱10seconds each hand, Right Hand first (hemiplegic side)
Behzad Bakhshandeh, rocking the massage game and dropping knowledge about the cumulative injury cycle.

Educating, inspiring, motivating and guiding anyone willing to walk through the door.

Operating as usual


Calling out all S10 family! We are looking for pictures of you with Chris or you in S10. Come join the mural and fun. Excited to showcase the brand new S10. More details coming soon.


Kettlebell Functional Strength Class
coming soon to
DM for more info!


Hey Guys!
We will begin posting old and new content for everyone to see the magic that happens behind these doors.
Enjoy this blooper behind some of the filming for Trust the Process, our premier online training program. From pain to performance, Trust the Process helps clients and athletes all over the world. Link in bio for more info!


Our lovely will be offering complimentary sessions at S10 Fitness to help us all move through life’s journey and keep celebrating Chris’ beautiful energy.


“Hey Gang!”

We would like to invite each and every one of you that has been a part of Chris’s life to celebrate him in true Chris fashion.

When you think of Chris, the first thing that comes to mind is he was a man with a heart of gold and the biggest class clown! He could fill any room with uncontrollable laughter and always welcomed new faces with open arms.

Join us and share your funniest memories of Chris at Phil’s BBQ Event Center this Saturday October 9th from 1pm until whenever. We highly encourage dressing up as his favorite characters from Drop Dead Fred, Commando, Mac an Me, random old school video games and everything in between.

Be Bright, Be Fun, Be Colorful in full Chris J. Daly style! If you aren’t one for playing dress up that’s cool too! Prep your liver, bring your appetite and share you memories of our Viking!


Yesterday we lost Christopher Daly. I am trying to reach everyone I can. Please spread the news. - Dave


Seeing Is Believing 👀
Sometimes all it takes is one exercise to create that “aha” moment. We use our eyes every day, and most of us take that for granted. Our VISION is more than what we see…it’s what we UNDERSTAND. If you can’t see well, how do you expect to perceive your world?
Train your eyes. Understand YOUR world. And live it how YOU want. Too many are burdened by the “I’m too old” or “it’s my knee”. Overcome your obstacles and the world is your oyster. No more excuses, only progress toward being a better you.


EYEgiene on IG 😉🥴
One of the largest contributors to our quality of health is daily hygiene. We brush our teeth, wash our bodies, and SOME of us do something each day for focus, attention, cognition- our BRAIN health.
It’s time to start including the eyes in our daily hygiene routine. Simple stress reduction exercises and strengthening drills to create high functioning eyes and a more robust ability to focus. Your BRAIN HEALTH starts with the EYES. Seeing is THE most stimulating activity our body can complete, yet we take it for granted almost every day.

See better. Focus better. LIVE better.
Trust. The. Process. Link in bio.




We are TWICE as wired to see than we are to move, yet so much emphasis is placed on movement. What if, we were able to influence that movement through the vision system. Simple eye exercises that facilitate movement throughout the body.
From migraines and neck pain, to bench press, life is all about movement. But it starts with the eyes. How your EYES MOVE determines your ability to perceive the world, interact with it and even understand it. Maybe your muscle weakness is coming from your EYE MUSCLE weakness as well.
Train your eyes. Train your brain. Trust the Process.


Train Your Eyes With Your Abs
This is Everything in the human body is a blend of flexion and extension. Your eyes and your abs are both muscles. Near vision is a sit up, far vision is a lay down. You can do crunches without moving by looking near and far. We use these tools in house but these are simple visual skills that are covered in that everyone should be proficient at. This is the FUTURE of Fitness and Pain Management.


Trust the Process ... available now 🧠

Welcome to the future of fitness.
We’ve released our Performance Brain Training course. We encourage all of you to consider it and we look forward to your feedback.
How do you train your eyes on purpose? How does that impact my performance? How does that fit in my schedule?


Here is an example of how the brain can be used directly to impact movement.
This is Gavin , he has been diagnosed with which is a rare genetic disease that impacts the ability to balance and walk. We are training his vestibular system with sound from the propulsers to help engage his auditory system....which influences the balance system of the brain. He’s keeping his eyes are closed which makes it way harder, and forces his brain to heavily rely on vestibular spinal reflexes to balance him. And the ball throw adds even more to his plate. This is what the community is doing everyday behind the scenes to fight neurodegenerative disease through applied science. He walks straighter and with more balance because of his brain....which controls his body. This is the future of therapy and training and performance. .gavin .lusbraincenters


Functional neurology is an emerging new discipline that is being used to help various neurological and brain-based conditions. Even though its applications and principles have been practiced for generations, functional neurology is a relatively new concept.🧠

There are various parts of your nervous system that can be altered to work more efficiently and even regenerate. The goal of a Functional Neurologist is to optimize this remarkable ability.

That's where we come in - allow us to help you in creating a specialized fitness routine that will change the way you look at exercise. Hit the link in bio or send us a DM to learn more.


Though the sound of exercising daily, eating proteins and veggies, and limiting sugar intake can seem a bit daunting or overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.

If you attempt to cut out old habits all at once - you may run into a late night food frenzy or skip weeks in the gym. Rather, we plan two-week “behavior” goals that allow us to break one bad habit at a time. For instance, eliminate your first worst habit by cutting back more and more each week. Once that habit was broken, we are able to move on to the next.

Are you looking to kick start a new lifestyle along side a strong support system? We're excited to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with us!


S10 Fitness offers a comprehensive approach to obtaining goals regardless of ability by utilizing a blend of knowledge, guidance, and encouragement.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident with unique training sessions and an unmatched community bond.

