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NonStop Fitness


Given new state of emergency in Chatham County I assume you are now closed?
It's the 1st of the year what the heck!!!!
Thanks Nonstop for the goodie bag.
So. I've been sick so my sleep schedule is WAY off. So I decided to dig through my closet at 11 at night for some older pairs of jeans.

I know I've lost some weight in the past few months (not from being sick) but I didn't possibly think I'd lost this much!

The first photo is me in my size 16s which I haven't worn in about 4-5 years.

The second photo is me in my current size 22s that I finally realized I look ridiculous in lol.

I want to thank Kristi Como and Nonstop Fitness for my continued progress and support! No better gym around! Love you guys and gals!
After hours still counts!!! #TeamNonstop
Natatia back at it again - even feeling a little under the weather! Nothing like sweatin out a cold! 💦‼️
Natatia has made going to the gym now part of her weekend routine. She has become addicted and now knows how to workout on her own without her trainer with her all the time- this is what I call 🌟SUCCESS🌟

Way to go, Natatia! I am so proud of you!!!
A little over a year ago I was looking for a gym to go to. I've had a bad back for awhile and was told that exercise would help. While driving down Ferguson Ave I saw the sign for Non-Stop Fitness. So I stopped. What a great decision.

I was greeted by a friendly and eager to help staff. I was given a tour and then was given what my options were to join. I signed that day. And I have been in there consistently since I joined....I have never felt like I have in past gyms, that I don't belong there. The staff is awesome!

I also feel that if I hadn't gone in there that day I would have missed a great opportunity, I'm so much stronger. I feel I would have been pretty cripple if I hadn't started exercising. I use one of the trainers to keep me moving ahead. If your thinking of a gym....try Non-Stop Fitness!
Congratulations to Margarita Pomare on getting a personal record in her 5k race this past weekend! Your hard work has been paying off!!! 🏅🎉💪🏽
Natatia is down 22 pounds and her pants are too big since she started working out again! 😃👏🏽🌟
*Attention Nonstop Members (or non-members)* - I have just a few open time slots left for a personal training session this week. Never had one before? Your first one is on me :)

Availability this week:

Thursday @ 7:00am, 4:00pm & 5:00pm
Friday @ 7:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm

Want to get a workout in before Christmas? I work on weekends, so message me for my holiday availability!
It's just 1 hour out of your ENTIRE day :) :)

THE gym for real people! Local gym offering more than just an average gym experience. Personal training and supplements available with your 24 hour membership.

Operating as usual


Getting closer!!!! I have a software orientation tomorrow. Then setup for pre-sales!

PS- please do not sign up yet. Discount codes are not live!

Best of Savannah 2022 02/28/2022

Best of Savannah 2022

Yalll!!!!! We’ve been nominated by Connect Savannah Best of Savannah 2022. I am so thankful for y’all’s support!

Please follow up and vote vote vote!!

Best of Savannah 2022 Vote for your favorite local Savannah businesses in Connect Savannah's annual 2022 Best of Savannah competition


11 years ago we had just got the mirrors up. I can’t wait to show off this milestone again soon. 😉


I’m still trying. There are a few things in the works that will hopefully allow us the opportunity to finally come back to life. I can’t say how much I appreciate y’all checking in and being patient. I’ve had more obstacles than I imagined, and I haven’t given up.


What resolution have you had in the past you are most proud of?

For me, 7 years ago I turned off all push notifications on my phone except messenger and text. I never turned them back on. Completely liberating!


These cute little red chairs have me reminiscing hard this morning.


No predictive text posts to keep you engaged. No funny grinch pics. No beautiful tree pics. Some have family, some don’t. Many are enduring their first holiday without a loved one. Some are welcoming new ones.

This is your reminder to take the day and enjoy the time without the hustle of work and life. Go for a walk. Play on your phone. Read a book. Laugh out loud. Whatever makes you happy, do that! The hustle will be back before we know it.

Thank you for an amazing year of support! See you soon!!


