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February is and a good time to bring awareness to . Once again, it's for the win as a safe and effective way for everyone to improve heart health and overall fitness.

A clinical study explored whether Pilates improved cardiorespiratory . The results: "Our results support Pilates as an effective intervention to improve CRF in both healthy people and individuals with disorders related to aerobic capacity."

It's time to incorporate Pilates mat or apparatus lessons into your fitness routine in person at a studio, virtually, or at the workplace.


Planning a visit to for the or ? Don't forget about your lessons. Added bonus: Pilates can dramatically improve your game.

New to Pilates? Now is a great time to get started with your practice.

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Trendy TikTok Workout or Stick With the Classics? 01/05/2023

I finally got around to writing a new blog for the New Year. My inspiration was this morning's segment on Good Morning America about trendy . I didn't hold back on my feelings about what I saw. Once again, for the win!

Trendy TikTok Workout or Stick With the Classics? It’s January and that means 2023 resolutions are in full swing. Have you committed to eating healthier, exercising more, giving up alcohol and sweets for a month, or is it just business as usual? Here are a few things I’...


Who's ready?

Over 80% of adults don't meet US strength guidelines. Don't forget these muscles | CNN 12/16/2022

It's starting - all the fitness articles to get motivated for the New Year. I bet I can answer all of them with just do Pilates!

Don't be a member of this 80% club. It's time to get more effective with your regimen - or start one if you haven't already. You'll hit all of these muscles in a single session with . Why wait for the to prioritize your ? Start your now!

Over 80% of adults don't meet US strength guidelines. Don't forget these muscles | CNN There are more than 600 muscles in the human body, and it's impossible to strengthen each and every one. Yet there are plenty whose power you can enhance, and doing so is key to enjoying a healthy, active life.

Pilates + Patience for the Perfect Holiday Gift 12/06/2022

When you give someone a gift certificate for lessons, you're giving them more than just . It's hard to be patient in our instant gratification society, and Pilates actually teaches us how to be just that! Read my latest blog that discusses the relationship between Pilates and .

Pilates + Patience for the Perfect Holiday Gift It goes without saying that a gift certificate for Pilates lessons is an excellent holiday gift for everyone on your list. After all, who doesn’t want to feel stronger, increase flexibility, improve balance, reduce stre...

There’s a New Tool in the Fight Against Long COVID: Pilates 12/01/2022

If you or someone you know is suffering from shortness of breath and fatigue from , check out this new article highlighting research that demonstrated how just 8 weeks of improved lung function by 32.3%. Breathing is one of Joe Pilates' six principles. According to Pilates, “Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it.” It really does!

There’s a New Tool in the Fight Against Long COVID: Pilates Researchers have found that using Pilates for long COVID sufferers improves lung function and quality of life.

Update on Prolonged Sitting - IDEA Health & Fitness Association 11/29/2022

Preach! for the win. It's time to add Pilates to . Are you an employer based in the Valley? Let us come to your location for onsite mat classes. We also teach virtually to anywhere in the world.

Update on Prolonged Sitting - IDEA Health & Fitness Association Prolonged sitting is linked with earlier death risk from all causes and for major cardiovascular disease, according to a large study.

Timeline photos 11/25/2022

Everybody needs to do . How about a holiday gift certificate to Delta Pilates for the guy who already has everything else?

Peak Pilates instructor, Julia Trovato of Clearly Pilates in PA, teaches Pilates to one of Major League Baseball's best relief pitchers, Scott Effross. Here's what Scott himself says about Pilates...⁠

Peak: Has any one of your 5 tools (hitting, throwing, catching, etc.) improved as a result of Pilates?⁠
Scott: I would certainly say that Pilates has helped me with my pitching mechanics. Being able to use my core and hips more efficiently has allowed me to make my pitching motion much more repeatable and has helped me create more drive down the mound.⁠

Peak: What is the most challenging part of Pilates for you (i.e. flexibility, balance, Ab Series)?⁠
Scott: It’s all challenging, but if I had to pick just one, any of the isolated ab exercises always give me the hardest time!⁠

Peak: Do you recommend Pilates to your teammates?⁠
Scott: Without a doubt! I am always encouraging my teammates to try Pilates for certain things that may be bothering them, and try to seek out guys who already use reformers regularly to discuss the thought process behind it.⁠


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with family and friends...and go ahead and cheat on that diet! But on Friday, it's time to get back at it. How about a virtual gut buster mat class? Grab a friend or two from anywhere in the world, and let's jump on Facetime or Skype for a fun-filled hour of . DM me if interested.

