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“Lindsay is a knowledgeable, professional and talented physical therapist who can make an immediate improvement in your riding. She has an extensive background in both Dressage and performing physical therapy with athletes of all ages, making her uniquely suited to help every rider. I highly recommend you give her a try!”

- Wendy Riddell, Ride-N-Rock Ranch

Ride-N-Rock Ranch is a top quality private dressage facility.

Operating as usual

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 03/15/2022

Heaven has gained another Angel and our barn is without its’ queen. Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beloved pony. 💔 She taught each of my girls to really ride (nothing better than a pony mare!), including Sammy, taught a little boy to walk, endured many a costume contest, let us pull her out for multiple birthday parties, and perfected the pony scowl every time a camera was pointed at her. She was the best $800 I ever spent…I was once offered a blank check for her by a parent at a horse show, but to us she was priceless! ❤️

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 03/14/2022

While we ended up Reserve Champion IEA - Interscholastic Equestrian Association with Scottsdale Equestrian IEA Team, I am so very proud of each of our riders. They have all learned so much this season, and become better riders. The future is very bright for Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team! I am very excited to be headed to IEA National Finals with Ellie, Anna, Sami and Camille! Harrisburg here we come! Thank you to Central Arizona Riding Academy for hosting to RCR Farms IEA Team for always being worthy competitors, to Allison Kerivan for keeping me sane, and a special thank you to Kathy Johnson for her investment in dressage!


Way to go Kali and Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team!!! Champion AND Reserve!!! Kathy Johnson Allison Kerivan

Congratulations to UPPER SCHOOL IEA Dressage Regional 2022 Horsemanship Test Winners!

A special shout out to VEDA RASKIN from Region 1 for being the overall high scorer!

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 02/28/2022

What a great day for an IEA - Interscholastic Equestrian Association Dressage Show! Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team did what they needed to do today - everyone is qualified for Regionals! Champion and Reserve for both teams, swapping with RCR Farms IEA Team! We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at IEA Region 8 Finals at Central Arizona Riding Academy in two weeks! Huge thanks to Allison Kerivan…and many others!


This tells it like it is….

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 01/17/2022

RNR crew had a great time at the Central Arizona Riding Academy Champagne Dressage Show! Couldn’t be more proud of GQ debuting at PSG and winning a very large class! From a 3 year old to an FEI horse…there is nothing better than the journey with a horse like this, and it is even better when it comes with a friend like his owner, Laura Tillman. Very grateful to play a role in it! 🥇 Hamilton and Jen Ayers also got better and better at third level, with a schooling ride or two in the middle, Hamilton picked up Third Level High Point. Finally, with Kali on the Xavier father/daughter ski trip, and Michele in Hawaii, Kenzie Riddell flew home from University of Denver (DU Equestrian) for a few spins at Int I on the lovely Lady. Both Kenzie and Lady were quite happy to be back in the FEI ring and got better each day. Last and not least, it is always fun to share a barn with Simply 3-Day, and a tent well sponsored by Performance Footing. Gilly Slayter come show with us any time! Thank you Dorie VLatten Schmitz for all the hospitality! And none of this would have been possible without the ever present and always helpful, Netto Gutierrez! Arizona Dressage Association (ADA)

Photos from Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team's post 01/09/2022

When is the last time you watched 60 juniors show dressage from 8 am to 6:30 pm? Thank you IEA - Interscholastic Equestrian Association , Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team ,RCR Farms IEA Team, CARA IEA Team, and Community Farms for growing the sport of dressage. The camaraderie I saw all day warmed my heart…not just across the amazing Scottsdale Equestrian IEA Team but really across all the teams. Arizona Dressage Association's Junior/Young Riders RCR Farms Kari Denk Margie Sato Sullivan Shari Patterson Blaylock Jennifer Brinkman Ayers Arizona Dressage Association (ADA) Beverly Rogers Michelle Combs Dorie VLatten Schmitz IEA Region 8 Allison Kerivan Renae Coates Clair Thunes Margot Daly

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 09/20/2021

I had a great birthday weekend with my girls, and my barn girls at the USDF Region 5 Regional Championships. Huge thank you to Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center and Martin Vidal for making what didn’t seem possible a month ago…happen. And a huge thank you to Holly Bergay and Mary Bergay for letting us have Oodles for the summer, Kenzie’s heart horse ❤️ 🦄, and for trusting Kali to ride Scarlett, an experience she will not soon forget! And thank you to my lovely friend Jen Ayers for making my birthday special every year, and having such fun at Regionals!


