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Wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Day! 🎆🇺🇸
How will you ENJOY STRENGTH this weekend? Your workouts at The Exercise Coach are designed to get you stronger, so that you can go out and enjoy the lifestyle you want!
You have always wanted to exercise but you don't know where to start. You've tried going to the gym, but it never worked for you!

Imagine having a personal trainer who is always there for you, guiding your workouts and helping you reach your goals. Our coach-led workouts make sure that you get the best possible workout for your body every time you visit us.

The Exercise Coach is here to help. We offer safe, effective and efficient exercises that will change the course and quality of your life.

The Exercise Coach is #1 personal training brand in the country.
Call us in Schaumburg at 847-301-3000 to schedule 2 FREE PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS!

This Patriotic Flag Fruit Platter is a healthy and easy 10 minute recipe that is perfect for an appetizer, snack or dessert at your 4th of July holiday party for a fun red, white and blue dish!


1 pint blackberries
1 bunch red grapes
1 Golden Delicious apple
1 quart strawberries
3 bananas
1/4 seedless watermelon
1 Granny Smith apple
1 lb. cherries

Slice the bananas and toss with a little lemon juice or fruit fresh. Do the same with the apples.
Cut the watermelon into 2 inch cubes.
Arrange the blackberries in the top corner in the shape of a rectangle. Starting at the top, arrange the grapes, apple, strawberries, banana, watermelon, apple and cherries in horizontal strips to form the shape of a flag.
Serve immediately or cover and store refrigerated up to 48 hours.

Note: This dish is approved for the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge. Find all Recipes of the Week on our Pinterest Boards
"Facilities are clean, easy access and parking, comfortable layout.

Program is fabulous, with great daily routines that are always mixing it up to stretch my strength development.

The team rocks! All the coaches:

-are encouraging and supportive,
-are interpersonally engaging,
-know their stuff and are able to articulate benefits of any routine, how to improve form and why
-take time to know each client, their motivations & challenges
-are able to help on “struggle days” with identifying lifestyle contributors or making suggestions to improve future workouts. LOVE MY COACHES!!"

- Julie W., Minnetonka, MN
When in town, I enjoy visiting my friends and fellow franchisees, Jessica and Don. This time, I got to check out their new studio in Wildwood, MO. It's bright, beautiful and in a great location! A perfect addition to their other studios in Town & Country, Webster Groves and Clayton! Check them out if you're in the area.

Congratulations The Exercise Coach Wildwood on your recent opening!
Stronger muscles, longer life: Lifting weights for just 30 minutes a week lowers risk of death from all causes
You don't have to spend hours at the gym to get in shape!

Our 20-minute workout is all you need to target all of the major muscle groups. In just 20 minutes, you can get a great strength training workout that will leave you feeling energized and healthy.

With our personalized coaching and short workouts, there's no excuse not to get fit. You'll be able to see results quickly and feel more confident in your body. Plus, our workouts are designed for people of all fitness levels - so everyone can join in on the fun!

Sign up for 2 free sessions today and see how The Exercise Coach can help you reach your fitness goals! Call us today in Schaumburg at 847-301-3000!
Golfers know that having strong muscles is important for their game, but they often don't have time to go to the gym.

Most golfers only get to play a few rounds each month, so it's important to make the most of that time on the course.

Strengthening your muscles can help you hit the ball further and stay in control during your swing.

The Exercise Coach can help you build stronger muscles in just two 20-minute workouts per week. In just a few weeks, you'll start seeing results and be able to hit the ball further than ever before!

Call us in Schaumburg to schedule your first of 2 free sessions at 847-301-3000!
Today we were a proud sponsor of the Schaumburg Business Association 2022 Golf Classic. Always a popular event; there were over 200 golfers this year! We really enjoyed catching up with everyone and the weather was beautiful! 😎🏌‍♂️⛳️🏌‍♀️🌞
Congratulations to our client Mary who recently completed over 50 sessions in our studio! 🎉🎉
We enjoy working with you and look forward to seeing you for your next session! 💪
(Recipe of the Week) Start your day with a protein-packed, delicious smoothie that will keep you full for hours, support the building of lean, healthy muscle, and provide your tons of nutrients to support your healthy lifestyle. The flavors are a marriage made in heaven: chocolate, banana, and almond butter. Does it get any better than that?

