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Going away on vacation is great, but there’s nothing like getting back into the studio after time away. Today, it was just me, the Cadillac, and the gentle noise of the springs helping me work out all the kinks that set in from traveling.


Big shoutout to Jennifer Rodriguez Campbell for having the TV on the right channel at the right time and for catching this clip! I wonder where he went for his awesome off season pilates training. My guess would be a great studio with very knowledgeable instructors 😁 with- Amanda Rodriguez Gardner

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The increased usage of technology in our world is wreaking havoc on our posture. Rounded shoulders, rounded upper back, forward get the picture. That is why movements that incorporate spinal extension are so important!

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Nothing like a good spot to help you get a little more out of an exercise!


Open leg rocker is one of my favorites. From the moment you transition from spine stretch forward, you can really feel the deep connection to the powerhouse.

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One of my favorite nights of the year is our annual Simply Pilates instructor dinner. These people right here make up the best team around. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them each and every day. Missed having Gretchen with us tonight!

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Perfectly stated ! Thank you to all our clients. You know who you are!! 💚 If you’re a 🚩, it’s never too late to change. Just sayin’!

Find your people 💚✅💚​​​​​​​​
After teaching a very loooong time, I’ve seen A LOT of red flags🥹 Now, I try and channel the client. They’re out there & they amplify the joy of teaching!​​​​​​​​


I am thrilled to introduce you to Kelly Liekhus, the newest instructor to join the Simply Pilates team! Kelly is a veteran instructor who brings over 10 years of teaching experience and over 1900 hours of classical training into our studio. Can't wait for you all to meet her and to have the opportunity to learn from her! The Simply Pilates Team just got that much stronger!! 👊💪

Click here for Kelly's full bio👉:


Nothing pains me more than watching a poorly executed push up. Back sagging, head drooping, arms not situated properly with the shoulders, you get the picture…Before working on push-ups, how about developing a strong, proper plank first? This kid has been working on these for awhile now and they’re looking pretty darn good! Proud of how he takes his time and re-adjusts in between reps to ensure proper placement 💪🏻


Day 23 Well done ladies! w/ Kathy Spina


Day 22 (aka hip circles) This exercise right here is hands down the most difficult one for me to keep in my powerhouse. Thank goodness Joe only asks for 3 reps of this one!


Day 21 Always a challenge!


Day 20 While I’m sure you’ve seen and done many different variations, the kicking front and back is the only one Joe documents in Return to Life. This one looks seemingly simple but requires a tremendous amount of control to maintain stability. 😅


Day 19


Day 18 Some exercises look so seemingly simple, but this one is definitely considered to be advanced. Keeping the spine from collapsing in a seated position and while twisting is enough to make you 😅


Day 17


Day 16


Day 15


Day 14
This exercise was taught much differently to me when I went through my first certification program. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I was introduced to doing it the way Joe documents it in Return to Life. Once again, it’s Joe’s way for the win!


Day 13


Day 12 Thoracic extension is not something that comes easy to me and I am constantly striving to increase my range of motion. In this video, I start by just lifting my head and legs to help prepare for the full dive.


Day 11 This exercise is also documented by Joe a little differently than how I originally learned it. He shows his arms behind his shoulders when seated and palms facing down throughout the exercise. Having done it both ways, it’s once again, Joe’s way for the win!


Day 10!


Day 9 Just getting into position is a challenge on this one. Didn’t quite make it up on the third rep, but that’s the way it goes sometimes 😂!


Day 8, This exercise was originally taught to me with the arms reaching straight out in front of the body at shoulder height. I much prefer doing it with the hands on the mat (the way Joe is seen doing it in Return to Life) and have switched over to doing and teaching it this way.


Day 7
Thanks Josh Cormany for providing an excellent example of the . Not allowing the head to fall back as the knees come in requires a tremendous amount of strength and control 💪🏻


Day 6, executed with great precision! w/Josh Cormany


Day 5, New clients always think I’m making this one up! Nope, it’s a legit exercise. And, a difficult one at that. Keeping the shape on the way up will work your powerhouse for sure!


Day 4,


Day 3, the roll over. This one is a personal fave!!


Day 2 of , the roll up!

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Had a great night introducing these young athletes to pilates! Youth sports gets more competitive each day and we need to teach kids the importance of strength and flexibility to keep their bodies healthy. They are expected to perform at such a high level, but without proper training, the likelihood of injury is very high. Hopefully they learned something from my preaching 😂 and continue to incorporate some of these things on their own. Thankful to our Coach Tina Hill Royer for organizing this activity!


I’m addicted to pilates. Seriously, I’ve done it for 18 years and it never gets old. My body craves the movements that I’ve done thousands (if not millions of times). And yes, it still challenges me every.single.time.


Teaser on the reformer is a constant work in progress for me. Practicing it here on the wall unit helps me to find the length in my back that I sometimes struggle to get on the reformer. This is the beauty of Joe’s work. If you struggle with an exercise, chances are you can use a different piece of apparatus to help you get closer to the goal.

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Rolling into the weekend with a combination of strength and stretch!

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When you have the opportunity to learn from this guy, you take it! Don’t let the goofball face in the photo fool you. He is hands down one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. I spent the day in a Rock Tape training in the hopes of absorbing even just a tiny piece of what his brain has to offer. I was geeking out learning all about how to use the tape for pain mitigation, swelling, and for correcting postural issues 🤓 If you see people walking around town with tape all over their bodies, they’re likely my family members who will be used as guinea pigs to practice my taping techniques 😂


Exactly what the doctor ordered for today…


Have you been taking pilates group classes for years? If so, this post is for you! While group classes are a great way to keep up with your pilates, I highly suggest that you schedule a private or semi-private session with your instructor every now and then to “fine tune” your practice. These two did just that today! It was awesome to focus on their individual needs and to give them exactly what their bodies needed. Nothing more, nothing less…!

Timeline photos 07/14/2021

Can’t believe our doors opened 8 years ago today! Some incredible people have walked through these doors over the years and some amazing relationships have been created within these walls. I am incredibly grateful for each and every one!

At long last, Simply Pilates is up and running! Come and check us out!

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A Russian splits kind of day...

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Nothing pains me more than watching a poorly executed push up. Back sagging, head drooping, arms not situated properly w...
#marchmatness2022 Day 23 #swimming Well done ladies! w/ Kathy Spina
#marchmatness2022 Day 22 #hiptwist (aka hip circles) This exercise right here is hands down the most difficult one for m...
#MarchMatness2022 Day 21 #teaser Always a challenge!
#MarchMatness2022 Day 20 #sidekicks While I’m sure you’ve seen and done many different variations, the kicking front and...
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#marchmatness2022 Day 18 #spinetwist Some exercises look so seemingly simple, but this one is definitely considered to b...
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#marchmatness2022 Day 14 #doublelegkickThis exercise was taught much differently to me when I went through my first cert...
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