Excel Long Range Sportfishing

Excel Long Range Sportfishing


Let’s start a page of our best pictures and memories of our boat!! And memories to come!! Here’s mine a #175 blue fin!!! We could still see the lights of the coast!!
Post Jason Eggert’s photos of his catch
Nice fishing Justin Mike wish I was on the boat again maybe soon that's all you guys on the Excel
One of the first Excel trips , 7 Day Dick Acker 20 passengers and 10.5 tons tuna in 1.5 days fishing ...Capt John G.
Best of the best!!! Fished most of the top boats
Just got back this morning from the 6 day trip. I did t fare well as far as catching fish. Not a bite for me except for so.e rockfjsh that grabbed my yoyo jig. Did catch a nice sheephead though. We saw alot of fish BOILING and foaming. Big area of non biting fish lol. But boat was fortunate to get what we caught. Nice grade of fish though. If these fish ever decide to really bite it's gonna be mayhem lol. Thanx for the crew. Outstanding in getting all the tangles out. Amazing how they do that. Galley was phenomenal. Thanx you all. Looking forward to my next trip next year hopefully
Best boat ever!
Rail rods for sale UNDER $300.00?!?!?!? Come and get 'em. These #PCHcustomRods for Okuma Fishing USA are some of the most popular and effective rail rods out there on the market. They work so well that Okuma themselves have trouble keeping them in stock. Right now we have a solid stocking of them......for now. Tight lines... Call for inquiries (626) 797-8839 Excel Long Range Sportfishing
Blast from the past. Digging through the old photo album and found this gem. Johnny's Sport Shop owner, Bob Ota pictured on the right, with a monster #yellowtail. With #TunaAlley and #TheLupe providing an illustrious background, this is a great memory that only the crew of the Excel Long Range Sportfishing could provide. Call the landing today and book your next trip of a lifetime! Tight lines. Good luck finding any trick photography or editing tricks in this one, it was taken way before cell phones #LongRangeSeason #NomadDTXminnow #wahooBOMBS
Thank you again to Captain Justin and Captain Mike and the amazing crew of the Excel, for yet another fantastic trip on the Excel. From Jason in the front office to the entire operation they are first class all the way. I know great service when I see it and the boat and crew defines it.. if you’re looking at boats for a long range or local trip, look no further than the Excel.
Samurai Sushi
the excel... the best in the west !!!

While we're all at home waiting for that day we can get back to fishing, let's post up some our favorite moments on the Excel. It can be a picture of a fish, a picture of something that brought you joy, a picture of a beautiful sunset or it could just be stories about something that you'll remember forever. Post as much as you'd like.

One of our favorites is the time on the Sogioka/Stires 8-day trip when we hooked FIVE Opah on one stop and landed three, including the world record!

Excel - Guadalupe Island

Like all of you at home looking forward to the days when we can get back outside and back to our normal lives, we wanted to get a quick glimpse at what we can look forward to in the near future.

We have our Guadalupe Island permit for 2020 and are looking forward to many excellent trips this upcoming season.

[03/19/20]   Hello to our passengers and friends,

Understandably there's a great amount of concern and uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 virus and what the future holds. We want to assure you that we are taking all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of our passengers and crew.

We are following the guidelines recommended by the CDC to create the safest environment possible. Before any passenger boards a trip, all surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized. Throughout the day during each trip, the sanitation of the boat, galley, tables, benches, handles, door knobs, bathrooms, sinks, counter tops and staterooms, will be our top priority ensuring a clean environment to keep our passengers safe. Disinfecting wipes and sanitizers will be available to passengers.

We are following the guidelines from the USCG and San Diego Health Department regarding current and future operations. As of now, our next trip is not until 4/23. There are no restrictions currently in place per the governing authorities for that trip. If there's any change in status from either governing body we will update everyone as soon as possible. For now, we will continue on and follow the laws and guidelines which are in place to keep us safe.

We all know this is an unprecedented event and are all working together to get through these trying times. This will get better.

Some of the new recipes we’ve been Developing for next season include Bruschetta with Pomegranate-Balsamic Reduction, Mushroom and Spinach Frittata with a Sweet Potato-Butternut Squash Hash, Carne Asada Bowl with Black Beans and Fresh Cantina Salsa, Thai Chicken House Made Pizza, Chicken Gnocchi Soup, and Honey-Sriracha Boneless Wings! Anybody getting hungry?

