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Regardless of your age, the perpetual pursuit of excellence, growth, and learning never stops and plays a huge role in success.

In this week’s podcast episode 241, I sit down with two of our interns at Fitness Quest 10, Chad Wilkins and Jennifer Tidball, as they ask me a ton of great questions relating to many topics, including:

▪️ Opening a business and my top mistakes made.
▪️ How you grow a brand (then & now) and create impact.
▪️ How I got my first pro athletes. You will never believe how a broken massage table led to my first pro athletes.
▪️ My thoughts on certifications and if they’re important to one’s success.
▪️ Tips, wisdom, and suggestions on what to do post-university when it comes to “finding” your purpose.
▪️ My top tips to build and grow a successful business today.

I love giving back to other hungry entrepreneurs desiring success and yearning to create IMPACT. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Remember, never stop learning and always create IMPACT!

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🎂🥳 Why is it you always have an extra-bounce in your step on your birthday?

Don’t you wish you could have that SAME bounce every single day?

Today I’m celebrating 51-years around the sun. Crazy.

There are days when I feel 20-years younger.
And there are some days I feel 20-years older & wiser.
Can anyone else relate?!

Either way, I’ll bang out 51-pushups today and celebrate with a good “peanut butter protein shake” to cap it off (I love peanut butter protein shakes!).

And I’m going to enjoy a great football game tonight up here in San Jose as my San Diego Strike Force take on the Bay Area Panthers at the “Shark Tank”.

Speaking of which whether you're 21 , 51, or 71 one thing I’ve learned is that the more I know the more I realize I still have to learn.

Regardless of your age, I believe that the perpetual pursuit of excellence, growth, and learning never stops. It plays a huge role in success.

As a matter of fact, I sat down with two “young” interns from Fitness Quest 10 for this week’s podcast episode 241 and allowed them to fire-away any questions they wanted.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and I’m sharing it with you today hoping that my “many years” of experience can positively impact you as well.

Listen to the full episode wherever you get your podcasts or by clicking HERE:
Anyone facing any challenges out there these days?

Whether it’s health, mindset, career, finances, or even parenting, these struggles can take a toll on you.

In my continuing series on “Unbreakable,” I’ve been spotlighting some everyday people who I find tremendously resilient and inspiring.

This week’s guest is someone I’ve known and worked with for 20-years. Her name is Janet Bertrand.

Janet Bertrand started out as an intern at Fitness Quest 10 and then became a personal trainer and coach and she’s been an important part of our FQ10 team ever since. She’s changed thousands of lives in her career, all while many times dealing with a lot of adversity “off the field.”

In episode 240, Janet and I have a deep conversation about training, parenting, and life. She shares the daily mindset necessary when facing tough times, the one thing she always does to deal with the stress, pressure, and depression that can creep up, and how and why she maintains faith in all that she does.

When I asked her what advice she would give about how to remain strong when you feel like you’re broken, she said this:

“Absolutely surrounding yourself with help. Asking for help.”

Whether that looks like a therapist, a counselor, a support group, your pastor, your partner, your friends… You’ve gotta ask for help.

My friends, this installment of the Unbreakable series is a MUST LISTEN. Especially if you are facing any challenges right now.

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How strong are you?

I’m not talking about your Deadlift. Or your Squat. Or your Bench Press.

I am talking about your MINDSET.

One of my favorite quotes is “You don’t know how STRONG you are…until STRONG is all you have left.”

Today’s podcast guest is someone who epitomizes being STRONG.

Her name is Janet “Btrain” Bertrand and she’s been a trainer & coach at Fitness Quest 10 for almost 20-years. She’s changed thousands of lives in her career and she’s about to change yours…in this podcast.

On today’s IMPACT episode 240, Janet and I have a deep conversation about training, parenting, and life. She also shares her most recent challenging journey she’s had with her daughter Lauren, who has been suffering from substance abuse for more than 10 years.

Janet shares the daily mindset necessary when facing tough times, the one thing she always does to deal with the stress, pressure, and depression that can creep up, and how and why she maintains faith in all that she does. Janet also shares why she always keeps “Showing Up!"

