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Doing these today fa sho
Day 1, 6am workout ✅!!! Woohooo!!!

Located centrally in San Diego, we offer movement and resistence training base exercise classes desi

San Diego's Premier
Functional Strength & Conditioning Facility

*One on One Private Training*
*Semi-Personal Training
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Operating as usual


Saluting the red, white, and YOU this Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

Locomotion Athletics proudly embrace our fitness freedom, pushing limits, and raising our spirits in honor of this great nation.

Let’s ignite our passion, sweat out our dedication, and make America healthier and stronger together! 🎇💪

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July with friends, family, & loved ones!


From all of us at Locomotion Athletics..

Have a safe, happy, & healthy holiday!

Take this day to enjoy those precious moments with family, friends, & loved ones! 🎁 🎄

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Hope ya’ll are excited because its that time again…

We are excited to officially announce enrollment for our now 6th annual…

*6-Week Body Blitz*

This comprehensive 6-Week Course will give you all the tools you need to jumpstart new beginnings in your quest for optimal health, fitness, & vitality.

No gimmicky training, no fad diets, no strict meal plans…

Just an opportunity to receive professional guidance towards consistent sustainable habits.

Many of our current clients started with this program & it provided them EXACTLY the tools they were missing in the form of:

- Structured strength training.
- Simplified nutritional practices.
- Inspirational accountability group.
- A FUN experience with new friends!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced athlete looking for a challenge or someone just starting on their fitness journey looking for direction you won’t want to miss out!

Swipe for more details or send us a DM if you have any questions!

Spot are limited!

Early Bird Pricing Ends on Jan 1st!

Can’t wait to get this thing started!


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁 from the team at Locomotion Athletics!

Make it a great day surrounded by friends, family, & loved ones!

In good health,

Locomotion Athletics



It’s easy to fall into the trap of expectations.

The desire to accomplish or achieve can be intoxicating but sometimes it’s better to just show up and put some points on the proverbial scoreboard.

If you want to change your health for the better it’s going to be a cumulative effect of your habits over a period of time.

So instead of setting expectations let’s reframe the narrative to working on identity.

You IDENTIFY with being a strong individual who desires to become anti fragile.

You IDENTIFY with someone who nurtures the body with the right foods.

These are some examples but you get the idea.

Let’s create a strong, healthy, and sustainable IDENTITY together!

Click the link in our BIO to find out more!


It’s time.

Time for more reflection.

Time for less excuses.

Time for more strength!

Time for less stagnation!

The time is NOW to get in MOTION!

Together we can accomplish great things!


Raise the Bar

Are you ready to raise the bar?

What’s stopping you from making a change that many so desperately need?

It’s true when it is said that most success is just simply “showing up”

Winning the battle between the ears can lead you to heights once thought impossible.

Lets creat change together! We have the road map.

You just need to drive.


Bone Density

Did you know that one of the most overlooked benefits of resistance training is increases in Bone Density?

A combination of age-related changes, inactivity, and inadequate nutrition conspire to gradually steal bone mass at a rate of 1% per year after age 40.

As bones grow more fragile and susceptible to fracture, they are more likely to break after even a minor fall or far less obvious stress.

Numerous studies have shown that strength training can play a roll in slowing bone loss, and several show it can even build new ones!

Activities that place stress on bones can help accumulate bone forming cells into action! 😃

As the old saying goes…

“Use it or lose it.”

Not sure where to start? Use the link in our BIO and get in contact with our world class coaches today!


“Health can never be divorced from strength” - George Hackenschimidt

Strength comes in many forms and doesn’t stop at its physical presence.

Mental strength is evolves through the cyclical process of stress & adaptation.

It’s to no surprise that those who participate consistently in challenging feats of strength garner a “mental callus” (to quote )

Although what “doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” can be an archaic way of looking at it does present grains of truth.

Build a strong body and the mind will follow!

Lets make it a great day! 💪

Student: .nobreza



Movement integrity is everything when it comes to garnering that balance between challenging yourself and longevity.

It’s not WHAT you do but rather HOW you do it.

It’s that “sharpening of the sword” so to speak where every time you perform a repetition you are dialing in your skills.

This is what separates “working out” from training.

What small details can you learn TODAY that will create more success later on?

It could be better breathing techniques, foot placement, shoulder position, the list goes on…

We’re here to help you get started wherever your journey begins.

Together we can accomplish feats that were once thought impossible.

Let’s go!


Ready For Take Off. 🚀

Whatever you’re goals are we’re ready to help YOU take flight.

The purpose of training is not simply to just provide a “workout” but rather assist in developing skills that last a lifetime.

These small finite details will help you provide you the confidence to take in any challenge both mentally & physically.

There is no finish line but rather a journey to discover what is possible.

Let’s make it a great day! 👍 💪

Athletes: ._.price
Photo: 📸


It’s time to look past beyond your proscribed boundaries and discover what legacy you want to leave behind.

You are in control of the steering wheel of your story & it starts by rewriting the scrip of your physical existence.

