Randall's Sandals

Randall's Sandals


In honor of Tito's Handmade Vodka 25th anniversary, Tito's x AOF cheers together in the name of entrepreneurial spirit.

We're excited to announce the winners of the "Love, Tito's Small Business Grant Program". A program dedicated to celebrating the small business owners who are committed to following their passion while creating impact in their communities.

Meet our inaugural 10 recipients of the $25,000 grant below and watch their dreams become reality.

Slow Rise Bakehouse
Bloom Healthy
TÁPI Story
Full Battle Rattle Deli
Remark Glass
Culinary Concepts AB
Essentially Charleston
Randall's Sandals
Shady Grove Road Blueberry Patch
Admit it, Sometimes it’s just easier to order online or go to the mega store on the corner, but recently I was reminded the value of a small business like Randall’s Sandals and how customers mean more than a $ transaction.

Visiting SD from the East Coast, I stumbled upon the cutest flip flop shop during our beach day in PB! With an amazing selection of flip flops and beach gear , Of course I couldn’t leave without a purchase. The woman working there was so friendly, we got into a conversation and I completely forgot my purchase sitting on the counter. I was so bummed when I realized upon getting home in North Carolina that I had left it back in California.

I called and talked to the owner, and within a few days he had taken it on himself to ship my purchase back at his own cost. Keep in mind, the postage was almost as much as the merchandise itself. That to shows how this business values their customers and goes out of their way to make them happy. Highly impressed-he even put some cool decals in there as well! I even offered to reimburse him for the postage but he would not accept. 

I wish more stores were like Randall’s Sandals and would have the same level of customer service, that’s why it’s important that we, as shoppers keep small businesses going.!! Thank you for turning my mistake into a positive!! Best wishes!!

A Happy Customer
Fun fact about me: I get way too much JOY from finding + taking pictures of things that match the current color of my hair 😂 💚💙

Found this adorable alley leading to Randall's Sandals and couldn’t help but make it my personal runway ✨ See the clip at ilinkpro.me/AquaEverywhere
Gotta love Randall's Sandals! Congrats.
Mark with Pacific Beach Live


Welcome to Randall's Sandals! Winner of Best New Business in Pacific Beach! All Local, Eco Friendly,

Operating as usual


Always a great time at Randall’s Sandals! #92109

Photos from Randall's Sandals's post 08/20/2022

Exciting news to share with the Randall’s Sandals fam! What a perfect Flip Flop Friday to announce it is truly an honor and joyous occasion to be recognized for all of our hard work, grit, and innovation by , thank you for recognizing this communities favorite Local, Eco friendly, and Charitable business! We look forward to being able to continue serving this community and continue leading us toward a more sustainable future! Also, I am now officially an unofficial Tito’s vodka spokesman hahaha 🤣 so please if you ever need vodka please support Tito’s as they really displayed top notch class and selflessness by rewarding these 10 small businesses!


My first time lapse video! This is a part of the morning routine to get our block looking clean and safe for our locals and visitors.

This is a big part of why I volunteer my time to as well. Discover PB is our local non profit Business Improvement District(BID). I like to think of us as the Connector and Caretaker of Pacific Beach. We raise money for extra trash pickups, extra security around our business corridor, and host fun events like the weekly and PB Beachfest for the community. This gives us the chance to continue improving PB with new and creative projects to make sure we stay San Diego’s Playground!

Peep my story for upcoming events where you can support our efforts. ✌️ one love.


Today was a big day for the business, our community, and myself. Today marked the official grand opening 6 years ago! I am beyond grateful to all of you who supported and believed in me. This was the biggest gamble of my life. It took over 10 years of working triples(yes not just doubles, not just clopens, but 3 separate shifts at 3 different bars from 9am-3am) saving, networking, and refining my goals and business plan to make my dream a reality. All that time and work didn’t guarantee a successful business. Most fail, and I understood that. I trusted YOU to have my back, and YOU did! Thank you all so much!

6 years is great, but we’re not done yet! You know what else is even more special than having my doors open for 6 years? In these 6 years we have:
+Saved 7000 lives from foot born illnesses and diseases thanks to your shoe donations!
+Saved over 16,000 cans and bottles from polluting our oceans and landfills!
+Won Best New Business
+Won Small Business of the year
+Won Best Gift Shop
+Commissioned for a sandal art project at Ocean Park Inn
+Beautified PB with 2 murals
+Helped rebrand PB as San Diego’s Playground!

So what’s next you ask?!
~keep saving lives, locally and globally, with our shoe donations
~keep changing the textile and fast fashion industries to help our planet and not hurt it
~continue pushing for more pedestrian and bicycle friendly roads
~continue to grow and educate our community
~manufacture my sandal designs
~continue working toward being a zero waste society

I know it can seem pretty daunting out in the world, but just know you’re not alone. Let keep on moving society forward and let’s make sure we keep having fun while doing it!!!

