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Hi everyone!!! I'm looking for a new pass-buddy to split the Arc's monthly community parking pass! It's $26 overall, so $13 to split :) Would anyone be interested? If so - you can message me directly. ☺️
Hi everyone!!! Just wanted to say I’m super jazzed about being back with the program, and it’s been such a positive change. One thing I’m really trying to work on, well, two actually... - I am trying to incorporate protein into at least 2/3 main meals a day, and I am aiming to get better sleep!!! Which isn’t working out because it’s 4:45am and I’ve been up since 4 now... HAHAHA OH WELL!

Any suggestions for yummy protein rich meals and/or things you do to wind down before bed? Thanks!!!! ✨
i was thinking about your push ups post... i did man makers to pull ups this morning...
Hi all! I wanted to consult the hive mind about pain management. The osteomylitis in my ankle really gets in the way of being active- some days it hurts like heck just kicking in the swimming pool!

I've been good about my fish oil and other Omega3/Omega6 sources; Sacha Inchi seeds are a particular favorite of mine right now.

I am deathly afraid of opioids, but I have been known to take one on "special occasions" (fear not, the 30 dose prescription I got has lasted me 8 months thus far and I still have 9 doses left). Most of the time, I stick with Tylenol Arthritis.

I have thought about a 925-form prescription and buying edibles, but I'm still uncomfortable with that idea.

I have tried collagen, turmeric/curcumin (usually with some type of piperine for better absorption), and this herbal supplement I found at Windmill Farms that contained a battery of different herbs in it- I'm still not seeing much success at pain reduction.

Ironically. I hurt less when I move, until I hit the wall and then it just hurts, period. I don't believe I'm moving enough to help with the weight loss I need, though I do as much as I can each day.

I have heard some raves about green-lipped mussel powder, but I worry about the fad aspect, since there is no science that I can find to back this up. Any thoughts?

We specialize in strength, fitness, and fun in San Diego. Join our community! Strong Made Simple provides personal training and fitness services in San Diego, CA.

We make developing the strength and conditioning you need to live a fun and active life simple and actionable. Check out for more information about our personal training services. Our personal trainers can help you reach your fitness goals. Join our community to learn more about various activities throughout San Diego. We plan everything free training days, outdoor acti

Operating as usual


Have a great weekend everybody!

Do you peace out of the gym on weekends or head back in when it’s less crowded?


Claire has been getting stronger each week this semester. Leave her a 👏 for crushing these push ups on the turf at @aztec_recreation.


Pillars and Synergy (7/52)

Pillars and Synergy (7/52) -

Pillars and Synergy (7/52)


Super Valentine Bowl (6/52)

Super Valentine Bowl (6/52) -

Super Valentine Bowl (6/52)


You Can Do The Absolute Minimum -- (3/52)

You Can Do The Absolute Minimum -- (3/52) -

You Can Do The Absolute Minimum -- (3/52)


What if I told you I start my morning with a glass of lemon water? Maybe you’d think: ‘Who cares?! Why does it matter what Berardi drinks first thing in the morning?’ You wouldn’t be wrong.

But if you’re a certain type of person—the kind who loves to geek out on nutrition science—it might spark your curiosity (and maybe a little FOMO). Perhaps you’d ask: “Why add lemon? For digestion? Liver detoxification? Antioxidant protection?”

In other words: “Does lemon contain some sort of biochemical superpower I haven’t yet learned about? And, if so, should I be including it myself?”

If you’re another type of person—more skeptical in nature—you might be less curious and more annoyed: “Ugh—more detoxing BS?!? Detoxing isn’t even a thing. I thought you were evidence-based!”

If you’re super up-to-date on the latest research, you might even say: “Lemons, really? Haven’t you done your research? Don’t you know that [enter nutrient/supplement du jour] has proven to be more effective?”

So, just in case you’re wondering, here’s the real reason I drink lemon water in the morning: I wake up thirsty. And I like the taste of lemon in my water.

(Cue anti-climactic music.)

That’s the big secret behind my beverage choice.

I’m not trying to support liver detoxification or digestion. Nor am I trying to add antioxidant power or alter my body’s pH. (I’m also not an industry shill for Big Lemon. Promise.)

Once upon a time someone served me water with lemon in it. I thought it tasted good. Now, I drink it that way when I can.

Yet every time I show a meal with a glass of water with lemon, people are deeply concerned with the “health value” of the lemon.

Everything the nutritionist eats MUST have a scientific reason for its inclusion.

Similarly, if I don’t include a particular food on a given day, folks get wrapped up in whether the missing food is somehow “bad for you.”

Everything the nutritionist doesn’t eat MUST ALSO have a scientific reason for its exclusion.

But sometimes I eat foods because I like them and they make me feel good. Likewise, I often avoid foods that I don’t like and make me feel bad.

You can too.

Regardless of what "science" or the gurus say.

