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Is good
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Good morning
I made an order on February 16 for two b***y bands and have not received any shipping information or products. I have emailed and called. Please let me know when I can expect the product I paid for. Thank you.

[email protected]
I love you
This site is BU****IT!!!!
This site is A scam!!!!!!!!!!
This place is A scam. I ordered my daughter the sexy butt band last month and never got it. They never answer the phone, or replay to their e-mail's. I'm going to report them to pay-pal where I ordered it.

It's a mindset, an attitude...a way of life. Inspiring others by living with purpose-drive, discipline, conviction. Being Strong is Beautifully Sexy.

Sexy-Strong(tm) is a celebration of the duality of the athletic, feminine form. Powerful, passionate drive tempered by grace, poise and elegance.

Operating as usual


‼️ Happy #TushieTuesday cuties‼️
Missing the BOOTY-BLASTER machine at the gym??
This exercise is a MUST TRY with just our band & a chair!😱😁

Training 🔑’s:
✅Place the band about 1/2-1 inch above the knees🦵🏼
✅Align hips at the edge of chair or bench ( any elevated flat surface that supports your upper body will work 🪑)
✅Position knees wide apart and heels pressed together 🐸👐🏻
✅Hold position at the top of each contraction for 1-2 seconds⏳
✅Complete 4 sets of 25 reps 🔥💪🏻

@619muscle is still OPEN and has a FULL supply!
Let us know how you’re improvising your workouts at home 😁 we’re here to help you sculpt your BEST 🍑 yet!

***See our previous posts for more details, there’s still time to enter!***

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Watch how @kailysandiego does it & check out our other posts for more info! There’s still time to enter ⏰⏰⏰
#repost @kailysandiego
SEXY STRONG QUARANTINE CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! 💪💪🎀🎀 the last video is the best! 😂😂@sxystrng @ifbbpro_meriza @619muscle
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#Repost @musclecontest
• • • • •
There are lots of questions regarding the new NPC/IFBB Pro League Wellness Division. Please refer to the Official Division Rules on NPC News Online for answers to frequently asked questions. There are also detailed explanations of the Posing & Presentation for this Division.
❗️COACHES AND ATHLETES: It’s important to study these rules and make sure you’re teaching/learning the proper posing for this new division. The posing in the NPC/IFBB Pro League is dictated as follows:
• Front:
Competitors will face front with one hand on hip, one arm straight down and one leg slightly extended. We do not want to see the arm off to side with the elbow bent and the wrist bent upwards.
• Quarter turn Right:
Competitors will turn slightly facing the judges with right hand on hip and left arm straight down and right leg bent at knee. More like a twisting side pose that Bikini competitors perform. We do not want to see the arm off to side with the elbow bent and the wrist bent upwards.
• Quarter turn Rear:
Competitors will face the rear with lower back arched with glutes pushed back. We do not want to see the arm off to side with the elbow bent and the wrist bent upwards.
• Quarter turn Right:
Competitors will turn slightly facing the judges with the left hand on the hip, right arm relaxed and left leg bent at knee. We do not want to see the arm off to side with the elbow bent and the wrist bent upwards.


#wcw has us crushing on #TeamSexyStrong Emily Chang @echang_ the bikini beauty crushed it to take #firstplace at her most recent #bikinicompetition last weekend @ocbpinetreestate! She has made quite the #transformation since she began #bodybuilding with our #headcoach and #personaltrainer Miss Meriza Ciccone @ifbbpro_Meriza (aka #thebootybuilder) and is proof that "where there's a will, there's a way" - you just got to do the WORK!

Thanks for the inspiration Emily and keep on paving that #SexyStrongWayofLife ! Follow her fitness journey @echang_ @s3xystrong


Representing Team Sexy-Strong® today at Jon Lindsay’s @musclecontest #LosAngelesGrandPrix2018🏁 Congratulations to all the amazing athletes and the newest #ifbbpro physique! Be sure to catch Miss Meriza and Miss Mijal for your next competition - training, supplements, gear, and more!!

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#FitFriday is #FitforLife when you're still killin' it like Team Sexy-Strong® Kate Morris @killinitkatee... Check out her transformation in progress and get inspired for more as she preps for @musclecontest showtime as an #npcfigurecompetitor!