Let’s take that small step and start putting some impact on the scoreboard.

Everyone has a starting point & your journey is no different.

Let’s make it happen. Together.

Time to get in MOTION!

If you’re looking for a community to help get started come join us for just $20 and receive a 10-Day All Access Pass!

Link in our BIO :)


Mark your calendars!

This Friday (April 22nd) from 5:30pm-7:30pm we will be hosting a *Happy Hour Social* at

Open to all members & guests!

See you then! :)


That little extra accountability can go a long way!

It’s time to grab your bestie & embark on the journey of everlasting health TOGETHER!

The time is now!

Get started with our 10-Day All Access Pass! You won’t regret it!

Link in our BIO!


No matter where you start we got your back!

Both literally & figuratively! 💪

It’s not easy but…

We operate under the pretense of…

Simple. Sensible. Sustainable.

Lets get after it together 😊

Join us for a 10-Day All Access Pass! Link in the BIO!

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We couldn’t be happier with the new addition to our home!

Thank you .by.caro for bringing our sacred space to life!

If you’re looking for an amazing artist to add some life to your walls make sure to check out .by.caro

An expert at her craft & a true professional!


Big things things coming when you have on the job!

Can’t wait to see how this new addition brings our sanctuary of health & fitness to life!

Stay tuned.


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas from our fitness family to yours! 🎄🎁

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of the ultimate gifts of family, friends, & HEALTH!

Have a great day everyone!


Looking to get in some private training or group classes before the holidays?

Here is our holiday hours of operations! 🤗🎄❄️

Please be sure to check out our adjusted class times on our website or through the Wodify app!

Have a great day everyone!

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It's that time again and if ya know...ya know. ⁠

The beginning of 2021 threw us a massive curveball limiting our ability to fully immerse ourselves in this experience so without further ado... ⁠

We are excited to officially announce *6-Week Body Blitz* starting January 9th and finishing on February 13th!⁠

We use the word "RESET" strategically here because yes some friendly competition in the form of a "CHALLENGE" is fun, all of our course material is predicated on SUSTAINABILITY. ⁠

"It's not about the AFTER photo but rather the AFTER AFTER photo." - Dan John⁠

The Body Blitz IS NOT:⁠

- A quick way to shed weight after the holidays⁠.
- A custom restrictive "diet plan" that emphasizes chicken, broccoli, and rice⁠.
- Constant HIIT training geared toward burning calories⁠ without building relative strength.

The Body Blitz IS, however:⁠

- A realistic platform that empowers positive long-term habit change.
- A real-world nutritional lifestyle that is not only effective by sustainable.⁠
- Progressive strength training with 20 years of experience behind it.⁠
- A fun and supportive community of people looking to improve themselves.⁠

No matter if you're a beginner trying to get your feet wet or an advanced athlete ready for launch we have a spot for you in the Body Blitz!⁠

EARLY BIRD PRICING starts today and will close on December 26th.⁠

Spots are limited so please be sure to reserve as this is our biggest event of the year! ⁠

Feel free to send us a DM if you have any questions :)⁠

⁠.nobreza .williamiam


Movement is Medicine

Movement is the key to a pain free existence.

Whether it’s a brisk walk or getting up to stretch it’s important to move your body.

At , we incorporate a well balanced full body training program to help optimize functional strength.

Click the link in our BIO to find out how we can help get you started!


Back in action.

A new addition to the LocoFam, client Steven Simmons is back in action.

After some time off from a structured fitness regimen, we have decided to ramp him up slowly with some low risk/high reward exercises like Trap Bar deadlifts.

Good to get some weight in his hands to build some initial strength adaptations as well as develop some training confidence.

We are forever grateful for clients like him who entrust in us to level up their fitness & health.

Stay tuned.

PS - Come check out our fresh new facility located right in the heart of San Diego!



Don’t let the Dog Dayz of daylight savings compromise your health & fitness routine!🐶 🐕

We know it gets challenging during those dark early morning but we gotchu!

Lets keep your health & fitness routine on track!

We can help! Find out more by clicking the link in our BIO :)


8AM Functional S&C

Morning group training getting after it with some Chest Pass 2 MB Slam!

Not to be messed with! Let’s go!


Sn**ch Practice

Coach practicing the with a focus on upward and downward motion.

This is done by maintaining the bell in its correct position during the explosive upward trajectory while pausing at the top to ensure proper “tight to the bod downward position.

Practice make perfect!



Out with the old…In with the new!

We are excited to have upgraded our BENCH GAME with some BRAND NEW heavy duty adjustable incline benches!

We want nothing but the best for our members which is why it was time for an upgrade.

Looking forward to taking these for a ride during our upcoming training hours!



We are proud to have maintaining her fitness as she continues to go through the SD Fire Academy! 👩‍🚒 🔥

Her programming has been dialed back and simplified to coincide with the grueling workload during the academy.

1-2x a week resistance training + recovery protocols.

Pumped to see her continuing to accomplish her goals!

Let’s make it a great day!


