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Operating as usual

Photos from ShredQuest's post 10/03/2023

One year ago.

No shows this year.

Just head down. Eat. Train. Grow.

Patiently waiting ⏳

2024 will be my year

🧱 x 🧱


Be hungry.

❗️Accepting Motivated Clients❗️
📪 DM with serious inquiries
✅ Complete Coaching
✅ Nutrition
✅ Training
✅ Mindset


Be hungry.

❗️Accepting Motivated Clients❗️
📪 DM with serious inquiries
✅ Complete Coaching
✅ Nutrition
✅ Training
✅ Mindset


Shotgun cut to get hoe ready for the Bahamas.

About 8 weeks between photos.

191 on the left 183 on the right after a small refeed.

Started the cut off the back of an injury due to an auto accident and recently suffered a low back tweak.

Despite these obstacles he’s managed to make some pretty awesome progress in this time. Could have just called it quits but we pivot, adjust, and keep it moving.

The dude is a machine!

Going to continue to pull him down and send him off depleted so that he can enjoy the vacay, eat/ fill up, and look better in the process 👏🏽

❗️Accepting Motivated Clients❗️
📪 DM with serious inquiries
✅ Complete Coaching
✅ Nutrition
✅ Training
✅ Mindset

Photos from ShredQuest's post 09/17/2023

Current shape. Todays morning weight was 240 on the dot.

Spent the last 8 weeks cleaning up body comp eating around 3000 calories per day on average while keeping carbs quite low (under 225 most days).

Weight dropped from 246 to 236 at the lowest but average weight is currently holding around 237.

Going to continue for another 2 weeks or so before moving to a maintenance period where I will shoot to hold this shape for an extended period of time.

Patiently waiting until it’s time to hit the ⛽️.

Photos from ShredQuest's post 09/15/2023

‼️ Client Progress ‼️

A few weeks postpartum on the left and about 10 weeks later approximately 16lbs down on the right.

Didn’t push the diet too hard and food stayed high in the initial weeks.

She came to me detrained and not eating in a structured manor so right off the bat I knew this was a situation where a body recomp was very likely to occur as training and structured eating is brought back into the picture…and that’s exactly what happened.

Lost fat, gained lean tissue 👏🏽

The initial weight drop from cleaning up the diet was pretty big but after that there were no big drops yet photos showed clear improvement week to week.

This is why I tell clients not to get overly caught up with scale weight and why it can be hard to objectively look at your own progress from all angles (that’s what a coach is for!)

Scale weight is an excellent tool and It’s good to have a goal weight in mind but if your body is showing improvement week to week arbitrarily pushing for a certain weight doesn’t make much sense.

This thought process stays true in gaining phases too. The only thing that will happen if you set a random “bulk” weight goal (and continue to push for it when photos ain’t looking so great) is unnecessary fat gain.

DM for coaching inquiries


‼️ Client Progress ‼️

7/3 to 9/13

Only about a 5lb difference between the start weight and lowest weight (100% drug free)

This has been a fun client to work with and figure out. Very busy and active individual that is not afraid to work.. but can also work herself right into the ground.

The “more cardio less food” approach wasn’t working and it became apparent that managing stress, fatigue, and her recovery capacity was of growing importance.

This is actually the fun part about coaching. Sure, having a client who responds perfectly to each program change is awesome. But troubleshooting (and solving) client issues is far more challenging and rewarding!

DM for coaching inquiries

Photos from ShredQuest's post 09/13/2023

‼️ Client Progress ‼️

Approximately 4 months of back progress.

Waist down, back wider and thicker, better presentation.

Lots of potential here but as always, more work to be done.

🧱 x 🧱

DM for coaching inquiries


10 minutes between these photos.

More specifically, a 10 minute walk.

Photo on the left is about 90 minutes after a meal. During that time I was very inactive, just sitting at my desk working.

The photo on the right is after a 10 minute walk.

You can look at blood sugar as a sort of way to determine whether your body is ready to accept nutrients.