Cocoa Almond Protein Smoothie

adapted from:

1 scoop Chocolate Coach Fuel Protein (Regular or Dairy Free)
1/3 cup unsweetened nut milk (almond, cashew, etc)
1 medium banana sliced and frozen
2 tablespoons almond butter
2 teaspoon ground flaxseed (optional)
¾ cup ice cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Top with fresh banana slices, additional almond butter, and cacao nibs or unsweetened coconut flakes. Enjoy!

Note: This recipe is approved for the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Comeback Challenge provided that dairy free Coach Fuel is used. Find all recipes of the week on our Pinterest page.
"I hate working out. All my life (I’m 76), I’ve been involved in different types of exercise but after quite a long time doing absolutely nothing, I drove by The Exercise Coach and checked it out online. After reading about it, I decided to give it a try. I’ve been in the program now for 3 months. I was apprehensive about the fact that I only spend 20-minutes per session twice a week, but I can honestly say that I get a better workout in those 20-minutes than I used to get spending an hour or more at some other type of exercise.

I know that I am stronger than I was before I joined The Exercise Coach. The coaches work with me to give me the best types of exercise to meet my goals I love the fact that there are never more than a few people exercising at a time while still receiving individual attention from a coach. The coaches also help with nutritional advice. I recently took part in the Metabolic Comeback Challenge where a lost a good amount of body fat.

I am excited to continue with The Exercise Coach to get and stay healthy."

- Nancy D., Shelby Township, MI
Motivation Monday!!

Get stronger muscles, stronger health, and a stronger self with just two, 20-minute workouts a week.

We help people build Stronger Muscles and enjoy Stronger Health, to become their Strongest Self in just two, 20-minute workouts per week. We believe STRENGTH CHANGES EVERYTHING!®

In such a technologically advanced era, far too many people feel far from fit and healthy. With only 20% of people in America belonging to a health club, it's evident that conventional fitness has failed many among us.

Operating as usual


Here is a healthy post-workout smoothie that is delicious any time! 🎃


Spend less time in the gym and more time enjoying your life by working out smarter. At The Exercise Coach, we are here to get you stronger in less time, so you can go out and live the life you want. Try it free by requesting 2 Free Sessions here:


As is the tradition in my studio, we make sure to take time to give thanks in a special way during the month of November.

If you stop into the studio for a personal training session, for a free introductory session or for any reason really, you are invited to list something you are thankful for on a leaf 🍁and post it on our Door of Thanks. Yes, it can be anything you are thankful for and of course you can post more than one. 🍂

Not only is it fun to see the door fill up with these leaves as the month goes by, but this process sparks many wonderful conversations too. If you are in the area, please stop in and add your leaves to our Door of Thanks, too! 😊


(Recipe of the Week) This salad is layered with so many great textures and flavors of fall!

Fall Steak and Butternut Squash Salad

(adapted from: )


1 Flank Steak
1 Cup Mixed Greens
2 Cups Kale, sliced thin
1 Cup Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Thin
2 Cups Roasted Butternut Squash
1 Granny Smith Apple, Sliced thin
1/2 Cup Roasted and Salted Pepitas
1/4 Cup Dried Cranberries (unsweetened)
1 Tbsp. Salt
1 Tsp. Black Pepper

For the Dressing-

1/3 Cup Good Balsamic
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. Coarse Grain Mustard
Salt and Pepper to Taste


