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Personal training, nutrition, kickboxing. Individual and small group training available. Achieve you Rose Fit is a fitness studio located in Bloomingdale, Il.

We specialize in personal training, kickboxing, and nutrition. Our clients see great results by learning and adhering to the basics. Being consistent is the secret to success. Billy Rose:
- NASM Certified Personal Trainer
- Precision Nutrition Certified
- Amateur boxing background
- 9+ years Muay Thai and kickboxing experience
- 2011 TBA-SA Amateur Muay Thai World Champion
- 2012 Ring Wars Winter

Operating as usual


My online client, Max, killing his program all the way in SERBIA! No excuses for this man. He is on week one, of a custom twelve week program tailored to his goals.

I took 3 online clients for the end of this year and will open up a few spots for next year.

You will receive a custom plan tailored to your goals, needs, and available equipment. Plus daily contact with me for any questions, comments, or form checks on your training.

It’s going to be 2023 and w/ technology and the ease of communication w/ one another, online training might be exactly what you want. 👏🏼🏋🏼🌹


Wealth and health.
YOU are always in control of what you choose to do.
Stay disciplined and reap the rewards. 🌹


Tag/share w/ someone who may be interested. 🌹




This week challenge yourself to only eat home cooked meals. Every time you feel tempted to buy fast food tell yourself just one more meal at home and you can quit tomorrow. You’ll wake up the next day and won’t quit.

Watch how your body, energy, and mood react to just ONE WEEK of home cooked meals. Meals that you KNOW what’s in them.

Give yourself a small gift at the end of the week for staying disciplined. Like a whole tub of ice cream or something🤷🏼‍♂️🌹


90 days to crush it 🏋🏼👊🏼🌹


Fish oil🐟

Are you taking it?

In a really short summary, our omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is way off. I believe it is like 6:1(maybe even way higher) and should be closer to 1:1. Too much omega 6 in the diet causes chronic inflammation. That leads to disease. And sometimes an early retirement☠️.

I use 2-3x per day. Skin, brain, and heart health. What more could you ask for?

There’s many other brands and forms of fish oil. I believe liquid form is the easiest to digest and Nordic products are certified and CLEAN. You don’t want that extra mercury in your fish oil🚫

Better health. Smoother skin. Quicker recovery. Go buy some. Or don’t. The world needs average people too. 🙌🏼🌹


Monday Wisdom 💡💡📚🏋🏼🥊🌹


First one in, last to leave, since 17.
So, I just built my own gym👊🏼💪🏼🌹


The easiest way to waste money is on fast food. The quickest way to an early death is also fast food. Full of garbage seed oils, unhealthy fats, ingredients you can’t pronounce, the list goes on and on.

Learn to cook and save money at an early age. This sets you up to be in much better control of your life for years to come🙌🏼.

Sunday Brunch:
- 4 pasture raised eggs
- 4 slices of bacon
- chipotle mayo

- Plain Greek yogurt
- Chocolate PB whey protein
- Frozen blueberries
- TBsp PB


If you have food on your plate and a roof to eat it under, you’re doing pretty damn well in life!

-Japanese bbq flanken short ribs🥩
-Pasture raised whole eggs 🍳
-Avocado 🥑

Healing, protein packed, whole foods🌹




Why do challenges work?!

1) Accountability:
90% of the people who did this 6 week transformation challenge had awesome progress. When we pay for something ahead of time and have others competing with us, it tends to bring out a better version of ourself.

In our Best B***y Challenge, starting tomorrow, July 25th. Your payment will reserve your spot for 3x training sessions per week. Being a part of motivated girls who are going to keep one another ACCOUNTABLE. Guaranteed results and a better, leaner, fitter body. Specifically the b***y and legs! The chance at a month of free training and some other surprise prizes! 🏆🥇🏅🍑🌹

*You don’t have to go into this to “win”. You are signing up for a guaranteed 6 weeks of improvement and better habits. The pictures from our last challenge show the proof.




Congratulations to our 6 week challenge, $1,800 winner, Michael!

Mike showed great discipline by putting the hours in the gym AND eating super clean for 6 weeks!

To everyone else who participated, you all kicked ass and developed some great habits that I hope you continue to implement into your daily life!

Enjoy some unhealthy treats and we will be right back on it tomorrow. The next transformation challenge we do will be a $100 buy-in again, but this time we must have a minimum of 20 people(hopefully even more)! The next one will have two winners. One male and one female.

We also have our “best butt” challenge coming up for the ladies. And a “strongest male” challenge in the works for the men.