#Repost (#get_repost) @killinitkatee... #throwbackthursday mixed with a transformation.
First assessment with @ifbbpro_meriza @s3xystrong
Third assessment 💪
Only about 2 lbs difference here but it feels like 5 or 6 to me with how my clothes fit now.
Definitely making the legs smaller and the waist. I see more definition in the shoulders too.
8 weeks to make it come together and then 6 more to make magic happen🙏🏋️‍♀️💕
I wont give up.


#SexyisasSexy does and she is getting stronger as @_fitbaby sees the plates stack up, pushing through her second leg session of the week with Sexy-Strong® head coach Meriza @ifbbpro_meriza aka #thebootybuilder! Check out this clip from her last set of #boxsquats with the Sexy-Strong® Booty Band - thanks for sharing @_fitbaby !

#Repost @_fitbaby (#get_repost)...
I honestly don’t know what I’m thinking training legs twice a week with my trainer @ifbbpro_meriza lol, but... I know I am getting much stronger and seeing improvements in my physique already. Here are some 135lb box squats with a @s3xystrong resistance band. We did 3 sets of 15 reps, this set was the heaviest and driving up at the top of the squat has made my glutes unbearable to sit on at the moment. Thanks for pushing me and helping me discover that inner athlete.
Top: @forever21
Pants: @victoriasport
Weight belt: @cobra_grips

#heavysquats @musclecontest #figurecompetitor #npcfigure #tattoos #inkedgirls #BuildaBetterBooty #workoutmotivation #bootyband #glutetraining #s3xystrong #womenupliftingwomen @vixenfit808 @mahsa_akm @nikizager @chunkywonkymonkey @_mulan____ @team_619muscle


5 months in and almost 4 more to til showtime, Thanda reminds us this #transformationtuesday with her beautiful smile and that set of abs, just how dedication and hard work can do a body and soul good! Keep up the awesome work Thanda!!

#Repost ( ...)
My #transformation, 5 months in and now 20 weeks out till my first show 😬. Can’t thank my coach @ifbbpro_meriza for helping me get here and excited for what’s ahead!

#s3xystrong @s3xystrong @619muscle @team_619muscle @worldgymsandiego #fitfam #womenupliftingwomen #transformation #npcfigurecompetitor #personaltrainer #fitnessjourney #femaleathletesrock #socalfitness @ifbbpro_meriza @pete619muscle @mahsa_akm @alancsd @nikizager @vixenfit808


#sundayshoutout to Team Sexy-Strong® #npcfigurecompetitor Kate Morris , killing it with some major progression as she makes her way to the pros...
@killinitkatee Way to Be Sexy-Strong® !

#Repost (@killinitkatee ...)
Left photo:
First prep - on my own for food and training (posing help from the beautiful @francinesablan at @bodyuniversity )-1st and 2nd shows - October 2017
Right photo:
Second prep - first time with a team (#teamsexystrong !!!) - 3rd and 4th shows coming up - March 2018
You can only go so far alone.
We all need to work together to get to higher and better places.
Grateful for my @s3xystrong and @619muscle family ❤💪
#bodybuilding #bodybuilder #npc #619muscle #s3xystrong #musclecontest @musclecontest #figureposing #figurecompetitor #npcfigure #ifbb #herewecome #roadtopro #watchmework #10weeksout #allnatural #flexfriday #flex @ifbbpro_meriza @ifbb_pro_michelle_smart @mahsa_akm @britney_domine @nikizager @619muscle


#FitforFriday #FitforLife is Sexy-Strong® head coach and trainer IFBB Pro Meriza Ciccone @ifbbpro_meriza demonstrating perfect form in this resistance band #BootyBuilding exercisr - Banded Floor Hip Thrust!!

