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Digital Sports Club
Digital Sports Club Fitness Quest 10 was built upon the dream to create a special place to empower people to be the best they can be.

Fitness Quest 10 was built upon the dream to create a special place to empower people to be the best they can be. In a world that is often over-stressed and out of balance, the goal of Fitness Quest 10 is to transform the way we think about health, fitness, and success in life. If you want to be great in life, you must have 3 things—
Connections-- with family, friends, and colleagues

Operating as usual


🤎Padres Pedal the Cause 2024 💛

The Fitness Quest 10 community is aiming to raise $100,000 to fund groundbreaking research projects that have the potential to transform the landscape of cancer treatment with local San Diego Medical Facilities & help end cancer⚕️

Here’s how you can help us reach our goal:
1. Make a Generous Donation: Any contribution will be instrumental in advancing cancer research & make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals affected by cancer 💲
2. Participate in the 5K Walk/Run: Join the FQ10 team in the 5K Walk/Run throughout Petco Park & downtown San Diego! The FQ10 team will all start together at the starting line and enjoy a lovely walk throughout the city 🚶‍♂️
3. Create Your Own Fundraising Campaign: Whether it’s through social media, email or hosting a fundraising event, you can create your own campaign to gain support from friends and family to help us get closer to our goal of $100,000! 🪙

Padres Pedal the Cause will be on Sunday, April 7th at Petco Park and we will have additional details as we get closer to the event! 📆

To SIGN UP & REGISTER for the FQ10 team, please check the LINK IN BIO & start fundraising today! 🔗


🏆Core Value Award Winner - Jack Sullivan🏆

RADIATE - Radiate Positive Energy 🔋

Congratulations to Jack Sullivan on winning this months Core Value Award due to his ability to RADIATE. Jack is always full of positive energy, brightening any room he walks into ☀️

He is super personable and always willing to have a conversation and see how you are doing. Jack always brightens the day of his clients and teammates and we are glad he is on the team 💪

The Core Value Award is given out every month to the team member who best exemplifies one of our core values: Serve, Grind, Radiate, Team, Growth Minded, Connect 🥇

Congratulations Jack! 🔥


♥️Valentines Day Massage Special♥️

Take 20% off ALL Massage or FST Sessions today & tomorrow and gift your Valentine ultimate relaxation and recovery! 🙌🏼

Call (858) 271-1171 or stop by to redeem your gift card for 30,60 or 90 minute sessions today! ☎️



Monday Morning means time to lock in for another week of work, discipline and enjoying the process! 🔨

Don’t forget we have ✌🏼Total Body Fitness classes today at 12:00 and at 6:00 to help you burn off your Super Bowl snacks! See you guys then 🔥



💪Transformation Tuesday 💪

Major congratulations to our guy Spencer E. on an incredible transformation! Spencer has been training with two times a week since August with the goal of gaining lean muscle mass!

Since August Spencer has
📈 Gained 3lbs of Lean Muscle Mass
📈 Gained 4.5% Skeletal Muscle Mass
📉 Dropped 1.2% Body Fat

Spencer has been eating right and putting all the things in his body to make sure he has proper protein intake and living a balance lifestyle

Great work Spence and Teddy! Keep climbing!!!


⭐️Fascial Stretch Therapy⭐️

Fascial Stretch Therapy, or FST is a style of assisted stretching that targets fascia and joints. Our team of certified use movement through a series of stretches to unlock tension in tissue, unlocking your body and helping you move better 🤸‍♂️

FST is designed to help those who have
- Back Pain
- Intense workout schedules
- An injury and are rehabbing
- Poor posture

FST can help you
✅Decrease pain
✅Increase mobility
✅Improve posture
✅Improve joint health
& More!

We have 30 & 60 minute FST sessions available for booking 6 days a week at Fitness Quest 10! If you are interested in making an appointment or would like more information please call (858) 271-1171 and start feeling better today!

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 01/29/2024

⚡️Iron Sharpens Iron⚡️

The Fitness Quest 10 Leadership team went deep for 6.5 hours on Friday on everything related to the gym and how to best serve our clients, members, teammates and community as a whole 🔥

We have been working with and for over a year; helping us build systems and teaching us how to be strong, effective leaders 💪

We often say “iron sharpens iron” and there’s no better example than doing these workshops and being honest with one another and being committed to a bigger and bright future for Fitness Quest 10 📈

Also, shoutout to and for hosting and providing a world-class experience! 👌🏻


Q&A and Book Signing with Dr. Brooke Scheller! 📚

Not only is Dr. Brooke the author of How To Eat To Change How You Drink, but she is also TD’s niece! ✍️

How To Eat To Change How You Drink will help you heal your gut, mend your mind, and improve nutrition to change your relationship with alcohol 🧠

Join Dr. Brooke next Wednesday night from 5:30-7:30 in The Roots for an exclusive Q&A session and book signing featuring refreshments and mocktails ❔

Click the link in our bio for more information!

