The San Diego

The San Diego


The San Diego found a few offshore today!
If you can swing it I highly suggest you book a trip to the islands this week. Tons of fish down there. We had a blast today on The San Diego . GO GET SOME!
The total experience created such a great memory for me and many thanks to all the Crew members and Captain. Their experience and helpfulness from Setting up our rigs to untangling the lines and getting the catch on board really was unequaled.
From the moment you board they wanted to take care of your concerns to help you be successful. From the marina landing to the Coronado Islands it takes about two hours. In that time you can set up your rigs or the crew will make sure you are ready and are glad to help in any way.
You will cruise at about 12 knots with a comfortable rolling pitch, keeping your eyes peeled toward the south and your destination.
You can relax in the galley dinning room or get a fresh cooked breakfast from the Master Galley chef. There are clean restrooms and the entire boat is meticulously maintained.
You will meet other like minded passengers from all over SO CAL and beyond, really nice people. Some are experienced fisherman, and some are first timers. The Crew and the Captain will do their best to help you land the fish.
There were several faces that were familiar to the Crew who knew them by first names, that's because they come back to a great boat knowing their chances of landing fish are very good with this Crew.
There are times of just cruising , while the Captain is scanning for the school of fish below. Then shear controlled chaos when he says bait up their just below and everyone gets there line in the water.
Almost before you believe it your line is tight and running off the spool then you stop the fish and turn it reeling like crazy. It seems like your arm will give out but you keep reeling and then there's that beautiful color of the prized Yellow-fin. If you listen to the instruction carefully of the crew they will gaff the fish and you can't believe you've got your first Yellow-tail. What a thrill, and man does that taste good on the Grille. Don't worry about cleaning you fish and taking out the trash, The Crew can expertly fillet your catch and bag it too! While on the ride back to the marina you can have the master chef make you a great bacon cheeseburger and a cold drink and tell of all the great catch you made. I really highly recommend the "San Diego" the Jewel of the fleet and their Crew, you won't be disappointed.
Visit our website for more info & to sign up.

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Looking to get out this weekend on a full day out of San Diego? Even better...Looking to get out on The San Diego this weekend?!?!? Coastal Conservation Association of California has FOUR spots left on their San Diego Chapter Charter this Sunday, 7/25! Tickets are $250 per person and it INCLUDES a one year CCA membership! Help support the organization that not only works to maintain our fishing rights, but also advocates for conservation...PLUS get to fish on the world class San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing! Tickets can be found here:
Spots are filling up fast on the CCA San Diego Members Charter on July 25th on The San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing! Price includes onboard raffles, limited load, and a 1-year membership to CCA!

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Coastal Conservation Association San Diego Anglers
Groundfish is open for 1 more week! And there's clearly some big fish to be caught! CCA San Diego Member Carrie Sherwood-Costa with a nice lingcod while onboard The San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing recently!

Coastal Conservation Association
Sobering news from The San Diego
First yellows of the season for The San Diego
Fishing is off the hook 🤣🤣🤣 hope to see you sooner than later!!
Best 3/4 boat in the SD area..🤙🤞🤟
Tomorrow I’ll be on The San Diego with my buddies. Can’t wait. Call the landing if you’d like to join us for some great hangs. Can’t wait to put my new Tingley Rubber short deckboots to the test. Seaforth Sportfishing

The M/V San Diego is the premier Full Day Boat fishing the Coronado Islands, Northern Baja Coast, an Book Online and come fishing with us!

The M/V San Diego is a Full Day open party sportfishing boat based out of Seaforth Sportfishing in San Diego, CA. The boat is owned and operated by Captain Ryan Bostian and has been operating in "Americas Finest City" for more than 40 years. Join us on our fishing trips to the Coronado Islands in Mexico and offshore!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Operating as usual

Photos from The San Diego's post 11/29/2022

As we wrap up this season we would like to thank everyone who came out with us this past season. A couple months of maintenance and we will be ready to go. Don’t forget to check out our online store for your holiday gifts.


Limits of bonito and bottom critters in beautiful fall weather. Happy thanksgiving! 🦃🍁


Spent a good portion of our day looking for yellowtail but conditions never lined up. Epic weather and plenty of taco meat to go around.


Spent 1/2 our day catching “comfortable “ depth rockfish (180-200 ft) and 1/2 our day messing with very challenging yellowtail. 3 yellowtail (18-25 lbs) 58 vermillion, 59 whitefish, 11 sheepshead, 3 lingcod, 105 misc. rockfish. 2 yellowtail were caught on yo-yo jigs 1 was caught on the surface iron by longtime San Diego jig slinger Chris Perez.


After six months of fishing offshore, it felt good to drop our anchor, shut off the engines and enjoy the Coronado Islands. The wind event on Wednesday and Thursday dropped the water temperature 7 degrees, no sign of yellowtail today but plenty of shallow water white meat and decent bonito action. With a few days of stable weather, conditions should improve.


Our last trip offshore for the season resulted in 7 dorado and limits of bonito. We have switched the remainder of our trips over to fishing the Coronado Islands targeting yellowtail and whatever we might encounter. We need your reservations to run!


1 bluefin 2 dorado 27 bonito. Little bit of action in beautiful weather.


1 bluefin 2 bonito. Not many willing participants today. Canceled tomorrow due to lack of reservations.