If it’s at or under 100mg/dl you’ve likely processed and digested the previous meal. If it’s high, you still have glucose lingering in the blood that hasn’t been shuttled.

Dump more food on top of an already elevated blood glucose level and now you’ve got a compounding effect throughout the day.

Simple solution, get up and move a few times each day.

Doesn’t need to be a full blown workout or cardio session. Just get up and move. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. Whatever, Just move.

Work movement into your daily life. Park further away from the store instead of wasting time trying to find the closest spot possible. Take the stairs not the elevator. Get out side and walk after a meal instead of just sitting around.

These seemingly insignificant bouts of movement can add up to something significant at the end of the day.

If you want more detailed information about the power of 10 minutes walks, give some of stuff a watch.


Face the curtains…


When motivation is low just take a long look in the mirror


that post show fullness 🐽


180lb to 240lb

2014 to 2023

I always find it funny when I hear people that have never competed or followed a training/ nutrition program for any length of time talking about “going pro”.

Due to social media and the rising popularity of classic physique (and primarily Chris Bumstead) the sport of bodybuilding has definitely grown. I never used to see people posing in commercial gyms and now it’s full of 160lb kids with skeleton physiques posing in front of tripods talking about “going pro”. And it’s crazy to me because most of them can’t name 5 open bodybuilding pros and have never even been to an amateur show let alone a pro show! All they know is CBUM 😂. That’s like saying you want to play in the NFL but can’t name any of the players or teams.. TF?! Like, do you even know what football is?!

This isn’t a knock on Bumstead, he’s quite possibly the best ambassador of the sport since Arnold. It’s a knock on anyone that takes going pro lightly.. because they have no idea what that ACTUALLY means, the work that is required, the level of discipline needed, and the TIME invested.

99.9% of people aren’t just going to hop on a cycle and turn pro. If that was you, you would have known long before you ever started AAS. Train your ass off, eat your meals, and take your supplements for 5-10 years and then you will know what you’re working with. You cannot cheat time.

This is not to discourage anyone from setting BIG goals and working for them. But ultimately you’ve got to understand the progression of things. You can’t make a million dollars if you don’t know how to make a thousand.

Set big goals but focus your energy on the journey and the process
And be relentless in refining it.

In that lies both the real reward and the key to achieving your goals.


The journey is the reward


Bigger and leaner next time ⏳🕰️

Photos from ShredQuest's post 01/20/2023

Patiently waiting to hit the ⛽️ 😈

As much as I love the process and competing.. I don’t do it for participation awards. With that being said, I’m likely not competing (bodybuilding) again until spring of ‘24 as I want to make some significant progress in my physique so that I can have a realistic shot at being competitive on a higher level.


Another week down with all boxes checked ✅


Current physique, mostly just posting for my own records.

~5 weeks post show

Current weight 244
Stage weight 214

30lbs up nearing the end of the rebound.

Supplements have been roughly 40% of peak prep doses, roughly 700 total atm.

one more week of pushing before moving into a health/cruise phase.

Current training split
Push (delt & Tricep focused)
Pull (bicep focused)

Photos from ShredQuest's post 11/12/2022

A little late on this post but better late than never 😅

This year my main goal was simply to be better than last year and we accomplished exactly that.

Landed a 3rd place finish in open class C at the Badger State Championships and a 1st place finish Midwest Gladiator.

Reflecting back on this prep and the offseason that lead up to it I’m proud of the work that was put in and the results of that work. Any one that makes it to the stage knows this s**t isn’t easy.

Thanks to for getting me dialed in and staying on top of things 🙏🏽

Thanks to my fam without your support I couldn’t do it ❤️

But now, more than ever, I can see clearly the areas I need to improve to continue progressing and moving forward…so back to work we go 🧱 x 🧱


Awesome progress made by nutrition client

We started working together late December and made slow consistent progress to preserve strength and make weight for a powerlifting meet in the summer.

He managed to lose just under 20lbs while increasing strength and ultimately killing the competition, snagging 3 state records, all while being shredded at a low body weight. I must give credit where due to his programming coach .watty who was also an integral piece of the puzzle.

