Grace Dawn Tai Chi

Grace Dawn Tai Chi


✨Tai Chi has returned!✨

Monday evenings 7:15pm-8pm.
Tai Chi Basics teaches better body support and better use of physical energy, to be your best in your daily activities. Our focus is to increase agility, balance, strength, and coordination.

Welcome back Grace Dawn Tai Chi!
If you haven't tried our Tai Chi class with the amazing Grace Dawn Tai Chi, you're missing out! Join us Second Sunday of the month mornings at 8:30!
Look who was on WSAV News 3 On Your Side today talking about CustomFit Center's Community Tai Chi class on Sunday November 12 at 8:30am.

We cannot repeat it often enough -- The class will meet at CustomFit Center, 101-A West Park Avenue, Savannah -- and weather depending will be held rain or shine either in the Center or in Forsyth Park.

Thank you The Bridge WSAV and Thank you Ben and Thank you Grace Dawn Tai Chi!
Hi , visiting 8-26,8-27,8-28
Class has been cancelled for tonight. Grace had an emergency. Sorry for late notice. See y'all next week!
Any weekday evening Tai Chi classes?
thank you
A friend and I are looking for tai chi classes. Any ideas?
Thanks so much for introducing yourself today. It was great to meet you at such a cool event! Hope you enjoyed it and will be in contact soon.

Grace Dawn Tai Chi Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art involving soft, low impact exercises. There is no specific equipment or uniform necessary to enjoy a Tai Chi practice.

It is good for all levels of physical fitness, also. Tai Chi is extremely versatile leading to a very long list of physical and mental benefits.

Operating as usual

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Such a lovely experience today with Joanne J Morton at Circles of Hope. What an amazing space to have the privilege to teach in; Tai Chi among the hopes and dreams of people all over the country. Thank you for the opportunity! What a great group of beautiful souls! 💕🙏 #taichisavannah #findyourflow #taichi


Be sure to join me SUNDAY @ 12:30 for Tai Chi at the Circles of Hope event! Get a sample of how Tai Chi can help you find your flow!


🙌 Trust!


So sorry for the lapse of video. I have been dealing with a pretty bad sickness for over a week. I went from happily working on all my projects to feeling stuck in bed. Gah, ready to go back to work!


Happy Valentine's Day, lovers! May this be your most self love filled year yet!


I know you think boosting ya boundaries CAN'T be fun- but you haven't done it with me! I promise empowerment AND entertainment. Click the link in bio to watch this week's video on NO fluff, polite boundary setting from a Southern Hospitality Specialist. 😚


Obviously I am changing things up over here. The time has come to get my FB caught up to the business changes = a FB facelift. 😃 Stay tuned because there is much coming!


Today's video wraps up our first series of the year. No need for sweaty palms and anxiety when you've got a Southern Hospitality Specialist helping you communicate your boundaries! So many resources tell you what to do but not HOW to set boundaries. Statements like "communicate your needs" don't fly with me. I tell you EXACTLY how to politely establish + maintain healthy boundaries.'tRkg&t=372s


Tomorrow we are diving in! I went all out for tomorrow's video on boundaries. Newsletter subscribers get the videos a day early so some of you will have it delivered to you this evening! 😍

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The mojo well does not have to run dry. I absolutely believe in honoring the ebb and flow BUT to have your own fountain of motivation that can always be used is the best option.

Your strategy for self motivation is your fountain. See the link in bio to create your own fountain of motivation.

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Can you believe it has been ten years??


Motivate ya self by changing the way you look at motivation. 😉

❓ Your Why- the reason it is on your list. This is tied to your values, desires + goals. Knowing why something matters is a cornerstone for garnering inspiration.

👀 Your Focus- focusing on your strengths or the learning aspect of the thing you need motivation for. Choosing to focus on a positive helps maintain motivation.

📝 Your Strategy - setting up a nice environment first, eliminating distractions or taking things one small step at time; your strategy can make or break your sense of motivation.

💕 If you have been lacking in mojo lately have no worries- there are so many tiny things that you can start right now to help pep up the process.

🎥 See the video in the link in bio for more than a dozen easy solutions for self motivation.


"Are you a self starter?", so many job applications asked me in 2020's upheaval. I felt an honest answer would require a "no".

Since then I have leaned on many a muse, funneled values and ethics into energy and found a relatively consistent well of motivation. My former no is now a yes.

Check out today's video on motivation to see how I did it. What are some of the things you use to motivate yourself?


Motivation separates the doers from the dreamers. Efficient and consistent self motivation is a catalyst for success in any endeavor. This week's video covers more than 15 tangible, applicable solutions for being your own cheerleader and coach! 💕

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Grace Dawn Tai Chi updated their website address. 02/02/2022

Grace Dawn Tai Chi updated their website address.

Grace Dawn Tai Chi updated their website address.


Happy Wednesday to you! Just a teeny update- I have 2 private/small group Tai Chi spots left for anyone who wants to boost their flexibility, balance, strength, agility, spatial awareness, peace, muscle tone, blood circulation, oxygen levels, detoxification, happiness or ya know generally improve everything. Let me know if you have any questions! #taichi #taichiclass #taichisavannah


Procrastination is a billion dollar industry. From coaching, courses and books, our inability to get things done is costing us booku $. The procrastination video is up on YouTube complete with something FREE to help you get stuff done!!

