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Yay! 🛶 Adrienne owns and teaches yoga at Power of Your Om studio in Santa Barbara.

All-female rowing crew breaks women’s world record on trip from California to Hawaii

Wow - Sausalito CA to Hawaii they rowed 🛶 across in a month! One is a yoga teacher who owns Power of Your Om Santa Barbara.
This yoga teacher from Santa Barbara Power of Your Om studio just did a boat 🛶 race across the ocean- Bay Area CA to Hawaii- with a few others. One month at sea, rowing 12 hrs a day- 2 hours on and 2 hours off, for a month straight. Wow 🌊

Did you workout today? 😀
This yoga teacher from Santa Barbara Power of Your Om studio just did a boat 🛶 race across the ocean- Bay Area CA to Hawaii- with a few others. One month at sea, rowing 12 hrs a day- 2 hours on and 2 hours off for a month straight. Wow 🌊
Did you workout today? 😀
Tadasana..... Centerline..... DRISHTI....
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We're so excited to be participating in Santa Barbara YogaFest this weekend! Join us for online classes all day, 30 minutes each, with 100% of proceeds going to Food Bank Santa Barbara Cnty.

Check out our schedule below and head to our website to register for this great cause! We look forward to practicing with you.

Other participating studios are:
Divinitree Santa Barbara
Yoga Soup
Power of Your Om
Hunnyfly Yoga Studios
Yoga 4 Mankind
Santa Barbara Yoga Center
Santa Barbara Yoga Collective
The Juicy Life Company
We're so excited to be participating in Santa Barbara YogaFest this weekend! Join us for online classes all day, 30 minutes each, with 100% of proceeds going to Food Bank Santa Barbara Cnty.

Check out our schedule below and head to our website to register for this great cause! We look forward to practicing with you.

Other participating studios are:
Divinitree Santa Barbara
Yoga Soup
Power of Your Om
Hunnyfly Yoga Studios
Yoga 4 Mankind
Santa Barbara Yoga Center
Santa Barbara Yoga Collective
The Juicy Life Company
Power of Your Om is hosting 26 live-streamed yoga classes weekly. Sign up at www.powerofyourom.com.

The 2-week is valid for these classes. Send them a message so they can redeem it virtually.

Did TWO classes yesterday at PoYo . Mallory and Bella - two of my favorites!😎
Great class with Amanda this morning.Fun!🥰
Did the hips and back workshop last week - really great! I recommend doing any of the classes (of course) but the workshops are very beneficial!
Here is some things I learned this weekend.

If you are going to rooftop yoga, wear sunglasses.

The title of "Death of a Salesman" spoils the ending.

Don't imply on social media that Goat Yoga ends with eating the goats..even if YOU think it is hilarious.

Being the only man in a Zumba class is an interesting and slightly humbling experience.

If you visit enough retirement communities in LA, your movie CAN win best picture Oscar.

I can't think of anything else I learned, but I am also pretty bushed.

Power of Your Om Looking for people in this yogi family interested in attending this fun run/yoga event. Santa Monica, Sunday April 28th :)
did you know we have an app that makes it easy to access our schedule online? Click here: mndbdy.ly/e/20855

Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga designed to support your overall fitness, health and life goals. We will emp

Power of Your Om is a vibrant community space for you to challenge yourself to sweat past your own barriers and create transformation from within. Our studio offers power Vinyasa Yoga classes in a heated room designed to support your overall fitness and well being on and off the mat.

Operating as usual


Join Jocelyn for a glow in the dark vinyasa flow on Halloween night! White or neon clothes encouraged!

Head to the link in our bio to sign up 🎃


Starting in one week and recurring every Thursday following, this class is included in all memberships and is donation-based for nonmembers!

AcroYoga or Partner Acrobatics is a playful and intentional physical activity. It is often referred to as “The Yoga of Trust.” Acro is practiced with at least 2 people BUT you don’t need a partner to attend! Come solo!

These practices promote human connection and trust and improve balance, strength, and flexibility all while having safe and joyful playtime as a community.

There are no prerequisites. Anyone who is open to learning is perfect for this class. AcroYoga is playtime and exploration for adults. So, come play!