Bigger prizes. More money. And the best shape of your life! 💪🏼👊🏼🌹


What’s for dinner day 68:

Thin sliced ribeye🥩
Pasture raised eggs🍳
Tandoori chicken🐓
Sour cream

60+ grams of protein.
Simple ingredients.
Homemade(no surprise seed oils).


Day 41: Breakfast for dinner

Bacon, eggs, avocado, organic shredded cheese, diced chicken, and primal kitchen chipotle lime mayo.

Plain Greek yogurt, vanilla protein, crunchy almond butter, raw honey.

This has been the easiest, tastiest, and most successful “dieting” I’ve been able to adhere to for 40 days. Zero cravings. Actually, processed grains and sugars have completely lost their appeal.

My clients are 10 days into their $1,800, winner takes all, 6 week challenge. I checked-in today. The ones who have been following the dietary recommendations are down an average of about 7.5 lbs!

We are all capable of so much more than we care to believe. It all starts with the foods you put in your body, information you allow in your head, movement you do each day, and restful sleep you get at night.


Day 36. Animal meat heals😍


Saturday strength 🌹




The Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies MAKE the dish.

Day 29:
Grass fed ground beef(taco seasoned)
Red onion
Rotel diced tomatoes w/ green chilies
Organic shredded cheese
Organic black beans
1/2 avocado
Real sour cream
Hot sauce

At this point in the month, I’ve had about 90 meals, and only 2 were not home cooked. I know exactly what ingredients are in my meals. And “fast food” has almost completely lost its appeal. I’m getting close to 200 grams of protein a day(You probably don’t need that much. Most training days are 4+ hours, so the rebuilding is needed!).

Sleep has been very deep! My resting heart rate is consistently under 50BPM, which is a new best for me. My favorite part is the recovery and LACK of INFLAMMATION I have been feeling. Almost every training session feels fantastic. I’ve lost close to 8 lbs of fat and was already starting out fairly lean, without even counting calories!

Food quality is SO IMPORTANT. I now truly believe that everything you eat plays a pivotal role in your mood, body composition, energy, and performance.

Let’s keep this going in June and more of you PLEASE JOIN ME. No fees. I just want you all to see how much potential you have and how good you will feel!


Summer shirts now available for pre-orders!

The top two pics are men’s options. These are available in compression or loose fit!
Bottom three are women’s crop top options.

All shirts are available in multiple colors and you can choose either design.


I am taking orders the rest of the week. DM me for pricing. I have deals going if you buy more than 1.

Suns out guns out babies!☀️🌹


May Diet: Day 14

The color of pasture raised eggs is so much different than regular eggs.

3 eggs, 4 oz grass fed ground beef, taco seasoning, peppers, organic shredded cheese, half an avocado, 2 slices of bacon, real sour cream, hot sauce.

Yesterday was 1 of my 2 cheat days for the month. It’s wild how much you can start to taste the chemicals and fake sugars in packaged foods, once you start eating “clean” and homemade every meal.
The candy and gelato were good. But, I was strangely excited to get back to THESE kind of home cooked meals. Real food is underrated!

Stay shredded friends💪🏼🌹


I’ve got you hooked on training.
Now, if I can get you all to realize how important clean eating is to performance and body composition!

Day 6 of the May “diet”. I’m down close to 10 lbs since Sunday and I was already starting with decently low body fat. So what’s this mean? If you have MORE to LOSE, then you would probably be down even more.

A couple key things that have been huge in these results:
1. No eating out!
Every meal has been cooked at home.
2. Carbs around workouts.
On high volume training days it’s sweet potatoes, fruit, and some rice after sessions.

As soon as you’re ready to rip off the bandaid and start respecting the body you’ve been given, let me know! We’ll get you to the fittest version of yourself. 💪🏼🌹




Be passionate about what you do.
Do it everyday.
Focus on you.
What you focus on grows. 👊🏻🌹


Give this On The Minute workout a try this week! Great way to get in some decent volume, while working that gas tank. Building work capacity🚂


543 Unit C 👊🏻💪🏼🌹


Easter Sunday:
Every minute on the minute x 40 minutes 💪🏼🌹


How come everything you guys do is so basic? Because, basics plus time and consistency, is how you get in the best shape of your life. Continue watching to see what our programs do. Best spot in town. 👊🏻💪🏼🌹

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My online client, Max, killing his program all the way in SERBIA! No excuses for this man. He is on week one, of a custo...
Easter Sunday:Every minute on the minute x 40 minutes 💪🏼🌹
How come everything you guys do is so basic? Because, basics plus time and consistency, is how you get in the best shape...
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Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a major key to success in life. Not every session has to be “painful”, b...
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Monday motivation. Keep coming forward and break them with relentless pressure 👊🏻🌹...




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