Try this on for size! Happiness isn't found on a clothing tag. We've looked! We find happiness in making healthy choices, getting outside and keeping fit - choices that make us feel better, inside and out.
~Bear Naked Granola bag


I would love the opportunity to support those who have supported us. If you work in, or know someone who works in any of the following areas, please reach out! We are needing quotes to move forward.

Labor (to install equipment)


Keys to the kingdom!!!!


Guess what I’m working on? 🤩🏋️🤩🏃🏼‍♀️🤩


We’ve started shopping!! What’s your favorite piece request for the wish list?


September 8.

People around me have said I should capitalize on today. Remind everyone how tragic our loss was last year. Walk you through all the emotions felt. But instead, I’d like to say thank you.
Thank you for not giving up on us. Thank you for remembering us. Thank you for randomly checking in on me. Thank you for new opportunities. Thank you for staying interested in the process. And after all the years of us being ready when you are, thank you for being ready when we are.

And a massive thank you to our landlord for getting our building back to us! I look forward to getting the gang back together by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for early enrollment specials!!


So I'm on the way to work and I get stopped at every stupid red light. How is it others seem to be flying past me? They're getting there so much faster than I am! I think I picked the wrong lane again. I'm not even close to getting to work at this point. And now a stupid train! How long am I going to have to wait at this thing? Oh! Moving again!! But now there's an accident. Ugh!!!!! What do I do?? If only I had a helicopter. Or a bike. Or a faster car. Ooh! Maybe carpool! It won't seem so bad if I have someone to keep me company.

These are the thoughts of someone who's "trying" to lose weight. We know where we need to be. But the obstacles get frustrating. Options are to "call in sick" and try again tomorrow. Quit "work" and go back home where's there's no traffic. Or just keep going.

No matter what vehicle you choose, it may take longer than others. You may feel like you're never going to get there. But unless you quit, you will arrive at your destination.


Every phone call asking about a reopen date is so exciting, and yet sad. I can’t wait to see y’all again. Fingers crossed for a fabulous fitmas Christmas.

Call anytime!

The CEO of Delta Air Lines Just Shared the Perfect Leadership Message for 2021, and It's Only 7 Words 03/22/2021

The CEO of Delta Air Lines Just Shared the Perfect Leadership Message for 2021, and It's Only 7 Words

This resonates so much.

“Most of us have, in fact, lost something during the last 12 months of tragedy. Some of us have lost an awful lot. And while it's certainly healthy to try to express gratitude for silver linings, the truth is that we're hurting.

Now, it's payback time.

We shouldn't just lick our wounds and try to return to some semblance of the lives before. Instead, we should live with a vengeance.

Do the things we would have done, and then some. Make up for lost time, because we've all had a reminder of just how little time we get.”

The CEO of Delta Air Lines Just Shared the Perfect Leadership Message for 2021, and It's Only 7 Words It's time to make up for lost time.


Talk about essential! My heart jumps for joy every time y’all call to check in. Every. Time. I know everyone is ready to be back “home”, but in the meantime, stay safe and healthy and I’ll see you soon!!


As hard as starting over is, I can’t wait to be right back in this moment.

I miss y’all!

Photos from NonStop Fitness's post 03/10/2021

Y’all! I’m so dang excited about this!! Clean Eatz Kitchen reached out about a partnership once we reopen. At $8/meal delivered, I’m all I’m! What do you think?


🥴 yeah. Let’s go with that! Snuggin is huggin.


Show me a pic of your favorite piece of gym equipment. Mine is in the comments


Any Apple Watch users??

Anyone who knows me knows 🗣I H A T E C A R D I O🗣 But alas, months out of work will make you do crazy things. Lol

So a couple days ago I earned this...and idk if I’m more amazed or proud of it. Lol

I’m thinking 2021 is going to be full of surprises. How about you?


It’s the very first Monday of 2021, what’s your best piece of advise to your future self?


There’s no denying how tough this year has been on everyone. But instead of focusing on all the rubbish, let’s flip the script.

Tell me what you’re grateful for.

I’ll go first.
I’m so grateful to have an amazing support system in my life.


Stop beating yourself up.

You’re a grown woman. Not a child.

