SoCal Colts Fans

SoCal Colts Fans


Hello fellow socal colts fans i was wondering with covid going on and sidecar being closed if there is another gathering place for us?
Hey fam. Pass the word. There will be a raffle (free) on game 1 at our San Diego headquarters. You just need to be there rocking Colts swag. Multiple prizes. And if you want to contribute a raffle/prize of your own, message me and i'll plug it in :).🙌 Stay safe!
Colts family!! Are you ready to go support our boys in blue?! Let’s get pumped!!

So a few words about those joining us tomorrow: if you were in my ‘group’ you should already have your tickets. Please ‘claim’ them today on ticketmaster so we have no issues at the gate.

Party bus and tailgaters! I spoke to Patty in hope to take some pressure of questions and contact off her.

RIDERS: there will be two buses. 1. Primarily colts designated (there will still be a handful of chargers fans and 2. For chargers fans.

Arrive at the Old Town Trolley Parking lot No LATER than 6:40 am. Riders are welcome to bring own chairs, coolers and team paraphernalia. Please no glass. Your car will be safe to leave in the lot.

On the way up there will be snacks and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. I can go get donuts or Bfast burritos for us if everyone would like?! PLEASE COMMENT BELOW (Joseph Hoffman, Marlan Hoodwillis, Greene Danielle, Matthew Van Vorst Sandra Banteir @edgar...)

There will be raffles on the bus, put on by 5northbolt, so bring cash if you would like to join. Proceeds go to SD Food Bank. Edgar Arreguin we have any colts giveaways?

We will arrive to the stadium around 10:30 am we will be dropped off inside the parking lot. It doesn’t sound like a far walk, but the bus does not stay with us.

The 5northbolt team will safely take any of our belongings back to the bus shortly before the game. ONLY RIDERS WILL BE ABLE TO LEAVE ITEMS ON THE BUS! (Sooo if you’re tailgating and wanting to leave things... call me and I’ll take them as mine 😉)

We will head back shortly after the game and will need to be back 30 min post game.

TAILGATERS: Our tailgate will be set up in the ‘Thunder Alley’ in the Silver Lot / Gate C. I cant find a map right now, but call/text .... someone 🤣🤣. Just kidding. Text me.

During tailgate there will be snacks, drinks, Jell-O shots, catered tacos and the like. Kat Cn-Ay I told her of your vegan disease and is telling the cook so hopefully options for you.

There will be servers at the tailgate so bring cash if you’d like to tip!!

RIDERS: there will be a different pick up and we will be given this info on the bus ride.

I think that’s everything, but please reach out to me if any questions/comments/concerns! And I hope I didn’t miss anyone?!

If you haven’t already booked as rider or tailgater: DO NOW!! ([email protected])

For FAQ:

GO COLTS!! 💙🏈💙🐴💙
Are all colts fans tailgating in lot 10? Heading down with two friends and we are invited to 1 spot
Got an extra ticket to Colts/Chargers 9/8! PM if interested. Thanks, Colts Fan!
SoCal Colts Fans: I know of two (2) tickets available for the Colts v Chargers game coming up on September 8th in LA. They have different price tags as are in different sections, but both with my friendly Colts family. PM me if you or someone you know interested... only fun loving and respectable Chargers fans will be considered 😉. GO COLTS!! 💙🏈
Anyone watching the preseason games anywhere on Saturday? Up in North County and would love to watch with fans.
Hey fellow SoCal Colts Fans! If you’re planning on going to the Colts @ Chargers game on 9/8 we wanted to let you know about the tailgating “party” bus a group of us are taking up.

We are booked on the 5 Bolt North Bus!

Its super simple... just go tot the link and sign up. Prices $104. Ticket Price goes up $25 tonight at midnight (she left it up a day just for us). At checkout there is a space for comments to seller. Write in Colts Bus on 9/8/19 and where you want to be picked up (Old Town or Oceanside)

This lady is awesome and wants us to have a great time! I trust she'll provide that for us. If she can get 25 - 30 Colts fans we'll get our own bus and she'll set up our own tailgate for us! She also said they have had guests from the opposing teams eachtime and those folks always ahve a great time as well.

Sign up and let everyone know so the excitent contiunes to build.

Go Colts!!

Colts vs Chargers up in Carson on 9/8! We need to get a group together to go up!

We are the Head Quarters for Colts fans in San Diego! This started as a small group of Colts fans living in San Diego around 2004. We've bounced around a couple bars over the years until finding Sidecar Bar.

The perfect place to watch the Colts murder people. Go Horse!





BIG GAME DAY!!! LET'S GO COLTS! #playoffsbaby #gohorse

BIG GAME DAY!!! LET'S GO COLTS! #playoffsbaby #gohorse

[01/09/21]   SideCar will have a TV and sound out on the patio tomorrow for the Colts/Bills game to accommodate all of our fans!
Go Horse!!!


Go Horse!!!

Go Horse!!!


SideCar Bar will be open for the Colts vs Bills playoff game this Saturday at 10am. Doors open at 9:30am.

Go Horse!!!

SideCar Bar will be open for the Colts vs Bills playoff game this Saturday at 10am. Doors open at 9:30am.

Go Horse!!! 01/04/2021

[DETAILS] Colts’ 2021 Home/Away Opponents Finalized The Indianapolis Colts now know their eight home and road opponents for the 2021 regular season. Now we wait until the Spring to find out the official times and dates of these matchups.


Game day!! Let's go horse!!

[12/19/20]   Sidecar Bar will be open for the Colts game tomorrow at 10am against the Texans!
Go Horse!!!

[12/17/20]   Sidecar will be open for the Colts game against the Texans this Sunday at 10am!
Go Horse!!!


