Coach Vera Ross

Coach Vera Ross


Day 1 on the push-up challenge!! Today (and every Monday for the next 30-Days) we do a benchmark test to see how many you can do in 60 seconds. I was not impressed with my output, but encouraged to see some progress! Thank you to TotalFit: Health & Fitness Coaching for the form review and confirmation that I’m starting off in the right direction! Dang — it’s been a while since I’ve done them! If you’re not already signed up, get all the details on the blog and join us in the private Facebook group for daily accountability check-ins!
Adriana Meeks will be at the Workout Bar HEALTH FAIR today with her leggings!!

Come see all of the vendors!!!


Adriana Leggings!!
John Baxter will be there with Restore Wellness!
Vera Ross with TotalFit: Health & Fitness Coaching
Recovery Science
Dynamic Nutrition San Diego
Clear Chiropractic - Drs. Eva & Joe Zingone

Nat Pacch

Hi! I’m Coach Vera and I empower clients to live their best lives through fitness and nutrition! S

I offer online workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home! Minimal to zero equipment required- make fitness fit into your lifestyle! In San Diego, California, I offer socially distanced, outdoor or in-home sessions, training clients at their preferred location.

Operating as usual


"The knowledge that you are effectively teaching people how to take back control of their own lives through behavior change, and the understanding that your job bears the responsibility of intervening in someone’s health, are integral concepts. Far from being profit-driven, the effective coach must bring compassionate care to every single client interaction- that, in my opinion, is the nature of the job."
Allow me to reintroduce myself: in addition to maintaining my own private training business, did you know also have a full time position working with people all over the country as a health coach for a national weight loss program?
I'm thrilled to be able to work as a clinical health coach in my role at HMR, a national health & weight loss company that offers behavior change coaching for those who are looking to make permanent changes to their health!
If you're curious, ➡️click the link in bio⬅️ tp read more!

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Meet the latest edition to the Coach Vera team 🛻

Meet Bronchy 🐎💕
She’s 0 years old, super cute, & enjoys lifting heavy weights for her mama 💪💪

You can catch us delivering workouts all over San Diego!

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shots from my trail run today

I don’t run everyday right now, but this is an activity I love so much that I schedule a trail run 1X every week

Putting the activities that are most meaningful to you into your schedule is a great way to keep those activities a part of your life ✅

Happy Monday- enjoy another great week on earth 🌍

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No one’s journey to success is linear, easy or given freely- if you feel like you just can’t seem to “get there” in any aspect of your life, I hear you!

My journey to professional & personal fulfillment has been messy & is still continuing every day!

In my latest article for you can read about my personal path & what I have learned from my successes & mistakes- a reminder that you are not alone if you are feeling unfulfilled.

Remain consistent. Stay the course.

You got this- I see you 👀

Full article copy & paste ➡️⬅️


Aquí me voy a compartir los ejercicios mejores para añadir a tu rutina de casa 💪🏠 para mis amigas hispanohablantes 💕

¡Tratas de hacer 30 minutos de ejercicio cada día para mantener o mejorar tu salud!

¡Que disfrutes, puedes descargar y guarda para usar dónde y cuando quieres!

* Instrucciones siguiendo el video*

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Today’s workout ⛰
My quarantine workout routine:
🔹Runs 1-2 times a week, 20 minutes-1 hour
🔹My own weights programming Or 3X per week

Learning to workout from home for the first time ever, & creating my own home-based programming, has allowed me to effortlessly maintain my ideal weight- effortless for me means eating what I want, including chocolate 🍫, pasta 🍝, bread 🥖..., & not obsessing about exercise 😥

Creating an in-home fitness routine has allowed me to progress & develop my strength from home, without having set foot in a gym in over 9 months.