#Repost (@ifbbpro_meriza)...
Find a bolted anything to attach band for safety, start with keeping whole body parallel to the ground, seating on your heel, then thrust to the floor and hold, control ur weight going back to 1st position. I use an xxheavy band for resistance. Must try but keep it safe and controlled 😁
#bootycoach #bootybuilder #booty🍑 #bunsofsteel #619MUSCLE #S3xystrong #bootyband #hipthrust #personaltrainer @s3xystrong @nikizager @mahsa_akm @vixenfit808 @_mulan____


Sexy-Strong® Meriza Deguzman-Ciccone, the face, body, and heart of Sexy-Strong® keeps her Fit & Lean going with a whole lot of power... Sexy-Strong® POWER!
Sexy-Strong® POWER is premium-grade, pure whey protein isolate that tastes as good as you'll look and feel! Available in delicious flavors: Angel Food Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Cafe Mocha.

Visit and use Meriza's special promo code to get 20% off your next purchase! *****Enter code at checkout: MissMeriza *****

Sexy-Strong® Premier Sports Nutrition for Female Athletes.

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#womancrushwednesday has some #workoutmotivation for your #humpday and every other day that you should be working it hard! This clip is from Sexy-Strong® Jacquelyn Geringer @vixenfit808 as she tells her story with some major workout intensity!

Jacquelyn is using the Sexy-Strong® Booty Band, available at Be sure to use her unique promo code "vixen" for 20% off!

@s3xystrong #sexystrong #bootyband #gluteexercises #BuildaBetterBooty #ifbbprobikini #npcbikini #workit #watchmework #thebootybuilder #strongissexy #squatbooty #bandexercises @619muscle @ifbbpro_meriza @mahsa_akm @nikizager @chunkywonkymonkey @enphawaii


Sexy-Strong® is proud to sponsor the Jon Lindsay @musclecontest #npcbodybuilding and fitness events such as the upcoming #SanDiegoChampionships2018 !#sexystrong athlete @mahsa_akm took top honors last year as the #overall #bikinichampion ...we look forward to seeing who will be next to follow the gorgeous Mahsa and earn national qualification! Good luck to all the athletes getting ready for that stage, we shall see you at the show!

#Repost @musclecontest (@get_repost)
Please save the date and join us for one of our many exciting events in San Diego.
★National Qualifier★
Saturday, March 17th, 2018

BEST OF LUCK to all Competitors!!!💪🏽🗡
For more information please visit our website MUSCLECONTEST.COM or call (310) 796-9181
#jonlindsay #musclecontest #2018 #npc #SanDiegoChampionships2018 #saturday #showtime #bodybuilding #physique #figure #bikini #classicphysique #championships #love #beautiful #sandiego #bestofthebest #beready #champions

To download the official event posters please visit our website or page.


Yes, it is a Giant Booty Circuit!
IFBB Pro Jacquelyn Geringer @vixenfit808 definitely knows how to get the most out of her workouts as she puts a Sexy-Strong® Booty Band to use in one of her afternoon sessions of killer cables and detail work! Thanks for sharing Jacquelyn!

Giant Circuit 🍑🍑
🔹Cable Abduction starting from behind supporting leg 10 reps
🔹10 pulse reps
🔹Cable Abduction to side lunge (stick booty out) 10 reps
🔹Rope hamstring into squat with band (keep pressing against band) 10 reps
🔹Rope squat pulses with abduction not knees (press against band) 10 reps
🔹Rope hip thrust 15 reps
🔹 Repeat 3x
🔹Floor Ball Hamstring pull ins holding booty up 10 reps
🔹 Butterfly bridges on the ball with band 10 reps
🔹Repeat 3x
BAND: @s3xystrong
GEAR: @proflexx_llc
Q&A By: @toni_mo 😉

#BuildaBetterBooty #workoutmotivation #workout #fitness #bootyband #booty🍑 #bootybeastbuilder #glutetraining #s3xystrong #womenupliftingwomen @vixenfit808 @ifbbpro_meriza @mahsa_akm @nikizager @chunkywonkymonkey @_mulan____ @tp808


A little #womancrushwednesday inspirational booty you please...

