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Student Mindset is a Growth Mindset

There’s no “I’ve Made It!” in the world of coaching. At least there shouldn’t be, if you want to stay relevant.

This goes back to that leadership principle of how titles and positions don’t matter.

When you “become” a coach or trainer, that’s when the REAL learning begins. Spoiler alert, there is no end to this.

This is the main reason why coaches or trainers fizzle out. They reach a status or popularity plateau and stop learning. What used to work, doesn’t work anymore. Or the intent of helping people changes to selling products or programs. That will eventually run its course too.

We are constantly learning, re-evaluating, critiquing, testing, creating, and failing. You have to understand the process AND most importantly LOVE IT!

Daily fulfillment is the light at the end of the tunnel. The process is the goal. Whether you are a veteran coach or brand new, focus on your student mindset and that my friends is “making it!”

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Best part about doing GRACE, today? Knowing I was doing it at the same time as Jennifer Voss-Duran and her RAD ladies, during BFB’s First Annual RAD Invitational!! Thank you for hosting, Barbells for B***s and Zionna Hanson!! 💖💖💖
I listen to your podcast, I am so impressed with the way that you guys discussed the situation with the new opportunities that awaits you both.
One of our early projects! So blessed to have had the opportunity and community that supports our endeavors. #communitydriven CrossFit SunCrossFit Sun - Best Shape of My Life
📣 Announcing the 2018 State Champ Fundraising Teams!
Congratulations to all of the teams that came out as top fundraisers in their state!
Each #StateChamp Team earns the bragging rights for the season and gets to hang their flag high in their affiliate to show for it. Some teams are holding their title for the 4th year in a row while others are stealing the title for the first time.
A HUGE thank you to all of the fundraising teams who host incredible events and support our mission to build communities that take action in breast cancer!
CrossFit Huntsville Iron Grip CrossFit CrossFit Sun Fort Collins Athlete Factory CrossFit Inguz Healthy Steps Nutrition & CrossFit HSN CrossFit SteadFast CrossFit Oahu @cf_merlehay CrossFit Fireside Crossfit Wilmette CrossFit Fishers CrossFit I35 - Kansas City @44crossfit CrossFit Zachary Crossfit Florian Fairwinds CrossFit @ironeaglecrossfit Joust Strength + Fitness @tangletowncrossfit CrossFit Gambit CrossFit McComb Altitude Athletics CrossFit Cornelius CrossFit Fargo CrossFit 1026 @whitemtncrossfit BlackHearts CrossFit Crossfit Zephyr CrossFit Raw Appeal Outerbridge CrossFit Friendship Fitness Revel Strength and Fitness @crossfitformidable CrossFit Mt. Lebanon Spartan Fitness 360 CrossFit Valor @crossfithermitage @crossfit_dsp Crossfit Great Salt Lake CrossFit Addict @lwcrossfit @crossfitsheboygan CrossFit Morgantown @crossfitlander
Dear CrossFit Sun Family,

I’m home in New York now after a whirlwind weekend... and I tried to put into words how I feel!!!


With Emotion. With Gratitude. With Hope. With revitalized energy, passion, and DRIVE...

You all just gifted me with amazing goodies to bring home in my new BFB gym bag... but these are just a few MORE of the gifts you’ve given me. You’ve taken me into your community and given so much of your hearts... your precious time, your souls, your passion, your prayers, and even given from your own wallets. This act is nothing short of REMARKABLE!

You all are angels!!!! My angels, and the angels of so many around our world who need help. With the initiative from Barbells for B***s, you have accomplished SO MUCH. It is my hope that you understand what it means to me ~ and it is my hope that the kindness you’ve shown and goodness you’ve given so freely, come right back around to each and everyone of YOU. I believe it will.

I am writing to you on the plane back to New York. I just looked through every photo and video I took on Saturday. (Only about 3,462 of them!!!) You all inspired me as I watched in awe. I saw your strength; I could FEEL your energy. I know what you just did was incredibly physically demanding~ some of you may have some trouble lifting your coffee cups to your lips about now. 😁. But yet, you chose to do it. You, who are physically able to stand up to this challenge and raise money for all the women and men who need these funds!! You, who are bold enough to ask others to donate to your cause! Incredible. It really is! When I spoke on Saturday, I was trying to convey that some may have been in the mindset of reaching a new goal~ a new PR ~ more weight, or a better time. But in the big picture, what you ALSO did, was give someone like me, a longer LIFE to LIVE!

Let that sink in!