We are currently in a massing phase putting on some quality tissue. Can’t wait to see this guy evolve and continue to make progress 💪🏽

🧱 x 🧱

Photos from ShredQuest's post 10/22/2022

Progress takes time. Time and consistency.

Follow the plan, do the work, and s**t happens.

and I started working together back in March and since then we’ve added nearly 20lbs of GOOD weight while maintaining a decent condition and eating a ton of food. Carbs are peaking just shy of 800g twice a week with his lowest carb day being 250g.

He was previously doing powerlifting training and not feeding his body appropriately.

Fast forward after several months of an improved training stimulus and actually feeding the body and this man has exploded both in size and strength. We aren’t even powerlifting anymore and he is now stronger than he was just powerlifting.

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young man


250 ➡️ 220

Photos from ShredQuest's post 10/17/2022

Those hotel shots between meals 👌

Photos from ShredQuest's post 10/17/2022

Man, what an awesome experience this weekend was.

I placed 3rd in open class C with all of the top 5 being very solid competitors. Honestly couldn’t be happier with my placing. Of course we all want the win but I made some great progress since the last (and first) time I competed and for that, I already felt so accomplished before I even hit the stage. I know I have potential to be better, and I will. That’s the awesome thing about this sport. If you don’t like your look or your placings you can get back to work and do something about it!

I would like to thank for running an awesome show. Stacey, the staff, and overall vibe was great. At every point in time I felt like I was being looked after.

Thanks to who stayed on top of things throughout the whole peak and show day. Im really happy with the package we brought.

Thanks (who is basically like my second coach 😆) for keeping my sane, level headed, standing by me, helping me with posing and planning. I probably couldn’t do it without her and if I did I can guarantee the experience would not have been the same. Bodybuilding is inherently a selfish sport.. so to have someone that puts up with some of the BS that comes along with it is invaluable and truly appreciated ❤️

Thanks to everyone that reached out to wish me luck and see how it went after. My inbox is flooded right now and I will get back to you all! Sorry for the delayed update, TBH after the show I just wanted to live in the feeling, be present, and enjoy some food 😂

But now we get back to work!! 💪🏽 Just under 3 weeks until we do it again and do it better Mid West Gladiator


Me Vs Me

Photos from ShredQuest's post 07/28/2022

A few check in pics at 11 and 14 weeks out. Photos are at my flattest, fasted, on the morning of my high day at 237lbs.

More work to do 🧱 🔨 🚧
But we coming for it 💨 😈


For me it’s often when I look BACK that I can realize and appreciate the look.

In the moment I’m often never satisfied and hard on myself…Something that I think most people who love the sport of bodybuilding share in common.

But it’s that dissatisfaction that drives us forward to keep working and keep building.

So fuxk it
Never satisfied
Back to work 💪🏽


Let the work speak for itself



Been training dimples 3x per week and I think it’s starting to pay off


Big b***y Judy 😂

Not a single hip thrust or glute bridge was harmed in the making of this b***y. Not saying they suck, I just don’t need to do them.

For me, barbell squats and deadlifts seem to grow my glutes more than anything.

I’ve learned that if I want to grow my quads I really need to take my hips out of the picture as much as possible.
Smith squats
Hack squats
Leg press feet low/ narrow
SSB squat
Bulgarian split squat driving knees over over toes.

Hammies started taking off once I got focused and serious on my leg curl sets. Particularly seated leg curls.

Don’t think that you HAVE to do any one exercise.

“But bro you gotta squat, smith rack is for pussies”

Okay BRO!

If your goal is to build a physique you need to find movements that align well for YOUR body, are easy to brace, and effectively/ accurately target the intended muscle.

If your goal is to have a big squat, cool, you need to barbell squat. Obviously. But don’t think that a big squat automatically insures big proportionally developed legs. Often times it doesn’t

The sooner you check your ego at the door, stop listening to your bros that say SBD is all that matters, and stop trying to force your body into movements that don’t align well, the sooner you can start making calculated progress.

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