Women's V.I.P. Fitness and Wellness

Women's V.I.P. Fitness and Wellness


Tired, sweaty, but happy! It's nice to have the kids back in school so I can get back to a schedule of going to the gym!
Today, my gym buddy and I did front squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts. With a 10 minute elliptical warmup and 16 minute bike ride.
I love my body!!!

Personal Training! Supplements and great workout gear to get fit in! Hello! Welcome! My name is Peggie Robbins and I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

I have been in the fitness industry for about six years now and also have taught Group Fitness classes as well as, personal training. I specialize in women's health and feel completely blessed to be a part of changing people's lives! I have a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and hold a current teaching position. I absolutely love being invovled in motivating kids to lead a healthy lifestyle

Operating as usual

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So much fun! Mark so enjoyed his first time at the "Renaissance Festival"! We had a blast shopping, people watching, and seeing the "joust"! It was a great day!


A boy and his Daddy! All Greyson wanted was to snuggle with his Daddy! Lol! See, he's a lap dog after all!


Stay strong! Stay Motivated! Love Yourself!


Listening to to get me motivated!


Happy Morning, Everyone!!
I hope you all in doing amazing in the "Fitness Challenge"!
We are in our 2nd week! Yeah us! We are rotating between the 3 workouts that I have already posted! Give me some feedback on how you are doing!


Exercise Transitions!

Transition! Easily transition from one exercise to another. Here are some push/pull transitions!


Happy Martin Luther King Day! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend of moving! For Monday, please do workout #3! I will be adding another workout next week to help challenge you! Remember, do these workouts in accordance to your level! Keep pushing yourself to do more! Watch for my morning videos! Also, if you ever confused about how to perform an exercise, please let me know!
"Excuses don't kill fat, Exercises do". 😁


We are moving!! Keep it up!
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Day 3! We are moving!


Workout of the Day!
Day 2 of my "Fitness Challenge"


Here we go! Here is the first workout for my "Fitness Challenge"! I will be posting a video to explain how to perform the various exercises!


Happy New Year!



Merry Christmas! May you be blessed beyond measure!


Omg! So true!

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Glistening is what it's all about! Your hard work shows! Keep it up!


True story!
Fitness Challenge is coming your way! Who would be interested?
Leave a comment below!
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It was nice to be greeted by my little friend this morning!


Do it!

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Fun with family on Thanksgiving!

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Fun, relaxing night at "Zoo Lights"! Missed my Maine Man, but we had an enjoyable time.


A little "Pooh" wisdom this morning!

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Early morning workout... Love my "MaxPro"! Smile, it helps the world be a better place!


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Back to it after a wonderfully short vacation!


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Happy Birthday, Maine Man! Thank you for blessing me many times over! You're amazing! I love you with all that I am, so deeply, wholly, and sincerely! I love you!

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Lake Tahoe is still as beautiful as ever! We are having a wonderful time!


Just a smile to start your day! Have a good day everyone! Stayed blessed!



Why Calories Aren't a Good Metric
When it comes to losing weight or building muscles, the amount of calories you eat is one of the most common metrics you'll find talked about. Unfortunately, this simply is not a good metric for tracking and improving performance. A calorie is just a unit of measurement for energy. One single calorie is equivalent to the amount of energy you would need in heat to raise the temperature of one gram of water one single degree Celsius.

That energy is then converted into food and measured to see how much energy you're taking into your body. However, this kind of measurements doesn't take into account many of the crucial factors that actually determine how much weight you gain or lose.
It's Not What You Eat, It's What's in Your Body
One often overlooked aspect of calorie counting is the measurement of how many of the calories you eat actually end up in your blood stream. Two people could eat the same meal and have completely different amounts of fats, vitamins, minerals and toxins absorbed by the body. One person may take in a lot of the fat and gain weight as a result, while another person could eat the same meal and have the fats pass right through his body. In this case, what matters really isn't how many calories you're eating, but how many calories are absorbed.

It Leaves Out the Quality of the Food
Of course, measuring calories completely leaves out the measurement of the food quality. Is a calorie of ice cream the same as a calorie from organic lean meat chicken? Just a few decades ago, health experts would have said "yes." Today however, the answer is a resounding "no." Where your calories come from play a much larger role in determining whether you gain weight or lose weight than most people imagine.
Other Metrics
There are many other metrics you can use to track your progress. One of the best metrics is your body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage is going up, then there's probably something your dietary habits that you need to change. If it's going down, you're probably doing something right.
Keep a food journal and write down everything you eat. Then compare what you ate to the fluctuations in your body fat percentage. This information can help you identify which kinds of meals result in better results for your body. This is a much more effective approach than measuring raw calories, which have a different effect on different people.
Another metric you can use is BMI. While the BMI equation isn't perfect, for the majority of people it can provide a very good indicator of overall muscle health.
In short, calories really have limited use for someone who's looking to build muscle or lose weight. It simply leaves too much information out to be useful. Instead, try using other metrics that actually give you data that can help you follow the correct course.


Trying to stay motivated! It's been hard lately, that's for sure.

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Little Nugget LOVED the Pumpkin Patch! He's such a curious little boy! I love seeing the world through his fresh new eyes!


Greyson and I watching Manchester United struggle...

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Early morning shenanigans!



My newest design! I have Samsung and Apple phone cases! I also have other cool stuff to look at! Copy and paste the link to check them out!




Cool new phone case designs and more!


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Early morning upper body home workout!
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Exercise Transitions!



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