Hey gym friends. If anyone is looking for some furniture, we’re moving next week and we’re selling a few more pieces of furniture. Thanks!

-dining room table & chairs $450
-sectional couch $800
-coffee table $50
-entry way bench $30
Thanks P360. I love you guys!!
Hey everyone,

Shot in the dark but looking to sell step-ups for a JK Jeep Wrangler. Used but great condition. Brand is rugged ridge. 100 bucks OBO.

Hope everyone is staying safe, miss you all!

Hello! Is there still a community workout on Saturday mornings offered at crown point?
Anybody else having issues with the app?
Hi all! I am a member and my husband and I mostly attend the Pacific Beach/Crown Point location. Our kids go to the St. Paul’s school near the PB gym.

Last month our sons best friend Matty (4) was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare cancer. We (and a team of other families) are putting on a fun carnival fundraiser to help support the family.

If you are in PB on Saturday please stop by for some silly fun for a good cause.

6-8pm on Saturday, October 26th @ St. Paul’s Lutheran school on Felspar 🎉🎉 PM me if you have any questions. Thank you 💜
I recently purchased a ticket to The 2-Day Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification being held on 9/7-9/8 at your facility at the early bird price of $599.00. I have ran into a scheduling conflict and will not be able to attend. Are there any members who are interested in purchasing my ticket from me?
Absolutely phenomenal Saturday work out, Jen!n!!
Hi guys!
So, some of the members are doing a Spartan Stadium together and I bought my place, but have a last minute work trip at the same time. Does anyone want to buy my 'ticket' and join a great team?!
If anyone is in the market for a new pair of Adidas lifters men’s size 12 DM me. Happy to offsides them to a fellow lifter.
Recommendation Needed - Anyone have a GREAT housekeeper they are willing to share? :)
Anyone find a phone at the gym yesterday? Think I left it at the 6:30 class.

Performance360 ™
Group Fitness. Evolved.
🌴Born in San Diego
⚡️Become More ™ Performance360 is considered the best and most complete gym in San Diego.

Utilizing the tried and true combination of barbell strength training, Russian kettlebells, athletic plyometrics, conditioning, Olympic lifting and your good old fashioned own body weight. Our knowledge is well-rounded, our “secret sauce”. Our skill sets are pulled from many years of diverse experience, so we can apply the best principles from each. Made up of former professional and Division-I a

Operating as usual

Photos from Performance360's post 10/27/2023

Friday ⚡️BUILD⚡️. Come for the deadlifts, stay for the vibes.

Photos from Performance360's post 10/20/2023

Brand Education: When we say ‘conditioning’, we mean 90 barbell rows across 35’ of movin’ weight.

Ain’t nobody talking about going for a jog.

What pairing had you most in your feelings across this monster today?
⚡️ ™️


Rumor has it, Coach Kristine became the first female to defeat all 21 rounds of “Around the Horn” at Level 4 in todays 8am class.

That’s just some next level ass kicking.

And while we’re all here, but shout out to Anant as just the second male behind Coach Tim to do the same.

Has anyone else hit this remarkable achievement out there?
⚡️ ™️



We're fired up to share that has entered into a lease at the following location, smack dab in the heart of North Park

📍2947 El Cajon Blvd

Opening goal of Q4 2023.

Highly limited Founding Memberships go on sale next week and these will sell out FAST - so make sure to enter in your information in the link in our bio to be first in line.

Tag a friend below for your chance to enter into a raffle for a free month membership.

Photos from Performance360's post 09/20/2023

A huge congrats and thank you to Coach Emily for her 1 year coaching anniversary at HQ.

Emily has been a part of our culture for such a long time as a member and we’ve been grateful to have her on the other side of that, on the floor as a leader.

⚡️ ™️


Team thangs.
⚡️ ™️


⚡️Congrats, Coach Kara.

Kara recently completed her Performance360 Level 1 Designation, and we’re so excited to watch her continue to develop and help our community.
⚡️ ™️


Performance360™️, it’s a real vibe these days.


Photos from Performance360's post 08/14/2023

“Hear the words ‘finals week,’ and a lot of us can still feel that end-of-semester rush of stress and caffeine-forced awake-ness.

Here, Finals Week opportunities are offered at the conclusion of every cycle, and while there might be a little overlap with those institutional showdowns of the same name — the sense of approaching challenges and a desire to perform well — our version is a lot more fun and, on balance, and just a tad more important to your health and wellness.”
⚡️ ⚡️

Photos from Performance360's post 08/13/2023

🏓 2023 P360 Pickleball Open. Raw, unadulterated athleticism on peak display.