Let flank steak sit at room temperature for 15-20 minutes.
Heat grill over high heat, about 450 degrees.
Season flank steak with 1 tbsp. salt and 1 tsp. black pepper and thoroughly coat both sides of the steak.
Add steak to the grill and cook on each side for 7-8 minutes on each side or longer depending on how you like your steak. (7-8 minutes will be medium.) Remove steak from the grill and let rest for 5 minutes so the juices redistribute.
Make dressing by combining all ingredients and whisking until well combined. Set aside.
Layer lettuces and kale onto a platter and then add roasted butternut squash, apples, cranberries, pepitas, and sliced steak.
Drizzle with desired amount vinaigrette, starting with a little, making sure to add some chopped shallots to the salad as well and toss to combine. Add more vinaigrette if needed.
Serve immediately.
Note: To roast squash, simple peel and dice and drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper and coat thoroughly. Roast at 425 for 30 minutes until tender and caramelized.

Note: This adapted recipe is approved for the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge. Find all Recipes of the Week on our Pinterest page --->


"In February of 2023 my doctor told me I needed to start taking Metformin. My A1C had reached a level of 6.9 which is considered pre-diabetic. I told the doctor I did not want to start taking Metformin and that I wanted to lower my A1C by cutting back on my sugar intake and getting on a regular workout schedule.

That’s when I started with The Exercise Coach. Last week my doctor told me that my A1C was down to 6.0 which was what my goal was."

- Carl B., Dyer, IN


"In February of 2023 my doctor told me I needed to start taking Metformin. My A1C had reached a level of 6.9 which is considered pre-diabetic. I told the doctor I did not want to start taking Metformin and that I wanted to lower my A1C by cutting back on my sugar intake and getting on a regular workout schedule.

That’s when I started with The Exercise Coach. Last week my doctor told me that my A1C was down to 6.0 which was what my goal was."

- Carl B., Dyer, IN




Happy Halloween! 🎃


Nothing scary here 👻, just two 20-minute sessions per week and you'll feel great!

Give us a call at 847-301-3000 in Schaumburg for 2 free sessions!


If you're done with 🕸️ cobweb-covered routines, then try the #1 personal training brand in the country.

Experience the 🪄 magic of our revolutionary ⏱️20-minute workout.

Get fit and stay fit in just two 20-minute workouts per week!

Claim your 2 free sessions by calling 847-301-3000 today!

Hurry! Limited spots are available.


(Recipe of the Week) This Butternut Squash Spinach Breakfast Bake is loaded with healthy ingredients and flavors. A deliciously warm way to start a cool morning.

Butternut Squash Spinach Breakfast Bake
(via: )

2 cups butternut squash sliced in 1 inch pieces
1 cup spinach frozne or fresh will work
18 egg whites or 9 whole eggs
2 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1 teaspoon black pepper or to taste


To Roast The Butternut Squash
Preheat oven 425 F. Add squash to a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Spray with coconut oil and add pepper.
Roast 40-45 minutes until slightly browned on the edges.
Remove from the oven and cool on the baking sheet 5 minutes.

For the Bake
Reduce oven heat to 350 F. Prepare a glass baking dish or oven safe dish with coconut oil spray.
Add egg whites, milk, nutmeg, thyme, and a sprinkle of salt to a large mixing bowl. Whisk the eggs vigorously until fluffy 2-3 minutes. Fold in the roasted butternut squash and spinach.
Bake 25-30 minutes at 350 F.
Remove from oven, cool 10 minutes in the baking pan then slice and serve.

Note: This dish is approved for the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge. Find all Recipes of the Week on our Pinterest page --->


Did you know that not all exercise is created equal? Exercise has to force the body to make a positive adaptation. These positive adaptations include increased bone mineral density, improved metabolic function, strength gains, weight loss, balanced hormonal levels, and more.

The truth is that walking and other weight bearing activity like jogging does NOT stimulate these improvements. Even moderate intensity strength training where no meaningful demands are put on the musculature does NOT induce the above improvements either.

Exercise not only needs to induce positive adaptations but also ensure that the body is not being put at risk for injury. We are looking for the sweet spot of exercise intensity that forces positive adaptations while protecting the body from any potential injury. This is where The Exercise Coach‘s Right Intensity Training™ is the ideal.

