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Have fun learning ballroom, swing, or flash mobs, or wedding dances! A personal dance trainer gets

Operating as usual


Come out for class today--burn calories or just have fun!
4:30 Beginning Jitterbug
5:30 Beginning Lindy Hop


Classes are back on this Sunday! Go is ready to swing out for fun?
-4:30 Jitterbug Basics
-5:30 Lindy Hop/Charleston Basics


We are closed this Sunday (10/7) and back on next week (10/14). Come on out and play!


Swing Dance Sunday has great classes this Sunday!
4:30 Jitterbug Basics
5:30 Lindy Hop Basics

Drop-Ins always welcome. $13/person for each class


Reminder: we are skipping class this Sun 9/24 and then back on 10/1


Classes are on today!
4:30 Beginning Jitterbug
5:30 Beginning Lindy Hop


Excited for beginning classes this Sun! 4:30 Jitterbug and 5:30 Lindy Hop!


Special Instructor this Sun (7/9) is Susan Tinel!!
4:30 Beginning/Intermediate Jitterbug
5:30 Intro to Swing (Lindy Hop)

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Awesome Humpday Hint

I've been reflecting on what my favorite part of the dance is. I think it is when I realize that I've become "one with my partner and the music" but I don't really realize that happened until it's over. What's your favorite part?


No swing class this Sun (6/11). I'm learning some awesome stuff to bring back to you!

See you next Sunday

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Awesome Humpday Hint

I've learned to let go of control in my dance. As a follow, it allows me to enjoy the dance without pressure. As a lead, I can respond to both the music and the follow. Regardless of how I relate to the dance, i get to RELATE to the dance rather than maintain an idea of how anything happens in the dance. Take a chance!

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Awesome Humpday Hint

Is creating magic on the dance floor my responsibility or is it shared between 2 dancers? I feel that each person has the responsibility to create and share it. If I openly share my joy or emotion with my dance partner, I am more likely to get a similar response and then the magic we share is memorable. If my partner doesn't respond, I don't take it personally. I know I had fun and magic!


Special Lindy class this Sun (6/4)!

LADIES: We are working on the finer points of swivels!

GUYS: We will reveal a powerful tip on sending the ladies past you in the swing outs!


Awesome Humpday Hint

Having problems with spins and turns? So did I--for YEARS! I practiced and trained and social danced and struggled and fell and got up again. And then I learned how to manage my own body. There isn't a single trick or way to do a successful turn. Each person approaches it differently so that it works for him or her. Keep playing with balance and gravity and the many tips you hear will start to click!

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Awesome Humpday Hint

Taking a chance in life or dance can have similar results when you choose to dip your toe in the water versus jumping in. Afraid of looking like a fool? When we commit to the action we start looking inventive and exciting! Commit!


Awesome Humpday Hint

Leads, are you looking for a way to remember more moves? Chunk 1 move with different variations to get new combinations together. Consider using the opposite hand, turning the follow the opposite direction, or doing the same move with a syncopated step. By understanding how to create variations you'll feel as is you know more moves than you actually do!


Awesome Humpday Hint

Follows: do you find it hard to predict what the lead's move is going to be? Here's a tip: STOP IT! :-)

Instead of guessing what he's leading, trying being patient and curious to see what his next move is. You may find it much easier to FOLLOW.


Awesome Humpday Hint

How determined are you to improve? Putting in 2 hours a week is great--and when you put the time in, are you going through the dance knowing that you have it right or are you looking for areas that are missing polish, accuracy, or personality? The next time you practice, try approaching your time with fresh eyes and appreciation and see what you can bring to a rock-step or triple step that will make you stand out to YOURSELF. That will translate to others!

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Awesome Humpday Hint

Why do we put ourselves down? Even if I make a mistake, am I the "idiot" that I feel like calling myself? I wouldn't do that to someone else so why am I so hard on myself. Treat yourself like you treat the other dancers. We all go through learning curves and realizing that something is incorrect is as much about learning as it is doing it correctly. Next time you make a mistake, give yourself a high-five for expressing yourself!


