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Nutcase Helmets


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Cette année, Saint-Nicolas nous a recommandé les casques Little Nutty de la marque Nutcase Helmets. ⛑

- Coque durable en ABS moulé par injection avec mousse de protection EPS à zone de déformation et protection de sécurité MIPS.
- 11 aérations profilées pour un refroidissement optimal.
- Fermeture magnétique "Snap and go".
- Ensemble de 3 coussinets thermosoudés.
- Le système GROW Flex Fit assure la sécurité, l'ajustement, le confort et la réflectivité à 360 degrés grâce aux logos et au système d'ajustement.

Ces casques pour enfants les protègeront lors de leurs aventures à vélo, à trottinette ou en draisienne et les accompagneront dans toutes leurs histoires. 🦸🧚

Dit jaar bracht sinterklaas ons de Little Nutty – helmen van Nutcase. ⛑

- Voorzien van Mips veiligheidsbescherming
- 11 voorgevormde verluchtings gaten voor optimale verkoeling
- Snap and go magnetische sluiting
- Set van 3 hittebestendige pads
- Het GROW Flex Fit systeem zorgt voor veiligheid, pasvorm,

De little nutty helmen zullen de kinderen beschermen bij hun eerste avonturen op de fiets. 🦸🧚
תעשו חשבון פשוט🧮
דו"ח 👮🏼‍♂️על אי חבישת קסדה עולה לכם 250 ש"ח😱.
קסדה עירונית של Nutcase Helmets, מותג הקסדות האורבניות המוביל בעולם לאופניים וקורקינטים עולה - ב Black November שלנו 274 ש"ח בלבד .
הקסדה תשמש אתכם/ן נאמנה עד 5 שנים.
הדו"ח עלול ליפול עליכם כל יום. יום אחרי יום, ובחיים לא יגישו לכם אותו עם גרפיקה מטריפה כמו זו של קסדות Nutcase.
תראו בעצמכם. יש לנו מלא דגמים משגעים במלאי.

קסדות העיר הטובות בעולם: עכשיו באתר🛒 ובסניפים + 🚛משלוח עד הבית🏨
Get Christmas for your little cruiser sorted early with this balance bike, bell and helmet combo! JetBlack has put this combo pack together to give you the best JetBlack Friday deal.

Super stylish Nutcase Helmets Helmets and bell plus the incredible hi-tech Cruzee Bicycles make a great team.

For JetBlack Friday only save big and get this for a super low $260!

Jump onto our NEW Outlet store now for more amazing deals!

In store today. Wicked Vio lids from Nutcase Helmets ♥️Your Nut!

Really very exited about this announcement! In stock from today Nutcase Helmets £125.00

Buying gifts for cyclists can feel like a mince-pie-strewn minefield... so in no particular order, here's a cheese board of gift ideas giving you options from easy stocking-fillers through to big presents!

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Nutcase Helmets not only create great protective headgear to keep your brain safe, they also make amazing bells, that hopefully prevent any accidents happening.

Would be fun & interesting for you to have a survey about which helmet designs are most popular and revive some of you past ones.
Roland Rabien already has this super amazing drone footage of yesterday's race out from CoweX.
Cycle Therapy Bikes Duncan, BC
Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters
Riverway Dental Centre
Nutcase Helmets

Nutcase Helmets call this helmet the Vibe for a reason... When you're sporting this lid, it's hard not to feel some sort of Vibe. With metallic flakes on top and cool waves down below, this one is definitely a beauty. Two sizes, Toddler and Youth.

Het is de mooiste, meest adembenemende plaats ter wereld. Zelfs na al die ontelbare keren dat we er zijn afgedaald, blijven de catacomben van Parijs ons verbazen 🤩 Het is dan ook steevast een plezier mensen mee te nemen en hun verwondering op het gezicht te zien, wanneer ze er voor het eerst kennis mee maken.

Binnenkort opnieuw een trip richting Parijs 🥳

Thule - GoPro - Nutcase Helmets - Homeij
The Vio from Nutcase Helmets is the award winning LED commute helmet. A fashion forward helmet that provides ultimate visibility.

Los Angeles! Let’s get ready to skate-bike-roll! Join us as we kick off , presented by SUJA Juice, this weekend with a community celebration on Saturday October 15th from 3PM - 8PM at our NEW PARTY LOCATION at Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Venice Taproom. Come grab your event tee + goodie bag and stay for live music by Ray and Paul Holmberg + Mason Dunn, drinks, auctions + raffles!

