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Thank you Brave Wellness Studio and Denise for hosting the Mind & Body workshop, “what is your body trying to tell you: the pain & mood connection”
I'm looking forward to the 7pm Hatha Yoga class tonight !! See you there,,,
Renee Worley Hotchkiss

Holistic Psychotherapy, Coaching & Yoga Studio. We offer monthly wellness workshops to deepen your experience and further your journey.

Operating as usual


Holistic Psychotherapy🌿

What is Holistic Psychotherapy? Holistic psychotherapy address an individual as a whole person rather than as someone who is sick and incorporates traditional talk therapy with integrative and alternative healing methods.

Our body keeps score of trauma and difficult transitions, together, in sessions we will explore body cues (somatic symptoms) to get to the root cause, learn holistic skills such as mindfulness and alternative medicine.

Come dressed comfortably, grab complimentary tea or coffee in the relaxation room, and get ready to explore and grow. Schedule your session today at 🔗 in bio!

Virtual sessions also available 👩🏽‍💻📞


Abundance 💫

This month's mantra, we focus on accepting abundance. Last month you cleansed and released, leaving space for your authentic self to bloom. With this energy of growth, imagine the possibilities of what could be yours.


Never Underestimate the Power of CommUNITY 🪢

Last night we discussed Self Care, the barriers, and narratives, and listened to what our authentic self truly needs. It’s powerful when souls come together to listen, process together, and support.

Join our monthly Wellness Workshops and take your exploration and healing to a deeper level.

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Elevate your Therapy Session ➡️

These 3 tips can help take your therapy session to the next level. Start your journey today at the link in bio.


What Does Authenticity/ Self Care Mean to YOU!? ❤️

Self-care allows us to show up as the most authentic version of ourselves. Learn how to identify your self-care non-negotiables and prioritize them for more calm, confidence and clarity.

FREE for Founding Brave Members. $30 for Brave Members. $40 for Non-Members.

Thursday, March 24, 6:30-8PM


Women Supporting Women 💪🏽

Thanks, ladies for flowing with us tonight and inspiring one another!


Today and every day 👩🏽👩🏼👩🏻👩🏾👩🏿👩🏼‍🦳

We celebrate the achievements of Women, uplift, and support one another.

As a Latina, women-owned business, this is dear to our hearts. We still have work to do, but together, we can do anything!

Tag a woman in your life and remind her how BRAVE she is! 💪🏽

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Relax ☕️

Our Relaxation Room was built with the intention for you to do just that! This space offers self-serve coffee and tea and is available to you before or after any service, session, or yoga class. Come relax in this quiet space, or get to know your follow Brave yogi.


March Mantra 💫

March is Women's History Month! As a woman-owned & operated business, we are proud of the strides women have made toward equality, making it possible for us to be where we are today (still, tons to do). Let's march into this month expressing the fullness of who we are, permitting us to show up as the most authentic, brave version of ourselves.


Anxiety 😵‍💫

Did you know that your Mental Health can manifest in your physical health? This is our body's way of alerting us to pay attention and make a change.

These are just 5 symptoms you may experience without knowing they could be anxiety. Our bodies are so powerful and amazing at letting us know what is going on internally, all we have to do is listen!

Our Holistic approach to psychotherapy gives you tailored skills to do just that and work through these symptoms through talk therapy, mindfulness, and an integrative medicine approach.

If you or someone you know could use this approach, book an appointment at our link in bio!

❗️Disclaimer: IG is not therapy. This content is for educational purposes only. Please see the full disclaimer in highlights.


Inner Wisdom Wellness Workshop 💫

Most of us were never taught how to deal with feelings, especially uncomfortable ones. However, feelings are a powerful guide to our inner needs, desires, and truths.
Instead of fearing, numbing, or avoiding, learn what it means to BE with and LEARN from your feelings.

Bring a mat and wear comfy clothes.
Thursday • 2/24 • 6:30pm

Link in bio to reserve your spot today!


Brave Yogis spreading ❤️ and support!

Come take a class with these beautiful souls and gain a full community!

First Month Unlimited Yoga only $50!*

*Available for new students only


Yoga🧘🏽‍♀️, Shopping🛍, and Mimosas🍾

Join @bravewellnessstudio and @athleta for a fun-filled pop-up event! Start the day with yoga and stay for shopping and mimosas. All attendees receive friends and family discount (20% off) on all Athleta and Brave clothing.