Pilates for Anyone, Anywhere | Pilates Anytime 11/16/2022

Great read with great pics...that should be available to everyone because is for every body!

Pilates for Anyone, Anywhere | Pilates Anytime The legacy of Joseph Pilates, Founder of the Pilates Method, has been in question over the years. Pilates Anytime weighs in on the ongoing debate on whether 'Pilates' is a copyright term or free for the public to access and share.

Timeline photos 11/04/2022

When we say is for everybody and every body, we really mean it. Let me show you what it’s all about either virtually or in studio at Delta Pilates.

Some of the world's most famous athletes actively do Pilates to make them a better athlete. When we say, "better" we mean increased flexibility, range of motion, optimal muscle length and strength. It's a form of exercise that puts less pressure on the joints and creates a strong core and limbs. An increased number of athletes are incorporating Pilates into both their in-season and post season exercise routines.⁠

Drew Stanton, (pictured to the left) a former NFL quarterback, says it best. “Pilates was something that I didn’t incorporate until later in my career. Once I did, I quickly came to realize all of the vast benefits it provided for me in function strength. It without a doubt prolonged my career and I continue to do it long after my playing days are done.”

MLB player, Scott Effross, does Pilates regularly and keeps him challenged...more to come on him later...

And Joe Tomlinson, soccer full back for Peterborough United of the U.K., thinks all of his teammates would benefit from Pilates.

You don't have to be a pro athlete to want or need Pilates. But if you are an athlete and want to 'up your game'...it's time to try Pilates.

Cold & Allergy Rx: Pilates! 11/03/2022

The flu arrived early this year. My thoughts on the age-old question of whether or not you should work out if you're under the weather.

Cold & Allergy Rx: Pilates! According to news reports, 2022-23 looks to be an active cold and flu season – not to mention Covid is still circulating. The CDC has already noted an increase in hospitalizations from the flu, and it’s only the beginnin...

Healthy Holiday Recipes - IDEA Health & Fitness Association 11/01/2022

Keeping the healthy can be festive and delicious. These recipes look awesome. Combined with exercise, the holiday season doesn't have to result in weight gain. Incorporate healthy ideas into your personal holiday plan or with in person and/or virtual , , and .

Healthy Holiday Recipes - IDEA Health & Fitness Association Enjoy the season in a healthy way by cleaning up your diet and choosing some of these healthy holiday recipes.

MELT vs Foam Rolling and MFR. Is there a difference? - MELT Method 10/30/2022

I’m a huge fan of the MELT Method, which we offer at Delta Pilates. Our clients love it. In today’s group class, we used the MELT half roller on the carriage for footwork.

MELT vs Foam Rolling and MFR. Is there a difference? - MELT Method What's the difference between a MELT soft roller and a typical foam roller? Find out right here on the official MELT Method Blog!

Timeline photos 10/26/2022

Reason Number 4 Why Men Should Do Pilates:⁠
Pilates builds more than a six-pack. It increases the strength of the Transverse Abdominis, an important spine stabilizer. Learn how we teach the "scoop" to activate this muscles in Pilates.⁠

If Sitting is the New Smoking – What about “Smoking” in Your Car? 10/26/2022

I was inspired by a story I saw on GMA a few days ago. It just made me think about treatment vs. cure. So, here's my latest about good posture when driving and how Pilates can help.

If Sitting is the New Smoking – What about “Smoking” in Your Car? Do a search for “sitting is the new smoking,” and endless articles appear. Now, add Pilates to that search, and numerous Pilates studios have honed onto messaging that correctly espouses how Pilates can counterbalance th...

Photos from Pilates Method Alliance's post 10/20/2022

Pilates as a practice, its history, and Joe and Clara Pilates’ legacy (including photos) should be available to all as we continuously strive to improve access for everyone to participate and realize it’s many health benefits.

Photos from Peak Pilates®'s post 10/16/2022
Timeline photos 10/13/2022

Regular physical activity, including Pilates, can keep the muscles around the joints strong, decrease bone loss and may help control joint swelling and pain. Regular activity replenishes lubrication to the cartilage of the joint and reduces stiffness and pain.⁠
If you know someone who is suffering from arthritis, including juvenile arthritis, introduce them to Pilates. ❤️ They'll be so glad you did.

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