One week from today we will be gathering together on Stearns Wharf for a special celebration and some feel good movement with our studio owner ❤️🙌🏽🥳

Shout out to Adrienne for creating a space for all of us to come together and share our practice. And a huge thank you to all of you who continuously show up and make this community thrive 🙏🏼🌞

See you all next Sunday, 10/15!
Bring friends and family to this donation based event and head to the link in our bio to pre-register 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏽


Celebrating October with a focus on rituals!

This is your reminder to get creative with your practice and find new ways to connect with yourself.

Some of our favorite forms of rituals are:


✨Pulling cards

✨Lighting candles + taking a warm bath

✨Setting intentions

✨Repeating mantras (Ommmm!)

And the list goes on.

Drop a comment and let us know some of the ways you like to get witchy and be mystic with your practice!

Photos from Power of Your Om's post 10/04/2023

Your voice has the power to inspire, motivate, and ignite change. Yet many people have not been exposed to or educated on how to harness the full potential of vocal expression.

When confidence, clarity, and connection are heard and felt in your voice, it turns words into memorable messages.

No matter your skill level, you'll leave this workshop with a renewed sense of vocal freedom and a toolkit of techniques to carry into various aspects of your life. You will learn:

Body and Voice connection
Versatile and expanded vocal expression

Vocal endurance and easeful amplification

How to captivate the attention of a room

Emotional expression and connection

Tools for breaking through self-consciousness

Improvisation and imagination skills

Head to the link in our bio to register!


Next week! Join for a deep dive into consciousness and your physiology through a one-of-a-kind guided breathwork experience.

Align your chemistry, optimize your physiology, and tap into your own neuro-pharmacological medicine cabinet.

Come with a light tummy, comfy clothes, and any of your favorites like your favorite blanket, pillow or stuffy. 

This practice is done 100% lying down and is available to anyone wanting to explore the power of expanding your consciousness. 

Head to the link in our bio to sign up!


It's All About The Balance ☯️

As yogis, we are already familiar with the concept of balance. Off the mat, we work on balancing work vs. play, or, social life vs. solitude. On the mat, we use alignment, engagement of muscles, and breath to help us balance in poses.

Whether it is on the mat or off, there are two major forces working simultaneously throughout all of this that we want to take a moment to acknowledge: Yin and Yang.

Yin: dark, cold, internal, passive, slow
Yang: light, hot, external, active, fast

You might be familiar with Yin Yoga: a style that usually consists of a series of long-hed, passive floor poses. Yin is the cooldown of our practice. It is recovery, slowing down the heart rate and blood pressure, improving digestion, and giving our muscles a break. Yin is also associated with our internal environments. This is why we tend to do a lot more reflection when we are in Savasana than when we are in Warrior 3!

Yang is the other side of our practice. Styles such as Vinyasa Yoga that incorporate a lot of muscle engagement and build heat within the body are heavy on the Yang. It is the activation, the endurance, and the outward movement.

Although certain styles might be more dominant in one over the other, working on both is the best way to build a well-rounded, BALANCED practice so that you can continuously grow. Whether you are working on becoming more flexible (yin) or you want to get stronger (yang), the best (and safest) way is by working on both.

Ready for a more balanced practice?

Be sure to check out our YinYasa classes every Friday and Sunday evening at 6 PM!


One week from today!

This 3 session program is a joyful way for children to explore creative movement, develop mind-body awareness, channel energy and emotion, stimulate their imagination, and inspire connection.

This class is a playful mix of movement, voice, theater, and mindfulness. We want to create spaces for our children to learn about themselves and how they connect with others in a way they can easily digest, and enjoy!

This is a great way to stay active and build friendships and a sense of self.

Let’s move and play together!

The recommended age range is 5-10.
The class is 45 minutes.
$75 for all three class dates:
September 26th
October 3rd
October 10th

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! Head to the link in our bio to get your kid signed up 🙏🏼


Curious about the benefits of PoYO's heating system?

While the list can go on, here are some of the stand-out reasons we love to practice in infrared heat!