Be proud of the things your body has helped you conquer thus far.

Stay moving. Stay strong.


It’s that time!! I’m running the wheel of names for the raffles RIGHT NOW!!


Last chance!! The raffle is closing soon!

I’m drawing names in just a couple hours!! I can meet anyone local tonight with gift certificates if needed for Christmas gifts 🎄🎁 12/22/2020


⌛️⏰2 more days to enter!!

🎄🌔We are drawing names on CHRISTMAS EVE so get those raffles purchased!

We have a date night that includes a 1 night stay at Marriott Savannah Riverfront and an $80 gift card to Ruth's Chris Steak House. Over $400 value!

And a 60 minute massage courtesy of The Wellness Center At St. Joseph's/Candler and $50 to The Cotton Exchange Seafood Grill & Tavern. Over $125 value!

You can purchase raffles online at Click here to lend your support 12/18/2020


Happy Friday before Christmas!! Who still needs the perfect gift?

How about a date night that includes a 1 night stay at Marriott Savannah Riverfront and an $80 gift card to Ruth's Chris Steak House? Over $400 value!

Or how about a 60 minute massage courtesy of The Wellness Center At St. Joseph's/Candler and $50 to The Cotton Exchange Seafood Grill & Tavern? Over $125 value!

We have a few raffle tickets left! You can purchase online at

Please share! Click here to lend your support


Talk to me. What’s your calling?


I’ve been slack about checking the mail at the gym. My heart swelled all over agin checking it today. 💖

Thank you James & Gina Reed, Gloria & Ed Lewis, Donald & Eileen Major, Daniel & Diane Reitman, and Sandra & William Parrott for your support. After what feels like an eternity without being there for y’all, to know you’re still thinking of us, means more than you’ll ever know.

Keep moving. Stay healthy. Stay strong. We’ll see you soon!


If I didn’t know better, I’d think Leslee G is determined to win that date night package.

Thank you for your support!


Thank you, Penny C for your donation!

Please see Lisa and Ed Yannett - Savannah Real Estate - Team Yannett for your swag 🥳👚


Lisa and Ed Yannett - Savannah Real Estate - Team Yannett

Thank you Lisa and Ed Yannett - Savannah Real Estate - Team Yannett for your continued support.

Y’all, go share this video! He has swag to give away!! And the PayPal link is provided if you’re willing and able. All support is greatly appreciated.

PS- shout out to GMR Designs for the awesome design, print and packaging.

This is a follow-up video for the Sandfly Strong fundraiser to help support all the businesses from Sandfly Market Place! Kristi Como, the owner of NonStop Fitness, started the Sandfly Strong Movement. I purchased 30 shirts from them to help support the cause and they would make a GREAT stocking stuffer! We want to give them away to people that like and share this video. We encourage you to make a donation to Sandfly Strong to help support the businesses the fire devastated! Send donations to or if you would like more information about how you can help email Kristi at [email protected] or call or text 912-349-4902.


Happy Friday!! Have you bought your raffle tickets? We’re adding $75 if we sell out TODAY!

The perfect date night with an $80 gift card to Ruth's Chris Steak House and a one night stay at Marriott Savannah Riverfront. ONLY $20/entry (14 entries left at time of post)

Or pamper yourself with a massage from The Wellness Center At St. Joseph's/Candler then lunch at The Cotton Exchange Seafood Grill & Tavern. ONLY $10/entry (12 entries left at time of post)

Only 24 entries are being sold for each raffle. EPIC ODDS!!!

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Look what’s going on sale soon!!
Fresh out of the box (after assembly, obvi) Smoke couldn’t wait to play on it. Listen to that excitement!! 🤩🥳😄
💥💥C O M I N G  S O O N💥💥I can’t even tell y’all how excited I am about this piece!!!
💥💥💥C O M I N G  S O O N💥💥💥
Everyone loved the Stealth app, so here’s another one to add to your arsenal of ab work. @dribbleup coming next week! Do...
Hannah gettin it done today!! 💪Good job! 👊💥




8511 Ferguson Ave Ste A
Savannah, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm

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