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 01/24/2024

Happy Birthday Merilee! 🎉

Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our girl Merilee Post!🎈

Merilee joined the team in 2022 and has helped revitalize our Pilates program in The Roots! She trained clients 1-1 and in semi-private groups as well as Pilates Mat classes on Tuesday & Thursday nights 💪

Merilee always brings vibrant energy (and color outfits!) to every room she’s in. She is a great teammate and we are lucky to have her 🌟


Congratulations to Maddie Mercado on her first round selection by the Seattle Reign in the first round of the 2024 NWSL Draft! ⚽️

After a standout career at Cathedral Catholic High, Maddie became a 5 year player at Notre Dame where she appeared in 92 games with 26 goals and 64 total points!🔥

Maddie and her brother Michael have been training at FQ10 for many years now and are both professional athletes. Congratulations Maddie! We can’t wait to see what’s next for you!💪


Relax and Unwind with a Massage session this week! 💆‍♂️

Whether you are stressed out, sore or injured, book a session with one of our three therapists and start feeling better ASAP! 🔋

Appointments are available 7 days a week, call (858) 271-1171 or stop by to reserve your spot!☎️



Core Value Award Winner - Melanie Rogers! 🏆

Congratulations to Melanie Rogers on winning our Core Value Award for her ability to Connect: Build strong relationships! 🤝

Melanie is super personable and develops strong, honest and true relationships with her clients - in and out of the Pilates studio. 💪

Melanie has been part of the FQ20 team for over a decade now and has been holding down our Pilates department in The Roots since 2020. She is the heart and soul up there and is changing lives through Pilates on a daily basis! 📈

Congratulations Melanie, we love you!♥️


FREE Yoga!

Did you know we are offering FREE YOGA for the entire month of January? That’s right, you can drop in to any of our restorative or yoga for mobility classes at NO EXTRA COST!

Interested? Here is our Yoga Schedule: ⬇️
Monday 7:00PM - Restoratjve Yoga with Lunita
Thursday 12:00PM - Yoga for Mobility with Lee Ann (Pictured)
Friday 9:00AM - Restorative with Lunita

All classes are open to all ages & levels!


Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 01/03/2024

⭐️Bob Ilko Award for a Lifetime Achievement in Community Philanthropy - Susan Couch⭐️

Susan has been a lighthouse of positivity and a servant to our community for the last couple years. In 2022, Susan brought Padres Pedal the Cause to the FQ10 forefront. Since then, the Fitness Quest 10 community has raised over $100,000 for cancer research and helping save lives 💪

Susan truly cares for her community and is always willing to lend a helping hand and support those in need. Whether it be Padres Pedal or donating time in the community to feed the homeless, you can expect Susan to be there and helping others! ❤️

Congratulations Susan! 🥳


Set the tone! 🔨

New year means new goals, new commitment and new work! Show up for your mind, body and spirit and set the table for a great 2024! 💪

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 12/28/2023

The top 🔟 Moments of the Year! (SWIPE)

Take a look at the top 10 moments of the year at Fitness Quest 10! From summer camps to epic parties, we accomplished a lot in 2023 and we can’t wait to create many more memories with you all!


⭐️Welcome to the Team, Marques Clark! ⭐️

We are so excited to re-introduce Marques Clark as the newest member of the FQ10 team! Many of you may recognize Marques as he has been part of the Fitness Quest 10 family for many years now!🔥

Marques has a unique background as he was (and still is) a wide receiver in college and in the pros and has been working with professional and amateur football and baseball players for the last couple of years alongside renowned throwing coach Tom House 🏈⚾️

Marques also has his photography business and creates a awesome content related to fitness, sports and everything in between! 📸

Please welcome Marques back to Fitness Quest 10!!!💪

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 12/20/2023

Happy Birthday Alyson Leiphart! 🥳

Join us in wishing our girl Aly a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🎂

Aly joined the team over the summer as a Pilates instructor and has been a great addition to the team. She is always here for her teammates and clients makes us all better!🎊

Thank you for being you Aly and enjoy your special day!!!❤️

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 12/20/2023

🎅Sleigh the Season FQ10ers! 🎅

We are having a FLASH SALE this WEEK on EVERYTHING FQ10! That’s right, we’re talking brand new FQ10 merchandise and all services - Training, Pilates, Massage and Stretching! ⚡️

This is a limited time offer from Wednesday through Sunday ONLY!!! Stop by or CALL (858) 271-1171 to score big today!!! 🔥



Bring your family and friends out to Fitness Quest 10 Sunday morning for a FREE Sunday Sweat workout with Roberto and set the tone for a great Sunday!! 🔨


“We always control two things - our effort and our attitude.”