❤️ Flexibility:

Fun fact: You do not need to be "flexible" to practice yoga. But, infrared heat will certainly support you in your journey of improving muscle range and overall openness of the body. As the heat builds, it allows you to meet your sweet spot with ease. You'll find that you already have all the skills you need!

❤️ Detoxification:

Who doesn't love a little detox? Each time you step on the mat with us to sweat, you are ridding the body of unhealthy toxins and giving your internal environment a little reset. Rinse and repeat!

❤️ Muscle Recovery:

Spending time in our infrared heated studio improves your blood circulation. When your blood vessels open and expand, allowing for the blood flow to reach your muscles more easily, your muscle recovery is sped up and supported as they engage and contract throughout your practice. In simplest terms, the heat improves your cardiovascular health!

❤️ Improved Sleep & Stress Relief:

When you spend time in infrared heat, you are activating your parasympathetic nervous system and encouraging the development of stress-fighting hormones which help regulate your mental state and improve an overall sense of calm. The more frequent you are with PoYO classes, the more you will be able to clock in those much-needed and well-deserved hours of deep, blissful sleep!


We are excited to welcome Myah Mashhadialireza to our teaching team!

Myah’s goal as a teacher is to create a space where you can step out of your day and step into your body with complete trust. In her classes, you will laugh, sigh, sweat, make weird shapes, and do everything in community.

Come practice with Myah at 7:30am on Wednesdays.


Save this ☝🏼 for your easy access!!!

Can’t wait to see you taking care of yourself more and more ❤️

Photos from Power of Your Om's post 09/02/2023

Happy September! 🧡

In case you didn’t know… September is National Yoga Month and we are celebrating with some hot yoga happy hour!

These are special $10 drop-in Hot Yoga classes running Mon - Fri at alternating times each week!

Grab a friend and come celebrate the practice that keeps us feeling good and living great!

Our first one kicks off after the holiday, on Tuesday 9/5 at 4:30pm. Head to the link in our bio to sign up 🙌🏽


Pose highlight: Half Pigeon featured by PoYO teacher, Carina! ❤️

"I love taking all versions of half pigeon - sleeping pigeon or bolsters and blocks under my hips. It’s a great posture at the end of practice after you’ve loosened up your hips and want to release any tension. You’ll find me guiding this posture a lot and giving a light massage during it for those who want it."

Half pigeon is a pose that will no doubt strengthen your practice of mindfulness. As a deep stretch that improves hip mobility and supports the muscles surrounding the hips and lower back, this pose ignites some louder sensations/experiences within the body and mind. Whether they are physical sensations, thoughts about your experience, or emotional reactions, there is a lot to be uncovered when spending time in half pigeon. So much so, that you tend to drift away from the to-do lists and the external distractions. When the sensations arise, listen in! That is your yoga.


Lizard Pose 🦎

This hip-focused pose highlight is featured by PoYO teacher, Jocelyn!

With a wide stance and a deep bend in the front knee, this pose allows the hips to melt down and open up in order to release tension and create space.

"Lizard pose also offers a stretch for the hip flexors, quadriceps, and hamstrings, making it a well-rounded stretch for the lower body. Additionally, lizard pose cultivates a sense of grounding and openness, promoting a feeling of balance both physically and mentally."

If you are someone who spends a large portion of the day sitting, this pose is not to be neglected! Nobody wants cranky, tight hips. Lizard pose is there for you when you need to give those hip flexors some love!


Join us Sunday for Yoga + Breathwork on the Wharf!
☀️ 8:30am gathering w/ and
☀️ 9:00am Practice begins w/ +
🥞 10:30am Pancakes + ☕️

We are excited we have the dates reserved for the rest of 2023!
9/17 ~ w/ .embodiedarts
10/15 ~ our 12th Anniversary🎉
11/12 ~ gratitude 🙏🏾 month

See you at Stearn’s Wharf and make sure to get there early to hang, get stretched and enjoy the view ⛰️!

Oh, and bring some friends 😉


Low Lunge ❤️

This special pose highlight is featured by PoYO teacher and studio manager, Ayesha!