Awesome Humpday Hint

Fear! Yeah, it can be paralyzing. What if you turned your thoughts towards that of positive curiosity? Such as "what would happen if I asked that person to dance" instead of "what if that person turned me down"? or "What if I moved my body on that beat" rather than "I'm going to look stupid if I just stand there." Fear can be your friend. HI FRIEND!


Awesome Humpday Hint

Ever notice how some people are smiling while they're dancing while others are not? Do you think some dancers are having a better time than others? Not necessarily. We all have different "thinking" or "at rest" faces. While we might be their only partner at that moment, their expression may not have anything to do with you. On the other side of the coin, imagine what it would be like to show your partner that you are having a good time even if you are trying to remember which foot you're supposed to be on!


As a reminder, April classes are blazing!
4/2: Guest Instructor Esther Ching
4/9: Guest Instructor Yolanda Vargas
4/16, 4/23, 4/30: Yvette is back!

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Awesome Humpday Hint

Want an instant way to make you look like a better dancer? Dance with confidence! Many times I'll see couples with similar dance skills but the couples who dance as if they are the best APPEAR better to others. The next time you dance, try going for the gusto!

Timeline photos 03/22/2017

Awesome Humpday Hint

Are nerves keeping you from the dance floor? Do you think everyone is watching you while you struggle to take those first shaky steps to the music. Let me assure you, if they are new students they have the same fear. Are you focused on others while you start dancing or are you racking your brain to remember what the teacher taught you? If all the students are focused on trying to remember what the teacher taught, I can assure you they don't see you. Relax and let the muscle memory start to take over.


Awesome Humpday Hint

Moments out of context seem like magic. Did you ever notice a dance couple on a crowded dance floor completely take your attention away from everyone else? Many times it's because they did a dance move really well. Other times it's because they replicated a moment or feeling that is out of context and OWNED it. Suddenly, what might have looked or felt like an ordinary dance is extraordinary. if you have an idea, express it with pride. Win or lose, it will be a moment that you'll either be proud of or will laugh about later.

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Awesome Humpday Hint

Which handhold is correct? So many teachers, so many instructions! How do I know which is right. Well, the hard, and truthful answer is that all your teachers are right. Each handhold has a purpose and can be effective when used correctly. Like other dance steps there are some things that work better at certain moments and for certain people. Be flexible and use the specifics taught in that class and you may find a gem you use for the rest of your social dance life.

Timeline photos 03/01/2017

Awesome Humpday Hint

Guys, are you beating your brains trying to understand what women want on the dance floor? We are actually easier to please than you think. Here's a tip: you won the moment you asked us to dance--better yet, when you showed up!

Do you want a workshop that will give you insight in how to make a lady happy on the dance floor? If I get enough response I'll offer a special session just for you!

UPDATED: I got enough interest so I will be offering this special Sunday workshop. Please LIKE and FOLLOW the page to get updates

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Awesome Humpday Hint

How big are your dance steps? Hopefully, not very big. Dancing powerfully doesn't mean we have to take large steps--Try dancing with more INTENTION! The next time you practice your basic, bring awareness to how far you are stepping. Be the person mindful of people around you!


Glad to see the progress the students have been making in the Sunday Swing classes! Thanks for all your questions.


Awesome Humpday Hint

Leads/Gentlemen, where do you look when you are spinning or turning your follows/Ladies? Hopefully you are looking at where your partner is going to end up as well as where she is. Consider what it is like turning left at a new or confusing traffic light. There are a lot of cars going different directions so you want to look at where you currently are and where your car is headed. It's the same idea on a crowded dance floor. People are constantly swirling around the your partner trusts you to maintain the safety. Look ahead and be ready for sudden changes!

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