Raffles and Prizes throughout the day. Stop by and say 👋🏽

📆: Saturday, 2/19, 7:30 am-12:30 pm
📍: Brave Wellness Studio, 6020 Santo Road, Suite B, San Diego 92124


✨Teacher Spotlight✨
Meet Kristen Fearson!

1) How has yoga impacted your life?

More intentional about what does & doesn’t serve me on & off the mat. Helps with my anxiety because it improves my relationship with mindfulness.

2) Describe your teaching style in 3 words.

Empowering, Authentic, Accessible.

3) If 💰 was no object, what would you do all day?

I would play with my dog, go to the beach, read, take naps, go hiking and spend time with family & friends.

4) If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which would it be & why?

I would be a 🐶 because I love dogs. I’m also fiercely loyal, love naps, cuddles & peanut butter.

Show Kristen some ❤️ this month by taking a class with her: Mondays @ 6:30am Brave Vinyasa & Mondays @ 9am Slow Flow. Wednesdays @ 6:30am Brave Vinyasa.


February Mantra 💫

This month, we attempt to find comfort & ease in the ups & downs, finding courage in the unknown. We use the breath to lean into our vulnerability without trying to run away or hide.


A little kudos to all of you doing the work, and a gentle nudge to those who have been thinking about it.

Going to therapy does not mean you are broken, crazy, unlovable, or weird. ❌

Going to therapy means you are observing, learning, growing, and BRAVE! 💪🏽

So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Chances are, you are going to therapy to deal with those who aren’t 🤫😂

If you feel ready to take the leap, use our 🔗 in bio to register. We would love to walk this journey with you ❤️


The New Year can feel inspiring and full of possibilities. It's also a time that we can easily begin to criticize ourselves, and focus on all that needs to be "fixed." Come learn how to connect with and draw upon your inner strengths, values, and resources to accomplish your 2022 vision, and feel good doing it.

We will start with a centering cacao ceremony, that will segue into a group share activity to identify how to use your strengths. Enjoy community & bonding to get you motivated for New Year!

This Event is FREE for Brave Founding Members & Wellness Founding Members. Members $30. Non-Members $40.


A Friendly Reminder to Check-in ✔️

Some days are harder than others and in the moment we can forget to check in as to what is lacking. Use this checklist to pause and ask yourself what you need. This can help to bring awareness to something simple that is lacking such as needing a snack or nap. Using this simple tool can help you regulate, lower your stress and anxiety, and help you move on to the rest of the day.


The Healing Power of Reiki 💫

Holistic in nature, Reiki treats the whole person, including mind, body & soul to melt away tension.

During the session, a Reiki Practitioner gently moves their hands just above or on the client’s clothed body, helping reduce stress and promote healing by encouraging a healthy flow of energy. Some of the benefits of Reiki include improved mood & emotional well-being, reduced stress & increased relaxation, better sleep, and lower levels of anxiety.

Book your session today!


January Mantra ✨

This month, rather than focusing on what you need to change, focus on all of who you are. Embrace all of you because there is only one you and this world needs YOU!

“I embrace all of who I am.”

Tag a friend who you are so grateful to have in your life ⤵️


Grateful for YOU ✨

As 2021 comes to a close, we reflect on the year and feelings of gratitude for all the love and support you have showed our small business.

Thank you so much for being a part of this loving and supporting community.

We can’t wait to grow further with you in 2022 🍾

Denise & Brave Team ❤️







A critical part of a healthy wellness routine is not just performing the self-care rituals or creating a nightly sleep hygiene routine, but visualizing your goals and being your biggest advocate in achieving these dreams. One way to start your day with empowerment is to create a list of positive mantras to tell yourself. These morning mantras could focus on self-love, removing anxiety, happiness, or success.

A mantra is a powerful statement that you can repeat to yourself each day—out loud or internally—to remind yourself of your power, strength, or commitment. Examples of daily mantras could be reminding yourself in a stressful situation that everything will be okay. Long distance runners often use mantras late in the race as a reminder to keep pushing even when they are getting tired.

A mantra will look different for each person. It’s important to remember that your mantra is deeply personal to you and to treat it as your own daily meditation practice.

Here are a few of our favs, what are some of yours?




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BRAVE is eager to see you tomorrow on your mats! 🤗Things to note:•Doors open 10min prior to class. •Please wear a mask w...
Missing our Brave Family, let's meditate together!





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