Beth Baumert is coming to Arizona on November 27 & 28 Sage Mountain Equestrian Center LLC. Beth's daughter Jennifer Baumert and I were bronze medalists together at Young Rider's, what seems like a lifetime ago. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the mental components of our lovely esoteric sport, from someone who has lived it! I would encourage everyone to attend. If anyone is interested in riding, or wants to learn more email Pamela Polydoros at [email protected]. Arizona Dressage Association (ADA) Northern Arizona Chapter of Arizona Dressage Association Tucson Dressage Club

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 08/23/2021

Horse Show weekends make for the best weekends…and you can’t beat the ones in air conditioning in August at WestWorld of Scottsdale! Thank you Arizona Dressage Association (ADA) for putting on a great show! Safe to say our crew cleaned up 🧹😊. Emoji was FEI High Point with some solid PSG tests 🥇, Laura Tillman’s Galaxy Quest was untouchable at third level with a 75% and High Point 3/4th level 🥇, and Kristine Janisko’s Kendrick was also High Point Training - 2 🥇, with her other horse Chrome right behind. Michele and Lady were back in the ring at PSG, and Kali took a spin on Lady for Dressage Seat Equitation for a 78%. All of this was, of course, only made possible by our fabulous groom Netto Gutierrez! …We had so much fun we brought home an extra horse…🤞he works out though pretty sure my husband will never let me go to a show again with an empty slot in the trailer. (He doesn’t know yet it’s not for me 😆).

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 07/21/2021

We had a lovely time in Santa Fe! Lots of firsts for everyone! Emoji debuted at PSG, Hammy debuted at Third Level, and Kenzie and Lori cleaned up at First level. We had great fun hanging out with Anne Buchannan and Gilly Slayter who showed us all the great restaurants. We dined liked kings! We also had the cutest groom - Ellie Sullivan! You can come show with us anytime. ❤️ We are looking forward to USDF Region 5 Championships!

Photos from Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team's post 05/16/2021

We are having some fun in the great state of Texas at the IEA - Interscholastic Equestrian Association National Dressage Finals!

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 04/19/2021

Great job Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team! Kali is Tyler, Texas bound for IEA Dressage Nationals! Big thanks to Kathy Johnson, Renea Coates, Cathy Lee Jones, Dorie VLatten Schmitz and everyone at CARA for making this happen! USDF Region 5 FEI Junior/Young Riders Arizona Dressage Association (ADA)

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 04/17/2021

Happy 22nd Birthday to this lovely unicorn! What a blessing she has been in so many lives! With lots more to give! ❤️ 🦄 🎂 The last photo tells you exactly what she thinks about wearing a tiara! 😂🤣😂🤣

Photos from Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team's post 04/11/2021

Great day for youth dressage in Arizona! Scottsdale Equestrian Dressage IEA Team cleaned up, but we had great fun with RCR Farms IEA Team and Central Arizona Riding Academy ! Huge thanks to Cathy Jones, Kathy Johnson, Allison Kerivan, Jennifer Brinkman Ayers and Sarah Lindsten for her fabulous judging and endless enthusiasm! Wish us luck tomorrow! Arizona Dressage Association's Junior/Young Riders Arizona Dressage Association (ADA)


International Women's Day 2021 | Here's To You


Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 03/08/2021

My beautiful bay boy!


Any middle schoolers or high schoolers interested in IEA - Interscholastic Equestrian Association Dressage??? Please contact me!!!

Well I think we finally have firm dates for shows! All are at CARA.
April 10/11: 2 shows each day
April 18: Region Finals

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 03/01/2021

Huge thank you to Verena Sonstenes-Mahin for the fabulous lessons! Thank you to Dressage Unlimited for including us....V, come back! Such great help...such a great way to spend a weekend with my daughter....