We’re down in South Bay for our annual “Haul Out” at the boatyard. And while the crew is hard at work getting the boat ready for Coast Guard inspection, our Chefs have been equally busy in the galley developing new recipes for the upcoming season! One of the areas we’re concentrating on is fresh house made warm desserts! Which one would you choose? Vanilla cake with a raspberry coulis and Buttercream Icing? Fresh Cinnamon Roll? Apple Crisp with Caramel Sauce? Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing? Or Double Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Buttercream Icing?

Come visit us at the annual Fred Hall Show in Long Beach!

In the meantime, feel free to call the office as Captain Justin Fleck himself will be manning the phone in the office. He's looking forward to chatting with you about an upcoming trip, general trip information or just to talk fishing!


With the overwhelming popularity of our shorter trips, we're excited to announce the opening of two new 4-day trips to our Summer 2020 schedule.

The first 4-day trip departs 7/8 and returns 7/12. The second one departs 7/12 and returns on 7/16. Both trips are scheduled to depart at 11am and return by 8am.

This trip will be targeting Bluefin tuna, Yellowtail and Yellowfin Tuna as the primary species for the trip.

The trip price is $1,495. Passenger load is 32. All meals included.

You must have a valid passport and bring with you on the trip.

Please book on-line below or call the office at 619-223-7493.


Piecing it together. Action on 60-100 pounders. Waiting for a Giant to swim through!

The guys checked in with a with outstanding wahoo action today!🎉🎉🎉

Gotta phone call from the boat and everyone is doing great. Fishing has been hit or miss so far but it seems like everybody on board has a fish or two in the sack. The tuna have been mostly 60-100#'s with a shot at a big one every once in a while. Bob has the biggest tuna so far at 256 pounds! It looks like the wifi signal is strong for now so we will keep you up to speed the best we can. Thanks for checking in!

Victor and KTM both did very well this trip!

Captain Al scored himself a 178 pounder! Nice job!

Team Hoo ended up having just a fantastic trip. It started out on the slow side but ended with "as good as it gets" fishing on 70-130# tuna. Timing is everything. We are now on our way back to San Diego.

Captain Al Lorenzetti is putting in some serious work down here! Lots of tuna and wahoo going back to the east coast!

Good fishing for us the last three days. Lots of fish in the 60-100# class. Haven't seen the cows come back yet but there is still plenty of time. Team Hoo is putting together another good catch. Here is Steve and Roger with a couple of tuna.

Mr. John Nappo with a Cow at sunset! ☆☆237#'s☆☆ We put together a nice day today. Things are looking up!

Mark Dorton with a nice one. Starting to see more action. Let's keep it going. 🤞

We are currently out on our Team Hoo trip with 24 anglers. Sorry for the lack of reporting but there just wasn't much to report on. There is no way to sugarcoat it, it's tough to get a bite down here on a big tuna. We see good fish around but they just aren't chewing. Yesterday showed the first signs of improvement and we put together a respectable day on mostly 60-90# tuna. Eric has the biggest tuna so far with this 180 pounder caught on 80# Yo-zuri pink fluorocarbon. Hopefully things are on the upswing. We have a handful of those 60-120 pounders in the hatch already this morning with lots of time left in the trip. We'll keep you posted.

We are at the Denver ISE show, if you're in the neighborhood, swing by and say hi. Booth #2538

Doug Skelton ended his day with a beautiful 277 pounder! He landed this fish on an Okuma PCH Rod and a Makaira 20. Nice Job!

Gene Page with his first Cow! ☆☆205☆☆

Kent with a 190 pounder! These fish are impressive!

Bob Motheral with the first Cow of the trip! ☆☆261#'s☆☆ Bob landed this one on 100# Yo-zuri Pink fluorocarbon. Way to go!

With a lack of bigger grade tuna around, we decided to make a move up to the Lower Banks to try for trophies. We did manage to put a little score together on some wahoo before leaving the Bank which was nice. We'll be on the grounds in the morning.

Getting a few bites down here but not as many as we would like. No sign of Cows just yet. Gonna keep grinding away. The weather has improved so we got that going for us.

We got to the bank just after lunch where we see pretty good sign of 60-140# tuna and some wahoo around for sure. Weather is a little on the grumpy side right now but the forecast looks like the wind should be backing off in the next 24 hours. We got a nice little sample anyways. We'll keep working at it.