I Love You All; Thank You So Much!


I grew up listening to Rage Against the Machine and Bob Marley. I consider the fight for freedom to be deep within my roots. As I grow and mature I like to think I am spreading my branches by building, listening, and learning from my network and community; building my “Family Tree”. I feel the LOVE everyday from you and I hope you know I am working to make life better for each and everyone of us! When WE are united; WE can be heard! Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given my small business these past 6 years.


Proud to be a part of Pacific Beach’s first event in 2 years! What a great day. Be sure to speak with your city representatives and let them know you want more pedestrian friendly roads and events here at the beach. Thanks for supporting Local, Ecofriendly, and Charitable businesses!


Who's ready for more events and beach cleans?! We are! When you see our big woody around San Diego be sure to snap a pic and tag us!


Where there is LOVE there is LIFE.


Happy Flip Flop Friday! Stress Free is the Way to Be, Slide into our Sandals Today!


Timeline photos 07/05/2020

C'mon USA, slide into our sandals for a stress free lifestyle today!!


Fun lil reopening video put together by our friends over . Thanks for supporting Local, Ecofriendly, and Charitable businesses!!

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

We took the obligated quarantine time to quarantine from social media as well! Hope nobody has gotten bored, we sure didn't! We accomplished so many projects and even made time for some cool activities. Stay tuned for pics from our quarantine highlights.

As much as I like to keep things light hearted I would like to take a second to thank all of those folks on the frontlines during this time ensuring we stay happy, healthy, and safe. Thank you!

Also, we wouldnt be here without the support of the community, so thank you to all of our online shoppers, appointment makers, and local residents we made special deliveries to; because of your support we will have the chance to celebrate our 4 year Anniversary on June 1st!!!
Hope we can have a proper party to thank you all!!!

Timeline photos 03/18/2020

We are OPEN, but by appointment only or through or online store. We are heeding the suggestions by top scientists and doctors to limit public outings and interactions until further notice. Apologies for the inconvenience. www.RandallsSandals.com
[email protected]


Sorry, but we will be cancelling this months Go Green Beach Clean. I just want to be sure we are doing what is best for the communities health and happiness. I promise I will be doing plenty of cleaning on my own to keep our sidewalks, streets, and beaches clean from pollution. Try to be mindful and pick up as a fun and easy way to help diminish the pollution of the planet.

# happiness

Timeline photos 03/12/2020

1 week from today!

Timeline photos 02/22/2020

Due to the heavy rain the PB Mural Tour is cancelled until further notice. Thanks to all the volunteers and community members for your help and participation in preparing for this fun event.

Timeline photos 02/18/2020

Happy President's Day! Love this quote from the OG GW. Dont turn your back on a wave and dont turn your back on life. Let's keep moving forward for ourselves and for this special world we share. One Love


Welcome to Pacific Beach, San Diego's Playground

Largest man made playground in the country belongs to us, yes Mission Bay is man made. Largest natural playground, also belongs to us, thanks to the Pacific Ocean and Mother Nature.

No shortage of fun and activities in our beautiful beach town!

Timeline photos 02/05/2020

2nd month of 2020, means our 2nd beach cleanup is nearing. This is also our 2nd year in a row for our Beach Lovers Cleanup at Tourmaline Beach Surf Park. Please join us as we look to prevent plastics and litter from entering our beautiful beach and ocean. Thank you!!

Sand Cloud Vlog | This Is What 1000 Ci******es Looks Like | First Cleanup of 2020 02/05/2020

Sand Cloud Vlog | This Is What 1000 Ci******es Looks Like | First Cleanup of 2020

Here is a cool vlog about our Block and Beach Cleanup! Thanks again to the community for your help. We gather over 200 pounds of trash and over 5000 cigarette butts!

Sand Cloud Vlog | This Is What 1000 Ci******es Looks Like | First Cleanup of 2020 Our first cleanup of 2020 is a block cleanup! We had over 10 local businesses and over 30 volunteers participate! We gathered up to 200 pounds of trash and o...

Photos from Randall's Sandals's post 01/31/2020

I love this community more every day. It's amazing what we've accomplished together so far, and I look forward to turning our vision into reality as the future unfolds. Together we can bring so much good and positivity to our beautiful beach town, its exciting to feel the energy and ideas our community generates.

Thank you for the Small Business of the Year award for our amazing District 2. Let's continue to uplift and connect our neighborhood, as well as San Diego's amazingly diverse neighborhoods and population.

This award belong to you Pacific Beach, Thank YOU!