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 02/09/2021

While I don’t have many photos as there were only a few members of the tribe with us, I have a great time on Sunday showing these two! Thank you to Arizona Dressage for keeping the Fun in Feb! ❤️🦄

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 01/25/2021

Thank you Dorie VLatten Schmitz for a great show! Neither rain nor a pandemic could stop the Champagne 🥂 Show! And what a fun show it was...Lady once again proved she is a unicorn 🦄 helping Michele earn her silver medal 🥈! That’s the 7th medal lady has helped her riders earn!!! Laura’s lovely GQ is now a 4th level star ⭐️. There is nothing better than the journey, from just backed to 4th level, and more to come...Laura Bill did a great job with her lovely Ferdinand, really riding in the show ring. The future is bright for these two...My sweet Kali, mad that I making her stick it out at second level, is finally starting to ride a lovely second level test. Juniors here we come! My own Emoji 😊 had his own tense moments but also a beautiful 4th level ride. We are figuring it out! I am also very grateful for old friends and their help. Kristine Janisko killed it on Chrome, with all blues despite a little adversity. There are few folks I know in life who can fall off in the warm up (due to another rider running into her) and 10 minutes later win their class with a 72%. Very grateful for the friendship and the help....when’s the next show??? And last but not least, none of this could happen without the best horse show groom ever..and I mean ever....Netto Gutierrez!!! We appreciate you!!!❤️❤️❤️🥂 We also LOVED having Lindsay Whipple at the show and saving me with a little PT!!! Please come to every show....


We ❤️ Performance Footing!

Nothing brings a bigger smile than a good ride on Performance Footing! Check us out at www.performacefooting.com🐴😁

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 11/23/2020

And I had some pretty good grooms this weekend at the Desert Dressage series Desert International Horse Park... ❤️🐴

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 11/23/2020

We had a blast at the Desert Dressage Series Desert International Horse Park. Thank you Alyssa Doverpike, Laura Bill, Shari and Erik Miller, Dawn White-O'Connor, and Verena Mahin....for making it that much fun! I can't wait for the next show....and it would be really lovely to do it again in Thermal!!! #ridenrockranch

Photos from Franklands Farm's post 11/14/2020

Great opportunity here....

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 11/02/2020

I have the best barn buddies! And we had a fabulous show! 5 Arizona Dressage Association (ADA) State Champions, and some giant leaps forward for everyone. Ferdinand and Laura Bill, our Third Level State Champion, rocked third and fourth level like they have been showing together for years...Michele Lepire was 4th Level State Champion, and 3rd level Reserve, right behind LB and Ferdi. PSG here they come! I had a blast showing Laura T’s Galaxy Quest, who was the talk of the show, debuting at 3rd level with a 74.8%! Sweet Sami won Training Level State Champion, and is well on her way to First Level. My own Kali was Second Level and First Level State Champion, actually beating all the Open and Amateur riders at First level and earning an 81% at Dressage Seat Eq. Kristine Janisko cowgirled up but ended the show with a 76% on Chrome and some lovely rides on Kendrick. Emoji and I had a great show, getting more and more confident with each test, and some solid scores and blue ribbons at Third and Fourth level. Lori Herrold had her Arizona Dressage debut with a few blues and great scores. We could not have done it without the help of Jennifer Brinkman Ayers, and my own mother Shirley Rector making a guest appearance! Kari Denk, you continue to be the best horse show mom I know!!! ❤️ my barn buddies!!!! Grateful for all of you!


Neto, you are the best horse show groom, groom, barn manager, stall cleaner, tack cleaner, trailer packer, therapist, horse whisperer I know. We could not do any of this without you. You earned every blue ribbon and then some! Thank you from everyone at RNR! We appreciate you! ❤️🐴


And Angel pony does it again! Sami rode her but off and won another Arizona Dressage State Championship! She earned a 78% in Dressage Seat Equitation, and beat all the open and amateur riders with a 72%! So proud!!! 😇 🐴❤️😍

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 11/01/2020

Our horses dressed up as unicorns for the Arizona Dressage Association (ADA) State Championships! Two State Champions already and more to come! 💪🏻😊❤️


Thank you Alyssa Doverspike for some great lessons! Thank you Anne Hurtt Buchanan and Jennifer Brinkman Ayers for arranging all of it. Laura Bill, recognize anyone???

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 10/12/2020

A few more fun photos from San Diego....


Another fun pic from Cali, of Kali and . Kali looks so serious, but is clearly having a good time!


Emoji is the perfect name for him...So much expression! 🥰

Photos from Ride-N-Rock Ranch's post 08/23/2020

You know you have a problem...an addiction really...when despite a pandemic and extreme heat warnings, you still go to a horse show. 🙄🔥 Congrats to Michele Lepire for a strong 4th level debut, and Sami MacDonald for a great start at 1st level. Kali is happy to be qualified at 2nd level, and Kenzie was happy to back in the FEI ring. Thank you to the best groom ever Neto, the best horse show mom Kari Denk, and a huge thanks to Arizona Dressage Association (ADA) for supporting my addiction!

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