Game day baby!! Come hang out @sidecarbarsd for probably our last game at the bar. #f**kcovid19 #gohorse #coltsnation #fortheshoe


Game day!! Come hang @sidecarbarsd to support the team! Go horse!!


Game day! Come hang out Sidecar tonight!!


Let's go colts!! Join us @sidecarbarsd to watch the game and cheer on our guys!


Game day!!! Get up and get out to @sidecarbarsd to support the team. GOTTA SUPPORT THE TEAM!! GO HORSE! #coltsnation #gocolts

[10/11/20]   Go Horse!!!


GAME DAY!! come cheer on our colts @sidecarbarsd today!! GO HORSE!!


Game day!! Come join us @sidecarbarsd today for some colts football! Yummy food and raffles!!

[10/03/20]   Kickoff for the Colts/Bears game tomorrow was changed from 10am to 1:25pm. Sidecar will open at noon!
Go Horse!!!


Game day! Go colts! Support your boys and come watch the game @sidecarbarsd !! #gocolts #supportyourteam


Colts face the Jets this Sunday at home kickoff 1:05pm. Watch ALL the games at our official Colts headquarters in San Diego, Sidecar Bar!
Go Horse!!!




Let's destroy those Vikings! Go horse!! #gocolts


Colts this Sunday 10am against the Vikings at Sidecar!

Go Horse!!!


Indianapolis Colts

Game day!!!

IT’S (finally) GAMEDAY ‼️

#INDvsJAX | #ForTheShoe

[09/09/20]   Sidecar Bar will be open for our first game against the Jaguars this Sunday at 10am! Here is a message from the owner on what we can expect. See you all Sunday!:

Hey Colts Fans!!

Sidecar is beyond stoked to have you all here yet another year and hope there are still many more to come! However, this year is going to be a little different than years past and I hope that you all understand that these changes and rules aren't of our design or desire. We certainly are not trying to make anything hard on you, or us, but in order to be here for you every Sunday of the season, and all the days in between, we need to make our best effort at following the guidelines issued by the city and state. Furthermore, we love our staff and in most cases they're coming off of unemployment while doing their best to stay healthy so please consider them if you find our temporary house rules to be disagreeable.

Everyone must wear a mask when entering, exiting, and when moving about (i.e. to the restroom, order another beer, etc.). Currently, San Diego took it a step further and is requiring that patrons wear masks even while seated before and after food is served and consumed. While we are not gonna go out of our way to enforce that one please respect the staff if they have to remind to keep masks on, stay seated, or anything else at all.

Everyone must order food. As of the moment bars like us are not technically allowed to be open unless providing food either ourselves or through a 3rd party vendor, but ordered and paid through the bar. Our buddies at Poseidon Pizza Project down the street are getting us set up in the meantime with some killer tacos from their group True Tacos and as we get further along the menu will expand and evolve as well.

San Diego is also requesting that we take names and numbers of all persons dining at the bar. We will either have a clipboard at the front or a QR code for you to scratch down info.

Capacity is seemingly one of the most important regulations and thus far seems to be the only thing they're out and about actively enforcing. Outside patio is supposed to be socially distanced at the usual 6' and groups limited to households (or folks that consent to be together). Inside dining is limited to only 25% capacity at the moment which for us is about 60 persons. Our door guy will be monitoring capacity to keep us on track and very large groups will be asked to break into smaller groups.

Lastly, and the biggest bummer, all of those lucky 60 people unfortunately can't all be huddled together at the bartop. We're gonna need everyone to be in a seat somewhere and groups spread out throughout the bar. All TVs will be on the colts game unless we're able to accommodate another group without taking away from our Colts fans.

Thank you so much to all of you in advance for your understanding and support, stoked for a great season!

Jesse, Garrett and the rest of the Sidecar crew

[09/09/20]   Hey Colts Fans!

Our Colts headquarters in San Diego, the SideCar Bar, will be open for our first game against the Jaguars this Sunday at 10am. They will have a taco style food service for purchase. We're not quite sure what the exact menu items will be at this time. Food must be purchased on your bill with any alcohol. The owner, Jesse, will be sending me the COVID guidelines for us to follow later today and I will pass them along once received. Based on the occupancy restrictions we should have enough room inside to accommodate all of our fans. He is also increasing the size of the new patio in the parking lot and working on having a TV for us outside but I don't think he will have it ready to go for the first game. I'm excited that Jesse was able to make this happen and to cheer on the Colts with all of you in what looks to be a very promising season! See you all this Sunday at SideCar!

Go Horse!!!


Hey Colts Fans!
As you all know the Colts are kicking off their season this Sunday at 10am against the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Our Colts headquarters in San Diego, the SideCar Bar, hasn't been open because they don't have a kitchen. However, they are converting a part of the building into a kitchen but it won't be completed for a few more weeks. The owner is working on a temporary food service so that SideCar can reopen this week and for our game this Sunday. They will confirm with me in the next day or 2 that they will indeed be open for our fans. I will send a notice as soon as I get word. Looking forward to watching the games with you all again and hope everyone is staying safe!
Go Horse!!!


Indianapolis Colts


The best "This is SportsCenter" commercial that you never saw.


Indianapolis Colts

Our 2020 opponents are set. ⬇️


Go Horse!!!


Game day @sidecarbarsd !!! Go colts!! #coltsnation


Awesome time meeting Freddy Keiaho linebacker #54 Go Colts!


Former Colts linebacker and Super Bowl
Champion, Freddy Keiaho, celebrating his birthday with us at Sidecar!

Go Horse!!!


Watching the game with former Colts linebacker and Super Bowl Champion, Freddy Keiaho at Sidecar!

Go Horse!!!


Tim and Freddy! Go colts!!




1310 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA
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