Well, he may be 3,000 miles away, but he still kicked my ass. Thanks Colton!!💪


Online Health and Fitness Coaching

Operating as usual

Photos from ColtFitness's post 04/25/2022

Bad case of the Mondays..then I remembered @thechristinequinn said “I am either really sk**ky or really Barbie” 🔥 ✨ So why not both?

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💥 FULL LEG DAY VIDEO 💥 Legs being one of my favorite workouts, I am excited to share part of my routine. Contest prep has changed my warm up slightly along with the lower weight I am pushing due to fatigue. Enjoy! 💪
1a. Leg extension - 20 reps
1b. Seated Ham Curls - 20 reps
2a. Barbell Squats - 15 reps
2b. DB Stiff Leg Deadlift - 15 reps
3a. BB Stiff Leg - 15 reps
3b. Bulgarian Split Squat - 15ea
4a. Hip Thrusters - 20 reps
4b. Calf Raises - 20 reps
5a. Standing Ham Curl - 15ea
5b. SM Sumo Dead’s - 15 reps

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🤪Trying something new 💥 A full workout with some commentary. Awhile ago when I did a Q&A y’all asked me to show more full workouts, so here it is! ♥️ Give this 💪 SHOULDER WORKOUT a shot! Would love some feedback 😙

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“Yeah, I heard you were good with them soft them. Yeah, you know word of mouth.” 🎶 ☀️


What are you afraid of? 😏 I only bite a little…

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Photos from ColtFitness's post 03/29/2022

Morning time, is the best time ☀️


Hi. Hello. Good Morning ☀️ Wake up, Slay, Repeat 🔪

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Photos from ColtFitness's post 03/27/2022

✨ Mental Health ✨
I talk a lot about the gym, working out, diet and nutrition. One thing that I have found to be JUST if not MORE important is 🧠 mental health.
💥 Competition prep, is no freaking joke. It’s selfish, and very time consuming. I have taken more days off in the past month than my 7 years as a personal trainer due to not being mentally 💯
📝 I journal, I meditate, I reflect every single day. But being able to build up your mental awareness to say “I am not in a good place, I need to take a step back” is probably the most important.
♥️ Before you ask, yes I am fine, never been better actually. I just thought it was important to share my insights over the past few weeks.
🏁 Make sure you exercise your mind just as much as your body.
😴 And your recover is just as important as the effort you put into the gym.
💪 Best, Coach Colton

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POV: We lock eyes across the gym and you are holding a donut 🍩 ♥️

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Photos from ColtFitness's post 01/14/2022

“When the waves start crashing down. And the world just gets too loud. When you’re reaching out. I won’t let you down” 🎶

Have not had just a torso pic in awhile 😮‍💨
💪 Plus these shorts give me life!
🩳: @lumberlegs



Why be a snack when you can be a full meal? 🍪 🍩 🍨


Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? 🥵
📸 @skinmages2.0



Green means go 🟢💚


Vacation Mode ✅

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♥️ @coltsupps ♥️
🩸 Flavor: Tigers Blood🩸
🔺300mg Caffeine
🔺3.2g Beta Alanine
🔺4g L-Citrulline Malate 2:1
🔺1.5g L-Arginine
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I can’t believe the day is finally here to share my project for the past 9 months with everyone 😊 It has been such a learning process but I am SO happy with the final product 💪 Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement along the way 🥰


things 💥 💦

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Photos from ColtFitness's post 05/03/2021

“Baby tell me what’s your motive” 😉 ❤️
📸: @amoorozco85

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“Take my hand in the middle of a crisis.
Pull me close, show me, baby, where the light is” 🎶 ♥️

Amazing shot by my good friend @amoorozco85 😊


2012 👉 2021

⚠️Sorry along Post⚠️

This picture always comes up in my memories this time of year. It is a good reminder where I began and how far I have come. I always tell my clients, you don’t see the small changes from week-to-week because in the grand scheme of things, you see yourself every day and do not notice the little changes. No matter who you are, your health and fitness is a continuous journey. Everyone starts in a different place, but we are all working towards one goal, ✨ to be the best version of ourselves that we can be ✨ So here is a reminder to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of how far you have come. ❤️

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