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Award Winning Golf Performance Coaching. Discover Your Swing!® owned and founded by 2017 LPGA Natio Discover your swing!

is a philosophy to assist every golfer find and embrace their unique "that"swing while honoring the body. Bio-mechanically, discovering what and why "that" swing is Discover Your Swing!

Operating as usual


"I am certain that there can be no
freedom, or natural swing when the mind is
occupied by instructing the body."
J. H. Taylor _5x Open Champion


Determined to finish ⛳️ is a mindset.

Timeline photos 10/13/2022

Lessgo neighbor…! Jodi Ewart Shadoff

California Dreaming! 🏆

Pro V1x loyalist Jodi Ewart Shadoff earns her first career LPGA victory, winning the Mediheal Championship by 1 shot.

Congrats, Jodi!

Photos from Discover Your Swing!'s post 09/02/2022

🎵 It's time to play the music
It's time to light the lights
It's time to meet the on tonight!!


Classy. On time. Colorful. Get it. Give it. Change it. Play it.


The original Midwest golf bag creator Shout out to 🔥 photo cred:


Be 💯 successful being you


Q:Tip from Coach , LPGA
How to make your putts fall in the hole more often:
The hole is the biggest when the ball is rolling the exact speed to stop at the back of the hole. Mathematically, the faster the ball is moving at the hole, the smaller the hole. Ergo if it is moving where it will stop just at the back of the hole, the ball has a chance to fall in the front, and all sides. Make science work for you by putting the speed to the back of the cup.


Golf a game that doesn’t discriminate, knows no hate & treats everyone equally.


When playing a course that requires a caddy $100-$150 per loop is the appropriate fee pp. yes ✅no ❎ ❓❔ .obsession


Dope gear for women by women.


You have endless possibilities with your game Discover Your Swing!®️
text us for help contact in bio


Hard work during spring break pays off for with


Warming it up yass ✌🏾☮️⛳️


Power & Strength comes from within first, you game is sharper than ever! ⛳️


Mark your ball 💨


Give her GOLF. Endlessly easy to obsess over.


"The time is always right to do what is right."


Happy Holidays from Discover Your Swing! Discover Your Swing! Wishes: May year of 2022 be lucky with a dash of skill!


How’s this for a Christmas office gift?


When it feels just right…. awesome custom


Congratulations to championships


Improve your swing FAST


Improve your swing FAST

Game changer

Timeline photos 10/08/2021

Timeline photos

Take your game to the next level and find your perfect swing with deWiz.


Skill + Passion
Mental interference =
Playing UR best ⛳️ 🏌🏻‍♀️


Keep it simple


Yes. All the . thank you for sharing with the world,
“I too have this same life experience. Coach




Celebrating a renewal of your game! Discover Your Swing!


Weekend warriors delight!


So do you practice confidence? If so, can you be authentic? Need help? Call for a lesson with our coaches and

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Be 💯 successful being you @discoveryourswing @golfdigest #discoveryourswing @theopen
Dope gear for women by women. @dfmodern
You have endless possibilities with your game Discover Your Swing!®️text us for help contact in bio
Hard work during spring break pays off for @gablp6666 with @ljhsgolf @discoveryourswing #discoveryourswing
Warming it up @topmarqmedia @marqosplaysgolf @marqos_maldonado yass ✌🏾☮️⛳️
Power & Strength comes from within first, @lexi you game is sharper than ever! ⛳️ #2022predictions #lexiforthewinin2022 ...
Judging #tanner #swingsimulator
Imagination is best used athletically. #feelthespeed #seetheline #sensethedepth #punchbowl
Big gains 💪🏽 @barbell_medicine  @jordan_barbellmedicine @discoveryourswing #discoveryourswing
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Time to practice? Exaggerated movement : ingraining better feels for awareness #flattenthecurve Awareness rehearsal of e...




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