"Great bodies are not built by bozu balls and's ok to play with heavy things, girls!...get in there and sweat!" - Sexy-Strong® headcoach, trainer, mentor, and IFBB Pro Figure athlete Meriza Ciccone @ifbbpro_meriza

The foundational principle of progressive overload is a requisite tenet for shaping and strengthening the body. Strong is beautifully Sexy! Sexy-Strong® Premier Sports Nutrition for Female Athletes

*** Use code "missmeriza" at checkout for 20% off purchase ***

Photographer: @seeleyfoto; Model: @ifbbpro_meriza @#ifbbproleague #s3xystrong @s3xystrong #prepcoach #thebootybuilder #womenupliftingwomen #girlswholift #glutes #naked #musclesaresexy #wheyprotein #musclerecovery #humpday #sportsnutrition @619muscle @enphawaii


Sexy-Strong® Athlete and NPC Bikini Champion Mijal Nieman to grace the @worldgymsandiego gym floor at our @s3xystrong demo with lots of samples and information on our premier female fitness supplements, apparel, workout gear and Booty Bands!

Held this Saturday, Jan.27th, 9:30 - 11:30am.
All products available @619muscle supplement and nutrition store next door and online at Be sure to use her discount code "MissMijal" for special online savings!

You can follow Mijal @_mulan____ and watch her fitness journey unfold at

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#femaleathletesrock @musclecontest @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @sandiego_fitness


Always taking her training and bodybuilding to the next level, Sexy-Strong® Jacquelyn Geringer @vixenfit808 shares a quick clip from her #bootybuilding workout that just might help you feel that #Burn ! Thank you Jacquelyn!

Purchase a Sexy-Strong® Booty-Band of your own with her promo code "Vixen" and SAVE 20% !
Late post, and not what I did today...Been under the weather but slowly getting back at it 🤗 just a few new things for you all...always using my @s3xystrong band for that extra tension and honestly it's a great form reminder as well! Questions on exercises or where you can purchase this band pls DM me 💋

#workout #video #workoutmotivation #sexystrong #s3xystrong #bootyband #glutetraining @s3xystrong @ifbbpro_meriza @ifbb_pro_michelle_smart @mahsa_akm @_mulan____ @nikizager


Sexy-Strong® athlete and fitness model Miss Mijal @_mulan____ representing and spreading the good word of fitness and all things #s3xystrong @WorldGymSanDiego !

Stop by to check out the demo with the bikini star for a taste of our delicious products and and save 20% on your favorite 2 Sexy-Strong® products!

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Today 1/12/18 9am-12pm
Inside @worldgymsandiego
2949 Garnet Ave, SD 92109


'Tis the season to be jolly, not blue!
For those of you in an "off-season", this can be an esoecially difficult time of the year when it comes to avoiding or managing those Post Show Blues. Follow these DO’s & DON’Ts to Avoiding those Post Show Blues like a Pro in our Sexy-Strong® athlete blog - Asked and Answered by IFBB Pro Bikini Jacquelyn Geringer.

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‼️ Happy #TushieTuesday cuties‼️ Missing the B***Y-BLASTER machine at the gym??This exercise is a MUST TRY with just our...
#SexyisasSexy does and she is getting stronger as @_fitbaby sees the plates stack up, pushing through her second leg ses...
#FitforFriday #FitforLife is Sexy-Strong® head coach and trainer IFBB Pro Meriza Ciccone @ifbbpro_meriza demonstrating p...
#womancrushwednesday has some #workoutmotivation for your #humpday and every other day that you should be working it har...
Yes, it is a Giant B***y Circuit! IFBB Pro Jacquelyn Geringer @v***nfit808 definitely knows how to get the most out of h...
Always taking her training and bodybuilding to  the next level, Sexy-Strong® Jacquelyn Geringer @v***nfit808 shares a qu...
The gift that keeps on giving - The Sexy-Strong® B***y-Band! Thank you for sharing @tylynnbynn! #Repost @proflexx_llc. #...
Sexy-Strong® athlete IFBB Pro Bikini Jacquelyn Geringer knows how to cook up a hot workout!  Try out her tips below as s...
Happy #humpday from your favorite @s3xystrong girls ❤️ and just in case anyone needed a #wcw 😉😘 ..#happyhumpday #humpday...
Sexy-Strong® Exercise of the Day! Add this one to your workout this week and #BuildaB***y ! Performed by coach @ifbbpro_...
Our own Sexy-Strong athlete, @lilniki718 spreading the good word of fitness and all things Sexy-Strong @WorldgymSanDiego...
Check out the latest addition to #SexyStrongTV, where our Sexy-Strong athletes train lowers, glute-focused for #bikinico...




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