This is a must-listen to episode (especially if you are a parent) as it’s going to strike a chord with you. The strength that Janet has of mind, body and spirit is why I describe her as “unbreakable” and why I’m pumped for you to hear her story. Amazing.

Create an incredible week. And if you are facing ANY kind of trouble, challenge, or adversity, remember to STAY STRONG and DO NOT BREAK. You can bend, but let’s not break.

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Hunters of Hendrix is holding its Grand Opening "Lunges for Lattes" event on Saturday, Feb. 12 at 9am! Trainers from Fitness Quest 10 will lead participants through a fun, full body workout at the Hunters of Hendrix parking lot at 10045 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite C. Lattes and donuts will be available following the workout. This event is open to all fitness levels, all ages.
My friends, there’s a lot of invisible illness going on between the ears and people are living in their own world these days.

As a leader, I think you gotta find empathy. How can you win the caring game? How do you truly care about your people more? What is the best way to CONNECT?

I think it’s slowing down enough to actually watch and listen with your ears and your eyes as well.

Being a leader can sometimes really beat you down and tire you because you feel like you’re always serving other people, there’s a lot of pain in people right now. And I find that if you can try to listen with your eyes and see what’s going on and open up dialog and connect about personal stuff it helps all levels including back to the professional responsibilities that one may have within their organization.

This week’s IMPACT SHOW, episode 232, is all about LEADERSHIP and ENERGY with a very special guest…
Natalie Peterson is not only a leadership and stamina coach with 15 years of experience in organizational development who runs The Empowered Working Moms Network, but she is also a former employee of Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises for many years.

So be ready for some great stories, many funny and some not so funny!

If you find value in today’s podcast, please share it on your social media or send the link to your friends, family, colleagues, and co-workers who are looking for great content on leadership, teamwork, and high performance.

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You have heard it before, but I’ll say it again, “The bigger your dream, the more important your team.”

As my TDE brand (Coaching, Speaking, & Podcasting) has grown along with Fitness Quest 10, my team at TDE has grown immensely as well. We currently have 9 teammates helping change the world through our crusade to “Change lives, create IMPACT, and inspire the world to greatness.”

Today, you get to meet 7 of those teammates at Todd Durkin Enterprises (TDE). These are the people behind-the-scenes who help me get stuff done, execute strategy, and ultimately create global IMPACT.

The responsibilities range from high-level strategy development, ex*****on of live events, coaching, social media, videography, back-end technology, and everything that makes us tick…so we can fulfill our mission to change lives and create impact.

On today’s IMPACT Show, you’re going to hear from several of the people who make magic happen on a regular basis. This includes them sharing their specific roles, what they like best about their jobs, the hardest part about their jobs, and what they’re MOST excited about for 2022. It may even include a few of them sharing some dirt or funny stories about Todd.

Tune into today’s special “Team episode” as it is a compilation of some of the many special people whom I get to do great work with on a daily basis. Additionally, I share what I’m MOST excited for in 2022 and why I’m particularly fired-up here in Q1.

It takes a village to get a lot of stuff done…and I’m extremely grateful for the teams at both Todd Durkin Enterprises and Fitness Quest 10. They truly are rockstars and help create a lot of IMPACT.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts or by clicking HERE:, Create a great week…and go spend some time with your team!
"Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting." - Napoleon Hill

For all of my life, I have lived my life as a struggler. I can understand how all of you are feeling while living through COVID-19.

This award meant a lot to us. As it is a dream conceived in 2012, when Jason Nah and I visited Fitness Quest 10 ,the top gym in America. After the tour and personal sharing from Todd Durkin, he had since inspired me in setting up a personal training studio.

The journey of setting up RAW personal training studio is really freaking hard. A lot of my friends who know me as a person with a high tolerance level. There is a lot of unknowns that I didn't exposed to. There are times that this journey also broke me. There are days where I only have 2 to 3 hours of sleep while multitasking on setting up website, sending EDM to company, distributing flyers, going for business networking, conducting workshop and training clients. There are days I stay over at the studio to get stuff done. People may call me crazy but I do see the dream come closer and closer 0.00001% at a time.