Link to register for here:

And thank you to our sponsors: Dive N' Surf, Arbor Skateboards, Arbor Venice, Arbor Collective, GoPro, YETI, Traeger Grills, The North Face, Sector 9 Skateboards, Nutcase Helmets, ProTec, Pura Vida, Zumiez, Dragon Alliance, Sun Bum, Tahoe Longboards, VonZipper, Impala Skate, DAKINE, Firestone Walker Brewing Co., Smith, etnies, Jackhammer Movement, and Hume Supernatural

איזיקיאל אורן ו-אנה מילס 👩‍❤️‍👨 נכנסו ל Trek ישראל, סניף תל אביב רק כדי לבדוק אם יש לנו ריפוד מתאים להחלפה לקסדה הישנה שלו ויצאו עם שתי קסדות Nutcase Helmets חדשות אחרי שהתאהבו מעל לראש ממגוון העיצובים והגרפיקות המשגעות של המותג העולמי המוביל בקסדות אורבניות מדליקות.

גם אתם/ן רוצים/ות להשתדרג ב-לוק ובבטיחות?
יש לנו המון להציע - ובמחירים סופר משתלמים בלי לאבד את הראש: 🛒 עכשיו גם בחנות ה On line + 🚛 משלוח עד הבית 🏡

Ezequiel Oren and Anna Mills 👩‍❤️‍👨 entered our Trek Israel - Tel Aviv Store looking for suitable replacement padding for Ezequiel's old cycling helmet and left the branch wearing two new Nutcase Helmets after falling (head over heels😉) in love with the amazing variety of joyfull designs and graphics made by the leading global brand In cool urban helmets.

Would you also like to upgrade your look and safety on your city rides? We have a lot to offer - and at super affordable prices without losing your mind🥰:
also available in the online store + 🚛 home delivery 🏡

Not only are Nutcase Helmets one of the safest, they are also the most fashionable out there. Look good while keeping your noggin safe!

La semaine de la mobilité commence dès demain ! 🚴😉

Et pour assurer votre sécurité lors de vos déplacements à vélo, découvrez les NOUVEAUX casques de Nutcase Helmets.💥

Plus RESPECTUEUX pour la planète, les casques Street Eco sont entièrement produits à partir de matériaux RECYCLÉS. ♻️

Et si ces casques s’inscrivent dans une initiative de la marque pour réduire son impact sur l’environnement, la sécurité reste sa préoccupation principale.👌

Optez pour ces casques ÉCOLOGIQUES élégants sans faire de compromis sur votre protection en cas de chute. 🤩

Founded in Portland, Oregon by former Nike Creative Director & designer Michael Morrow. This is the USA / Global page for Nutcase Helmets!

"The most fun a helmet ever had!" (Nutcase Helmets Global Page) - Bravo Sports. Nutcase Helmets was founded in Portland, Oregon by former Nike Creative Director and designer Michael Morrow. Launched in 2006, Nutcase is sold throughout the United States and the style revolution has taken hold across the world. “We recognised a gap in the marketplace for cycle and skate helmets, where they were eit

Operating as usual


We make safety fun!
Check out our great designs online or at your local Nutcase Retailer.


The Vio is our award winning LED commute helmet. A fashion forward helmet that provides ultimate visibility.


Select Vio colors available online and in store at your local Nutcase Dealer!
Get ‘em while supplies last!


Summer scootin’ is made even better with a lid to keep you covered!


Smile if you are excited for summer!


NEW PRODUCT! We just launched our 3 in 1 All Wheel Padsets! Available in 4 colors and 4 age sizes:


Not only are our helmets one of the safest, they are also the most fashionable out there. Look good while keeping your noggin safe!


It’s all in the details.


We’ve been seeing a lot of brands trying to imitate our famous watermelon helmet. We’re totally flattered but we all know there’s nothing like the original. Going strong 13 years with the infamous melon head. So popular we made our own video for it.

Photos from Nutcase Helmets's post 02/08/2022

Inspired by a 50’s sock hop this helmet has metallic golden dots that dance in the sun!

Photos from Nutcase Helmets's post 02/08/2022

Suns out tongues out!

Photos from Nutcase Helmets's post 02/07/2022

If your is ready to conquer the neighborhood, “Vikki king” is for you. Get it? Viking… Vikki King. 😋

Photos from Nutcase Helmets's post 02/07/2022

Inspired by the great concert festival we call this one Coachelmet. If you love the desert or just some sweet beats, this is the helmet for you.

Photos from Nutcase Helmets's post 02/05/2022

Suns out Tongues out.

Photos from Nutcase Helmets's post 02/04/2022

We call this one Doh for good reason. I would bet this helmet is Homer approved.