"Low lunge is a great asana for opening and stretching the hip flexors and alleviating lower back pain. I like to incorporate this into my practice on days when I've been sitting a lot or haven't moved my body as much as I would like. This asana is also a great preparatory pose for deeper hip-opening poses like pigeon pose."

As we stated in our last post: August's theme is focused on the practice of releasing blockages, getting sticky in order to get unstuck, and strengthening our ability to deal with difficult sensations, emotions, and experiences.

Poses such as the low lunge are a great way to access this part of your practice and tap into the ways our bodies can support us beyond physical capabilities.

Next time you find yourself in a low lunge on your mat, try closing your eyes or finding a soft gaze. See if you can tune out external distractions and tune into the physical sensations in the hips.

Without judgment, notice what comes up for you emotionally and what thoughts arise. Allow yourself to sink into it as you strengthen your mind + body connection.


This month started with a full supermoon on August 1st, and the month will also wrap up with another full moon on August 30th. Yup, that is TWO full moons in one month.

If the concept of this has no meaning to you, just think of it this way... Full moons provide an excellent opportunity for our practice to really show up for us as a tool in the way we deal with challenges and process emotions.

This month is full of potential. If you notice any intense energy passing through your field of vibrations, that is your sign to lean in. Sometimes we have to get a little uncomfortable in order to reach a state of ease.

This month's theme is focused on the practice of releasing blockages, getting sticky in order to get unstuck, and strengthening our ability to deal with difficult sensations, emotions, and experiences.

One of the best ways to find that oh-so-sweet release on the mat is through hip-opening poses. We do them all of the time. Whether it's a sweaty vinyasa class or a cooling yin practice... Hip openers are a big part of a yogi's journey.

Maybe you love them, maybe not so much. Either way, they have the ability to peel back our layers and show us where the work is needed. Our bodies are always communicating with us and hip openers help to open our ears and listen.

For the month of August, we will break down specific hip-opening poses for you. These pose highlights will feature some of the PoYO teaching team and will provide some insight into the benefits, variations, and modifications of each pose. In the meantime, we encourage you to pay extra attention to the poses you do in class and notice what comes up for you as you get hippy!


Are you someone who thrives on positive challenges and loves to create a life-changing impact?

Power of Your Om is looking to expand our class offerings and we are actively seeking talented and enthusiastic yoga teachers to join our team!

Required Skills:

✨ Proficient in skillfully and safely leading yoga classes, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for all participants.

✨ Open to receiving and implementing constructive feedback, constantly striving to improve and grow as a teacher.

✨ Thrilled to ask thought-provoking questions that inspire and empower students on their yoga journey.

✨ Possess a curious and playful spirit, infusing creativity and excitement into every class.

✨ Excellent listening skills, ensuring a deep understanding of students' needs and creating personalized experiences.

✨Embrace new challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm, pushing the boundaries of your teaching expertise.
If you possess all the skills listed above and are passionate about this opportunity, DM us and we'll send you the link to apply. Get ready to be a part of a transformative and fulfilling experience and take your yoga teaching career to new heights!


Breathwork with is back in the studio Tuesday evening!

Join the community for a deep dive into consciousness and physiology through this one-of-a-kind guided breathwork experience. Align your chemistry, optimize your physiology, and tap into your own neuro-pharmacological medicine cabinet.

Price: $30 / $15 for members

Head to the link in bio to sign up!


At the end of every yoga class, we take several minutes to rest in savasana. This is the most important part of our practice because it gives the body time to reflect and digest all that it has done so that the next time you show up on your mat, you are building onto what the body has already learned, continuously growing.

Now, as we embrace the end of July, we invite you to take on a similar practice by considering some reflection points that can give your mind the chance to digest all that you've learned this month.

You can write your reflections in a journal and allow this to be a form of mediation, or you can simply take a moment to consider your responses in your head. Either way, this is a practice of self-awareness.

Reflection points focused on our July theme - Tapas:

1. In what ways do you challenge yourself on and off the mat?

2. In what areas of your life and/or practice do you honor consistency? What areas do you want to more consistent in?

3. Create one goal for yourself in your practice - this could be anything along the lines of a flexibility or strength goal, connecting more to the breath, being more present, an attitude you want to adopt towards your practice, etc. The possibilities are endless.
Once you have that goal, share it with someone. Make it real and then decide how you are going to hold yourself accountable.
How are you going to reach your goal?