The Exercise Coach delivers the perfect dose of exercise for every single client. No matter your goals, capabilities or concerns, our high-tech, exclusive training will allow you to exercise the the right intensity to allow you to enjoy strength and live your best life.

Learn more --->


Tired of 👻 ghostly gains at traditional gyms?

Experience our revolutionary ⏱️20-minute workout.

Get fit and stay fit in just two 20-minute workouts per week!

Call us today in Schaumburg at 847-301-3000 to schedule 2 free, no obligation sessions!


With two 20-minute personal training sessions per week, you can build muscle, reduce body fat, and feel great! Improving your health can be efficient and does not have to be scary!

Call us at 847-301-3000 in Schaumburg to schedule 2 free sessions!


"I LOVE THE EXERCISE COACH!!! Not that I love exercising mind you. But if it wasn’t for this program, I don’t think I’d have the mobility that I do today. I’m 61-years-old and about a year ago I was in and out of my orthopedics office and PT with severe feet, leg, knee and hip pain. I could only walk 1,500-2,000 steps a day. Having been someone who usually averaged 12 – 15,000 steps a day and played tennis, not being able to walk or play was torture, and it took a toll on my mental health as well.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to take control of getting my body back in working order. My goal was to strengthen my core with the hope of everything else falling in to place. After going to the Exercise Coach for two months, I was confident enough to book a trip that had me walking 20,000 steps a day. Since then, I’ve been going on other heavy-walking trips and started playing tennis again. Not only have I strengthened my core, but I’ve also rebuilt muscle in my arms and legs. But most importantly, I’m pain free and active. The staff at the EC keep me motivated and challenged. I could not ask for better teammates."

- Susan R., Cleveland Park, DC


This Fall, take charge of your health and unwrap a new you in two 20-minute personal training sessions per week!

Try two free sessions in Schaumburg by scheduling your first appointment today at 847-301-3000!

Photos from The Exercise Coach- Schaumburg's post 10/20/2023

Our "Networking Out" Open House was great fun! Thank you to everyone for your support!

Photos from The Exercise Coach- Schaumburg's post 10/20/2023

Our "Networking Out" Open House was a great success! 🎉 Thank you to our many friends who stopped by! There was a lot of comaraderie, networking and time spent building strength. Thank you to everyone who came and experienced our fantastic machines! 💪

I truly appreciate my clients who worked the event and shared what they love about The Exercise Coach! Kathy and Kari have worked out at the studio almost since we opened 13 years ago, and Dawn has been a dedicated client for over 3 years.

Thank you to Daniel Origer of DJ's Auto Service Center and Raghu Sundara of Always Be Connecting who donated raffle prizes. Congrats to all winners, including our free personal training winners!

We also enjoyed wonderful catering from Bar Down Sports Grill and Undici_Gelato11! Delicious!

Thank you again to everyone who came by. We loved seeing you in the studio, sharing everything we love about The Exercise Coach and spending time with you. I truly appreciate everyone's support!


(Recipe of the Week) This recipe may very well become part of your weekly meal rotation. It has all the savory flavor of pizza with no gluten or processed carbs.

Whole-Food Pizza Bowls
(adapted via: )


1 1/2 pounds Italian turkey sausage
15 ounces pizza sauce
1 15-ounce can tomatoes (fire-roasted recommended)
1 medium white onion, diced
8 ounces mushrooms, quartered (approx 2 Cups)
6 Cups zucchini spirals
1/2 cup sliced black olives
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp oregano
1/2 Tbsp basil
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

Measure out and prep all your ingredients, including removing the stems and cutting the mushrooms into quarters, dicing the onion, and removing sausage from casings.
In a large skillet, sauté the zucchini in olive oil on medium heat and cook through, about 4-5 minutes. When done, pour the zucchini spirals into a colander to drain and set aside.
Add the diced onions and mushroom quarters to the same pan, adding a bit more olive oil if necessary, and cook for 2-3 minutes until tender.
Using a spatula, move the mushrooms and onions to the edges of the pan, leaving the center of the pan empty for the sausage. Add the sausage and cook for 5-7 minutes until it is browned, breaking it up with a spatula and mixing it in with the mushrooms and onions as it cooks.
Add the tomatoes, pizza sauce, and spices, stirring together and cooking for an additional 5 minutes.
Mix zucchini spirals in with the sausage and sauce, stirring together for about a minute.
Serve topped with olive slices, and fresh oregano or basil.