Are you a bit Nutty? This would include the following:
- wearing your helmet in nothing but a diaper… this is for babies you weirdo.
- taking your scooter off some sweet jumps.
- commuting to work no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.
- or maybe you’re the ring leader of a 5 ring family circus.

WE WANT YOU! Click the link in our bio to learn more!


The holidays are here. And our Little Nutty helmets are the perfect gift. Protect those bright minds and give the gift of safety!


Just like our helmets the scooter can grow with you! Ages 3-10 and a weight limit of 110lbs makes this a great scooter for many years!


Want to know what’s cool about our scooter? It fits a bell on the handlebars!


You asked for it abs it’s finally here! The first ever Nutcase Littlw Nutty Scooter! Exclusively launched today!


Happy thanksgiving to everyone! We hope you all enjoy time with family and friends!


Jump over to the site for our Little Nutty Holiday SALE! All helmets are 20% off this week! With shipping delays coming, order now so you can receive it before the holidays.


🚨It’s FINALLY HERE! 🚨The Little Nutty Holiday sale is here! 20% off ALL Litte Nutty’s this week only. Save 💰now!


Come to tomorrow for our first helmet art show! It’s going to be reeedonkulous!


Get the top rated MIPS Baby Helmet for the holidays. Order now and get it before Christmas!


🚨LAST CHANCE SALE🚨Holiday Sales Starting Early This Year!

Looking for the perfect gift to keep your loved one safe? Our Vio helmet is on sale for the first time ever. Grab this incredible helmet on sale right now! With 360 degree LED lights this helmet makes you visible to cars from over 300 feet away!


What makes the Vio amazing:

- highly reviewed by the top bike/tech companies such as
-doesn’t look like a dorky LED helmet
-it has
- 2.5 hr run time.
- lightest LED on the market
- can be seen by a car from over 300 feet away!
- on saw for $119.99 right now!


Black Friday starts early this year! With expected shipping delays, don’t let this holiday season get away from you!

The Vio is perfect for kids riding home in the dark and commuters who want to be seen! Grab one now while they are on sale!


Nutcase Nineball All Women's X Roller Race

The first of its kind race with the fastest Quad Skaters in the country racing around a K1 speedway. The race is elimi-skate style where the slowest skater gets pulled each lap until we have one left standing!


Check out YO! A helmet where you can express yourself by using a dry erase marker to write in the thought bubbles.


Face masks now available on our store! Grab em before they are gone!



Timeline photos 08/19/2021

When you want a bit more reflectivity, you should check out this helmet. Darth Lightning features reflective silver paint on the back to increase visibility.

Timeline photos 08/18/2021

"Luke.... I am your father...."

Timeline photos 08/18/2021

Probably one of our favorite helmets. This was a labor or love for our designer This helmet is called Ruffled Feathers. It features metallic feathers and a pearl finish. Definitely a stunning helmet.

Timeline photos 08/18/2021

To all our youth out there. We know the past year has been really nutty. We are really hoping this next year is more normal for all of you! We want your school experience to be safe but exciting full of friends and fun!

Timeline photos 08/17/2021

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


We refuse to admit summer is almost over. We just received a refill on a bunch of our 2021 Little Nutty styles. Jump over to grab one today!


The Nutcase team is a bunch of audiophiles and we miss going to concerts. What about you? If you could see anyone in concert right now, who would it be?

Our Story

Nutcase Helmets was founded in Portland, Oregon by designer Michael Morrow. Launched in 2006, Nutcase is sold throughout the United States and the style revolution has taken hold across the world. “We recognised a gap in the marketplace for cycle and skate helmets, where they were either solid black or a licensed character. There was nothing ‘cool’ from a graphics standpoint for youth and adults,” says Michael Morrow.

Nutcase is now owned by Bravo Sports.

Videos (show all)

Nutcase Nineball All Women's X Roller Race
Scoot back to school in style 📚72-hour GIVEAWAY! We've teamed up with a few of our favorite brands for a back-to-school ...
Nutcase Watermelon Helmet
Meet the Tracer
What the heck is MIPS?
Tracer Helmet
Nutcase and MIPS
Nutcase Bike Bell



We sell helmets that speak to your soul. Whether it's our commuter helmet called the Metro or its our everyday Street helmet that comes in over 40 designs we have something for everyone.

Don't worry, we didn't leave out the little ones. For the kiddos we make the Little Nutty (bike and skate protection for children 5 years and older) and the Baby Nutty (bike protection for children 1 year and up)



2505 SE 11th Avenue Suite #212
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

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