Thank you for spending this past month with us. See you on the mat ❤️


☀️ Sunday 9am Yoga + Breathwork ☀️

🌀Stearn’s Wharf
🌀Donation Class
🌀Tag a friend 👇🏽
🌀Bring a buddy, 🕶️, 🧴 + a 🧢

Can’t wait to move, breathe and smile with you‼️


Accountability 🤝 Consistency

Last week we talked about Tapas on the mat. The fire that we create within our bodies and the ways in which we use that fire to take us deeper.

This week we are focusing on one of the most prominent ways tapas exists for us both on and off the mat: Accountability & Consistency.

As we have mentioned before, being yogis means that we have a responsibility to continuously work on improving and maintaining our strength in both body and mind. The only way to keep up with this goal is by continuously showing up for your practice, over and over again. After all, yoga only works if you do it. And you can't have consistency without accountability. This is where tapas comes in.

Tapas is our practice of being our own parent. Just as no one is setting your alarm each night and making sure you get to work on time each morning, no one is going to make you get on your mat each day or sit for 5 minutes each night to be still and breathe. YOU are your best bet in taking care of your health. You hold the power. We are merely your support system for when you do show up. We are ready to assist you in your practice and encourage you to stay on track. But don't forget that you play the biggest role in your growth and transformation.

The best way to see results is through consistency. And the only way to achieve that is through accountability. The two go hand in hand.


‼️SURPRISE‼️ Yoga + Breathwork is on the wharf July 30th… and save the date for August 27 + September 17 for more connection on the wharf.

We’re excited to share the joy with and .embodiedarts in our future donation classes!

Sign up on our website now and bring friends.

Suggested donation is $10-$30 for these awesomely healing sessions!


We will be wrapping up the month with our first swap event!

Bring in your unused clothing (must be in clean condition) on July 30th at noon.

From 12pm - 2pm you'll have the chance to shop other donated clothing items and mingle with your community.

Unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity.


Last week we introduced our theme for the month of July: Tapas.

In case you missed it, tapas is one of the 5 Niyamas (our observances) which are part of the 8 limbs of yoga. Tapas can also be described as heat or "the burn" in our practice. And with that, tapas also encompasses all the experiences that come with not only creating our heat but turning it up once we have it as well.

This week we have been focusing on the ways that tapas shows up for us on the mat and in our physical practice. Being yogis, we have a responsibility to continuously work on improving and maintaining our strength in both body and mind. That is why we practice.

Some of the ways that tapas (the heat) can best be utilized are:

1. Concentration - Staying present and mindful of the current moment will help you to be in the body and know whether you have the space to go deeper. Using the breath as a tool is a great way to stay focused when holding poses and moving around the mat.

2. Challenge yourself - When you are concentrated on your practice, you become more aware of your strength and in turn are able to lean into the challenges you encounter with more confidence. This week, when you are on the mat holding a pose, ask yourself if you are able to sink in just a little bit deeper.

3. Use the core - There is a lot of fire in the core and nearly every active pose requires the core to be engaged to help maintain proper alignment. This week, when you're in a standing pose, bring extra awareness to the belly and notice if you are keeping it active! Accountability is key.

We hope you find some extra joy in your practice this week by turning up the heat!


Join on the evening of Tuesday, 7/25 for some oh so necessary myofascial release!

Self-myofascial release is the practice of using tools, various amounts of pressure, and self-guided manual therapy techniques to target the layers of fascia in our bodies.

Fascia exists within all of us - an interconnected web of uninterrupted connective tissue surrounding muscles, organs, and bones, from our head to our toes and everything in between.

There is much conversation about the benefits and effects of myofascial release, including the ability to hydrate the layers of tissue beneath our skin, increase blood flow and circulation, increase our proprioceptive awareness in our bodies, and can serve to calm the nervous system.

In this class, we will use various tools to slow down, tap into deeper breathing, and focus on increasing our proprioceptive awareness of how our body is communicating when we apply specific pressure to our feet, legs, hips, mid-back, shoulders, chest, and even our jaw and skull.

