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New location for On Track Wellness in Point Loma! Eyes open for moving sales on membership!
Open mat at noon On Track Wellness ! Come through and sweat!
Sporting her new swag
Friends who become family.

My martial arts family has become very close to me.

I have seen a lot of belt promotions over the years in a lot of styles.

Last night was impossible to describe. You just had to witness it.

Congrats to all. Especially Will who helps our gym provide a better program for our students.

So many who make me a better martial artist, teacher and person.

Thank you.
My co-driver in South Carolina says hello to the OTW crew
ORION FRIDAY!! Had a wonderful time with our fitness coaches Nate Church and Eric Romo on the ORION podcast. Heading into 2020 we are focused on achieving our goals and developing good habits. On Track Wellness helps keep us accountable and strong! We probably be getting a text soon....

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/episode/26jmCNZ8MsC8FlWiFcfzQ7

Apple - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/orion/id1485419237 =orionpod.podbean.com%2Fe9ff983e-884a-515e-a60d-3d7f84dcdbca

Podbean - https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-tc8d2-cdb19d

We take our Business English on field trips to businesses so they can learn from business leaders about how they got started, what makes them successful, and what they are passionate about. Today we are meeting Nathan Church of Track Wellness!

Learn more:
[email protected]
We are here at Te Mana Cafe with Nate from On Track Wellness for the weekly Ocean Beach Networking Group. Today, Nate is helping us choose the winner of the $75 Gift Card to Blue Water Seafood!

🎉 The winner of the Blue Water Gift Card is...Danielle Marshall. 💥
My son has been in the martial arts program for 3 years. Nate is a patient and skilled at working with kids. My son loves it and has gained confidence, friendship and discipline. Highly recommend!
We will be set up for repairs and celebrating the grand opening of On Track Wellness this Saturday, June 8th from 1pm-4pm.
"CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS!!! You really deserve it Sensei! We love ya!" Shinobi Martial Arts Academy...
Congratulations Sensei a Nate and all Of your competitors! You always bring the positive energy wherever you go! Come visit us soon!!
Networking Event on Tuesday at Te Mana Cafe! https://www.facebook.com/events/499795813872114/

On Track Wellness is designed to help anyone trying to improve their health. Family Oriented – Variety of Programs – Classes Taught by Owners

Operating as usual

Photos from On Track Wellness's post 08/12/2023

We had a great time last night. Awesome being out in the community and hearing a great band!

We are definitely not your typical studio and happy to be different.


Join us next Sunday, August 13th for promotions in our BJJ program!

9 am the fun starts!


Always super proud of our students and demo team. We let them create their routine, lead it and be great examples to complement martial arts technique and discipline.

Lots of fun today and a Padres win!


Join us at for a Gi Seminar. Cross train with a bunch of great schools and people.

White Gis only. Check their IG for event link.


New adult karate class starting in August. Improve your mobility, strength, balance and endurance all while learning self-defense! Great class for beginners and intermediate level students. Contact us today to reserve a spot.


New ADULT KARATE CLASS starting in August. Improve your Mobility, Strength, Balance and Endurance, all while learning Self Defense. Great class for beginners and intermediate level students. Contact us today to reserve a spot.


Super proud of the whole team today! Some wins, some losses but always lessons learned and a ton of fun!

We always credit the “The man in the arena”.

We thank everyone for all the support and wish we had got a photo!


Today we promoted Brayden to Brown Belt. It has been a bit overdue but he has never complained, asked or not stopped working.

He has been with us since 2nd grade and our first after school session. Been amazing to watch him grow and gain skills.

His teammates came in to help, push and support. We are going to enjoy watching these kids become men.

Positive environment leads to positive and supportive kids.


Great cross training today with a very talented group of people. It truly should be about helping each other succeed on and off the mat.

Lifting each other up so we all grow and prosper!


What can a 24 hour period look like to our team?

Help people get stronger and confident. That can mean hitting a new deadlift amount.

Pushing the classes Casio on the bags.

Getting our own hard training in.

Private session with a young martial artist.

Special event introducing people to martial arts and benefiting a charity.

Coaching in an MMA fight.

And that is just 1 day. We are lucky to have 6 others to help people do amazing things!


Photos from On Track Wellness's post 05/13/2023

We had such a great time with the puppies from the and introducing people to BJJ.

Having them laugh, get outside their comfy zone and gain some skills is all we want to do.

What a great night!

Photos from On Track Wellness's post 05/11/2023

We have so many great events for kids that also allow parents to take care of what they need to.