Don't Overthink Getting Started (2/52) 01/14/2022

Don't Overthink Getting Started (2/52)

Don't Overthink Getting Started (2/52) -

Don't Overthink Getting Started (2/52)


I like how Fridays are often quieter at the gym. It’ll be even quieter when I come back tomorrow on Saturday. Do you workout on Fridays or weekends?
If you’re not a fan of crowds that’s the best time.



Felt cute. Might delete later…

Hitting ya’ll with my best Uncle Rico pose. Happy Friday!



The gravity feels juuuuuust right in the newly renovated Aztec Recreation Center.

Strong Made Simple gang put in some high quality deadlifting your start the week right!

What’s your favorite deadlift variation??



Another article up for @acefitness this week. It’s great to be able to share what I’ve learned with a larger audience to help more people move better, feel good, and get stronger.

In this article I discuss some thoracic mobility exercises that can help improve movement through the upper back and keep your shoulders feeling healthy. These are all the more important as you spend more time sitting for work, or driving, or scrolling your phone. ;-)

Go check it out at:



Just get doin’.
Start with whatever you like or have access to and go from there. All that matters is you get started and keep moving.
It’s gonna get messed up and you may lose your rhythm. It doesn’t matter, brush it off and keep going.

Send me a dm if you need a little nudge to get things rolling.



Don't Let Your Weekend Be A Weak Start

Don't Let Your Weekend Be A Weak Start -

Don't Let Your Weekend Be A Weak Start


Don’t underestimate the power of practicing small changes consistently.
When you start with small actions that you can practice consistently, that practice begins to develop into skills and habits. Suddenly you may find yourself doing a little more just because you can or in some cases because you actually want to.

Go for that short walk outside.

Stretch while you wait for the microwave to do it’s thing.

Do a few push ups to a countertop.

It all adds up. I try to encourage every Strong Made Simple client to be an opportunistic exerciser and start with something that matches their current skill level. If you want to learn more about training programs send me a DM.



Getting in shape isn’t the outcome of one grand goal. It happens when you improve on lots of smaller goals.

This is actually old news. Smart people have been saying it for 100s of years. I put a collection of phrases from these old smarty pants over on the blog. Check it out at this link:



Keeping my Push up game strong while on vacation and looking like a good nerdy tourist :-)

Also I ate an entire funnel cake for breakfast…



Recovering between sets is an important part of training for strength it allows your muscles and nervous system to recover so that you can exert your your best effort repeatedly. That’s how you practice and improve for strength.

If you turn every workout into a circuit or nonstop HIIT workout, you won’t be able practicing producing as much force with your movement and you will not gain nearly as much strength.

It’s ok if you’re not constantly out of breath. Strength training isn’t cardio. You are getting stronger by resting.



Important Reminder For You, Friend

Important Reminder For You

Important Reminder For You, Friend


This exercise will help you initiate the pull up from the lowest part of the hang.

Being able to hang and actively pull your shoulder blades down helps you place your shoulders into a better position for the big muscles of the upper back to produce more force in the pull up.

More force = more likely to pull yourself up.

This is one more step toward performing your first pull up or getting better at doing pull ups. It’s also just good for your shoulders and grip.

Try incorporating some active hanging or depressions for reps I. Your next workout.



How You Set Up Matters (For lots of stuff) -

How To Get Set Up For A Perfect Push Up In Any Position — Strong Made Simple, San Diego Personal Trainer 06/15/2021

How To Get Set Up For A Perfect Push Up In Any Position — Strong Made Simple, San Diego Personal Trainer

New blog and video. Simple routines or rituals can help you get better at a lot of things both fitness and non-fitness. Getting set up well to practice a push up is one of those things. Check it out :-)

How To Get Set Up For A Perfect Push Up In Any Position — Strong Made Simple, San Diego Personal Trainer Bodyweight exercises like push ups are challenging sometimes because you can’t always add the smallest weights to make a little bit of progress. Sometimes the change from one push up variation to the next is a little too challenging to do well. These exercises will help you bridge the gap between ...


You can rarely go wrong with more veggies and greens in your diet.

This is a simple salad of a bay spinach, arugula, and grape tomatoes.

Topped it off with everything but the bagel seasoning olive oil and balsamic vinegar.



Grippy Core and Ab Stuff 06/11/2021

Grippy Core and Ab Stuff

Grippy Core and Ab Stuff -

Grippy Core and Ab Stuff I was also recently interviewed by Steven Sashen on The MOVEMENT Movement. This was a lot of fun to do as he made it really easy to keep the conversation going. I talk a lot about my perspectives with fitness and meeting people where they're at.


Interested in best strength training working you’ll ever find? I was just interviewed for The MOVEMENT Movement with Steven Sashen. We talked about how the key to helping people achieve their fitness goals is starting where they are comfortable. Check it out with links in the comments


I was on the The Movement Movement Podcast recently and it's live today. Check it out :-)

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