A great time had by all and congrats to Team Pucker Up on bringing home the ‘chip.

Thanks for coming out, everyone. Dare we say…annual?
⚡️ ™️


A very bittersweet day at HQ as Coach Nate concludes his final week on our floor before moving over to fulfill his lifelong dream - opening, owning, and operating . 🎉🎉🎉

Nate is everything you can ask for in team member, and he will be dearly missed at HQ, but we can’t wait to watch him build the next great P360 community with the folks of Imperial Beach.

Thank you, Nate. Go crush it.
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 08/11/2023

💦New drip drip hitting shelves next week.

Women’s P360 Velocity Sports Bra

Don’t let this spaghetti strap bra fool ya. She’s airy and also built for swift and strong movement.
Looks cute, made tough. Featuring quick dry, waterproof, and sweat-wicking material, she wears well at the gym or out and about.

Available in gym and online next week.

Photos from Performance360's post 08/06/2023

Congratulations to James aka Jimmy Rogers on his 1,000th class at P360.

You’d have a hard time finding someone as consistent in their efforts week in and week out than James, always doing so with a positive attitude and eager to learn.

Throughout this time here, James has seen 30 pound weight loss, a reversal of a pre-diabetic medical diagnosis, and improved health markers across the board - in addition to becoming the strongest physical version of himself.

James rocks. We thank you, James. And we congratulate you on an ongoing job well done.
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 08/05/2023

Is it just us - or does the vibe rise with the heat?☀️🥵

Full sweaty classes is our kinda fun.
⚡️ ™️


Congrats to Coach Kristine on graduating from our initial new coach onboarding and earning her Performance360 Level 1.

We’re thrilled to have you and to watch your development unfold!
⚡️ ™️


🎉Happy 2 year coach-a-versary to HQ Coach Justin.

This Wednesday marked his 2 year anniversary with us. We definitely don’t get to see Justin as often as we would like, but if you’re free for an evening class at Bay Park then we suggest you take his class.

He’s not only a great teammate, he’s always well prepared to coach and brings to the table his very thoughtful and engaging warm ups.

We are going to vote him: Most Likely to Teach Us Som**hing New.🌟
⚡️ ™️


💡Did you know…

Our founding slogan in 2011 was “Train. Eat. Play.” Based on our belief that if you trained hard, ate to support that, and played to balance it, you’d have a pretty happy and long term sustainably healthy life.

Then, “Live, Laugh, Love” became a thing and well, it sort of lost its luster.

But at the core of our beliefs is still that underlying philosophy that you gotta have fun.

P360 Socials - where we’ve been doin’ it for over a decade.

social from last Saturday.
⚡️ ™️

📸: .co

P360 Gym Ownership Q&A with Co-Founder, Dave Thomas 07/25/2023

An interview with our Co-Founder, Dave Thomas, about what gym ownership looks like in 2023 for the industry and for Performance360 Franchising Group.

P360 Gym Ownership Q&A with Co-Founder, Dave Thomas P360 Franchisee Ownership Q&A with Co-Founder, Dave Thomas The following brand interview should not be taken as a guarantee of experience, earnings, or personal happiness. Experiences and outcomes will vary greatly. Today, Performance360® Co-Founder Bryan Pritz, sits down with fellow Co-Founder, Da...

Photos from Performance360's post 07/23/2023

⚡️ORIGIN STORY: “Concrete Jungle”

“In 2012 we added our first ever midday class at our original location sometime in June. As noon rolled around we noticed a line of cars rolling into our shared parking lot. When I say line, I mean at least 30-50 deep, daily, in a single file line all coming in to pick up their kid from the neighboring Summer Kids Camp. It was a five alarm sh*t show every single day for about 40 minutes.

So, Bryan would go outside and play unofficial traffic crossing guard. He used to carry around this absurd wooden dowel like Gandalf and point cars out of the way of our members, even sometimes go physically stand in an empty spot and reserve it for a member.

While I coached, Bryan would stay out there for most of the class making sure that members wouldn’t have to dodge cars during Farmer Walks, runs, etc. Just another one of the weird ways we blended being incredibly reckless yet very committed to our member experience that dominated that era and laid the foundation for it for years to come.”
⚡️ ™️


Come for fitness, stay for the family portraits.
⚡️ ™️


Them: What fun element do you have to your workouts?

Us: Results.

It ain’t flashy, but it pays the bills.
⚡️ ™️


P360 Franchising is exactly 17 months old and today we stand with exactly 17 locations open or under development.

Recently, our co-founder and CEO, Dave, was talking to someone at an event and they asked, "You must be spending a fortune on marketing to have grown that quickly?"