There are times where I need to fork out my saving to pay up the rent. There are times that I need to fast due to low income. These are the parts I chose not to show on social media. However, this is the right time to share with you all. Because I just wanted to share a point: DON'T FU***NG GIVE UP. Your dream will come true.

Don't give up. Even if you see that big wall stopping you from moving forward, use what else tools and effort to break that wall down. Even if you are exhausted to move forward, crawl forward if you need to. Move forward one step at a step and please don't stop. Your dream is right there waiting for you.

If you lose, try again. If you lose again, try again. Each time you lose, you earn a lesson, a lesson that you will remember. I am an expert in losing and this is why I learned a lot of lessons and hopefully a little wiser.

In ending, I hoped you would take a few minutes reading through as it is not easy for anyone to share their personal journey or struggle. Likewise, if your friends or family members wanted to share with their personal journey or struggles. Stop whatever you are doing now. Look at the person who is sharing with you. Listen.

Thank you. *bang* and Good night! Fitness Quest 10 was built upon the dream to create a special place to Fitness Quest 10 was built upon the dream to create a special place to empower people to be the best they can be.

In a world that is often over-stressed and out of balance, the goal of Fitness Quest 10 is to transform the way we think about health, fitness, and success in life. If you want to be great in life, you must have 3 things—
Connections-- with family, friends, and colleagues
Conditioning for Life

I invite you to be part of the energy of Fitness Quest 10. We have a passionate team of exper

Operating as usual


FREE Intern Classes are back with intern Alex!
Bring a friend and join Alex for a full body workout this Sunday at Fitness Quest 10!
This class is open to any age all and skill levels!
🗓️: Sunday, October 2nd
🕰️: 9:00
📍: Fitness Quest 10
🏷️: FREE


Happy Birthday Alex Escobar!🎂
Alex is always full of energy and enthusiasm as she helps make everyone’s day brighter!🥳
She is a wonderful trainer, a great teammate and we are grateful to have her part of the Fitness Quest 10 team!🎊
Join us in wishing Alex a very happy birthday!🎉


Welcome to the Fitness Quest 10 team, Fardowsa!
Fardowsa specializes in deep tissue massage and has been working as a therapist for a number of years now!
Dowsa will be available for bookings on Monday and Wednesday from 3-8 PM and Tuesday mornings from 8-2PM
If you see Dowsa in the gym, please welcome her to the team! If you would like to book a massage please call or stop by the front desk (858) 271-1171


Congratulations to our Grinder of the Month, Pat Jak!
Pat has been a standout trainer on the FQ10 team for over 15 years now and is more than deserving of this month’s Grinder of the Month!
Pat goes above and beyond to represent Fitness Quest 10 in the community by training clients on zoom, remotely and of course at FQ10! He even trains youth hockey teams after hours!
Pat has a strong connection with all clients and staff and brightens up any room he is in, constantly smiling and helping others be their best self
Congratulations Pat! Well deserved!


Middle School Strength is BACK for the 2022-23 school year!
For $120 a month or $20 daily drop-in, join coaches Jeff King and Ryan Rogers for another year of youth athletic training!
That’s right, we’re talking speed, agility and of course, strength workouts every Monday and Wednesday from 3-4 PM!
Our Middle School Strength program takes pride in helping develop confidence and responsibility in our youth!
Don’t hesitate to sign up today! (858) 271-1171


LAST CALL for Little Black Dress!📞
Join coach Janet Bertrand for 6 weeks of intense, challenging and workout fun!💪
If you are looking to feel your best ahead of the holiday season, Janet will have you covered with 3 workouts a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)! 🔥
Who’s in on the fun and join Janet to feel and look their best? ✋🏼
Stop by or call the front desk to reserve your spot! (858) 271-1171


