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This is the best week of the year!
Take some time this week to meditate, journal, go within and reflect. This is like a cocoon period getting ready for a fresh New Year!
We can help with the 2023 Best Me Yoga Challenge that begins on New Years Day. 45 days of yoga and community! Only $123 to join in and Club Blue members are automatically entered in! We hope you’ll join us and make 2023 your Best year so far!💙⭐️💙⭐️

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We have such a wonderful community at the Blue! Those making a living as entrepreneurs, having or creating their own small businesses, side hustles and 9-5’s.
As the year comes to a close we celebrate the crazy ones, the misfits, rebels and troublemakers, the round pegs in square holes, the ones who see things differently.
Because the ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do! We love you!💙
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Our yogis take the best photos!
Thanks for sharing the Blue Buddha love!💙


Thank you for bringing the Christmas spirit and slinging the coffee coffee today along with !!! You rock!💙💙💙💙💙


🎄🎄We are open on Christmas Day for one amazing class with the ever-inspiring at 9am!🎄🎄
Stop by for coffee- open until 10:30am!☕️⭐️
Get your yoga in and then enjoy the day with those who mean the most!💙
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Excuse our plant porn..😂🌱We are so in love with our gift of a french press plant terrarium from one of our creative students - Clinton!!
Its soooo cute!!🌱


Merry Christmas Eve from the weekend Blue crew!💙
We hope Santa is very good to you!🎅🏻🎄⭐️


So much fun at Pj’s and Lattes flow with !! We grabbed a quick photo of some of our happy, cozy participants!!💙


Hope your Sunday is chill too!
Thanks for this buddhaful point of view.💙

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It’s nice when you find your people or when your people find you!😃💙😍
Nothing better than to truly feel seen and loved and the only way to do that is to-
1) Show up for your life.
2) Be real.
3) Let go of the need for external validation and accolades.
4) Find value in being your authentic self.
5) Enjoy every moment.
Givens: Go to yoga🤸🏿
Drink delicious coffee!☕️


Let’s have some Christmas movie fun! You can only pick your 3 faves…and go!🎅🏻

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An awesome message form yumique_journey on Sunday! message from Sunday!💫
It was so good used it today!💙
👉🏻If you can get to the middle, you can get to the end!👈🏻
Motivating, inspiring and doable!💙
Believing in yourself is the key to success!!⭐️


Sunday morning Hatha with is simplythe best!💙

Tag yourself and share the good vibes!!🙌🏻🙌🏻


Blue Buddha is Yoga for EveryBODY…💙
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10 Days of Zen -Day10⭐️
🔹We all walk a different path, ultimately ending up at the same destination🙏🏼 with little different ways of getting there.
🔹We all came here with a different mission to complete and best of all, there’s no rush.
🔹What’s meant for you is for you and you don’t have to hurry to receive it.
🔹the journey is Simple, profound and true.
🔹And when you put your energy into your own journey, life unfolds buddhafully and effortlessly!😍

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Happy Friday yogis and coffee lovers!!🧘🏽‍♀️☕️
We have a great yoga lineup and amazing espresso drinks all day!

6PM YOGA NIDRA with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Indira
Coffee 8-12/4-6☕️

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 12/05/2022

Always a great start to your Disney Christmas when you get to meet and flex or not flex with your fave Disney character!!😂😂😂
Gaston was super friendly, funny and totally made ‘s day!!🏰

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👉🏻Does your hot yoga leave your hair fried, skin dried and adrenals depleted?🥵
Then it’s time for a new sweat life!💦
We’re all about bringing the heat to our yoga community.
Sweat not only detoxes your body, it is also natures way of purifying your soul! ✨
We also super-duper love nature and Mother Earth and it’s important for us as a studio to be eco-friendly and leave a softer footprint.♻️

We use top of the line, quiet, environment friendly, infrared heating panels. They heat bodies, not the air, making it easier to meditate, move and breathe.
Eco-friendly panels don’t rely on fossil fuels or blow hot air, germs or allergens around the room, resulting in a clean, green yoga experience.♻️

Love your hot yoga and love the environment? Come over to Blue Buddha today for a natural, silent, draft-less and odorless way to truly experience the sweat life!💦


One Year Unlimited Yoga pass $888
One month Unlimited Yoga pass $99

One day only! Online only!💻


Please Gather at 9am with uber chill , the Blue Crew and our fabulous community as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Hatha Yoga!💙
FYI: Did you know that Americans take in 3,000 to 4,500 calories at their Thanksgiving celebrations, according to estimates by the Calorie Control Council. 🤯
Stsrt your Thanksgiving day off with yoga and boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system and lower your stress levels….🙏🏼
Keep the good vibes going! Tell us what you’re grateful for!🙌🏻🙌🏻


Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 11/22/2022

The holiday season is upon us and next week to the Blue, stress free tips for the holidays. Here’s a preview:
❄️Make a conscious effort not to rush.
to conclusions
to the store
to the answer
to think you have to have it all figured out
❄️Sometimes we move fast to avoid feelings of fear of what’s next. If I move fast maybe I’ll wont have to experience something I don’t like. 😂😂
❄️When we slow down, we are embracing the unknown. We are saying,
“ok I’m not sure what will happen today but I do have faith that whatever it is will be for my highest good and ultimate growth.💙
❄️This opens us up to the magic that life is in this moment.
❄️Just go for it, embrace the unknown and let life surprise you!🙌🏻

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 11/21/2022

Movement is medicine!🩺
Our bodies really do keep score and actually hold onto sensations that have not been processed. These sensations can end up manifesting through physical, emotional or mental imbalances. 😕

Our body also has an innate wisdom of being able to release and heal.☀️Through an integrative yoga practice you'll connect with your body once again as you move and release energy blockages.
Come experience our integrative hatha yoga classes at the Blue! Movement is medicine!💙

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“Gratitude is power.”
☀️Soul Sunday Schedule☀️
9am Hatha
10:15 Yin
12pm Hatha
1:30 Yoga Nidra

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 11/18/2022

☀️DAY 18 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

What a gift it is as a community to dedicate the entire month of November to the noble cause of being grateful.
We love filling up the gram with positivity and sharing the things we are most grateful for!🙏🏼Gratitude isn’t a one time thing, it’s a lifetime thing.💙

☀️Today we are grateful for the fun nights at the Blue!🎉Our fab neighbor , the plethora of amazing food trucks and many more. ➕all the buddhaful high vibes, love & goodness that fill our space. 🙌🏻 So grateful for it all!
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We know the feeling of wanting a delicious latte’ at night but worried it will keep you up!
You can order any coffee drink with decaf! The same amazing organic beans, just decaffeinated!
Now we’re talking coffee!☕️



Mix up your weekday routine and take Hatha Yoga at 12pm on Wednesday’s and Friday’s
Or early morning hatha at 6am on Tuesday and Thursdays!

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 11/14/2022

“Above all, to thine own self be true.”

Inner Peace is where it’s at!
It is a state where you feel in balance with yourself and with the world. 🌎
Where nothing is missing and nothing is left over.🌻

This replaces the archaic conception of equating success with social status material possessions, external validation or even believing that any of it is synonymous with happiness.✨
We have learned to look inside to live in a more relaxed, content and connected way with our authentic needs and desires.💙🙏🏼

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Happy World Kindness Day!

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 11/10/2022

We love checklists, they’re so helpful!😂

Thumbs up if coffee is life too!👍🏻

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 11/07/2022

Motivation Monday
It’s gotta be coffee!
Come get some.☕️
7-12pm & 4-8pm

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 11/07/2022

Motivation Monday
It’s gotta be coffee!
Come get some.☕️
7-12pm & 4-8pm


“When we show our kids how to meditate we are teaching them something with real benefit.. a useful skill they can use to navigate throughout their life.” -

3O Days of Gratitude ☀️DAY 7
We are one week into our Gratitude Challenge! Today [email protected] draw a winner of the drink of their choice in the cafe’!
Today we are grateful for our yoga families.🙌🏻
This is one of our little yogis. She came with her mom to Yoga Nidra because she wanted to see what it was all about.💙 ☺️
She meditates with her mom & yogi and we think that’s simply amazing!🙏🏼
Do you ever wonder how different your life would be if you found yoga & meditation at such a young age?
Us too…🙏🏼 and we’re so glad we have it now…..💙


30 Days of Gratitude
☀️DAY 6
T.E.A.M. Blue💙
Together Everyone Achieves More!

We are grateful for the BLUE CREW, proud of their Diversity, rich cultural backgrounds, heritage and wide range of life experience-(ranging from their 20’ to 60’s, all supporting and learning from each other. 💙

We are forever grateful for our teachers and for presence at Blue Buddha.🫶


Happy 16th wedding Anniversary to the Blue’s and her better half !
We hope your day is simply Buddhaful and that your getaway is the best one ever!💙


What’s yours?


30 Day Gratitude Challenge
Today we are grateful for the practice of yoga.
Our practice is always there for us, it makes the good times great and the hard times better. Our practice allows us to go within to heal, get strong and to love ourselves again…💙
We’re grateful for you-Yoga.🙏🏼

Are you grateful for yoga too?
Join the challenge and post what you’re grateful for.💙


Halloween lunch date with my bootiful granddaughter!👻
Life is good!!🎃

Photos from Blue Buddha Collective's post 10/31/2022

Halloween Humor😂😂
🧹Tell us your favorite Halloween joke!
The best one wins a free coffee!🎃🧋👻


A big thank you and shout out to the super amazing🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 for stopping by and featuring the Blue on his Utube channel & Social Media platforms.🎥📲💙🙏🏼
👉🏻Dave is an Arizona native🌵and we share the same philosophy in life, that we are here to help others.

🏡If you’re in the market to buy or sell your home, give Dave a call, he’ll take great care of you!💙

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