This head-to-toe practice will be interactive, and we'll still have time for a juicy savasana to let the effects of this educational movement practice sink in.

Please note: This class has a special fee of $25 and includes a set of Yoga Tune-Up balls to take home.

See you then!


Happy July PoYO Fam!

We are officially in the heat of summer and we refuse to take it for granted. We have some fun events coming up that will get you outside and under the sun so that you can take your practice to new depths (physically & mentally). But first, we want to share a little bit about our theme for the month - Tapas.

Tapas is one of the Niyamas, which makes up the second limb out of the eight limbs of yoga. We are taking it back to the foundation of a yoga practice to acknowledge all of the ways tapas show up for us and how we can better utilize it in our healthy, fulfilling lives.

Tapas (Sanskrit) can be translated to the term "to burn." It is the heat within our practice and it is the fire that lights our engine and keeps us motivated on and off the mat. Tapas is also known as the austerity of body, speech, and mind. It is our self-discipline. It is our ability to hold ourselves accountable and do what we know (at our core) to be right: saying no and setting boundaries, managing self-control, and challenging ourselves so that we can continue to become stronger versions of ourselves each day.

Throughout the month of July, we will talk about the various forms of tapas that we can experience, not only as yogis but as humans. We encourage you to be your biggest guide, take the reigns on your growth, show up on the mat, and discover your potential through your inner fire 🔥


☀️Revive + Thrive with us July 15th! 🌙

Join us for a day of revitalization, conscious connection and self-discovery

💫 Are you seeking to tap into a more optimal version of yourself? Your optimal-self? Chances are if you're reading this, you are interested in leveling up in life and stepping into your power...

Whether that be to heal or to grow, and/or simply have an incredible day of epic life experiences with amazing people. The Revive + Thrive Wellness Rejuvenation Day in Santa Barbara is an amazing opportunity to come together with a conscious tribe to learn and experience a variety of optimal living practices that will help you to transform into a brighter, healthier, and stronger you.
Join us for a day of resetting, rejuvenating, and optimizing as we take you through a curated experience of all things that go into an optimal lifestyle:
* breathwork (Wim Hof Method)
* yoga
* optimal lifestyle discussions
* consciousness exploration
* cold exposure (Wim Hof Method)
* nutrient dense food
* intention setting
* guided mushroom experience

DM or us here to answer any questions you may have!

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Happy International Yoga Day!

Come recharge + renew your energy with us this Sunday at Stern’s Wharf!

Yoga & Breathwork led by & 🙌🏼

Gathering will start at 8:30 am and class will officially start at 9 am

$10, $20, or $30 recommended donation 🙏🏼

See you all this weekend!


Link in bio for more info ☝🏼

Retreat flow:
Our day kicks off with a meet and greet over adaptogenic coffee and an optional microdose from our friends at Muse. This will lead us into a full day of flow as follow:
• 8:30am arrival
• 9am-1pm: intention setting, yoga, breathwork, snack, ice bath, discussion
• 1pm: Nutrient-dense BBQ and socializing as a conscious community
• 2:30pm: Meet at the beach
• 3-8pm: intention setting and journey
• 8pm: Wrap up
The first hand experiences of the retreat when applied to your life can dramatically impact the quality of your health, fitness, and wellbeing. Join us for this powerful experience!
*Post-retreat integration call will be held 1 week following the event via Zoom to go over the experience and help positively integrate the experiences into our lives.
What will be provided:
• healthy snacks
• lunch
• coffee/tea
• water
• gift bag
• epic conscious community experience

Photos from Power of Your Om's post 06/15/2023

As yogis, you all know the importance of breathing. Whether you are a vinyasa ju**ie, strictly yin, or you balance back and forth between the two, you are bringing awareness to your breath every time you step on the mat.

The PoYO theme for June is Renew + Recharge. Next week is the summer solstice and we are tapping into the parts of our practice that allow us to ignite our internal solar energy.

Prana is known as the life force energy that exists within us. Pranayama is the practice of moving that energy around, throughout the whole body, to prevent it from becoming stagnant.