Are you looking for something new? Let us be your next step - call us today! 💪


Prioritize ⚡️ Prioritize ⚡️ Prioritize

If you make genuine plans, and stick to them, you realistically can take responsibility for your outcomes. Best case scenario, you manage stress, anxiety, and better your body composition, resting heart rate and life expectancy. Unfortunately, most individuals make health a priority, only when it has nearly failed them. And sometimes the overhaul is too little, too late.

Eating relatively healthy, nutrient dense food, elevating your heart rate daily, stretching, and purposeful strength training can combat an extensive list of health concerns before they even have a chance to register with your body.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? Let's jump in.


S10 Fitness began with the goal of providing a service above and beyond the restrictions of a corporate gym.

From creating a judgement-free, friendly training environment to focusing on the personal needs of our clients - we are able to offer a fitness experience like no other.💥

We offer a wide variety of training services, send us a message to learn if we are the right fit for you!


S10 Fitness, who are we?

We are two lifelong friends and fellow fitness professionals, who have embarked on this small business journey. We have a knack for fixing backs and a need to mend your knees, while being smart about your heart, with the wit to keep you fit.

We knew we could provide a service above and beyond the restrictions of a corporate gym, and we wanted to create a judgement-free, friendly training environment, with the personal needs of our clients as our focus.

Using humor and an analytical approach toward your goal, we intend for you to have as much fun with fitness as we do, everyday.

DM us today to learn more about how we can help you!


Fun flow with the . Give a boy a dumbbell, he can stay entertained for a while, give a man a hammer .... And watch him fight off 79 invisible ninjas in a another dimension.


Teaching the value of maximum eccentric loading for a bicep, and SAFELY!!! The bicep tear has plagued thousands of strength athletes from to to . Learning to engage fully without danger is a valuable aspect to the tool. Plus, it just builds mental toughness as well. Join us on August 7th for the workshop/ceu event. DM for the link and stay tuned for the official poster in a few hours.


5/20/21 World Pro-Pulser day, I've had the pleasure of having access to these tools for a while through each of their developmental stages. The idea is , invest in a stronger "down" and the "up" is free. Most athletes do this naturally, this is an opportunity to teach athletic awareness to anyone. The cues are short and sweet, the results are objective. Every step stronger.



You get one day a year for this. And you're welcome.


When it accidentally becomes take your baby to work day. Lol. You take a photo. .sten


New fitness craze!!!!!!!!! 30 second arms!!!!!!!! You won't......click subscribe. .. you won't.


Here is a combination of + , some old photos from old friends kicked off a lot of good memories, and some russian face stealing technology gives us ones to look forward to, 20 plus years of nonsense.


Seeing these two brothers overcome the obstacles of a heavy workout is the unspoken value of this job. has been my friend and an advocate for S10 for over 12 years. I've seen these boys turn into young adults and grow over the years. Fathers and sons, the tradition continues with this family, and one day, hopefully grandsons. This is why, not the squats , not the curls, this. Thanks Carlos.


When your mom at 65, hits 255lbs cold and beats your son's bench PR.


Here is an example of stacking multiple inputs to manage pain.
If your vision has intermittent clarity, you're are ultimately sending mixed signals of flexion/extension throughout the body . So movements of the ankle can become less precise for "mapping" when your eyes disagree with the world.
By using and a "finally clear" visual target to "anchor" the brain, the ankle movement gains precision, therefore killing the pain.
The band around the ankle adds sensory information and load, which ankle are used to via walking.


Adopting the core driven principles with my younger athlete. Thanks to and .leoso , this young man will be full of and athletic power. The ball is a fair substitute in between sessions as a homework assignment.
LandmineU >zoom .


170lb PR! Seeing this woman progress over time has been an amazing experience. Building up from big time drills, and midline awareness.


Creating a forward intent for raises. Train in angles you intend on using for locomotive carryover. This is a fair compromise between the workout world and the sport world. We need to come together and have fun again. .fitness


Simply put..... Do this course, and make your strength athletes better almost immediately. has distilled some very simple principles and cues, that any sport can benefit from. The training world is evolving rapidly, and he has honestly held onto what worked in the past, and upgraded it significantly. People need to lift, people need locomotive training, this is both, and done well. Can't thank the crew .training and .leoso enough for hosting, and creating a solid weekend that will help lots of people long-term .


When you upgrade the therapy room with a tablet that plays ..... You can tune into the .troise podcast with yours truly to make the use of the time. Infrared light is good for you, knowledge is good for you. Happy Friday gang.


Using tools from , it becomes more apparent to a client the value of . This tool challenges the eyes to create a "third " dot between the two presented. This confirms that both eyes are working equally. This can produce a long list of physical improvements such as midline stability, increased flexibility and strength. Remember ...you see with your brain, not your eyes.


Happy St. Patrick's Day. Do your part.

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Kettlebell Functional Strength Class••••coming soon to @s10fitness ••••DM @fpetrolo87 for more info!••••#sandiego #sandi...
Hey Guys!•••••••••We will begin posting old and new content for everyone to see the magic that happens behind these door...
EYEgiene on IG 😉🥴•••••••••One of the largest contributors to our quality of health is daily hygiene. We brush our teeth,...
SEE. TO. LIVE. •••We are TWICE as wired to see than we are to move, yet so much emphasis is placed on movement. What if,...
Train Your Eyes With Your Abs•••••••••This is Everything in the human body is a blend of flexion and extension. Your eye...
Trust the Process ... available now 🧠•••••••Welcome to the future of fitness.••••••••We’ve released our Performance Brai...
Here is an example of how the brain can be used directly to impact movement. This is Gavin , he has been diagnosed with ...




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