We have a big weekend ahead of us at Fitness Quest 10. Before football starts Sunday morning, Ryan Rogers will be running the first ever Obstacle Course Challenge right here at Fitness Quest 10! Ryan is bringing some of the creativity of Spartan Races right into our backyard. That's right we're talking keg carries, tire flips, slackline traverse and more!💪🔥
After the football is over, we invite you to join us at the Scripps Ranch Concert in the Park! FQ10 is proud to be the sponsor of this concert and we will have an area just for you, our FQ10 community! We will provide Pizza, Beer and Wine.🎵🍷
If you have any comments, questions or concerns, contact the front desk at (858) 271-1171
See you all Sunday!👊🏈

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 09/06/2022

Please welcome our new group of interns!
Ray, Heather, Alex and Sarina will be in the facility for the next two months! Read a little more about each below 👇
Ray Hrenko has been a Fitness Quest 10 client since 2001 and received his ACE Personal Training Certification in 2022. Ray is originally from Williamsport, PA and graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 1980, earning a degree in Environmental Sciences. Something people may not know about Ray is that he volunteered at Rady Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald’s House prior to COVID.
Heather Glavin is from Norco, CA and is currently attending her last semester at San Diego State University. Heather has been an active person her whole life, participating in gymnastics, volleyball and water sports such as waterskiing and wake surfing.
Alex Wall is from Denver, CO and is set to graduate from San Diego State University with a degree in Kinesiology in the Fall of 2022. Growing up, Alex played lacrosse and earned captain of his marksmanship team where they participated in two state championships. Something people may not know about Alex is he is a mechanic, and is an expert at customizing and repairing trucks and cars
Sarina Shah is from San Diego and attended University. She earned her ACE PT certification this past summer, with the goal of pursuing her passion, helping others feel strong in their bodies. Sarina played basketball throughout high school and now participates in ultimate frisbee. Something people may not know about Sarina is she has a background in web design and engineering
Be sure to introduce yourself to our interns and welcome them to our culture!


LAAAAAABOR DAY at Fitness Quest 10!
Thank you to everyone who came out and spent their Monday morning sweating with us at our special TD Fitness class!


Looking for last minute Labor Day plans?
Join Jeff Bristol for a FREE TD Fitness Class, Labor Day Edition!
Earn your BBQ and drinks later in the day with a great workout to help you burn calories and sweat!
DM or Fitness Quest 10 for more info!


End your Summer at the Scripps Ranch Concert in the Park with Fitness Quest 10!
Fitness Quest 10 is proud to host the finale of the summer concert series at Hoyt Park on September 11 at 6PM
Join the FQ10 team for an evening full of music, fun and smiles. Bring your family and friends for free drinks and pizza!
For more information on what to bring and guidelines, visit


Join Coach Ari every Friday at 7:30AM for her TD Fitness Class!
TD Fitness classes are always a great way to burn calories, put on muscle and will leave you feeling better for the rest of your day!
DM or for more info!
See you all there!!!


The ORC is coming to Fitness Quest 10!
Coach Ryan Rogers (Ryan Anthony Rogers]) is conducting an Obstacle Race Challenge on September 11 and 7AM!
Loosely based off his experience in Spartan Races, Ryan will be designing a fun, interactive set of obstacles in and around the Fitness Quest 10 facility.
These obstacles include but are not limited too:
-Tire Flips
-Keg Carries
-Much More!
If you are interested or want more info, DM Ryan at Ryan Anthony Rogers] or or send Ryan an email @ [email protected]


Little Black Dress is BACK this Fall!🍂
Little Black Dress Boot Camp starts September 17th!
This dynamic 6 week program incorporates Strength training and cardio to maximize your results!🔥
The workouts are designed to help you build lean sexy muscles and burn stubborn body fat.💪
This program also includes nutritional guidance and motivation to help keep you focused and energized to reach whatever your health or fitness goals.📝
All fitness levels are welcome to join this fun and effective fall program that will definitely help you get ready for all those upcoming holiday events!🥂
Get ready to look amazing in your LBD! Sign up for Little Black Dress Boot camp by calling (858) 271-1171 or stopping by the front desk today!☎️
DM or for more details!


