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Your San Diego Source for Wushu / Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Wing Chun / Bagua / Chinese Cultural Classes. The JING Institute prides itself on being not just a martial arts school, but also a doorway into Asian Culture.

In addition to the rich culture already embedded in our Chinese Martial Arts classes, JING also offers a Cultural Class Series. The martial arts classes that are taught at our San Diego location in Scripps Ranch are Wushu / Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Wing Chun / Bagua

Operating as usual


Where am I at JING?

Where am I at JING?


Happy Mother’s Day Weekend 🌹

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend 🌹


This weekend 👻


Pacific Arts Movement

The San Diego Asian Film Festival is On!


Presenters of the San Diego Asian Film Festival and other year-round events.

[07/13/20]   Adult martial classes continue-outside!

Come enjoy the beautiful weather and great training with us 😁

[05/10/20]   Happy Mother’s Day


2020-01-26 Sea World - Wushu 1


JING Kids perform Chinese Wushu at the Sea World 2020 Lunar New Year Festival.


Happy New Year!


Hong Kong Tai Chi & Qigong

This is how you become formless, shapeless, like water...


JING Institute

Remember when we did this? I'm really looking forward to when we'll do push-hands again, May 25-26 in Coach Wei Wei's Seminar!

Friends in the Push Hands class.


This May, Coach Wei Wei is coming back from China to teach Seminars and Private Lessons! The Seminars are:

Chen-Style TaiChi: An Amazing 3-Day Journey

Understand the reasons behind Chen Style's stomps and swirls, how to execute them properly, and how to create power through proper alignment. In this seminar, you will practice silk-reeling and explosive power via the framework of Chen 56 -- itself a distillation of the traditional routines Old Frame #1 and Old Frame #2.

Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday, May 25 - Monday, May 27
9:30am - 12:30pm and 2pm - 4pm each day.
15 hours of in-depth training for $270 for those who pre-register.

Applying Push-Hands: a Powerful 2-Day Experience.

Learn and improve the art of using leverage, timing, and positioning. As Wang Tsung-Yueh said, "A force of four ounces deflects a thousand pounds."

This Push-Hands seminar is particularly geared towards people interested in the application side of martial arts, particularly the "listening" and "uprooting" aspects of close-quarters combat.

Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday, May 25, 5-7:30pm and Sunday, May 26, 5-7pm.
4 and a half hours of training for $60 for those who pre-register!

Private Lessons with Coach are extremely valuable, and there are currently fewer than 10 spots left between Thursday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend -- please call 858-578-8267 or email me to reserve your lesson. $45 per 30-minute session.

About Coach Wei Wei:

After a successful career both competing and coaching in the professional JiangSu Wushu Team, Coach Wei Wei underwent special training in Taiji with professors Men HuiFeng, Vice President of the Chinese National Wushu Association, and Kan GuiXiang, WuShu 9th Duan in China (the highest WuShu level that there is). Professors Men and Kan (who are married) are the creators of the 42-Form, 42-Sword, Chen 56, and Chen 36. Kan GuiXiang herself studied directly with Tian XiuChen, the best student of Chen Fa'Ke, who in 1928 was the first of the Chen family to leave the Chen village and promote Chen-Style Taiji.

Coach Wei Wei himself embodies decades of traditional Wushu and Taiji training and has an incredible eye for detail; and he also has a compassionate understanding of American students' needs during training, since he previously lived and taught in the US for over 15 years.

Please visit www.JINGinstitute.com for registration forms, or stop by JING. We look forward to training with you!

Thank you,
Jing Jing




Mwa ha ha

[02/18/19]   Remember: no classes on Monday, February 18th in observance of Presidents’ Day.


After performing at the Chinese New Year Festival today. https://youtu.be/vnwOo2o_xXU

[02/05/19]   Happy New Year!

[01/07/19]   Classes start for 2019 tomorrow (January 7th)!


From our JING family to yours:


Happy Thanksgiving from the JING family!
We are open Monday this week and then reopen the 26th on the regular schedule.

[11/14/18]   Thanksgiving Break starts on Tuesday, November 20th. Classes resume on Monday the 26th.


KÀ by Cirque du Soleil

Please enjoy this eye-opening short video form Cirque du Soleil documenting the training history of one of their prime KÀ performers, Jian Zengjiao ("JJ"). Like many of your children, JJ started studying Wushu at an early age; unlike any of our kids, however, he tested into a professional Chinese Wushu Team at a very young age and went away to boarding school where he trained in Wushu 6 days per week, starting at 5:30am every day. JJ describes his childhood as very tough; but now, he has reaped the benefits of decades of hard work, to become the best version of himself.


Get to know artist, “JJ” Zengjiao Jian, who is a master at martial arts! See how he shares his talent and passion with the community on The E/O with People Are Awesome.


Did you know...
The alien/actor used his Taichi skills to create his movements for his role.


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Push Hands at JING
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Do you Drunken?
Ashley kicks George - Rip Cord Training
Alex and Bo practice some sanda/sanshou




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