Single Arm Row (Sound ON)⁠

Time to get after it with a classic upper body pulling movement the Single Arm Row!⁠

This exercise has stood the test of time dating back to the ’70s and is still a staple in many programs as a developer of the back, grip, and core strength.⁠

When done appropriately, it will add that much desired sculpted musculature of the posterior shoulder, lats, and biceps.⁠

☝️ Key Points:⁠

▪️Setup in either a tripod or staggered stance with one arm on a bench or firm surface such as a dumbbell rack.⁠

▪️Once you have your feet positioned, attempt to maintain a neutral spine position, braced core, with eyes gazing forward.⁠

▪️Proceed to grab the dumbbell or kettlebell with the free arm and ROW your hand towards your hip with a smooth tempered movement. ⁠

▪️Make sure to use a full range of motion to illicit a deep stretch in the lats. Don’t be shy to increase intensity (weight) when appropriate.⁠

Benefits: ⁠
✨Strength Development in Lats, Upper Back, Biceps, Grip, and Core⁠
✨Effective to build lean muscle mass ⁠
✨Great to pair up with Bench Press in a *Super Set*⁠

Athlete: ⁠
Clothing: ⁠
Footwear: ⁠

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We are Locomotion Athletics

Welcome to Locomotion Athletics! One of San Diego's premier Functional Strength & Conditioning fitness facilities.

We specialize in providing world-class coaching to help you become your most ANTI-FRAGILE self.

After starting as an outdoor Bootcamp with nothing more than a Honda Element and some equipment, our humble beginnings have blossomed into a fitness movement that has changed hundreds.

Our community is rooted in "Small Town Vibes. Big Time Results" where everyone knows your name and is supporting YOU every step of the way. We are all-inclusive no matter gender, sexuality, or race.

Our smaller group sizes emphasize "Quality > Quantity"

Our training principles focus on mastering the fundamentals of strength training which scientific & anecdotal evidence has shown is the #1 indicator of a healthy athletic body.

Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Cardio Equipment, etc. our intimate 1,100 square foot facility has it.

By cutting out the FLUFF and get right down to business we make sure your body is getting everything it needs in a fun & energetic environment.

We offer personal, semi-personal, group, & nutritional coaching brought to you by our world-class experience human performance coaches.

You won't regret it.

If this sounds like a place for you, I suggest you click the link in our BIO and get started with a 7-Day All-Access pass.



Photos from Locomotion Athletics's post 05/25/2021

Check out our space!


Practice Makes Perfect

Decided to dust off the barbell and get back to the basics of compound movements.

No better place to start than the Barbell Conventional Deadlift. Back strength, grip ability, glute/hamstring recruitment, the list goes on of the potential benefits.

It also can put you in your place with unwanted injuries so it’s important to practice with sub-maximal loads in order to maintain the appropriate sequencing leading up, during, and after the lift.

Back in the day (I may be old enough to say that now) I attempted to push the limits week in and week out which after while begins to be less fruitful in its returns.

Take the long road and LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN about the lift followed by executions and refinement.

Better yet! Find a coach whose been doing this s**t for a long time and schedule a private session so you can really start to bend the learning curve.

You won’t learn how to deadlift on Instagram as a matter of fact over my 15 year career I can’t even count on one hand how many things I’ve “learned” on IG that have drastically changed my approach to training. Practical experience and mentor ships are where it’s at.

Doing more > Scrolling More

Let’s get after it.


Having some fun with the new slant board by

Quads are on fire after this full range of motion ass to grass squats. Honestly, it feel exactly like a hack squat but with more “functionality”

Trying to keep the movement pattern as smooth as possible and I descend into a deep squat with my knees going into full flexion at the bottom.

In order to create resiliency in the joint we must focus on full ranges of motion. Most of you are going to start with just body weight before progressing into external loads but the benefits are worth it IMO.

Integrating these slant board squats as well as the ATG Split Squats have my knees feeling as strong as they’ve every been.


ATG (Ass To Grass) Splits Squats


It’s been a month since I started implementing these into my weekly training sessions and all I can say is my legs have never felt better.

From increased ankle mobility, stable knees, and opened up hip flexors it’s hard to deny the anecdotal outcome.

Looking forward to seeing further results.


Another day at the office for ! Casually hitting a deadlift PR coming out of quarantine.

Strength = Health 💪🙏 (2 Reps @ 275lbs)

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in San Diego?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

San Diego’s Premier Functional Strength & Conditioning Program

Movement is the key to happiness and wellness. Training doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. At Locomotion Athletics, our mission is to empower you to be your best self through dynamic movement, intelligent strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning. Not only do we aim to get you strong and fit, we strive to promote your longevity, movement capabilities, and overall well-being through attentive coaching, alternative and refined coaching programs, and lifestyle guidance. Come give us a try at our new training center located right off the I-5 and Old Town Ave. exit. Location address below...

We offer many types of classes to suit many needs and interests.

2163 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA, 92110

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8AM Functional S&C@locomotionathletics Morning group training getting after it with some Chest Pass 2 MB Slam!Not to be ...
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