Note: This dish is approved for the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge provided turkey sausage and pizza sauce contain no added sugars. Find all Recipes of the Week on our Pinterest boards:


"I look forward to my workouts! They are energizing and very time efficient, which I really appreciate. Twenty minutes in and out and they really work!

When I started working out at The Exercise Coach, I had a lot of pain in my hip and was hesitant about any leg exercises. My coach did a great job of adapting the exercises to my level of comfort. As I have gotten stronger and stronger and the pain has diminished, he has been able to adjust my workouts. That is one of the many benefits of working out with a knowledgeable coach!

I have done a lot of workouts over the years- like an hour of cardio and an hour of weights with a personal trainer three times a week, and never experienced the level of fat to muscle conversion that I have experienced at The Exercise Coach. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished in a consistent workout routine of just twenty minutes twice a week. I highly recommend The Exercise Coach!"

- Meredith S., Overland Park, KS

Photos from The Exercise Coach- Schaumburg's post 10/15/2023

Promoting The Exercise Coach Schaumburg at the Schaumburg Business Association's Women in Business event this week. It was great to see so many members and talk about our effective 20-minute strength training sessions. The speaker was very interesting, reviewing common personality traits of introverts and extroverts.


Steve loves The Exercise Coach! No more knee pain!
Try two free sessions at our Schaumburg studio - call for an appointment today at 847-301-3000!


Did you know that Strength Training is Anti-Aging? Exercise can reverse your biological age by nearly a decade, give you more energy, maintain a healthy lifestyle, help you avoid aches and pains, and protect your brain and cognitive ability. Learn more here --->


At The Exercise Coach, we always say "Strength Changes Everything!". As our muscle quality and strength improves, so does every physiological system of the body. This is why strength training is one of the best things we can do for our overall health, especially as we age. Learn more in our podcast episode on this topic --->


(Recipe of the Week) Scallops are a great, protein-rich choice for your meal and this recipe is simple, quick and SO delicious!

Fresh Lemon Butter Scallops
(via: )


8–10 large sea scallops
the zest of 1 lemon
3 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
2 Tablespoons fresh chives, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
3–4 Tablespoons ghee


Bring a large cast iron skillet to high heat
Add just enough ghee to coat the bottom of the pan.
Pat Scallops dry (ensure they are as dry as possible!) and sprinkle with salt.
Put salt side down in hot pan to sear.
Sprinkle salt on other side of scallops.
Let sear for 1 minute and then reduce heat to medium/medium-high and add enough ghee to ensure the bottom doesn’t dry out (at least 1 Tablespoon).
Sprinkle with 1/2 of the lemon zest, add 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice, and 1 Tablespoon chives.
Cook for 3 minutes on medium and then flip, pushing some ghee under each scallop as you flip to ensure they don’t stick to the pan.
Cook for 2-3 minute on this side or until fully cooked (they are cooked when the tops start to crack).
After you flip, add the other Tablespoon of lemon juice.
Add additional ghee, as needed, to ensure the bottom of the pan stays nicely coated.
Once fully cooked, plate and sprinkle with other half of lemon zest, the rest of the chives and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Note: This dish is approved for the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge. Find all Recipes of the Week on our Pinterest boards --->

THE DOWNSIDE TO PROLONGED “CARDIO” | Exercise Coach 10/09/2023

Feel like you need to "add more cardio"? Here are 5 reasons why more aerobic activity may not be doing you much good:

1️⃣Aerobic activity is not the best way to achieve cardiovascular fitness
2️⃣Aerobic activity is not the best way to reduce your risk for heart disease
3️⃣Aerobic activity prevents full muscle fiber activation and full glycogen depletion*
4️⃣Prolonged aerobic activity increases inflammation and the amassing of LDL.**
5️⃣Prolonged aerobic activity increases free radical production and decreases circulating antioxidants

Learn more about the downside of prolonged "cardio" and what the research has to say about it here --->



Nutrition plays a vital role in overall health. At The Exercise Coach, we are proud to help our clients better understand how to eat the foods that will support their very best health. The Exercise Coach Nutrition Playbook is an amazing resource our clients have to learn how to eat in a way that helps them feel and function their best! Two 20-minute sessions per week and some improved lifestyle habits is all it takes to see great improvements to our metabolic health. Learn more about the combination of Whole-Effort Exercise and Whole-Food Nutrition that we call "The Metabolic Comeback" here --->

Meet Sara J 10/06/2023

Curious what type of results strength training two times a week for 20-minutes can bring? Check out Sara's story!

Meet Sara J


Do you hate traditional exercise like Carol? She has been with The Exercise Coach for over 2 years - find out why!

Call us in Schaumburg at 847-301-3000 to try 2 free sessions!


I’ve loved being a client of The Exercise Coach for the past eight months. Their twice weekly, 20-minute workouts are challenging and offer a always convenient opportunity to get my strength training completed. And before I became a member, I always found an excuse NOT to get it in.

The studio owner, Kathy, prioritizes a clean and welcoming studio. Their focused program can help anyone from ages 16-116 build strength & feel better. How does it work? The unique hi-tech machines create resistance throughout the movements, ensuring that my muscles are challenged at all times during repetitions. Additionally, the knowledgeable on-site staff helps to make sure that I’m getting the full benefits of my workout. Their app shows a 46% increase in my strength on one of their machines!

Love that The Exercise Coach offers two free twenty minute workouts to try out their innovative platform. I accepted and immediately felt the benefits of the workout. Call and book an appointment and like me, you’ll soon reap the benefits of focused, efficient strength training. -- Rich, Schaumburg, IL


Do you have a Schaumburg Library card? It’s kind of a BIG DEAL! A Schaumburg Library card gives you access to more than 500,000 items to borrow, plus more than 1 million items to stream or download online.

That’s why this fall, Schaumburg Library cardholders are getting another BIG DEAL: discounts at local businesses!

Show your Schaumburg Library card at The Exercise Coach- Schaumburg through December 31, 2023, to receive 2 free introductory personal training sessions and $100 off your first month or session package upon enrollment. First time clients only. Schaumburg location only.

Give us a call at 847-301-3000 TODAY to schedule your appointment!

See the list of local business and BIG DEALS here:


Eric and Sue joined The Exercise Coach Schaumburg to build strength and they love the results! Eric has improved his golf game and Sue has greater overall strength.

Keep up the great work, Eric and Sue! We love seeing you in the studio, working out together as a team and living the active lifestyle you both enjoy so much.


Do you know you should exercise but you need some accountability?

Are you unsure of what exercise is best for you specifically and to avoid injury?

Give us a call at The Exercise Coach Schaumburg at 847-301-3000 today!

We have motivating, certified coaches who create two super-effective, 20-minute sessions just for you every week! Compare our pricing to other personal training in the area. We also offer 2 free sessions, so call us to try this for yourself!


I love to see my great friends in the studio for one of their 20-minute sessions!
Happy Friday! 💪

Stronger Self 09/28/2023

Stronger Self - with The Exercise Coach

Stronger Self Be your stronger self in just two 20-minute workouts per week.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Schaumburg?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Eric and Sue joined The Exercise Coach Schaumburg to build strength and they love the results! Eric has improved his gol...
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The Exercise Coach provides exceptional support in your strength and exercise plan! Any age, any fitness level. Our Coac...
Motivation Monday!!





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