Happy Birthday Lisa Evanovich!🎂
Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our boss lady!🎊
She is the kindest, selfless and most caring individual you will ever meet, always putting the needs of the team and our community before her own and a true leader!
Thank you for all that you do Lisa and enjoy your day!🥳


Need help preparing for the Masters 50+ Fitness Competition?
Join TOMORROW at 5PM for an interactive workshop on all things Senior Games!
Jeff will be going over all 10 exercises and giving you all the tools you need to crush the competition!
If you have questions, comments or anything relating to the games, we recommend attending!


Join the FQ10 fam this Saturday at UFC Fight Night! 🔥
Fitness Quest 10 client Dominick Cruz will be fighting this Saturday at UFC Fight Night at the San Diego Sports Arena!
We’re excited to see Dom take on Marlon Vera in front of his hometown San Diego crowd and hope you can join us for a night of celebration and fun!
Tickets are available on the AXS website 🎟


Need last minute plans this weekend?⏰
Join intern Ben this weekend for our last FREE Class of the summer!
Bring a friend and family member and get your Sunday sweat on!


FQ10 TV With Stan and Trish Williams


Summer Camps Going Strong at FQ10!
As the final weeks of summer is upon us, you may be wondering what activities your child/children can go before school starts
A great option would be our summer camps which run Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 8:30am
For anyone who has not attend our summer they offer manny benefits such as:
-Improving athletic performance
-Improving movement efficiency
-Improving self-confidence
-Great coach-to-kid ratio
-Learning done in a fun and dynamic environment
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your child experience one last bit of fun and physical activity before the start of the school year!
If you have any questions regarding our summer camps, contact us (858) 271-1171


Special Event coming to Fitness Quest 10 next Saturday, August 13!
FQ10 client Andrew Schultz will be putting on a breathwork, cold water therapy and goal setting workshop at FQ10!
The dynamic physiological benefits of breath-work and cold water therapy are absolute game changers and at the forefront of maximizing human potential and optimal performance.
Creating emotional resilience and stability, mental health strength, and nervous system regulation that is unparalleled!
If you want more confidence, clarity, creativity, connection, and community, this workshop is for you!
The cost is $55, please call the front desk or stop by and reserve your spot today!


Sunday Funday At Fitness Quest 10!😎
Join interns Paige and Maddie this Sunday at 9:00 for their FREE intern class!💪
Bring a friend or family member and get your Sunday sweat on!🔥


FREE intern class this Sunday!
Join intern Ryan for a pull-day workout from 9-10AM at FQ10!
Ryan is a student at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Applied Physiology and Human Biomechanics and has a passion for helping people increase their athleticism.
See you at 9AM on Sunday!
Friends and family welcome!!

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 07/16/2022

Jesse is consistently bringing the energy and helping everyone in the FQ10 community get better everyday💫
Jesse is a standout personal trainer, working with high school kids, professional athletes and grandmas and grandpas on an everyday basis💪
He also serves as the Director of Trainer Development, where he helps the FQ10 team level up by setting goals, talk about areas to improve and how to create a world class experience🔥
Join us in wishing Jesse a very happy birthday in the comment section below!👇

Fitness Quest 10 updated their business hours. 07/08/2022

Fitness Quest 10 updated their business hours.

Fitness Quest 10 updated their business hours.


Congratulations to our Grinder and Client of the Month!: Jesse Dietrick & Alec McCrea!
Each summer, Jesse goes above and beyond, getting his groups of hockey players dialed in for their season ahead, with grueling workouts and creating a world-class environment at FQ10!
You can see his groups nearly every weekday during the summer, often 6 players deep, getting after it and improving during their “off-season”
Alec McCrea is one player who has been trusting Jesse with his development for a few years now and is this months Client of the Month!
Alec arrives early and stays late for his sessions, doing all he can to get his body and mind right for the season ahead
Both are standout individuals and help make FQ10 such a special place to be during the summer months☀️
Be sure to wish Jesse and Alec congratulations next time you see them at FQ10!

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10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 8pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 8pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 8pm
Thursday 5:30am - 8pm
Friday 5:30am - 5pm
Saturday 7am - 2pm
Sunday 8am - 1pm

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