🥸"No, haven't yet spent anything to be honest. Should we be?"

🗣️"Then are you guys posting up at all the conventions?"

🥸"No....should we be?"

🗣️"Are brokers selling for you guys?"

🥸"No..we tried one and they sucked. Fired ‘em. We're just doing it on our own...should we not be?"


The reality is that organic interest has blown us away and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to try and live up to it.

Members, franchisee partners, and the entire team at HQ.

It's only a fraction of where we want to take this brand.

How far can P360 go? Only time will tell, but we're grateful to be here and doing everything we can to serve those who support it.
⚡️ ™️


Congrats to Coach Nate on earning his Performance360®️ Level 3 coaching designation.

Nate’s journey from member to coach to franchisee owner is inspiring to us all.

✔️Level 1 Coach
✔️Level 2 Coach
✔️ owner
✔️Level 3 Coach

Nate has been a passionate leader of our community for years and relishes the role of coach every single day. One huge characteristic of effective coaches is how they take care of their people and how they make people feel. Nate makes us laugh, smile, and keeps us coming back for more. The embodiment of the P360 experience.

A huge congrats to Coach Nate on the best yet to come.
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 06/25/2023

⚡️ORIGIN STORY: “Wet Flyers”

“Back in 2011, Instagram didn’t exist and social media was in its infancy for business usage. We’re that-years-old. Being that our location was ‘destination’, we knew we had to get the word out, so what did we do? Flyers. Images printed on pieces of paper designed to end up in human beings’ hands to make them aware of us.


The plan was solid. Put them on cars, people can’t miss them. The ex*****on? Poor. See, we forgot about this thing called marine layer so all of the cars we flyered ended up soaking wet and caked dry onto thousands of windshields.

You bet that phone calls rolled in. No one actually interested in the gym, just people deservedly yelling at us. I guess you could say from that day on we were turned off of marketing, and have been ever since.

Our marketing failure forced us to channel all of our resources towards the experience marketing itself, and that’s been a core focus of ours everyday since…Thanks, marine layer.”
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 06/21/2023

Today marks another historic day for our brand as we officially welcome Ashley Pritz as a minority owner.

Ashley has been involved with Performance360®️for almost a decade, starting out as a member in our early, EARLY days and slowly becoming more involved at every step.

After attending the Coach Academy in 2018, she transitioned to an Assistant Coach where believe it or not, was unsure if she had the chops to be a coach. After some “gentle nudging”, she took off and never looked back having gone from Level 1 to Level 3 and in the process handling the following jobs at one point or another.

-New Member Liaison
-Head Nutrition Coach
-Head of Retail
-Director of HQ Operations (present)
-Chief Community Officer (present)

Now, she gets to add 'owner' to that brand resume.

Ashley has long been the Best Supporting Actress who has stolen the show and today, she becomes formally recognized for her years of hard work and personal commitment to Performance360.

We have no doubt that she will play a big role in the future of our brand and we're incredibly excited to welcome her to ownership.

Congratulations, Ashley. And thank you.
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 06/19/2023

“Take your Flintstones. Lift your weights.”
⚡️ ™️



A huge congrats to members on their first class in the books (fully booked, of course).

Welcome to the jungle, baby.
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 06/10/2023

Friday Mood:

Make Glutes Grow Again.
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 06/09/2023

As a brand that has long led the way in welcoming women into the world of strength and conditioning, we’re thrilled to see this begin to translate into more and more ownership positions - as Cassie becomes our third female owner and very first 100% sole owner-operator.

"From the moment I stepped foot into P360, I knew there was som**hing different. The ‘no random workouts’, the cycle-based training, knowledgeable coaches, and the sense of community was crystal clear. This was not your average fitness "studio.”

Once I got to learn about the process, systems, and just how much is put into everything behind the scenes from a business perspective during my franchising process - the opportunity only made me more and more excited.

I am absolutely thrilled to step into a leadership role within the P360 brand and to be provided with the unique opportunity to represent the amazing women who make up such a big a part of the P360 community and culture."
⚡️ ™️


TRUE LIFE: Your Achievement Club Level is your gang sign.
⚡️ ™️



Performance360™️ will be coming to San Marcos, CA. A huge congratulations to new owner, Cassie McGrath (). Look for this location to open up in late 2023.

To get on our P360 San Marcos VIP list, follow the link in our bio.
⚡️ ™️


Come for the workout, stay for the vibes.

⚡️ ™️


Performance360™️ HQ is hiring for a new full time team member across our three gyms (Pacific Beach, Bay Park, and Ocean Beach).