Good sign of premium grade yellowtail around the Stones this morning but a lack of current made it tough to get a bite. Maybe things will straighten out on our way back up. We are currently headed down towards Hurricane Bank to start off our hunt for wahoo and trophy sized tuna. Wish us luck. Okuma Fishing USA, Berkley Fishing

Getting ready for Battle! Okuma Makaira Reels filled with fresh Berkley Big Game line. Our recommended combo here on the Excel. And check out that weather in the background. Good livin' right there.😎 Okuma Fishing USA, Berkley Fishing

We left this morning on our 16 day trip with 21 passengers. Picked up a nice load of sardines from the receivers and pointed the boat south. Our first stop will be the Rocks day after tomorrow to see if we can get a few fish for the galley. Fresh fish dinners are one of the perks on these long range trips. We'll keep you posted.... Okuma Fishing USA, Berkley Fishing

These island sized yellowtail are impressive! Okuma Fishing USA, Berkley Fishing

Ended it with a BANG! Very good fishing on 60-90# tuna today. We are on the hunt now for a few yellowtail before we head to the beach. Okuma Fishing USA, Berkley Fishing

A little slower pace today but we are still putting together a nice trip! Mia was stoked to land this bad boy. Way to go Mia! Okuma Fishing USA, Berkley Fishing

Another fantastic day here at the island! The sun was out and the fish were biting. Be here again tomorrow.😎 Okuma Fishing USA, Berkley Fishing, Pelagic

A much better day today. Seems like this place is on the upswing! 50-100#'s with a few bigger and a few smaller. Gonna hit them hard again tomorrow!

We are currently out on our Guadalupe Express 7 day trip with 22 anglers. Arrived to the island around lunch today and started seeing fish right away. It's a little bit breezy here this afternoon which made it extra difficult to land these beautiful grade tuna. We have a couple on board with high hopes for the rest of the day. Tim Turis was the first one to score. Let's keep it going.....

[12/04/19]   Guadalupe Express - 12/8/19 - 100% will GO!!

There's currently eight spots left on the upcoming 7-day trip departing this Sunday (12/8) returning Sunday (12/15). The price is $2,695.

Captain Justin Fleck will be running the trip and is extremely excited to get down and fish Guadalupe Island as the recent reports as of yesterday are Yellowfin Tuna from 40 up to 140lbs.

We must close all bookings on this trip by the end of the day today as we must submit our manifest for customs clearance several days prior to departure for customs clearance in Ensenada.

As said before, there's currently eight open spots on an already light load trip of 26 passengers. If you've been wanting to fish on the Excel and or this incredible Island, this is your opportunity to fish there with the likelihood of a very limited load.

Valid passports are mandatory.

Excel Sportfishing

Made a stop up the beach a cranked on some yellowtail before we ran out of time. The boat will be in tomorrow morning.

Pete Price picked up a cow!☆☆230#'s☆☆

It's that time of year! The bigger fish are moving in to the Lower Banks! Also hearing reports of an incredible amount of big fish just showed back up to Guadalupe Island and are biting! Here's Mark Dorton with a nice tuna from the Lower Banks this morning. One of our code boats have two Super Cows on board this morning too! Who's Ready???

Got a check from the boat this afternoon and and it sounds like Team Hoo is having good fishing down below. Plenty of tuna, yellowtail, and dorado in the hatch so far. We'll keep you posted....

We just heard that the fishing at Guadalupe Island is fantastic as boats are getting Yellowfin tuna over the 100# mark and it seems to only be getting better.

We need a handful more passengers to make this trip a definite go.

The trip departs on 12/8 with a passenger load of only 26. The price is $2,695.

This is a great opportunity to get on this amazing trip and fish the world famous Guadalupe Island.

Please call the office at 619-223-7493 to book or use the link below to book on-line.


The Merritt Group decided to try their luck with the local bluefin today. They were not disappointed. Don managed to get big fish honors today. Way to go Don!

Guadalupe Express December 2019

We've just received verbal confirmation from authorities in Mexico that we've received our Guadalupe Island permit!

As we did last year, we are excited to add a 7-day Guadalupe Express trip to our schedule.

The trip will depart on Sunday, December 8th and return Sunday, December 15th.

The load of the trip will be the same as last year at 26 with the price being the exact same at $2,695.

The trip cost does not include the $130 individual Guadalupe Island permit per passenger or the $125 Mexican Excursion permit and Visa.

Passports are required.

If interested in booking or have any questions regarding the trip, please do not hesitate to call the office at 619-223-7493.

You may also book the trip on-line via the link below:


Just checked in with the boat and the Merritt trip is going great! Good fishing on Ridge sized tuna, dorado, grouper, and they are now getting some wahoo.

Found some of these beauties on our way up the beach! Biting the yoyo jigs.

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Excel - Guadalupe Island
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