Pacific Coast Skydiving

Pacific Coast Skydiving


Best day ever!!! Hands down! Can’t wait to do it again!
An unforgettable experience! My heart a thousand an hour . That was my way of celebrating my 50 th birthday , your súper professional team . Thanks Lucas ☺️ May /24/2021
That’s a face of a fearless one! Watch out! My greatest, fastest, purest, fearless experience of my entire existence. Period. It’s like falling in love, but with a great ending & Not a broken heart or... bones.. haha
What an amazing time!
Soooo much fun!!
My cousin Lisa and I jumped in December of 2014! I jumped with Andy!! He was awesome and soooo funny!! It was so much fun!!
Thank you guys for being amazing and showing us a good time 💕
Woody & Jamie were great!
Had a blast!! Thank you Jamie for being such an awesome instructor! 🖤🙌🏻
Thank you to everyone at Pacific Coast! We didn’t stopping laughing the whole time. Shout out to Jamie and John for keeping us safe! This day made our trip🛩
Shout out to Matt!!! What an AWESOME skydive buddy!!!
Last saturday was my ✌🏼 tandem jump and it felt so good🤘🏼. Skydiving for me is one of the best experiences in life and I can't understand why many people are afraid of it, it is definitely awesoome🙅🏽.
This time I would like to thank to my instructor John who was so patient and friendly, also he practiced his spanish w/me lol 😂, super funny "the claw guy"👏🏼 congrats!!!

Are you ready to feel the excitement of 120 mph freefall, or the peaceful canopy ride back to the beautiful Pacific Coast Skydiving landing area?

You will see Downtown San Diego, Baja Mexico, all of beautiful Southern Cal and much more on every jump.

Operating as usual


This is the point of no return 😂

This is the point of no return 😂


Can’t argue with Marc. Our instructors are amazing❤️
Also we are very modest 😂

Can’t argue with Marc. Our instructors are amazing❤️
Also we are very modest 😂


Happy dance right before the jump 🪂🪂🪂


Happy Halloween 👻


Like a lot of businesses out there Pacific Coast Skydiving had to close it’s doors , park the planes and put away the parachutes for the safety of our boys and our customers. Especially because if we had you 6 feet away from your instructors we were doing it wrong 😉
But in all seriousness we wish everybody safety and health !
And we’re counting the minutes , the days ,the weeks ,hopefully not the months till we open the parachutes back for you !
We hope we all get through this unbelievable situation!
Simply because we have no other choice!
Stay healthy friends !


Ericka and Guillermo ❤️
She said yes 😍


If you need a break from Christmas shopping come and play with us😂


Getting into the Christmas Spirit 😍
Put on your fun costumes and come to jump with us ! ✈️


German surprised his girlfriend with a skydive ... and a proposal ...❤️💍
What a way to start the weekend 😍


5 blue eyed Irish beauties happy after “surviving” their first skydive 😂


400- 5 star reviews !
How lucky are we to have customers like you ❤️


Marge celebrating her 90th birthday today skydiving.
How great is that ❤️
Oh and she is in a women’s basketball team here in San Diego ❤️


Love is in the air 💕💍


Now this is how you show up dressed for skydiving ❤️🎅


Gorgeous day for skydiving


Amazing day ! Thank you guys for making us a part of it ❤️


Hey,look who made the list of the 20 must do things in San Diego this fall according the The Local magazine 😀. I swear,it is not advertising ,we didn't even know about it ,but it is very sweet ! Thank you our wonderful customers for loving us!!! Our lives will be so boring without you 😘

Thank you for jumping with us ,Mr. Medina ❤️


Beautiful day for skydiving!!! Why aren't you here yet?

[07/24/11]   Hey friends,watch the boys from Pacific Coast skydiving tonight on the National Geographic Channel at 10pm-The Indestructibles

[05/11/11]   So yesterday we got a phone call from a girl that jumped with us on Saturday,that somehow we charged her card only for one jump instead of two,and she wanted to make sure we charge for the second one too!!!!I'm speechless!!!We truly have the most amazing customers!Thank you guys for all the love and support you are showing us!!!

[05/09/11]   Come on clouds,go away,we don't want to cancel any more days:-(Where is the famous San Diego sun???

[03/25/11]   What a wonderful day!We can't jump because of the rain,but our little family added a member!Our manager Bobby just had a baby girl!Welcome to the World,Milana!!!

[03/21/11]   Here comes the rain again!That is one rainy Spring Break:-(

President's day weekend 2011 02/22/2011

President's day weekend 2011

[10/13/10]   slow day. Sometimes they're fun.

[10/11/10]   Rosi and Andy are on vacation - hope they're having fun we sure are!

[10/04/10]   thanks to everyone for putting your positive reviews on here - we would be nothing without you guys though! We love you all!

[10/02/10]   Holy Cow! October?!

[09/28/10]   Day off! Is there ever a day off?

[09/25/10]   whhooooaaaa!!! busy Sunday tomorrow!

[09/17/10]   who's got a cookie? 09/14/2010

Pacific Coast Skydiving

We love you guys too! Thanks for all the great reviews! 30 Reviews of Pacific Coast Skydiving "AWESOME! Booked them for my husband's 30th birthday present (a surprise!) for Labor Day. I booked a month in advance (because of the holiday) but they request 2 3 weeks advance notice. I chose them over other…

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