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Midwest Training Center
Midwest Training Center
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Septemberfest got you thinking about getting fit? Check out Ultimate Fitness to learn more! Thank you for your sponsorship!
Michelle Frydrych here is their fb page
Class is at 6pm tonight right?! 🤣
Heading there now wish me luck!
Sad... but true!

At Ultimate Fitness, we are result driven! We succeed where other gyms fail.

Operating as usual


Husband and wife working on their goals! Who do you think did it best?!?!? 💪🏼


If we don’t believe in ourselves, then nothing will change. It’s You vs You! Be strong and make a difference mentally. The rest will follow

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Do you have a fitness plan? Is your plan inline with your goals? At Ultimate Fitness, our number one goal is to make sure you reach your fitness goals. Whether it’s to gain muscle, lose weight, gain strength, tone or just to feel comfortable in your own skin, we can help guide you in the right direction with the proper training and nutrition that actually gets you results. Reach out today to set up your 1 on 1 consultation!


Happy Sunday, start of the new week. Let’s challenge ourselves and set a few goals that are achievable. Whether it’s fitness, mentally, or dieting. Start somewhere and take the first step. Let’s kill this week💪🏽


Stay True To Yourself, Love Your Results & Own it!


If you are human, then we have all thought about quitting. We must stay focused and remember why we started! Keep your goals achievable and keep crushing them!


Nothing changes without doing things that make you uncomfortable. Take chances, make mistakes, learn from them and grow!


Becoming successful doesn’t always mean easy. Becoming successful is pushing ourselves when we want to quit.


Getting it in!


As determined, motivated, and hard working you are. We must not forget to take rest days, listen to your body. Rest days are just as important as our workouts.


Today we salute the incredible efforts and dedication of workers everywhere. Happy Labor Day 🇺🇸!


Start Today. There’s No Excuse. Get After It.


Come check out Ultimate Fitness!


Just start now, your future self will thank you!


We are 100% result driven!!! We DO NOT make you sign a contract. Ultimate Fitness relies on your results to keep you as a client not a contract!!
We track results with our InBody scanner twice a month! InBody scanner provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water.
Your results hold us accountable!


A lot of times we struggle to get started, or like most we struggle to keep going. Motivation is short term and can change day to day. Discipline is what keeps us going everyday. Let’s work to stay disciplined to ourselves everyday in life.


He is the definition of a beast. Shows up even after school, no complaints. 💪🏼

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ATTENTION! It’s not always the most expensive plays that gets you the best results!!
We are constantly DESTROYING other gyms results!
Look at my gyms results in just 2 WEEKS compared to the other gyms results in 3 MONTHS!
This is the same person, by the way!
My gym is $65/hr. Other gym $120/hr.


Sometimes We Feel Like Giving Up, That’s When We Need To Push Harder.


No matter the obstacles or set backs that come your way, just keep moving forward.


What motivates you?


Looking to improve muscle endurance & feel more energized? Circuit Training is for you.


Have you been struggling with your fitness journey? Or maybe you have hit a plateau and need a change? Here at Ultimate Fitness, we can help you reach any goal with our team of experienced trainers and a variety of machines, equipment and the tools needed to help keep you accountable. Set up a consultation today, view our facility and see why we are #1 for personal training in the area.


Let’s get up and get started. One day at a time!


Drop in sessions are now available!
10 exercise stations
3 sets each station
Each set is 1 minute
30 sec rest after each set
5 strength exercises
5 endurance/cardio stations
Before each session there will be a 15 sec demo of every station on the 2 - 50” TV’s on the wall.
Each TV has 5 exercises and there are labeled.


New week, new goals. You got this!


Stretching Seems to be looked over and “useless” here are some reasons why it is beneficial!

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We all have that love/hate relationship with cardio. Here are a few benefits of cardio to keep in mind when you don’t feel like doing it.



Tips to achieve your goals and stay consistent 💪🏼


New week, start today! Happy Monday!


Sundays are days to reflect on your upcoming week, set goals, prepare what you need to meet those goals and spend time with family and friends. What does your Sunday look like?!


Staying Motivated is only as hard as you make it to be. Set realistic and short term goals so you achieve them frequently to keep you positive and striving for more. Stay focused and stay disciplined.


This is JJ about 4 or 5 years ago keeping up with the adults. Using the same weight. Form wasn’t perfect, but he did EVERYTHING that the adults were doing. Proud of my kids.

Photos from Ultimate Fitness's post 08/02/2023

Here at Ultimate Fitness we take pride in helping our clients reach their fitness goals. We are equipped the latest equipment and tools needed to help you reach your goals, surpass them and have you feeling your best. Set up a consultation today and see how we can help you!


TUT = Time Under Tension.
Great way to engage the muscle you are working and build that mind muscle connection. One of the most efficient ways to properly grow the muscle you are targeting.

Exploding fast and controlled on your way down (concentric) squeezing at your peak movement and controlling the movement on the way back (eccentric) 💪🏼


Get comfortable with the uncomfortable because that’s where change happens.

Photos from Ultimate Fitness's post 07/13/2023

We all have goals in life whether it’s fitness, family, travel, career etc. It’s what we do in the journey towards that goal that challenges us, strengthens us and defines us. Make your goals attainable, celebrate the small wins along the way and crush it!


Join us for our second annual SHRED, WHITE AND BLUE workout. This Saturday at 9am. Open to the public and it’s free! DM us if interested in coming.


New week to set goals and crush them! This is a reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.


Check out this week’s schedule!

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