Kids will work on not just martial arts skills that help on and off the mat but learn to be a good partner in working with others, be a leader, stay focused, self control and awareness.

We always have some fun other skills we work on as well as interesting facts and trivia.

See why our camps and parents night out is so fun and beneficial.

Play and fun with focus and skills. The kids don’t even realize they are learning!

Message us to reserve a spot!


We can not wait for this event. Not much more we like better than Jiu Jitsu and Puppies!! 🥰

Even if you can not attend you can donate to the !

PayPal: [email protected]

Or bring cash the day of!

DM or us for registration link.

Spots will fill up fast and sell out.

We are well known to be big animal lovers and especially rescues. All the instructors here have dogs and all are rescues from Baja.

Come try BJJ, see our great location, help out a great cause and see some puppies!

Photos from On Track Wellness's post 04/27/2023

What brought you to OTW?

We got invited to join on Track Wellness through a friend who brought my daughter for karate and she immediately fell in love with doing karate at On Track Wellness and has been there for the past year and a half.

How has your life or behaviors changed since starting?

Our daughter had been going to On Track Wellness for a year and a half when our other daughter decided she wanted to join karate and so we all signed up for the family plan. My life has changed because of On Track Wellness.

What do you or your children enjoy most at OTW?

My children love and thrive on the individual and group attention they get from Nate, Eric and professor Will. These men are phenomenal at connecting to kids through martial arts.

What would you tell a family looking to start martial arts or fitness?

I would tell any family that’s looking to grow stronger in the next year and looking for a community that they can count on, to help their children grow their self-esteem. On Track Wellness is a great place for you and your family. This is not just “another” gym. This is a community helping us to create a healthy lifestyle. It’s really cool to connect through fitness with my family, I never got that when I was a kid. I know we are creating good habits, that will help create lifelong happiness and coping skills for our kids to deal with whatever life throws at them.

Any other points or positive experience you would like to share?

My daughter has ADHD, and it can be extremely hard to get her to listen and focus, but since doing martial arts on a regular basis, not only have her listening skills and self-esteem risen but I believe she has the ability to reach a potential, she otherwise wouldn’t have if she were not doing martial arts at On Track Wellness, Nate and Eric have both admitted to me that they also have ADHD, and I believe that this helps them connect to children who do and really help provide a foundation that will last a lifetime to help your child grow to their full potential.


We truly love the look of our new gear!

New orders being taken and will be placed in May!


Wise words from a very successful coach.

We believe you should prepare the child for the path. Do not prepare the path for the child.

Obstacles and challenges will push you but also teach you resilience. Martial arts is not easy. It takes focus, discipline, determination and hard work.

So does being successful in anything worth while.

Give yourself and a child those traits. It is never too late to push yourself.


Congrats to all the students who leveled up today!!!

Great job all!


New gear available for order! We are pumped on how great everything looks!

Thank you for helping us with great looking new kits!


So thankful we have so many strong and amazing woman to be examples and inspiration for not just other women but our young girls in our program.

Great job tonight !


Know you are part of something bigger and you have a whole team behind you.

Your team will push you but want to see you succeed off and on the mat.


Always a great time when a teammate gets promoted.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Nate for his Purple belt.


Great open mat today! Multiple Black Belts and Professor back in the house!

Thanks everyone for coming out!


Make sure to check out missgrappling compete again! She is a huge help to all of us and our skills.

Going back to Sacramento 💪🥋


We love to support our community! We always have a blast at the !

We had so many members and students running.

Just another way we encourage all to stay healthy!


Come see why so many people enjoy our program. We have a lot of fun but work hard. Family environment with a focus on technique and skills.

With a full weight area, small group fitness and traditional martial arts as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we have something for everyone.

Come try a class today!


This was before the group doubled in size!!

We had a ton of fun teaching the Daisey Troop safety, confidence and focus.


Great job by the team showing their skills today!

Thank you and the community for cheering on our students. We are proud to be a positive part of the community.


We are highlighting another member but not just one or two but a whole family who has been with us for years! They are also a huge help to us with Jaime sewing patches and our supplier for many of our graphics on clothes and uniforms!

What brought you to On Track Wellness?
Nate had been training Addison at another studio and started his fitness program. I joined his fitness program and when he left to grow his business I continued working out with him. A couple years later my wife Jaime joined me working out in the early mornings.

After Addison earned her 2nd degree in a previous style she knew it was time to move on from her old studio. Having known Nate for several years as an instructor she decided to try his program to expand her martial arts skills.