#transformationcoach #mindsetreset #wellbeingjourney #glowuptips

How to Put Off Procrastination- All The Things 01/27/2022

How to Put Off Procrastination- All The Things

Latest video in the series - 4 Human Hurdles-
Check out the video to revitalize the way you look at tasks and even your own attitude!

How to Put Off Procrastination- All The Things Procrastination gets the best of us down. Today we are covering the 2 needs and 6 personas of every procrastinator and the 3 types of tasks. Clarity and awar...


A gentle reminder for today! I struggle with this sometimes. Do you?

I reference this issue heavily in the 'How to be a Confidence Connoisseur' video. (Link in bio) So many problems arise when we don't have adequate self esteem. We can make poor choices, miss opportunities, get into bad or mismatched relationships, the list goes on.

🔑 Confidence is a major aspect of achieving self actualization.

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When you boil it down, these 3 tips cover the most potent components that affect cconfidence.

🖱Click the link in bio to learn more.

Follow @glowupwithgracie for wellness + mindset mojo!


Ready to own your awesome? This guidebook includes over 25 pages of worksheets, strategies and self awareness goodies! Click the link in bio to score yours free! No risk, all reward!

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Midweek Mojo! 1,000 technical difficulties later, the video is up! 😅 Live on Youtube- Link in Bio. More than just confidence solutions; it is a game of Truth or Dare, a song, a workbook and lastly 11 minutes of tangible, approachable vibes. I'm so confident that you will like this video that I will boldly leave that obvious run on sentence just the way it is. 😉

Grab your freebie too! Link also in bio!

Love and empowered vibes to you on the Wednesday.

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Tomorrow kicks off our January series of Transformation! Which is a craveable achievement. Tomorrow's episode begins the series with Confidence. Are you a connoisseur or a catapillar? So excited to bring you guys some super original and helpful solutions! See ya tomorrow! Happiest Tuesday to you!

💕 Follow @glowupwithgracie
for tricks + hacks for reaching your potential!

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Triggers: Shifting Perspectives + Coping Insights - All The Things 01/13/2022

Triggers: Shifting Perspectives + Coping Insights - All The Things

All January I am talking about the 4 biggest hurdles my clients struggle with. Whether confidence, motivation, procrastination or boundaries, triggers can throw everything out of whack. Learn about the 2 signs of growth that most people overlook! Check out this little video to feel fly in 5 Minutes.

Triggers: Shifting Perspectives + Coping Insights - All The Things All the Things- Glow Up edition. Each week in 2022 I will be posting quick + helpful mindset videos. This week we are covering triggers- how to change your p...


Happy Monday! What if instead of hating Mondays we treated them like New Year's Day?

As we are pulled from our weekends like babes from a soft, snuggly bed, we tend to overlook the fresh, new chance to set goals and do big things. Switch up the mindset and get pumped for a new week!

We have 52 New Week's Days to start anew. 😀



Let's talk honestly- goals~ If there is one area I am dedicated to improving in 2022 it is this. Posting. I know all the reasons it is important. I actually help businesses create posting systems. Yes, it's true. Yet even though I know better I am consistently inconsistent. 🤣

Is there anything you are consistently inconsistent with? ☺️ What are some improvements you would like to make in 2022?

#consistencymatters #2022goals #alignedisthenewhustle

Private Tai Chi 12/22/2021

Private Tai Chi
Freshly Updated ~ Everything you need to know about booking a private lesson.

Private Tai Chi Hey there! I am super excited to work with you and curate your perfect Tai Chi practice, based on your current fitness situation + goals! Times as early as 7am Days Tuesday- saturday Locations A pa…


Seeing my clients visibly relax during a Tai Chi or chakra session makes my heart soar! #rethinktaichi #taichi #taichichuan #taichiteacher 💕


Not being your most true self is compartmentalizing your personality. This means you downplay how vast, diverse, original and surprising you are.

Usually my clients feel that it is easier for others to "get you". But what if they don't "get you"? What if they think you are weird or your idea is stupid? What does that really cause? Nothing. Nothing at all.

**If being your true self does cost a lot in one way or another, let me ask 1 question. Is that path truly more worthwhile than being authentic and reaching your full potential as a human?

Let's normalize people not getting it. That's how you know you are unique and innovative. Be all the shades of you. Be fearlessly authentic.

#dailymotivationalquotes #glowuptips #personalpower #fearlesslyauthentic #healingaffirmations #glowquotes


My favorite thing is watching clients grow into their Tai Chi practice. 🥰

As I expand into virtual teaching I can't help but ponder, what does that look like? How will it feel to not see their confidence increase or their face when they nail the fluid motions? 🤔

So far I have not had a student for multiple months so I feel like I can't fully answer that yet. 🙃 But I am intrigued.

#distancelearning #virtualclasses #taichi #taichiclass #taichiteacher #thoughtofthenight

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Savannah, GA

General information

Grace teaches a beginner Tai Chi class. She deconstructs moves and focuses on weight distribution, balance and breath alignment. Coordinating mind and body promotes tranquility and ease of motion.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 12pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm

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