And how do we move around our prana to renew + recharge our energy? We breathe!

There are many pranayama techniques to experiment with in your yoga practice such as box breathing, 4-7-8 breathing, nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), and the most popular, ujjayi (throat breathing).

By simply bringing your awareness to each inhale and exhale as you sit in meditation or move through poses is considered to be pranayama.

Join us for classes this month and pay extra close attention to the ways in which your pranayama practice shows up for you!

Photos from Power of Your Om's post 06/08/2023

Our next Yoga + Breathwork on The Wharf is June 25th!

Swipe for more details on this event 🙏🏼

We look forward to gathering with you all under the sun real soon!


Happy June, fellow yogis 🌞

As you may know, this month holds the summer solstice which will be on June 21st. It will be the longest day of the year, marking the official start of summer and showering us with the gifts of the sun.

From the seeds to the roots of our human experience, the sun has been a representation of life-giving energy. It nurtures our bodies and minds, coaxes us outside to engage with our surroundings, helps to regulate the immune system, and boosts our mood. In other words, the sun renews and recharges our overall being.

In honor of the solstice, we are embodying the sun’s life-giving energy through our yoga practice, on and off of the mat.

We invite you to take in the Renew + Recharge mindset as you head into June. Allow yourself to feel into the heat of your practice, and use the power of your breath to support you along the way.

See you soon! 🌞


Goofy and grateful - what a team that helped lead this new class of yoga teachers thru 10 weeks of transformational work!

Where can you get goofy?

For what are you grateful?

We’d love to know! 🙃♥️


Join us Saturday May 27th 2-5pm

…. Adrienne and Teal are excited to share the tools they’ve learned to liberate themselves and it’s just gonna be a whole bunch of fun.

Space is limited to 10 people to keep it intimate. Have questions? Ask em 👇🏽

Events this week - Liberation & Celebration 🎶 05/22/2023

Closing out May w/ these events! -

Events this week - Liberation & Celebration 🎶 Information is coming in from all angles nowadays and it's become normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and straight up not living our most aligned, intuitive, and liberated life. 

Photos from Power of Your Om's post 05/16/2023

Move + Shake + Liberate ✨
Saturday, May 27th
2 pm - 10 pm

Information is coming in from all angles nowadays and it's become normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and straight up not living our most aligned, intuitive, and liberated life.

Using our personal intuition combined with powerful guidance, we will connect to the elements of water and fire through a variety of intuition-based movement practices, dynamic meditation, mindful connection, and new experiences to embody what it feels like to get reconnected to ourselves and stoked on life.

We will begin at the studio from 2-5 pm and then complete our time together at the beach from 6:30-10 pm.

If you feel the teeniest bit excited (or a lot excited) about the possibility of discovering a new pace for yourself with a super rad group of people, we'd love for you to join us.

Photos from Power of Your Om's post 05/13/2023

Come support all of the hardworking PoYO teacher trainees as they take on the role of teacher and share all that they have learned with our community.

Each trainee will be leading their own class on the schedule. There will be classes running from May 20th through May 28th, with a bulk of the classes happening over the weekend.

Take a look at the schedule and grab some friends before heading to class!

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Find us on the second floor of Victoria Court with the best yoga views of the mountains and State Street!
Sometimes it’s a fresh water bottle, a favorite colored yoga towel, or a new yoga mat that motivates us to show up to yo...
It's a cold, hard truth: so many people end their day with stiff bodies and overwhelmed minds. We often shrug it off and...
Stop Leaving 'Clues' - Ask for WHAT YOU NEED with Eve Rodsky
6 Core Dimensions of Wellness with Dr. Lilly Tam CHt
Gut Health & Unique Healing with Functional Nutritionist Chris Latham
Being in the Work takes Practice
Saying No Gives You Resources to Say Yes!
Move Into Action with Adrienne Smith





1221 State Street , #201
Santa Barbara, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 11:30am - 7pm
Wednesday 6am - 7pm
Thursday 11:30am - 7pm
Friday 6am - 10:30am
Saturday 8:30am - 12pm
Sunday 8:30am - 7:15pm

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