⚡️Are you craving being part of an in-person team?

⚡️Are you coachable and excited to be a part of a brand that takes development seriously?

⚡️Do you want to join an organization that provides real career opportunities for high performers?

If so, then let us know. Apply at the link in our bio today, and check out 6 incredible stories from past Performance360 hires and where they are today.
⚡️ ™️


⚡️Congrats to and owner , coaches , , and Drew for building out an absolutely amazing looking facility (check out our story for the tour.)

Coming at you this June, La Mesa.

There’s still time to get on board our 115 initial member train and claim your Founder’s Rates. Link in bio.
⚡️ ™️

Photos from Performance360's post 05/30/2023

⚡️ORIGIN STORY: “Dawn Patrol”

"The year is 2013 and P360 is getting off the ground at our original location on the water. The time is about 5:30 am, and Bryan is prepping for the morning classes he is about to coach.

People begin to approach the gym as normal, only they aren’t holding water bottles and towels. They are holding guns and tactical gear. Hm. As Bryan peers his head out, he is quickly told to clear the area by the DEA who are in fact raiding the building and attempting to catch our neighboring business owner off guard.

Turns out, the gentleman in question was our landlord and running one of the biggest m**h rings in San Diego right there on our gym property, selling out of a shared locker system in som**hing out of a Hollywood script.

Additional fun fact: Our logo made the evening news that night as part of this m**h ring, a mistake in which the station would have to issue a retraction.

Just another hurdle in a long line of them that they don't prepare you for."
⚡️ ™️


2023 Memorial Day “Murph.”

Paying homage to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our freedoms.
⚡️ ™️


P360 Hammer > Thor’s Hammer

Final’s Week starting out with a 💥.
⚡️ ™️


“I’ve never had a more amazing experience in life. Every attendee is my new best friend. I am now a genius.” -Anonymous 2023 Academy attendee

A huge congrats to our 2023 Performance360™️ Coach Academy class. Thank you for the privilege of getting to share our purpose and get better. Without it, we cease to exist.
⚡️ ™️


Stay hot, kid!

Performance360 franchisee (and member) Jared Belfer makes it a hat trick, adding P360 Santee to his existing P360 La Mesa and P360 Chula Vista.

This represents location #16 for us as we enter year two of our franchising opportunities.
⚡️ ™️



Performance360 is coming to Chula Vista, CA. We are pleased to see existing franchisee partner Jared Belfer add to his ownership as we look to open this location in 2024.

This is Performance360’s location #15 open or under development.
⚡️ ™️

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in San Diego?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.


When we opened Performance360 in 2011, we were just two former college baseball teammates in a small converted boathouse in Mission Beach with no money and no clients, armed only with the conviction to challenge what a gym experience should be.

We were faced with two options.

Option number one was to fall in line with the functional fitness industry status quo. Become yet another overpriced gym with unsafe programming, an intimidating environment for beginners, and ultimately more about intensity and competition than purpose and progress.

The second option was a far riskier bet. It would require that we challenge the dogma. It meant taking the time to deliberately develop new members, focus on the why so that our members would buy into the how, provide thoughtful structure rather than “random” approach, and take a view point that development is more important than destruction.

Videos (show all)

💡Did you know…Our founding slogan in 2011 was “Train. Eat. Play.” Based on our belief that if you trained hard, ate to s...
The P360 Walkthrough.Over our 11 years, there has perhaps been no greater collective focus than our attempt to create an...
⚡️The P360 4 Strength Classifications________1. Absolute2. Relative3. E X P L O S I V E4. FunctionalOn Thursdays in "Sha...
Lauren and Monica ripping through some Touch & Go’s in todays explosive tier 2. ———⚡️Become More.
Really nice day to take the Kettlebells for a walk during a long aerobic workout. A really grippy one today. But you’ll ...
Really nice day to take the Kettlebells for a walk during a long aerobic workout. A really grippy one today. But you’ll ...
Nick working the performance side of the board with Push Jerks then crushing the 100 Swing Challenge with all swings don...
Rope complex today featuring Jumping Jack’s evil twin brother, Rope Jack.😈———⚡️Become More.
Front Squat Monday!Blake nailing the big brace and high elbows throughout. ———⚡️Become More.
Friday BUILD focus for this cycle is centered around the almighty Deadlift. Sumo at high volume today to target adductor...
There are a lot of ways to work the Aerobic System. You could jog for an extended period of time, or you could throw som...
Wednesday Strength Focus: PUSH PRESSAshley showing awesome transfer of lower body explosivity into her overhead strength...




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San Diego, CA

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