How has your life or behaviors changed since you joined?

As a family we have learned the importance of working out together and pushing each other.

What do you or your children enjoy most?

We enjoy the small group environment and a close knit family feeling.

What would you tell someone else or a family looking to join a fitness or martial arts program?

This is a small family oriented studio that focuses on the well being and growth of the individual. From small group fitness that pushes you and helps to keep you motivated to discipline in martial arts. When a student wants to learn something in martial arts Nate and Eric go the extra steps to help them accomplish it.

Any other unique experiences or stories you want to share?

Nate has been a part of Addison’s martial arts journey since she was 8. Helping her along the way even when he wasn’t her instructor.

From running the Bay and Bridge Run to helping her learn to be an effective counter fighter. Teaching her the importance of keeping your hands up when sparing, by taping her gloves to her helmet.

Training with Eric in jiu jitsu he always treats me as a good sparing partner even though he folds me in half frequently.

Photos from On Track Wellness's post 03/02/2023

Congrats on those who leveled up today!

Much deserved.

We are proud of how inclusive our program is and how enthusiastic our entire team is for everyone.

We welcome anyone who wants to learn, grow, train and have fun!


Great job demo team on another performance!

Congrats to for an awesome event!

Very proud of for all his efforts in hosting the SoCal Sumo Open at !


DM or Text before 8:30pm


Proud of all the new students who came in and tried something way different.

Glad more experienced students came to expand their knowledge.

Thankful could give something to everyone on the mat today.

Fun to train with him again. Tough rolls for sure!

Photos from On Track Wellness's post 02/18/2023

New rash guards look great!

Taking orders on round 2 plus fight shorts and spats.

Message us to order. DM, call, text or email!

Sale on items through Monday!

Outside of San Diego just pay shipping.


We will be highlighting members and families. We are kicking off our first one with 2 sisters who give a ton of effort and high energy every class they are in and camp!

Watch for more stories to come!

What brought you to OTW United Martial Arts?
We first heard about OTW United Martial Arts at the Mission Hills 5k, which they frequently sponsor. We also have a neighborhood friend who has been a student for several years, and she highly recommended their studio.

How has your life or behaviors changed since starting?
When we watch our two daughters during their martial arts classes, they are focused and disciplined in ways that we don't normally get to see. It has been fun, and also a great point of reference for us to discuss as a family when we see them acting in ways that would not be up to the standards of the studio.

What do you or your children enjoy most?
Our girls enjoy that they're always learning new skills and working towards earning their next belt rank.

What would you tell a family looking to start martial arts?
Before joining the studio, we really didn't know much about martial arts. It has been such a positive experience for our girls and our family, and we're really glad that we gave it a try!

Any other points or unique experiences you have had since joining?
Nate and Eric have been phenomenal with our girls. They strike the perfect balance of patience but also expecting a lot of them. They are pushing our daughters to be better, both mentally and physically.


Definitely have to share this great shot of racking up 2 points on a nice head kick.

Our students are comfortable point sparring, trading strikes in kickboxing, doing a form to be critiqued or rolling a round in BJJ.

Truly balanced martial artists.


The demo team set a high standard!

Great job by every student. We are all super proud of each of you on how you competed and conducted yourself!

Way to go!


Building skills. Building confidence. Building strength. Building discipline.

Come see why we have an environment where people have fun, train hard, learn and build each other up.

A positive and safe place for adults and teens to train.

Contact us to try class.


Our word of the month is Perseverance!

It has been cold and rainy in San Diego and with the long holiday break maybe you are struggling with motivation.

We get it! Some days it is tough to get up and get going. But perseverance and knowing your long term goals is the key.

Keep pushing. Keep putting in work. Stay active. You always feel better after getting a workout or finishing that task.

Get it done!


Getting to train with is definitely a blessing.

She pushes us all and sets a great example of hard work, focus and dedication.

We cheered hard with Baby Nova while she battled to victory.

Thank you for helping us all at OTW. It’s an honor to have you in our logo.


Awesome day for our kids gaining new rank! Everyone did amazing!!

Largest group yet to date. So excited to see everyone progress!!

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On Track Wellness guides fantastic people to improved health, strength, focus, discipline and mindfullness.

Through small group training or martial arts we guide people through their personal journey in fitness. We value every second of time of our members and provide efficient, fun and effective workouts. We also teach a blend of martial arts that empowers students to be more confident, healthy, respectful and disciplined.

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Promotions Day!
Thanks to everyone who came out today for the Park Picnic!We had a blast!
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