Erin Sur Life and Enneagram Coach

Erin Sur Life and Enneagram Coach


Sharing my personal post... “You guys ever heard of the enneagram? My cousin is a coach and I just finish a series of sessions with her. I am floored. It has helped me immensely, possibly more than therapy. I’ll tell you about it but in case you don’t read to the bottom, I want to tell you that she does free group video chats. I’ll post about the next one, would love for you to check it out!

The enneagram is a kind-of personality description. Its been around for a long time. It’s really well done where it doesn’t put you in a box but helps describe things your personality generally does and thinks.

Last year my pastor Eric McMahon asked us to write down a prayer request that we considered impossible. Mine was to ask God to relieve me of my constant racing thoughts. I felt trapped by them, weighed down, constantly discouraged. Well this week, that request was answered! I thought it to be 100% something I’d just have to deal with, but it is not.

Working with Erin Sur Life and Enneagram Coach helped me recognize this and develop tools to move through it. I am so thankful and wanted to share some happiness and a resource that might help you too.”
Hi friends. Excited to be speaking at the Melting Pot in La Jolla to the 4Word group with Thrivent tonight!

I am speaking on Mindset & intention for 2020. The title is Wisdom in 2020 - A sweet journey to living out what matters most to you.

Let me know if you are interested as we have a few spots left!
First day of my workshop. You can't change what you don't understand or acknowledge.
Here is an awesome woman who has been a blessing to me and many others when she called Guam home. You are in good hands with Erin's guidance and support. Blessings, Leah Macariola del Mundo
Thanks Erin for getting me motivated to take better care of myself! It's been a couple of months and I'm still doing good.

I am a Certified Life and Enneagram Coach. I help my clients achieve the results they want by living in alignment with what matters most in their life & career.

Relationships, Teams, Family, work/life Balance, Health. I help professional working women and mom's be a star at work, have a connected marriage, raise happy kids, and look and feel great.

Operating as usual


A big lesson I am learning this year is that my validation has to come from myself over others. I have always wanted approval or love from others and when I did I would feel good about myself. It is now the opposite for me. I seek the love, approval and validation from myself over others. This is where I have found myself and my truth.
My love and happiness comes from loving God and myself first. I have found true freedom and meaning.
We put to much weight on what others think or say about ourself or our life. via


Had a great time today presenting and running an Enneagram Workshop for one of teams at The San Diego Rescue Mission! Such a great tool for teams to connect and understand themselves and each other. via


The new year should be about what you want in your life. Simplicity. Love. Clarity.
Accountability (for what you)
Love via


This is a truth that I have to remind myself of all the time. It is ok to fall, to fail or have a bad day. We are always learning, growing and need to create the mindset and space to do so. We are all in progress and life is a journey.
I still have so much to learn and now even embrace my weaknesses so I can turn them into strengths. via


I love the hope that each season brings. I love the feeling it gives and the memories it brings. I also see It as a kind of a reset, a time to look back and be proud or a time to kick some butt in the next season. Cheers to your next season! via


Enneagram coaching is life changing. It can help you in every area of your life.
Personal, Professional & Spiritual
Self-knowledge and insight
How to handle stress for your number
Internal message and childhood message
Understanding and appreciating others
Communicating effectively
Increasing emotional and social intelligence
Authentic leadership
Resolving conflict
Motivation, procrastination & productivity
Transparency and authenticity
Understanding behaviours that stem from core motivations
Increases compassion for self and others
Realize your true self is hidden beneath your personality or false self
Know your blindspot, triggers, defense mechanisms & behaviors so you can thrive and be happier!


Coaching for the type one is beneficial because they have a need to compulsively order the world. The belief that they can perfect anything or anyone in this broken world borders on the delusional. Perfectionism is a fool’s errand. It is exhausting for the type 1 to correct the countless errors they see every day in themselves, the environment and other people.
This explains why Improvers always feel this vague sense of frustration and annoyance with “the way things are.” When they gain this knowledge they can learn to relax, to laugh at themselves and to have more peace and joy in their day to day life. via


Coaching for twos really helps their relationships to be balanced. Twos often struggle with a sense of self, voicing their needs and feeling hurt or resentment. The work for the twos makes them happier, independent and balanced. via


Coaching for the type three is more valuable then they realize. Threes believe the world only values people for what they achieve, not for who they are, so they become compulsive doers. Threes long to be loved for who they are not what they do. They are often in their own way and people see through their trying. Coaching can help them to live authentically and let people in so they can be seen and be loved for who they are. It helps the type three to be more grounded, real and chill which attracts the love and admiration they desire. via


Coaching is invaluable for the type 4 as it helps them to understand their inner world so they can discern what is truth, reality or introjection. Once they understand the way they think and their patterns they will be able to make the chnages and actions needed to bring what they really want which is truth, connection, love and being seen and understood for who they are and how special they are.

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Welcome! I help people in their work and life balance and relationships. Everyone has a blind spot in an area or relationship where they are spinning their wheels. I help people with that blind spot. I teach individuals, families and teams to see their core motivations and behaviors so they can make the changes they are desiring. I want to help you live a productive, balanced life with meaning. Let's get started! email: [email protected]. Visit my web

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