I am on a mission to share my expertise with those of you who are looking to develop meaningful health & fitness routines that fit your unique lifestyle✨

For your free consultation on how my online coaching services can help you bridge the gap between your fitness goals & intentions
Call or text me 📲 619-325-9809
Let’s chat about how working with a qualified coach can get you where you want to go 💪

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Because you can’t live on European chocolate me, I’ve tried 🍫

Click the link in my bio to get your FREE healthy + easy meal prep guide 🥗
Just in time for the holidays!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your nutrition (or lack thereof at the moment), remember these simple concepts:
*️⃣Focus on healthy additions, not restrictions: add veggies to every meal, & look for healthy swaps such as replacing sugary drinks with water 💧
*️⃣Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you are. Move your body because you like working out, & as part of a healthy lifestyle pattern- exercise is NOT a way to “work off” your calories
*️⃣Relax & enjoy! The holidays are a time for being grateful & celebrating friends & loved ones.
Especially this year, take the time to enjoy your celebrations- & don’t worry so much about how many calories are in those cookies 🍪

Questions about the foods & healthy habits you’d like to add into your life, but aren’t sure where to start? Call or text me now 📲 619-325-9809 & let’s chat!

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G O O D ☀️M O R N I N G

See you “tomorrow”

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Sharing some Food Journaling from 2 of my clients from this week 📝

I help clients ADD in nutrient-dense foods in ways that make sense for their individual lifestyle⭐️
The practice of food journaling creates a structure of accountability that gets my clients the results they want✅

Rather than focusing on restricting- what NOT to eat- I help clients build healthier relationships with food & eating by providing a basis of science-based education so that clients can ultimately make the best decisions for themselves 🌟

It’s essential to build enough flexibility & variety with your healthy eating habits so that your dietary pattern can remain mostly healthy, most of the time- which is the only way to make healthy habits sustainable 🍏

Curious about how my coaching can help you create permanent healthy changes in your life? ➡️Text me today at 619-325-9809 to schedule your free consultation & let’s chat about creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you⬅️

Happy Friday!


A sample of body weight moves from this morning’s online group class 😅

I never worked out at home until this year, & now leading clients through online workouts that they can do from the comfort of their own home has been a huge game changer!

This is a sample of how effective body weight exercises can be! Today’s workout included a circuit of 5 moves that we repeated 3 times through. Every workout that I coach is different so my clients don’t get bored with their in-home fitness 💪

TRY MY ONLINE WORKOUTS FOR FREE! DM me or text me at 619-325-9809 & I’ll send you a link so you can try 1 WEEK OF MY ONLINE WORKOUTS 100% FREE!

Join my online community & let’s get moving together!


Daydreaming of traveling! is one of my most favorite places on this planet 🌎 I had so much fun visiting this spot last year- so excited that they are open again & I’m looking forward to being back in November 🥳 🇲🇽

Where would you go ✈️ if you could travel anywhere?

Workout with me wherever you are! Click the link here in my bio to get started on your personalized online fitness program today!
Text or call me at 619-325-9809 to chat about your fitness goals & needs!

Get the personalized support you need plus the convenience of having your coach online, available 24/7! Text or call today & let’s talk about adding health into your lifestyle 💪


Catch me in my happy place
Sundays @ 8:30am

So grateful to be able to love my passion and help others doing what I love!

What are you grateful for this Sunday?


Favorite move from today’s online workout 😅 I love helping women develop their strength in exercises like the push-up- this eccentric push-up variation is a great modification to gain strength for your pushups without having to crank out 100 pushups a day💪

My online workouts combine body weight strength moves with cardio in creative routines that work the whole body- all in 30 minutes!

Try my online workouts for FREE! DM me now for access to next week’s live workouts!


Try before you buy!

I’m giving you 1 full week of my online coaching program 100% FREE! If you’ve never worked out from home, or have never worked with a Coach before, I want you to experience the difference that makes for yourself, firsthand!

When was the last time you actually gave yourself a chance? How do you know what you are capable of, until you put in the consistent time on a daily basis to create that change?Just like developing any other skill, it’s helpful to get guidance from an expert. Give yourself that chance to truly succeed, right now!

Oftentimes we are unaware of how powerful a tool/system/program is, or maybe we’re not sure exactly HOW a program like this actually works, so we don’t even try. I want you to experience this difference for yourself!