I was cleared to get back to CrossFit (after a recent surgery), at the end of last week. So I was already thrilled to jump back in. But you have all helped recharge me and given me such inspiration to get in there and kick some b***y!!! I WILL work hard to get fit. And I WILL get even stronger than I was before this surgery... And with the grace of God, I WILL keep this cancer from coming back!!! 💪🏻

One favor to ask: Please don’t forget to listen to your bodies. If something doesn’t quite feel right, get it checked out. And if everything DOES feel just fine, still check it out!! Get your routine check-up, colonoscopy, and mammo.
It could save your life!

Fearless leaders, Mark and Andrea, I know that your humility is compelling you to say, “It wasn’t us; it’s the community”. But guess what? YOU have been forefront in building this community!!!! YOU have been leaders for your flock! And how precious that your three children get to see it and live it first hand. This leadership and love will be carried on to another generation... you are choosing KINDNESS and leading by example. You are doing it so RIGHT. 🙌🏻

So thank you for ALL at CrossFit Sun for all you’ve done. You are forever in my heart!! 💗
What’s the schedule for Saturday. I am trying to figure out if I can sneak in there and do the fun and easy grace before my son’s baseball game.
It’s that time of year again...come and support a really fun event on November 3rd at CrossFit Sun. Watch Dr. Cooke throw a barbell over his head a bunch of times for a good laugh too. If you would like to help donate the link is below. Hope to see everyone there! 💪🏼
What a great turnout for strength training. Thanks Girls Force Fitness and CrossFit Sun for providing some great training.
Check out the last weekend of the #BFBOpenRoad Tour back in California! Two-time World Champ team CrossFit Sun received their $100k Lifetime total recognition and "pinked" the gym out once again for an event day of Fun & Easy Grace! Quickly after that, we surprised the community Polarize CrossFit with our final visit on the Open Road. They celebrated the day with a team workout and honored the #BFBTeamRAD women in their community.

We had a blast being on the road again this last month and being able to meet and impact more people to take action in breast cancer. Stay tuned for our #BFBOpenRoad Tour recap and thank you!

#BarbellsforB***s #7PercentCampaign
It's tomorrow! Stop by for a glass of wine.
Saturday 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Don't know if "hammy" (the McDonald's frankenburger) is still hanging out at the box, but saw this and thought of my CFS scientist fam! 👍🏽☠️🙅🏼🍔💩

We are more than health and fitness. We focus on changing lives!

Operating as usual

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 03/15/2022

We believe that people are capable of so much more. We teach people movement mechanics for a better quality of life.

It all starts with the mindset.

No matter what condition our bodies are in, how many injuries we’ve had in the past, or how old we are, WE CAN STILL LEARN & IMPROVE.

Our coaches and members are on this journey together. We want to learn more about how our bodies work. The more we know, the better we can take care of ourselves AND keep doing the things we love outside the gym.

Our mindset, our community, and our style of CrossFit are pretty unique.

We offer a 45min FREE One on One to get to know you and show you the We welcome you to check us out!

@dang_92 @lp3fitness @marksuntraining


We love seeing our clients progress! Training the right mechanics no matter in what avenue leads to overall progress in other fields of fitness!

Message @marksuntraining @lp3fitness for any personal training inquiries

Posted @withregram • @marksuntraining 2 Deadlift PRs from 2 different Personal Training Clients… the 🤔surprising thing is that both clients didn’t do ANY deadlifts in training.

Bryan just ended a cycle focusing on FixFit for Surfing 🏄‍♂️ and Sn**ching 🏋️. He is starting a deadlift cycle now so we wanted to test his baseline. He hit a lifetime PR of 30lbs at 275lbs.

Ella is coming off training for Indoor Rowing World Championships. She wanted to try the deadlift for fun today. She hit 305lbs, 3 plates on each side! That’s a 20lb lifetime PR.

Both clients didn’t do ANY barbell deadlifts for at least 3 months. 🤯

This is pretty cool data because many people are afraid of the deadlift. Most people have injured themselves deadlifting as well. It also used to take a lot of deadlift specific training to get better at them.

What we did instead was learn how the body works first. Address the weak links. Strengthen the body the way it was designed to move.

We always say that your body doesn’t know if it’s a squat, deadlift, run, or jump. The lower body mechanics are the same. So if you train the proper mechanics, it carries over to ALL lower body movements.




Like how the arm and shoulder SHOULD be anchored down with the pec & lat…

It’s the same idea for the leg and hip. The glute and hammie FUNCTIONS like the lat and pec.

For ALL shoulder movements, you are either using your traps or pecs & lats. For ALL lower body movements, it’s either glute & hammies OR low back & hip flexors.

13 years of fitness later 😩😒…. yeah, I wish I would of known this a long time ago but better late than never. It would of saved so many knees, hips, and low backs, including all the damage my body has been through.