Let’s make it a great week FQ10ers!! 🔨


Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 12/09/2023


Join us in wishing our guy Jeff Bristol a very happy 4️⃣0️⃣th birthday today!

Jeff is one of the most energetic, passionate and enthusiastic people you will ever meet. He is truly one of one and there is no one else quite like him! 🔥

He cares deeply for this community here at Fitness Quest 10 and sees the best out of everyone he meets. He always sees the good in people and brings the best out of them 💪

Enjoy your day Jeff! We love you! ❤️


Never Miss a Monday! Time to put in the work and lock in for a great week. 🔒




Join Coach Pat Jak on Saturday December 9th at 10:15AM in The Roots for his talk “All About the Shoulders” where we hill dive deep on the functionality and health of shoulders!

Pat’s talk includes
✅Structure & Function of the Shoulder
✅ Common Shoulder Injuries
✅ Shoulder Mobility Exercises
✅ Range of Motion within the Shoulder
✅ Adding Strength to your Shoulder

Pat’s talk is FREE and open to all clients and members! We hope to see you there!


🎁Fitness Quest 10 Toy Drive! 🎁

We are looking for for UNWRAPPED toys to be donated this holiday season!🧸

Fitness Quest 10 is proud to partner with Becky’s Gifts and be a drop off location for their Toy Drive♥️

Becky’s Gifts helps create memories and special moments for families affected by cancer around San Diego County. They will deliver toys to 5 cancer centers around San Diego, so they need our help! ♥️

Please stop by FQ10 with any gifts fit for ages 1-16 and make a difference this holiday season!!! 🎄


Congratulations to our Core Value Award Winner - Arielle Kantor! 🏆

Ari is the winner for this month’s award for her ability to RADIATE: Radiate positive energy!🔋

She is the epitome of positive energy. From the moment she walks into Fitness Quest 10, she continually shines her light in everyone she sees. ✨

Whether you are training with her, getting an FST from her or taking one of her classes, she energy she gives us magic🪄

Ari’s positive energy is what makes FQ10 so special and we are so happy she is part of the team!🔥

Core Value Award will be announced every month; focusing on one of the core values:
🧠Growth Minded

ADDITIONALLY, Ari will be leading a 4 week Stretch, Strength & Self-Defense Class from November 13-December 6. For more information and to register, call (858) 271-1171 or stop by the front desk! ☎️


Stretch, Strength @ Self-Defense!

Join Coach Ari for her 4 week camp “ Stretch, Strength & Self - Defense”!! Her camp will help you build strength, recover and protect yourself!

Ari has a unique blend of training and combining it with recovery techniques to heal and recovery faster. This camp will feature:
✅Building Muscle
✅Feeling Strong
✅Self-Defense Strategies
✅Myofascial Recovery
✅Self-Healing Tips
✅15% OFF FST Sessions
✅FREE 30 Minute FST with Ari
✅Unlimited Training in FQ10 Classes

Workouts will be every Monday and Wednesday at 5PM from November 13 thru December 6

Stop by or call (858) 271-1171 to sign up and reserve your spot today!

Photos from Fitness Quest 10's post 10/26/2023

Ghosts of Halloween’s Past…

A little Throwback Thursday to prior FQ10 Halloweens! 🎃


Happy Birthday Jack Bailey! 🎉

Join us in wishing Jack Bailey a very happy birthday! Jack has officially been part of the FQ10 team for over two years now but has been part of the community for over 10 years when he was a high school athlete. 💪

Jack is a standout trainer at Fitness Quest 10 due to his unique training style and commitment to getting better. He is part of the Chek Institute and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. 🔨

We love having Jack as part of the FQ10 team and are all so glad to call him a teammate and friend🎊

Enjoy your day Jack! 🤟


Pickleball Workshop at Fitness Quest 10!

Join Coach Jeff King for a FREE Pickleball Workshop Tuesday October 24 from 5-6PM at Fitness Quest 10 as he will be dropping knowledge on the fastest growing sport in the U.S. - Pickleball!

Jeff is excited to share his top tips and tricks on how to train for Pickleball and ways to avoid injury and play pain free, keeping you active, healthy and dominating the competition

We hope to see you next Tuesday evening at FQ10!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in San Diego?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 8pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 8pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 8pm
Thursday 5:30am - 8pm
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