Message me here or text me at 619-325-9809 for your FREE WEEK OF ONLINE COACHING! My next program starts 10/1:
•daily workouts, plus recorded workouts you can download and keep forever
•weekly meal prep recipes plus daily menus
•personalized health coaching to support your unique goals

Curious? I hope so! Let’s see what you’re truly capable of when you set yourself up for success!


Stop waiting for the perfect time- it’s not coming! Your next opportunity to work on yourself starts 10/1- stop waiting for the right time & MAKE the time right now!

This is a 30 day (ok, 31 days for October 🎃) online program with a personal touch: you will really utilize all of the tools because I will be right there coaching you through your program!

Daily accountability, daily workouts, daily recipes, weekly health coaching appointments- you get all this & more for $100 for the. whole. month. This is a value of over $700!
Take advantage of having an expert giving you personalized guidance- this is not a one size fits all approach!

Set yourself up for healthy habits & get a jumpstart on the holiday season (those are still happening!) with the October Health Jumpstart!

Questions? Text me at 619-325-9809
Click the link in bio to register for October’s Health Jumpstart online coaching program! I can’t wait to see you Thursday!


Raise *both* hands if you’re excited that is open & I’m teaching their class Sundays @ 8:30am 🙌

I LOVE teaching group fitness & my heart ❤️ is so full to be back in-studio, giving & receiving such awesome energy from my students!

Come with me! Head to for their class schedule 🥳

What are you getting up to this Sunday?

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Hi! My name is Vera & I enjoy helping people build better, healthier relationships with food & exercise!

My next online coaching program starts 10/1💪

DM me for more information if you are looking for similar guidance & support as you work towards your goals ✨

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4 clients doing 1 day of food journals 📝

This is how my clients learn how to build healthy habits that work best for them: clii I ents eat according to their tastes,earning how to add in healthier foods to each meal.

I provide a structure and support to foster accountability within each client, so they learn how to maintain their healthier habits in their own.

My programs are highly individualized, and I make the process easy to implement so clients don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged.

My next online coaching program starts 10/1:
•daily meal plans with healthy, easy recipes plus grocery shopping guides
•6 live coached online workouts each week plus recordings of workouts so you can access them for life
•personalized 1:1 health & accountability coaching to support your success

Click the link in bio to register, or text me now at 619-325-9809 and tell me what you’re looking for!


Looking for a personal trainer that brings your workouts + nutrition coaching to you?

Then you’re ready for my next Health Jumpstart program in October💪 Learn how to design a system for adding daily fitness & healthy meals to your lifestyle🙌

This is not a “challenge” or quick fix diet- you will fundamentally change the way you think about your lifestyle, create sustainable changes that work best for you, & learn how to maintain those habits on your own!

Starting 10/1, you will get:
•Daily live, coached online workouts (6 days/week)
•Weekly meal prep recipes with grocery shopping guides, plus daily menus
•1:1 individualized health coaching to support your success towards the goals that are most important to you!

Text or call me at +16193259809
Click the link in my bio to register for the October Health Jumpstart program ✨

This program is designed for even the busiest schedule- let’s work together to develop strategies to accomplish your daily health goals!

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Happy Monday! How are you getting your 30 minutes today?

It may feel overwhelming when you think of “all the exercise you should be doing,” but in reality it just takes 30 minutes- that can be cumulative!- of physical activity to create big, long-lasting changes in your life!
A total of 30 minutes of movement daily gives you:
•increased energy
•reduced risk of chronic diseases like cancer
•sustainable weight loss
•better sleep
•improved mood

Do you need to add more movement into your life, but aren’t sure how? DM me here, text or call me at 619-325-9809 and we’ll talk about strategies for adding in physical activity that make sense for your life!


This week’s recipes for my online Health Jumpstart program are looking gooood 😋DM me for your copy of this week’s recipes & grocery shopping guide 📝

Every week, I deliver fresh new easy + healthy recipes to my online clients so that they have plenty of resources & options to choose from!