Let me know if you have questions. This is the 🔑 to fixing your knees, low back, and hip issues.

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 02/09/2022

We offer at as well!

@marksuntraining: specializes in improving movement, especially when dealing with injury. Working with clients to learn to move better so they can keep doing what they love

@lp3fitness: She was our coach and now she specializes in training teens. Getting them stronger and building a strong movement foundation for their future endeavors.

📍 DM them if interested in personal training sessions

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 01/30/2022


-Month of Feb: We are starting our nutrition challenge for the next few months. 🥩🍠🍎

Month of Feb: we are kicking off our cycle and we will be focusing in on a few lifts to improve at over the next few months 🏋🏻‍♀️

-If you have plateaued in your fitness or miss the community atmosphere, contact us via DM or emailing us at [email protected] for class times and pricing.


The main reason we Love CrossFitSun] is because of the people.

Surround yourself with good people and it’s much easier to stay motivated.

Having that one hour where you can getaway from work, especially working from home, makes such a big difference.

This pandemic has really taken a toll on everyone’s physical and mental health. If you’ve had enough, come check us out!

Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or brand new, sign up for the FREE 45min Personal Training Session. We want to show you what CrossFitSun] is all about. Check out the

Email Us to Get Started: [email protected]


Posted @withregram • @dang_92 Kickstarting the new year with a new cycle!

Saturdays: 8:30AM

We will be focusing on the sn**ch🏋🏻‍♀️ for the next few months!

We’ve had great successes helping our members improve their through addressing and fine tuning their lifting mechanics.

Hope to see everyone tmr at 8:30AM

@crossfitsun **ch


We value “community” so much because it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of Health & Fitness.

Life isn’t about numbers on the scale, how much weight you lifted, or how “fit” you are. It’s about building relationships and surrounding yourself with good people daily.

We now know how important this really is, especially during the pandemic. Being isolated from others had such a negative effect on our physical health but also our mental health.

Remember, you will easily quit a gym but it will be hard to quit a community.

Our fitness and health advice in 2022 for everyone is to find your tribe. Once you find the community for you, focus on the people! Just like any skill, you must consistently work on it. Investing your energy in helping those around you is the secret to our own long term health and fitness.



Posted @withregram • @lp3fitness Love getting to watch my girl play. She has been battling aches and pains in her knee, calf, and now shin splints. The normal stuff that soccer players go through. But most are told to ice, and rest after a game.
We have been working with fixing it the fixfit way. Working with @marksuntraining on WHY is it hurting when she runs. And WHAT muscles are NOT working when she is running. Because that is the issue. The sport or running is not the issue it is the WAY she is running that is the issue or cause of the pain.
So far we figured out she is not using any inside hamstring, glute, and inside quad on the leg that has the pain.
So that is awesome!
Now she has been working on strengthening that and applying it to her sport! 💥🙌🏼💪🏼

If you have pain and want to figure out how to move better. Check out my buddy @crossfitsun @marksuntraining
We help teens and adults with this all the time.

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 12/11/2021

Small But Mighty - Coach @dang_92 “Do What You Love!”

Every Barbell Class is like a mini Seminar / Workshop. 🤩🤓

If you’re interested in learning the Sn**ch or Clean & Jerk, come join us! Every Saturday at 8:30am - 10:00am

❤️ @crossfitsun @crossfit @crossfittraining @crossfitaffiliates **ch


Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

White Elephant Party!

@crossfitaffiliates @crossfit @crossfitsun

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 12/04/2021

Posted @withregram • @lp3fitness Working that posture. High schoolers have a lot to carry everyday to school. Those backpacks are heavy and if the hold it all on one shoulder, there is bound to be pain.
We start and finish our session with posture flexing 💪🏼

@marksuntraining @dang_92



It was a blast having Don at for the past month! Thanks for visiting us! Have a safe flight back home, and we will see ya soon!

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 11/19/2021

Congrats to our soon to be parents! 👶🏻🍼💙

The 7AM class surprised James AKA Meltdown-AKA MilkDuds with some gifts and post WOD breakfast 🥞

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 11/16/2021

Let’s talk core. In both photos, im all 4 positions, my core is on.
Which one is a better position for front squats? 🤔

Pics 1: core on but in the traditional sense. Lats-off, pecs-off

Pics 2: core still on BUT in an optimal position for what I’m doing today which is front squats.

Most people can flex their core if they crunch down into these positions but the issue is not whether you have your core on or not. The issue is being able to engage the core in all different positions depending on what you’re doing💡

@crossfitsun @marksuntraining


Personal Training for Teens

We believe in teaching the process. We want the youth to learn how to move properly for sport AND life.

