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Don't focus on limitation, overcome them! Bright Star Martial Arts specializes in serving people with diverse needs and abilities. Come here to grow.

Stay because no one else does what we do. At Bright Star Martial Arts, we change lives through fitness, martial arts, and therapeutic services and programs for people with special needs. Established in 2010, our Taekwondo program trains the mind and body to perform at one's best. We offer an inclusive place to grow, and a unique service to support personal development for both typical and special

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2024 is a leap year and has 366 days 🕴


For our kids program, each child is a star in their own journey. Positive attitudes, perseverance, and confidence – the essentials of our program! It's the perfect blend of fun, fitness, and personal growth.

Enroll your kids for the New Year and see the transformation!


When people doubt your abilities or tell you something cannot be done, it becomes an opportunity to showcase the resilience and determination learned through martial arts. Never tell a martial artist it can't be done. Never!!!

Challenge Accepted.


Imagine the rhythm of your kicks syncing with the beats of your favorite music. Share with us the tracks that would define the soundtrack of your martial arts journey. Is it the motivating pulse of epic soundtracks or the zen-like flow of traditional tunes?

A popular pick for many is Eye of the Tiger — Survivor. Now, you go!


We offer a unique blend of martial skills and life lessons for your kids. We welcome your little warriors to a year of strength, discipline, and fun.

Enroll today for a journey of empowerment!


🎁 It's not jt about delivering presents; it's about mastering the art of controlled movements, balance, and, of course, those flawless throws. Turns out, Who wouldn't want a Judo Master Santa, making every rooftop landing look like a graceful martial arts demonstration?

🎅 Who knew that along with spreading joy, Santa also spreads martial arts? 😂


The amount of holiday cards sent in America is over 1.5 billion 💌


Showing respect is a fundamental aspect of martial arts. As your child progresses through our program, they'll not only master powerful techniques but also cultivate essential life skills.

Enroll today and witness the positive transformation as your child becomes a true martial artist, demonstrating respect in every aspect of their life:


Use the festive spirit as fuel to overcome obstacles, just as a martial artist breaks through mental and physical barriers. Let your journey be a testament to the strength, discipline, and determination that martial arts instills.

Stay sweet & Kick High!


Anyone here practice with their grand kids? No matter what age you are, the movements within this practice enhance flexibility and balance, making it easier to engage in fun and playful activities with your grand children.


Set your sights high, not just on the festive decorations but on personal achievements and goals. Whether it's mastering a new technique, fostering a healthier lifestyle, or cultivating a positive mindset, let this season be about more than just traditional festivities.

Share your holiday milestones! 🌟🥋


Fun Fact: Some martial arts use festive weapons in their training!

Some martial arts incorporate festive or unconventional training tools to add variety and challenge to their practice. While the core techniques and principles remain the focus, the use of these unique tools injects a sense of fun and novelty into the training environment.

For example, wooden candy cane replicas, tinsel-covered training staffs, or even holiday-themed pads may be used to practice strikes, blocks, and forms.

Ultimately, the use of festive weapons adds an extra layer of joy and creativity to the martial arts experience, making it a memorable and engaging way to celebrate the holidays within the dojo or training space. Have any pics to share with us?

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Support Ryan (our student) and Chandra Shutte (his mom) in the new podcast: Rockin the Difference. More info here…

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Martial Arts fosters a sense of unity and connection with others. It's a shared journey where individuals support and uplift one another, emphasizing mutual growth rather than winning at all costs. It serves as a reminder that while competition has its place, the true heart of martial arts lies in the cultivation of our inner and outer selves.


We train champions. Join us and make your mark in State, District, and World tournaments!

Train with purpose, triumph with pride and train with our tribe.


Imagine Peace on Earth instead of division.
Imagine extending our cycle's lesson of respect universally to all beings.


If we could spar with any historical figure, it would be Bruce Lee. His philosophy of martial arts, his innovative techniques, and his ability to transcend cultural and physical barriers make him an inspiring choice.

We're listening!


Prove Them Wrong!

Photos from Bright Star Adaptive Martial Arts's post 12/14/2023

Garrett Guerrero will test today for the rank of 1st degree black belt.

Having started when he was a Tiny Tiger, he has been in taekwondo most of his life so far.

At first, Garrett liked to stand next to his instructor as much as possible. Now he will stand alone, show his skill, and be accepted into the Beight Star Blacl Belt family.

Testing is at 5pm tonight at Santa Clarita United Methodist Church if you’d like to join the cheer squad.


Australia is wider than the moon 🌙


Participating in martial arts can significantly boost a child's self-confidence. As they engage in training and overcome various challenges, they experience a sense of accomplishment that elevates their self-esteem.


Bruce Lee's one-inch punch is a legendary demonstration of power, speed, and technique in martial arts. The key to the one-inch punch's power lies in several factors: body mechanics, speed, precision, timing and Qi (life force energy).

This technique serves as an inspiration for martial artists and a demonstration of what can be achieved through diligent practice and knowledge. Have you tried this in your training?


No safety net = Better performance

Photos from Family Focus Resource & Empowerment Center at CSUN's post 12/01/2023

Support group for Armenian parents….


❣️One week away! Join the Black & African American Family Focus Support Group for the last meeting of the 2023 year on December 6th at 6:30pm on Zoom! To register please contact Theresa at [email protected] for Zoom link information and to answer any further questions.

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Our students are multi-talented…
Prove Them Wrong!
Tiger Garrett Guerrero
Garrett Guerrero as a Tiny Tiger.
Garrett Guerrero will test for his first degree black belt in under 1 hour. Wish him luck! #EmpowermentJourney #ATA
No safety net = Better performance
Mindset -> Quality People -> Communication = Success
Never give up if you believe it is right.
Biggest savings of the year. Something for students in every program.Private instruction, Program Upgrades and Next Year...
Rest when you reach your goal.




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