14 mahi mahi 3 yellowtail. Saw 1 nice school of tuna that boiled on our chum but did not eat our hooks. We will be heading back to the islands starting November 1. Grab your inshore gear and your passports. Reservations will be very important for our Island trips.


18 dorado 1 yellowfin. We now know where not to be.


13 yellowfin and limits of dorado. Fun fall fishing.


Charter master Larry Miller with one of the 3 bluefin we caught today. We also had limits of dorado and a yellowfin for our 13 passengers.

Photos from The San Diego's post 10/21/2022

Spent most of day not being able to see very far due to fog. Managed to pluck off 4 yellowfin 7 dorado 44 bonito when we could use our eyeballs.


Todays mahi madness was very rewarding after 2 slow days in a row. 34 pass, full Mexican limits of mahi mahi in perfect weather.

Photos from The San Diego's post 10/18/2022

Covered lots of water, checked a lot of Flotsam. 33 mahi mahi in choppy weather.


19 yellowfin 19 dorado 1 yellowtail.


Things felt a little tired after yesterdays big hits. Our Trench Shoring charter landed 6 yellowfin 3 dorado 1 yellowtail 10 bonito.


160 yellowfin 1 bluefin. Went the distance and it paid off. A couple stops on some pretty eager tuna. The prepared angler would have a 25 and 40lb fly line rod ready to go with an assortment of hooks from size #4-2/0. We also had some fish on sniper style jigs in the 60-100gram sizes.


Capt Matt and the boys have called in with 50 yellowfin tuna so far. Come prepared with a variety of line sizes from 20-50 lb and hook sizes from #4-2/0. We have openings for next week but they will not last long so call 619-224-3383 and reserve your spot.


1 dorado 23 bonito. Covered some ground with not much to show for it. Back out tomorrow hoping for different results.


48 dorado. Explored a new area and scraped up some fish on a handful of kelps.


Pieced together a decent day. 64 mahi mahi 1 yellowtail.

Photos from The San Diego's post 10/10/2022

Two quick shots at tuna and one good mahi-mahi stop. 8 bluefin 8 yellowfin and a limit of mahi-mahi.


Limits of dorado and 1 yellowfin. The mahi mayhem continues.


2 bluefin and all you can eat mahi-mahi. Great weather and fun fishing.

Photos from The San Diego's post 10/07/2022

Limits of dorado and 38 bluefin. A 40lb fly line rod is all you need. If you do not have a true 40lb outfit we highly recommend renting one from


The Ol Boy charter group covered some ground and got a bottom of the ninth grand slam. Charter master Ali “Sweet Cheeks” Poursafar with the last fish of the day. They managed 8 bluefin 6 yellowfin 53 dorado 2 yellowtail.


Mexican limits of dorado 4 bluefin 2 yellowfin. A buzzer be**er kelp to save the day.


58 yellowfin 4 bluefin 12 dorado. Every day is different!


18 bluefin 15 yellowfin. One plunker drift on bluefin and a couple shots at yellowfin. 30-40lb flylined baits worked best.


45 yellowfin 7 bluefin 18 dorado. Limits of beers and a offshore mixed bag for our rent rod charter.


The annual San Diego Marine Exchange charter enjoyed some ice cold beers and a couple shots at tuna. 32 bluefin 3 yellowfin 9 dorado.


37 bluefin from 30-50 lbs, 3 yellowfin and 50 dorado. 40 lb flyline baits was the best today.


The table is set for an amazing Fall. Dorado fishing as good as it gets. More and more tuna showing up everyday. 16 yellowfin tuna, 5 bluefin tuna, 2 yellowtail and full limits of mahi mahi. An assortment of line sizes to flyline with from 20-50 lb would have you covered. 60&80 gram C**t Snipers also produced a few tuna.


Forgot to take a picture today so we’re using my all time favorite Mahi-mahi photo. Full Mexican limits of Mahi mahi and 2 yellowfin tuna.


46 dorado 1 yellowfin 1 bluefin. Saw decent sign of tuna today in choppy weather. Looking forward to some nicer conditions!


Despite a not so nice ocean we managed to make a day out of it. 68 dorado 5 yellowfin 1 black skipjack.


Limits of dorado and 1 black skipjack for our 22 person private charter.


“Sea Dog” Dave McAdams displaying one of the 35 dorado we captured today in beautiful weather.


One lucky kelp for limits of dorado.

Our Story

The M/V San Diego is a Full Day open party sportfishing boat based out of Seaforth Sportfishing in San Diego, CA. The boat is owned and operated by Captain Ryan Bostian and has been operating in "Americas Finest City" for more than 40 years.

Join us on our fishing trips to the Coronado Islands in Mexico and offshore! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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26 bluefin tuna from 20-40 lbs. and 6 yellowtail. Flyline bait on 30 and 40 lb with a size 1 or 2 hook was the best setu...
Today our annual “Ol Boy” charter experienced a 6 hour drift which covered 4 miles and included some of the best big tun...
At $6 per screw it gets expensive in a hurry
Want to fish like the pros? Captains Gavin Harbour of the Pacific Queen and Matt Bralla of the San Diego have started a ...
2 bluefin 5 yellowtail. One of these days the fish we are seeing are going to slip up. We are more than ready to make th...




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