Contact us to set up a free Assessment/ Consultation Session!

@lp3fitness with @make_repost
Training on proper muscle engagement is 🔑.
Training is about learning why our body is moving a certain way. What is being over worked and how can we “fix” the issue.

Shout out on the hard work this girl has done in a couple of months! You can see the difference from 1st week (left) and today’s (right)

@lp3fitness with @make_repost
Training on proper muscle engagement is 🔑.
Training is about learning why our body is moving a certain way. What is being over worked and how can we “fix” the issue.

Shout out on the hard work this girl has done in a couple of months! You can see the difference from 1st week (left) and today’s (right)


Closing out another year of fundraising for @barbellsforboobs

A big shoutout to the CFS community for raising over $10,000 this year and a lifetime total of over $250,000 🤩🤯 You guys are truly 💗🙏🏻

Shoutout to those that donated to our silent auction @otterbox @lifeproof @weish464 @fuulbar @toyotacarlsbad @dmarchandd @taylormadegolf @cookechiro @iancookedc @itsm3l @tacosasadero

Thanks @seed_photo for the photos and videos! 💗🙏🏻



Grace🎀 has been a tradition for us since 2012. We love showing our members what and means to us.

Thank you everyone for coming to participate, help setting up, and cheering 💞

@barbellsforboobs @marksuntraining @sun0007 @lp3fitness

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 11/06/2021

Every year we do Grace. Every year it brings our classes together💞


Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 10/31/2021

🎃Great times as always! was a success! 🎃


Noon Class and Grace with Luis’s for his Last Day 💞

@crossfitaffiliates ❤️ @lp3fitness


We hit our goal!

Thank you to everyone who donated and all of our fundraisers. 💗🙏🏻🙌🏻

Come celebrate with us in our main event:

“BFB Grace”
30 Clean and Jerks for Time
💗At @crossfitsun
💗11/6 Sat at 8:30am
💗Silent Auction

If you’d like to and support @barbellsforboobs there’s still time. Link in Bio.

Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 10/23/2021

We had a @barbellsforboobs barbellsforboobs themed comp this morning with the CFS community 💞

@therebelcoach @sun0007 @lp3fitness


Join our community in giving back!

Link in bio.

We have 2 Community Events:
10/23 Barbells for B***s Team CF Throwdown (m/m, f/f, or m/f pairs).

11/6 Barbells for B***s Grace Workout

Everyone is welcomed to join either event.



FixFit Saturday 10am - 11:30am

We learn about our own movement mechanics and then apply it to what we want to work on.

Everyone here has different goals. That’s the beauty of mechanics training. We all need to figure out what muscle imbalances we have. After assessing ourselves, we know how to fix the problem, and the final step, is application.

The root cause of our injuries, chronic pain, and/or sport specific performance issues all lead back to mechanics.

Some use this class to fix injuries, improve their deadlift, build a stronger foundation for OLY, get back into their sports they love(like rock climbing), or train for rowing world records. Ultimately, we all just LOVE to learn and improve. It’s a fun journey when you unlock what your body is truly capable of.

$25 Drop-in - Open to the Public
*this class is included in your @crossfitsun unlimited membership

New to CrossFit Sun and have CrossFit experience? Come try this class for FREE and see how we coach with this mechanics approach.


Photos from CrossFit Sun's post 08/28/2021

Biggie/Smalls Event
After 2 hours of fitness, we tied😂. We concluded that if you’re a tall man or a short woman, your probably really fit


🚨 Starting in September 🚨

🏋🏻‍♀️Barbell Class - Now 90min Long!
Our Barbell class has been growing consistently. Since we have more people coming in, we want to give enough time to go over technique & mechanics, plus give you guys enough time to practice. 60min seemed like a rush.
*Class Time: Saturdays 8:30am - 10:00am
*This class is included in our CFS Memberships
*$25 Drop in for non-members (no intro session required)

🛠FixFit Class - New Class for CrossFit Sun
We are excited to include this FixFit class into our CFS Schedule. This is 90min of learning how to take care of our bodies. Whether you injure yourself in the gym or outside of the gym, let's get to the root cause of the problem. You will also learn how to keep training / moving with an injury. This way, you will recover faster and not have to take time off from training. You can rest and stretch until the pain is gone, but you are not fixing the problem that caused it.
Not only is this a program to assess and fix injuries but it also helps with building a stronger foundation in our mechanics. Why wait till you get injured before you start building functional strength? This class will allow you to attack your weaknesses and build functional muscle.
*Class Time: Saturdays 10:00am - 11:30am
*This class is included in the Unlimited Membership
*$25 Drop in for non-members (no intro session required)

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