Wolfe Dist.

Wolfe Dist. The new home for Lurkville Skateboards and more brands to be announced soon... Contact [email protected] for more info.

Operating as usual

19sk80s.bigcartel.com 02/13/2015

19sk80s — Home

Charlie Gang Deck now available http://19sk80s.bigcartel.com

19sk80s.bigcartel.com 100% Silk Screened color veiner deck. Jason Lee Bowie only 30 made total.

lurkville.bigcartel.com 11/28/2014

Lurkville — Home

BLACK FRIDAY SALE 20% Discount on everything today till Monday night at www.lurkville.bigcartel.com

lurkville.bigcartel.com Lurkville Skateboards. Skateboard Decks, Wheels, Hats, Tees, Hoodies and Accessories. More info at www.lurkville.com


Wolfe Dist.'s cover photo


Lurkville Fall in Now! Order now [email protected]


Dylan Tomlinson Lurkville

New OZ Lurker Dylan Tomlinson welcome video. Goliath Skate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1QqYfTnbWI&list=UUZNUKwSxq_VB_ncyafLpTFQ

theberrics.com 08/29/2014

The Berrics - PUBLIC NOTICE Lurkville

Check out the Lurkville Skateboards teams Public Notice on The Berrics http://www.theberrics.com/public-notice/lurkville.html

theberrics.com "Lurkville Skateboards is based out of San Diego, California, and is built on the principals of no trends, gimmicks or any other kooky things going on skateboarding. Lurkville is 100% dedicated to raw skateboarding. We aren’t trying to get one-up clips at Hollywood High or whatever famous spot peopl…

19sk80s.bigcartel.com 08/21/2014

19sk80s — Home

Finally~! Ok you can now go to our big cartel to order the LTD. Jason Lee Bowie deck. Shape 1 will ship this week Shape 2 starting to ship on Monday. These things are going fast! 100% Silk Screened. 2 shapes 40 of each. http://19sk80s.bigcartel.com

19sk80s.bigcartel.com Welcome to 19sk80s


Dolan Stearns

Some random footy of Lurkville Lurker Dolan Stearns for your viewing pleasure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYQKT1yQoU4


New lurkville out now!


New ad in @transworldskate @lurkville of @sorry_entertainer photo @austinsquire


Check out the new Skate Warehouse and Lurkville ad in the New Lowcard Issue #51 featuring Chris Laure. Photo Squire!


Mike Abarta "Meet The Lurkers"

Get hyped watch Lurkville Lurker Mike Abarta part from "Meet The Lurkers" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE5vAEDav0E&list=UUnyXQBfGWJ2o1uhGsJZLbXw

Mike Abarta section from the Lurkville Video "Meet The Lurkers" Video available now at www.lurkville.com Video stars Mike Abarta, Dolan Stearns, Andrew Ellio...

skateboarding.transworld.net 04/16/2014

Behind The Cover: Dolan Stearns

Check out the behind the cover with Dolan Stearns http://skateboarding.transworld.net/1000195486/videos/behind-cover-dolan-stearns/

skateboarding.transworld.net How did he ollie that high? How narrow is that branch gap? Did he get towed in? How many things could have gone wrong?


Jump of a building @sorry_entertainer going in on the coral reef landing bank!


@sorry_entertainer TWS cover laser etched wall hangers 3 made by @edisonmfgco if anyone wants to buy one $100 plus shipping and allow 2-3 weeks


@lurkville shops inquires at [email protected]


Be sure to go follow @Marinemachineleathersupply for the sickest leather jackets


Rebuilding the collection #lurkville @ljg2


Noseblunt #dolanstearns @sorry_entertainer photo @cameronstrand #meetthelurkers


Lurker #dolanstearns fast plant as seen in @lurkville #meetthelurkers photo @cameronstrand @sorry_entertainer

skateboarding.transworld.net 02/13/2014

Dolan Stearns 'Meet The Lurkers' Full Part - Transworld Skateboarding

Check out Lurkville Lurker Dolan Stearns "Meet The Lurkers" Part Live now http://skateboarding.transworld.net/1000191031/videos/dolan-stearns-meet-lurkers-full-part/

skateboarding.transworld.net This part dropped more than a few jaws as Dolan took on spots most deemed too hairy to tangle with. All those gnarly photos you've seen—the makes are all right here.


Be sure to checkout www.lurkville.bigcartel.com to order some @lurkville gear


@beerfuuuuck #lurkville #meetthelurkers #warmup #skateboarding


@sorry_entertainer part from @lurkville #meetthelurkers will be live next week


@sorry_entertainer wallride photo @typicalculture #lurker @lurkville


Lurker @sorry_entertainer backtail #meetthelurkers #lurkville photo @cameronstrand


Tag a shop that needs to become Wolfe Dist account to carry Lurkville.


Wolfe Dist against Denim!


Lurkers @chrislarue getting the insta of @beerfuuuuck


@crasswolf is a lurker @Lurkville

wolfedist.com 01/14/2014

Future Home of Wolfe Distribution

WOLFE DIST WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE http://wolfedist.com

wolfedist.com See this Go Daddy InstantPage®! http://wolfedist.com. Get yours free with a domain name at GoDaddy.com. Site coming soon. Contact [email protected]


@bkisgay low ledge photo @austinsquire


Air Julian Photo!

@lurkville @julianklincewicz air photo @tyrone_taylor


@lurkville @julianklincewicz air photo @tyrone_taylor


#lurkvillefist @bkisgay

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@sorry_entertainer part from @lurkville #meetthelurkers will be live next week
@crasswolf is a lurker @Lurkville




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