This week’s menu favorites:
•carrot zucchini oats muffins
•chickpea salad with carrots, almonds & raisins
•salmon cakes
•white bean salad 🥗

DM me for a copy of this week’s menu! Next online program starts 10/1- click the link in my bio to register for your October Health Jumpstart!


We’re BACK IN STUDIO! Come see me tomorrow where I’m back teaching live FlowLIFT classes!

Get your fix with me every Sunday at 8:30am in La Jolla! See you tomorrow 🙌


“In-home workouts aren’t ‘good’ enough...”

..said NONE of my online clients, ever!!
This is just a small sample of today’s live workout that my Health Jumpstart program participants got today 💪 TRUST me, these are the same workouts that I do myself & they 👏are👏fire🔥

Want to try my workouts for yourself? DM me for your free link to tomorrow’s workout at 6:30am pst 💪

Next online Health Jumpstart program starts October 1st:
•6 live, coached workouts each week- recorded versions are sent out daily in case you can’t make the live workouts.
•daily meal prep recipes that are easy, tasty & nutritious
•grocery shopping guides with links to buy everything you need
•1:1 personalized health coaching to support your success
•program cost: $100 for the month

Click the link in bio to register or you can text/call me at +16193259809 to learn more!


Try my online program for FREE!

The next online program starts 10/1- try one of the workouts for yourself today at 6pm pst!

Today’s workout is 100% bodyweight- all workouts included in my online programs are designed so you can do them anytime, anywhere, with as little or as much equipment as you have available!

DM me for your link to today’s Zoom workout & experience my online coaching firsthand!


Yes or no: weekends are for preparing for the week ahead!

Here is what my clients’ meal preps look like- I provide simple, easy to make recipes full of REAL foods so my clients learn to add more variety into their meals.

We don’t count calories, we don’t track macros- we focus on adding in foods, not restrictions!

What are you up to this weekend?


Sneak peak of one of my in-home workouts 💪😅

45 minutes, zero equipment required, fully choreographed & coached in real time!

My 30 Day Health Jumpstart Program includes 5 workouts per week- all workouts are coached live & a video of every workout is delivered to each Jumpstart team member the same day ✨

Make working out work for you! Next program starts 10/1- click the link in my bio to register today!

Questions about your health & fitness?
Call or text me 619-325-9809 at anytime to chat about your goals!

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Here’s what participants are saying about their 30 Day Health Jumpstart ✨

Would you like to find the formula for sustainable behavior change that works best for YOU?

There is no ONE diet, there is no ONE workout style that will get you “there,” we all must find the best system that works for us.

Discover the combination of healthy foods + daily movement that will work for you- join my next 30 Day Health Jumpstart in October! Click the link in bio to register or text or call me at 619-325-9809 to chat about YOUR goals!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in San Diego?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

A Total Approach to Health & Fitness

At TotalFit: Health & Fitness Coaching we are passionate about helping others create healthier, happier lives through fitness and nutrition. Our team of certified personal trainers specialize in creating individualized fitness programming and nutritional counseling to clients who are looking to create lasting, healthy lifestyle changes. Our training style combines time-tested workout techniques that our coaches have mastered over the past 15 years as industry professionals and as former competitive athletes, combined with the most current exercise science techniques.

At TotalFit our approach to health and fitness is a holistic one; far beyond the physical aspect of working out, our programs are focused on each client’s entire lifestyle. We combine fitness training with personalized nutritional counseling and accountability coaching to ensure that clients are truly improving all aspects of their health. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance, and we strive to provide clients with the support and information they need to enact real lasting changes throughout all dimensions of their lives. Regular exercise and proper nutrition are the foundations for a happy and healthy lifestyle, and TotalFit instructors provide the guidance and coaching to create balanced, active, and healthful lives!

At TotalFit we believe that the only workout worth doing is the one you look forward to. As certified fitness professionals we are constantly learning the latest and greatest workout techniques to inject fresh, new moves into client’s routines- you will never get bored with your workouts again!

Let TotalFit help you become the healthiest version of yourself!

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