@ Pacific Beach, San Diego

Photos from Randall's Sandals's post 01/30/2020

Big thank you to all of the amazing Beach Lovers and Do Gooders who volunteered their time to clean up our community this morning. We got over 200 pounds of trash, over 5000 cigarette butts, dozens of plastic straws, a garbage can full of plastic bottles and cans, a few pairs of shoes, a bag of hair, and a few other oddities.

Another big thank you to all the businesses who not only donated their time, but also contributed to our prize packages for all these amazing participants. Thank you , , , , .pacificbeach, , , , , , .holistic, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and !

@ Pacific Beach, San Diego

Timeline photos 01/28/2020

Please join us Wednesday at 8:30-10:30am to clean our block. Meet us at our courtyard, located at 1033 Garnet Ave 92109. We have lots of cool prizes for participants thanks to our neighborhoods donations supporting this important event.

#92109 # donationdiscount

Timeline photos 01/26/2020

Try and forgive someone today. RIP Kobe

Timeline photos 01/08/2020

Please join us and help us start 2020 off right. We will be cleaning Garnet Ave from Dawes Street down to Crystal Pier and the surrounding areas. Keeping our blocks clean makes keeping our beaches and waterways clean that much easier. Thank you for your support!


Timeline photos 12/31/2019

Thanks for supporting our mission to Save Soles and Free your Feet!

Shoes Donated: 5,127
Plastic Bottles: 12,947
Beach Cleanups:6 2020s goal:12

#2019 #2020

Timeline photos 12/15/2019

Please join us tomorrow, 5-7, to package up gift for the kids at Dreams for Change.
We will be providing food and drinks for all who come by. There will be a white elephant exchange to close the evening, please bring a gift to exchange if you'd like to participate.

Timeline photos 12/08/2019

Please join us next Sunday for a great time and great cause. We will be providing essentials for some of San Diego's homeless children. We provide the toothbrush, toothpaste, and soaps; we just ask you to bring a small gift to wrap with them. We will be providing food and drinks for all in attendance.

Wana participate in the white elephant exchange after, bring another gift to use in the exchange!


So thankful for such a supportive community. Thank you for sharing our story and being a part of this amazing journey.



What a special yesterday was. Thank you for all the support over these past 4 years. We serve Pacific Beach first, but are so proud to have fans around the globe. Please continue to support and spread our mission.

"A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit."-Elton Trueblood

Timeline photos 11/03/2019

You asked for it; so we made the move! Now located in the heart of PB at 1033 Garnet Ave! Please join us to celebrate the official launch of Randall's Sandals and . We are hosting a Friendsgiving Grand Opening featuring our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Food, Refreshments, Games, and Prizes. Everyone is encouraged to bring your favorite Fall dish and always encouraged to keep your attire flip flop friendly!


Thank you for all your support and patience as we journey from Turquoise St down to the heart of PB, Garnet Ave! Come join us in celebrating the official launch of Randall's Sandals and Sand Cloud! We are hosting a Friendsgiving Grand Opening featuring our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Food, Refreshments, Games, Prizes. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite Fall dish and always encouraged to keep your attire flip flop friendly!

Timeline photos 11/01/2019

What a fun way to end October! Thanks to everyone who came out to the to celebrate, hope all your nightmares came true muwahahaha. See you at the beach!

Timeline photos 06/01/2019

Special day deserves special thanks! Thank you to all of our family, friends, and supportive community for embracing our mission to educate; and help those in need in our community, as well as impoverished areas around the world.

In only 3 years, due to your generosity, we have been able to donate over 4000 pairs of shoes to the homeless, natural disaster victims, and to some of the most unsanitary communities around the globe. YOUR donations save lives! We are preventing foot born illnesses and diseases that devastate poor populations and families, while also uplifting communities who have dealt with unfortunate wild fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes that wipe out their belongings, THANK YOU for an amazing 3 years we look forward to many, many more!!

Timeline photos 05/27/2019

Today we honor the men and women who sacrificed the ultimate cost, their lives. Honor their sacrifice by living for a cause greater than yourself. We all can make a difference, One Love

Timeline photos 05/12/2019

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard working, loving, and caring souls. Thank you for all that you do. One love


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Always a great time at Randall’s Sandals!  #sandiego #garnetave #fipflopfriday #randallssandals #stressfree #flipflops #...
My first time lapse video! This is a part of the morning routine to get our block looking clean and safe for our locals ...




1033 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 10:33am - 7pm
Tuesday 10:33am - 7pm
Wednesday 10:33am - 7pm
Thursday 10:33am - 7pm
Friday 10:33am - 7pm
Saturday 10:33am - 7pm
Sunday 10:33am - 7pm

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